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The Handmaid's Tale (2017) S4 E4
starphlo 2 points 5 hours ago.

That was depressing.

Teen Titans Go! (2013) S6 E55
Jojo Rabbit (2019)
rbzt 2 points 4 hours ago.

expected a lot, turned it off after 35 mins. not my cup of tea.

Californication (2007) S6 E9
Dante89 2 points 10 hours ago. (Contains Spoilers)

Eddie Nero ! The Drunken Master hahaha x’’D

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (2005) S13 E10
Alpha_Jam 2 points 16 hours ago.

Okay that performance was a masterpiece. Comedy show or not.

Saturday Night Live (1975) S11 E7
sloburnjo 2 points 10 hours ago.

The Replacements perform “Bastards of Young” and “Kiss Me On the Bus” both from the Tim album. The entire band was drunk during both their performances. As one reviewer succinctly observed, the band could quite often be “mouthing profanities into the camera, stumbling into each other, falling down, dropping their instruments, and generally behaving like the apathetic drunks they were.” After this incident, they were banned permanently from SNL, although lead singer Paul Westerberg would return as a solo musical guest during the 19th season.
Guest appearance by Sam Kinison. Video AD ‘Say No’ by Jonathan Demme with Bruce McCulloch of Kids in the Hall ?! Wow.

Saturday Night Live (1975) S11 E4
sloburnjo 2 points 19 hours ago*.

APPEARANCE of Sam Kinison ! One of many
during this season & next. 1st “master thespian” skit with Jon & John is a classic🤣

Pennyworth (2019)
Jon Doe 2 points 21 hours ago. (Contains Spoilers)

Hi ya all !!

Season 2 final was great!! Season 3 will be up in 2022! And by the way…. We all know the Storyline of Batman and co. (I guess :-D) but did anyone get what the Nurse said after Martha gave Birth?…. I did very clearly…. ITS A GIRL??!! i rewinded the scence a couple of times how can that be?! :-D

And to qoute on “Gully” I think and I´m pretty sure of this… that he became MR.Freeze. :-D ;-) Can´t wait until Season 3!!

Documentary Now! (2015) S2 E6
paul40au 2 points 8 hours ago. (Contains Spoilers)

Jerry Wallach is not a real person, He is based on late Hollywood producer Robert Evans

Big Brother Canada (2013) S9 E28
TheAbsintheFairey 2 points 1 hour ago. (Contains Spoilers)

Awwww gutted! But, he needed a miracle at that point. No miracles served today

Les Revenants (2012)
Marlboro_Man 2 points 12 hours ago.

o_0 The show that started it all. One of the best TV shows for this genre! 9/10 Stars

Big Brother (2001) S13 E6
Ozzycontin420 2 points 15 hours ago.

That was wild! What a show

Star Wars: The Bad Batch (2021)
kerfy 2 points 10 hours ago.

been waiting fer this one.. big fan of the clone war/rebel line and the animation..

The Handmaid's Tale (2017) S4 E4
publicOnline 2 points 20 hours ago.

That’s a LOT of milk lol

Star Wars: The Bad Batch (2021) S1 E1
greyfur 2 points 3 hours ago.

Before you let a couple haters turn you off to this, watch it for yourself and decide if you like this or not, as i doubt these guys even watched this. CGI on this is about the same as some other Star Wars series that were out, like the Clone Wars series for example, and the story line was pretty decent as well.

Looks like it might be a decent series, and am willing myself to give it a chance. First episode is a bit over an hour, and I thought it was worth the watch. Looking forward to see where this will go in the next couple of episodes.

Prodigal Son (2019) S2 E11
ac1d 1 points 11 hours ago.

the original “Mad world by Tears for Fears” is way more upbeat and pop ish and would not fit the scene - jules is way slower sombre and melancholy

PonderThis 2 points 10 hours ago.

I agree with you and TF’s version would not have had the same effect. Sometimes covers can be way better and this is one of those times! Jules version kinda has that Cat Steven’s vibe going on.

The Handmaid's Tale (2017) S4 E4
publicOnline 2 points 20 hours ago.

That’s a LOT of milk lol

etim 1 points 10 hours ago. (Contains Spoilers)

Ha! And after almost drowning in it, they were hungry!

Prodigal Son (2019) S2 E11
PonderThis 0 points 14 hours ago. (Contains Spoilers)

Holy s____t, what is she gonna do with Martin? Martin may have messed with the wrong woman!

ac1d 1 points 11 hours ago. (Contains Spoilers)

there is no guarantee that it is the “surgeon” that is locked in her boot might be the administrator who fired her?? -just putting it out there

Prodigal Son (2019) S2 E11
Ashtré 1 points 1 day ago.

That damn Gary Jules song… Every time! #feels How often is a cover better than the original?

ac1d 1 points 11 hours ago.

the original “Mad world by Tears for Fears” is way more upbeat and pop ish and would not fit the scene - jules is way slower sombre and melancholy

The Mosquito Coast (2021) S1 E1
ShadowWolf 1 points 5 days ago.

Wow! Poster child for “ride or die” with daddy issues lol! Interesting start, good actors I recognize…Not that, that means much lately with all the mediocre scripts and film producer/director’s going around. I feel for all of these great actors because they can only carry a movie so far! It takes a lot of trust that your skills will not only be highlighted but used to greatly increase the quality of a film and in no way be diminished by a production. It makes me wonder how you can one fail with all this talent at their disposal? Think of all the movies in the last couple months with A list actors and how awful they have been, think how bad those movies would have been without them. I have a whole new outlook on what it takes to make a good movie, actors play an important role but only a single part of the whole equation. I’m cutting actors way more slack until things in the industry start to bounce back…hopefully with the bigger, much more anticipated and long awaited blockbuster’s coming out this summer, they will set movies on a better path!🤞

TX2Guns 1 points 12 hours ago.

Yeah A Good movie or series starts and ends with a Good Script and there is a severe shortage of those right now. The recent Hollyweird trend is to try and dress up dog turd scripts with A List actors. It’s boring.

Space: Above and Beyond (1995)
CrimsonDawn 1 points 22 hours ago.

This Show SOOOO deserves a reboot

60 Minutes (1968) S53 E32
Marlboro_Man 1 points 12 hours ago.

S53E32 - Aired On:(4/25/2021)
Episode Title: The Prosecutors, Putin’s Public Enemy, Showstopper

The prosecution team in the Derek Chauvin murder trial speak to 60 Minutes; Then, Alexey Navalny describes the poisoning ordeal he says Vladimir Putin perpetrated; And, the curtain begins to come up for New York performing artists.

Behind the Mask: The Batman Dead End Story (2015)
RoboPhone 1 points 13 hours ago.

See the actual short fan-film HERE

Rifkin on Rifkin: Private Confessions of a Serial Killer (2021)
Karmah 1 points 6 hours ago.

Just creepy! I worry so much about my daughter because of creeps like him. Anyway. this was pretty good, I thought. Definitely worth watching if you’re into crime/murder. 4/5

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (2005) S14 E3
Dante89 0 points 1 year ago.

An okay episode, nothing special about it though. 5/10

Alpha_Jam 1 points 13 hours ago.

What? I haven’t laughed at a Sunny episode like that in ages. Personally, I loved it.

Godfather of Harlem (2019) S2 E3
ac1d 1 points 2 days ago. (Contains Spoilers)

do NOT fokk with Bumpy

Totalblack 1 points 23 hours ago.

Not in any way

Caravans (1978)
Alien 1 points 7 hours ago.

I love this movie. It’s a fantastic adventure.

The Irregulars (2021) S1 E8
RoboPhone 1 points 7 hours ago. (Contains Spoilers)

Sad news, fans. According to Deadline in a report posted on May 4th, 2021, “The Baker Street Irregulars won’t be solving any more supernatural crimes for Netflix. This comes despite the eight-part series landing on Netflix’s top 10 list and edging out The Falcon and the Winter Soldier in Nielsen’s weekly U.S. streaming charts at the end of April.”

The Mosquito Coast (2021)
EchotaChick 1 points 7 hours ago.

2 episodes in. So far, so good! Huge thanks to PW uploaders, linkers, mods, etc., for all that you do!

ShadowWolf 1 points 7 hours ago.

I second that…Thank you!

Pawn Stars (2009) S18 E16
Geogenesis 1 points 7 hours ago.

I really enjoy this show and seeing some of the great items that come in but I’m so tired with the Ronald Reagan glorification! We get it already! Now drop it and move on!

Preacher (2016)
Ditzygypsy -2 points 1 year ago*.

I kind of like this show. But I cannot stand Tulip. I’ve googled it a bit, and it seems I’m definitely not alone. I think it’s the actress. I think she’s a terrible actress and her “evil” is overdone and seems like such a put-on. And it makes her very unappealing. Ugly and uninteresting. She seems to be everywhere, so I might have to give up on this series. The wife in “Colony” had the same effect on me, and after I googled to see if I was alone in my hatred of both the character and the actress, in that case, I started to type in “Colony Katie stupid” and I got partway through “Katie” and google auto-completed the phrase for me because so many others had searched for or said the same thing 😂. I think that’s why it failed and why this show is one that few have heard of and many have given up on. Bad female co-stars. Really bad. Too bad.

ShadowWolf 1 points 7 hours ago.

She’s not bad, maybe because I knew a girl just like her.. without all the killing lol. but WOW they all did a great job with their accents! What’s up with these Brits doing such great weastern American characters and accents. I think AMC thought this could be another comic book adaptation sensation like, “The Walking Dead”. Speaking of another Brit turned Cowboy, playing the character Rick, he does a phenomenal job! I think the chick from Colony played Rick’s wife in the first season of TWD. If so…I can’t stand her either. Preacher could have gone on but a lot has to do with publicity, timing and competing with other shows. 3 seasons is a good run. Watch some B rated movies and tell me (Tulip), she’s a bad actress… lol. We all have different versions of what that character should be like but I wouldn’t go as far as saying she’s a bad actress. Maybe just not what you see as meant for certain roles like every other actor on the planet. I D K I loved all the characters especially Cassidy.

Rosemary & Thyme (2003) S1 E2
BellaMia1 1 points 20 hours ago.

Simply love this show. Do take a chance on it.

The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch (2020)
matsite101 1 points 7 hours ago.

This blows, almost like those ghost hunter shows

The Mosquito Coast (2021)
EchotaChick 1 points 7 hours ago.

2 episodes in. So far, so good! Huge thanks to PW uploaders, linkers, mods, etc., for all that you do!

Mr. Weekend (2020)
ShadowWolf 1 points 7 hours ago.

Lol dang

Preacher (2016)
ShadowWolf 1 points 7 hours ago.

Highly Recommend

Saturday Night Live (1975) S11 E5
sloburnjo 1 points 18 hours ago.

Sade ! Steven Wright with a guitar !?

Saturday Night Live (1975) S11 E9
sloburnjo 1 points 8 hours ago.

The Nelsons were the first unsigned band ever to play SNL. Their dad RICKY
had died in 1985. Decent episode.

The Good Doctor (2017) S4 E15
prism 1 points 8 hours ago.

the ending… no no no!

Johnny and the Bomb (2006)
Stephen King's Golden Years (1991)
Kpucumo 1 points 20 hours ago.

The streamtape link, submitted on the first episode contains all episodes!
The length of every episode is around 32min.(imdb info),total 233min

Preacher (2016) S4 E10
ShadowWolf 1 points 8 hours ago*.

Highly recommend! That last heartfelt bit got me, I cried…hard lol. It was a great wrap up! Wish it could have kept going or be brought back to replace garbage shows like Batwoman and The equalizer! Different network but seriously wth! Loved this show, most people who watch it say the same. My fave character was Cassidy. I’d like to see more of Joe Gilgun in movies, especially as this kind of character. I believe he’s in The Misfits, ill have to check it out. Happy watching!

Starstruck (2021)
Bianca90 1 points 11 hours ago.

A real feel good, easy watching romantic comedy series. Would definitely recommend if you don’t know what to watch next and want to watch something that doesn’t require you to think too hard. Hope for a second season.

Doctor Doctor (2016)
Ashtré 1 points 10 hours ago.

It seems like a good balance of drama, comedy and absurdity. I’d give this 4 and 1/2 stars if I could—at least for the handful of episodes I’d watched thus far. Hopefully I don’t get burned for writing this later on because the production value slumps or they get a new writer. lol

The Blacklist (2013) S8 E15
Skylar 1 points 9 hours ago.

They’re really stretching out this storyline! Keens still awful.

Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu (2008)
SnakePliscan 1 points 10 hours ago.

Funny, an anime about the embarrassment of being into anime as an adult, like it’s a fetish lol.

Alien Busters (2021)
etim 1 points 10 hours ago.

Cheap hunk of junk. Poor animation, lots of nearly static scenes with just enough simple moving parts to be able to call it animated. Even a three year old would diss this one. 2/10

The Good Doctor (2017) S4 E14
prism 1 points 10 hours ago.

love the ending :)

The Flash (2014) S7 E8
joshmajor1987 3 points 1 day ago.

This was just painful to watch…..The Flash was probably my favorite show on these days and now it’s turned into whatever this is!! Just sad Lol If your a fan of the series I’d skip this one and the last 7 haha

YgraineDance 1 points 9 hours ago.

Yeah, this show has gotten pretty bad, but Supergirl’s writing is a lot worse as it nears the end. I thought the Frost story was kind of decent this episode. Still miss the stretchy man, though. :-(

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