Cousins (2019)
CursedXistence 2 points 3 months ago.

The majority of the time it’s extremely hard to find good gay themed movies beyond the ones typically counted as the “must watch, best of the genre” that are pretty much the same on every list. Typically the best ones come from countries other than the US which can make it even harder to find out about them when they first release.

This is definitely a movie to add to one of those lists of “movies I’d watch again”. The cast in this movie is great and all play their parts really well, especially the nutcase that is Julia. I can’t even imagine what the bloopers from this movie would be like.

Overall, this is a movie you’ll be glad you found and it’ll leave you feeling like “Ahhh, I finally found another good one that isn’t more of the same cookie cutter gay movie.”

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