Jitters (2012)
CursedXistence 1 points 3 months ago.

This is a very typical for the region “slice of life” movie about teenage self discovery, in all the best ways. It doesn’t try to shock with gratuitous sex, overdramatized and romanticized, or anything like that.

Normally when I write reviews I stick to a no spoiler, just give my impression of the movie and if I think it’s worth watching or not to see if you’ll like it, but in this case I’m making a small exception. If you are someone that self harms or and/or has suicidal thoughts a portion of this movie might be triggering for you.

In the copy I watched, there were a couple of errors in the translation subtitles, but they were usually just spelling mistakes and very easy to understand what it was supposed to me.

Overall it’s a very well written and performed movie and I’d say definitely worth a watch. The one major advantage to this movie if you’re not out and are in a situation where you guard what you watch with others around is that while to of the characters are discovering their sexuality, it’s not the main constant focus of the movie. As the synopses points out, the movie is about a group of friends.

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