Nobody (2021)
Flicker2013 1 points 10 days ago*.

Been waiting to see this but will continue to WAIT for subtitles, and better quality.
Files are very small and video is very dark.
Hopefully subs will show up in few days as always then I might give in lol
Update: I couldnt take it! Had to watch and loved every second of it.
Can not wait to see in bluray laterz, so I know what they are saying and want to truly see every beatdown. lol This round I did NOT care what they were saying was still loads of fun. Toodles…
Oh boy DVD quality is in now to watch again and with subs!!!!

joshmajor1987 0 points 10 days ago.

THANK YOU!!!! I was gonna skip it and wait but if you loved it haha

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