Why Women Kill (2019)
SATURNINE999 1 points 4 months ago*.

I really love WHY WOMEN KILL—I gave it a chance about year ago and the stupid opening montage turned me off right quick being all old hat cliché stereotypical looking—and I dismissed the show. I gave it another chance and Mac Cherry actually picked right up where DESPERTE HOUSEWIVES seemed to have left off. Brilliantly addictive over the top high camp with wit and a wry sense of humour—although reliance on stupid tropes is inevitable in Hollyweird. Absolutely addicted to this show—BINGE WATCH was inevitable as quality shows in production are so few and far in between these dyes. please CBS All Access—hurry on up with Season 2.

4.5/5*. Highly recommended and straight o favorites! SATURNINE999 APPROVED AND QC TESTED.

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