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Doomsday Bunkers: Following a company that builds underground survival bunkers

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Released: March 08, 2012
Genres: Documentary

Doomsday Bunkers Comments

Posted by DC24 1 year, 6 months ago
67% Useful

FYI - Episode 9 is Doomsday Preppers not Doomsday Bunkers.

Posted by riddic2639 2 years, 3 months ago
67% Useful

Some really interesting ideas.

Posted by Cooper7623 2 years, 3 months ago
67% Useful

I thought this was a pretty neat series. I hope there will be more episodes posted soon. Yes I agree that there are a few flaws in the design, but he is the only one that is being proactive in building something to tackle these issues. Its through trial and error that engineers find their flaws, I am sure there will be a version that addresses the breathing air issue. Just be patient.

Posted by vaculta 2 years, 3 months ago
67% Useful

The problem isnít nature, itís the rage of the other humans. I mean: he is a good builder but as an engineer I can see a lot of flaws in his designs and methods. The bunkers will probably stand against the brute force of Mother Nature, but with a gentle touch of a thinking human you can get in. Example: his standard bunkers arenít equipt with air circulators (to re-use the air inside) but they tap it from the outside. There are filters (chemical, nuclear, Ö) so you will get clean air and oxygen. But filters wonít help if you stop the air from coming. You canít smoke them out, but they shall have to come upstairs if they want to live. If you do a little math: A human uses 5% O2 each time he breaths, 20% of the air is O2, an adult uses 11000l air a day. Outcome: you use 550l pure oxygen each day. Example: when you have a bunker , volume 50000l= 10000lOxgen. 4 adults will last half a day. This example is made with the assumption that you can use the last molecule of O2, in real life, you die when the concentration of O2 is too low. Because you wouldnít be able to fill your lungs with enough O2 to support all vital systems. It sound creepy when you say it, but just think before you buy.

Posted by SookieStackhouse 2 years, 4 months ago
67% Useful

Underground bunkers are fine I guess unless you get earthquakes and tons of water is on top now how would one get out?

Posted by LoneSocio 2 years, 3 months ago
30% Useful

Sociopathic escapist fantasy's. If their little apocalypse scenarios were ever to play out like they want, I'll be glad I'm dead because there will only be these type of douche-bags left.

Posted by pinkyd77 2 years ago
29% Useful

BIG waste of money to get ready for something that will never happen. I guess we all waste our money on things but this is ridiculous. If it comes down to it and i needed a place to go no amount of guns will save your bunker it will be taken over faster than you can blink. These people are silly to think they will be able to stop people from taking over their bunker. Just as stupid as dooms day preppers. Relax people of the world there is no end of days this show is another show about crazy people hobbies these people watch too much tv and their mind is a little screwy AKA warped. Great bunkers but no use for them in the future sorry to break it to ya if there is a doomsday we would have to be on a different planet to stay alive. Bring out a real doomsday tv show that people would actually survive not this nonsense that in fiction in peoples head.

Posted by robert903 2 years ago
17% Useful

i have a hard time thinking people are stupid enough to pay the kind of money they do to a idiot with no craftsmanship. the only thing unique about any of his structures is the equipment other people make that he adds to his garbage. they can bury anything they want ill sit on my second floor with my ar 15 and do just fine! in the comfort of my nice house. worst case scenario if it all does go bad im sure i will have a extra bullet for myself and the comfort of knowing i didnt pay a idiot for something that is worthless under any circumstances!

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