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Finding Bigfoot: For hundreds of years, Americans in nearly every state have claimed they've spotted the mysterious and unexplainable creature known as Bigfoot, or Sasquatch. However, no one has proven that this pedaled creature - reportedly standing more than seven-feet tall and covered from head to toe in dark hair - actually exists. And as the myth grows, so does the passion for validating its existence once and for all!

  • Currently 3.20/5
(187 votes)
Released: June 05, 2011
Genres: Documentary Drama Reality-TV

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Finding Bigfoot Comments

Posted by leelikesmovies 2 weeks ago ( Edited 1 week ago )
100% Useful

Everytime I get mad at Moneymaker and scream - I'm never watching that crap show again - the Bobes keeps calling me back... le sigh

Posted by scolecite 3 months ago
100% Useful

They should discover the scientific method, and fast.

Posted by goodkarma477 5 months ago
100% Useful

Have they found it yet….been 4 years.

Posted by staghound 5 months ago
100% Useful

Shouldn't this show be called "Not Finding Bigfoot"?

Posted by rickcard 5 months ago
100% Useful

This show's title should be changed to "Never, Ever, in a Millions years going to find Bigfoot!" Or "Something made a Noise in the Woods! It Must Be Bigfoot! Cuss, you know we need another season greenlit."

Posted by goodkarma477 7 months ago
100% Useful

enough already....pull this show!!

Posted by skizzy29 1 year ago
100% Useful

i really think if bigfoot is real they will never find it when they just go out walking thought the woods. i hunt all kinds of animals and all of them you have to hunt sitting still mostly in a tree stand, but i guess thats just to boring for them.

Posted by Golds_gym1244 2 years, 1 month ago
100% Useful

was last weeks the last of the season then ?

Posted by jitanilo 1 year, 4 months ago ( Edited 1 year, 4 months ago )
88% Useful

I like the show, its entertaining and places are beautifull. It would be cool to add some after the hunt video and audio deeper study, they got good equipment and im sure if they would enchance the audio from all those possible responses in the woods we could hear mutch more clearly whats the noises really sound. Also the editing of the show is bit ennoying, its very mutch similiar of many other alike reality shows, its like only one group can edite these shows and its very bad editing.. Bad editing is showing for example the parts when they make calling sounds and try to lissen quietly for response, the backround "spooky" music sounds edited for that part always gets more volume. i understunt they trying to dramatize the situation by music and other sounds but cmon, its really just ennoying..

Posted by norman3198 1 year, 7 months ago
80% Useful

This show is not well made and could be a lot better, I find it really intriquing that a totally new species of primate has only just last week been discovered in the Congo. I think the weight of evidence and witness testimonies point to Bigfoot being a real species, if you are any doubt just get on You Tube and watch 'Lloyd Pye - Everything You Know Is Wrong'

Posted by mandrake 1 year, 2 months ago
75% Useful

I really like this show for the subject matter. Sure there is the over the top dramatised production (blame the production company and not the BFRO) and they go stumbling round at night and all the other failings but its still entertaining and who knows.....they might just prove all the naysayers wrong and actually find Bigfoot. If nothing else if it motivates people to get off their backside and spend some time in the woods having fun then its a good show.

Posted by booga69 1 year, 7 months ago ( Edited 1 year, 7 months ago )
75% Useful

Take a drink every time you hear Sasquatch or Squach

Comment by kittymonster2994 is hidden because it exceeded your tolerance threshold. ( ? ) [ Show/Hide Comment ]
Posted by kittymonster2994 2 years, 3 months ago
75% Useful

this show sparks sooooooo many reactions. All i can say as a wife of a hunter. If you are trying to find something and catch it. SHUT...THE...FUCK...UP. All they do is talk talk talk and wave their torches around and have tons of cameras everywhere. If you really want to capture this creature, shut up and read a damn handbook on hunting and dont give us the bullshit excuse "oh its just that they are very elusive creatures"

Posted by all_the_rage 1 year, 1 month ago
73% Useful

for some of you who care and for the skeptics who couldn't believe unless a sasquatch jumped out of the woods and pissed on your head. there is now " DNA Evidence of Sasquatch". mitochondria and nuclear done by DR. Meldrum Ketchum from a forensics lab in Natchitoches Texas United States.a double blind study, complete genome, discovered sasquatch is part human by mothers side and father was a unknown hominine not previously known ,they mated and sasquatch derived about 15,000 years ago. HER paper has gone to scientific peer review. she is running into problems in this area because segments off society are trying to keep it under raps and suppress the story using tactics to discredit she bought a scientific peer review journal and forced her proof to be seen. DNA CAN'T FAKED , other scientist and skeptics of her WORK, like matt moneymaker AND SCIENTIST JEFF MELDRUM knows his moneymaking days are almost over because governments will stop them from being hunted, trapped, or harassed, due to the fact that they will be classified as indigenes' people with rights, AND FOR THAT SCIENTIST, jeff meldrum, his theory that sasquatch was on the line of gigathopithicus the great ape descendant, his theory gets shot to bits cause now he doesn't like it cause he has to fid something new to do!this is indeed fact you can look it up just google sasquatch DNA and follow the trail. oxford is now doing the same study with the same DNA SAMPLES taking it to other countries. the holy rollers are the problem this gives great merit to evolution there trying prevent an implode!

Posted by snowhawk989 2 years, 5 months ago
70% Useful

i really enjoy this show and like others just fascinated on them, but when they chase one do u think they have a plan in they become within an arms reach of one ever?

Posted by JPMusiclife 2 years, 8 months ago
70% Useful

Honestly this show is not that bad. Its new, so remember that. It's about time that someone gets out there and does something about bigfoot.

Posted by jazzyjazzman 1 year, 1 month ago
67% Useful

This show never actually has compelling evidence. All they do is get so excited at any little sign of anything.

Posted by Leftorium 1 year, 3 months ago ( Edited 1 year, 3 months ago )
67% Useful

Why are they bumbling around in the dark every show.. when most of the eye witnesses are having daylight sightings? Still fun to watch ... Tell Bobo what you saw!.. lol

Posted by raven13 1 year, 10 months ago
67% Useful

I thought this was kind of interesting at first but Moneymaker never questions anything, everything is a Bigfoot to this guy. They had that picture of a supposed Bigfoot on top of a mountain and it was clearly a guy in a winter coat, only Ranae ever questions anything. Moneymaker can explain away everything with his twisted logic. ''That's not a coyote howl, it's a Bigfoot pretending to be a coyote.'' Are you f'n serious lol The coyote line is in the episode Peeping Bigfoot, I'm not making this up. Also the use of the word Squatch is so f'n annoying. It would be awesome if someone ever discovered one, but it won't be these guys.

Posted by Ranisha242 2 years, 1 month ago
67% Useful

I agree with kittymonster2994. Also if they wanted to capture the big foot all they would have to do is get a chopper to fly over the highly active area with a night vision or heat vision and wait for what they are looking for it will pop up. Nobody really wanna be watching them walk round with cameras all the time screaming in to the

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