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The Pig Farm: This is the story about Robert Pickton, Canada's most prolific serial killer.

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Released: September 19, 2011
Runtime: 90 mins
Genres: Documentary
Countries: Canada
Actors: Renee Olbert

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The Pig Farm Comments

Comment by jkdadog is hidden because it exceeded your tolerance threshold. ( ? ) [ Show/Hide Comment ]
Posted by jkdadog 3 years ago
+3 | +4 / -1

fkn crazy back around2002 i was an addict barely livin on the lower east sidei remember goin to the needle exchange at main n hastings across from the police station and seeing posters,[not police posters ]of 40 to 50 missing women the days turned to years,but no one cared the lists grew yet we all were looked upon as expendeble dirty junkies n whores any other neighborhood, any city or anywhere they would have declared martial law ive been clean5 years now yet ill never forget the true nature of man ,sadly no one cares and never did cept the victims families and too many unfourtunates to count ,sad

Posted by kiwi8877 2 years, 6 months ago
+2 | +3 / -1

The most DISTURBING thing is not that Pickton killed dozens of women. The most disturbing thing is that he killed so many women and only got life with 25 year no parole, is that none of Pickton's accomplice or people with knowledge of the crime but didnot report it got away with it! And Pickton's LAWYERS who trade their conscience for a career break, I wonder how they sleep at night.

Posted by silverrain 1 month ago
+1 | +1 / -0

Informative but a sad and disturbing crime documentary.

Posted by MSJewelryAU 1 year, 7 months ago
+1 | +1 / -0

Sad tale of missed opportunities & murders.Funny how guns are more important than human lives to Feds.The local police judged the witnesses & murders continued because the police were so narrow minded as to think a drug addict wouldn't tell the truth. Yet the actions of the addicts let the murders continue by ruining their credibility.Instincts should be followed! Good documentary! 9/10

Posted by halloween1 1 year, 8 months ago
+1 | +1 / -0

fascinating documentary about a very disturbed individual. Well worth a watch if your into true crime documentaries

Posted by kiwi8877 2 years, 6 months ago
+1 | +1 / -0

The police was so incompetent. As the male employee said, Willie obviously have many people helping him, and they just let that go?! It's so absurd!

Posted by tommyknocker 2 years, 6 months ago
+1 | +1 / -0

this documentary was so frustrating, everybody interviewed appeared to have been hiding something. a lot of questions left unanswered. And to think these crack heads got away with accessory to murder, blackmail, and everything else. \And did he ever get interviewed? Obviously Picton had a different story to tell and it would've been interesting to know more. I am left pissed off at how those crack wh***s never even got a slap on the wrist.

Posted by WildOtter 2 years, 10 months ago
+1 | +1 / -0

This guy seemed a little slow. There is no way he was able to get soooo many girls to this farm by himself. Im sure he used some of the druggie employees to help him out. And I cant believe how many opportunities the cops had to do something about it and they blew it! Think of how many lives they could have saved. Now I know why so many homicide detectives have such messed up issues and most retire early. I could only imagine the anger and frustration of knowing that the guy smiling at you from across the table is a mass murderer but you cant do anything about it. Pretty goo documentary, dont miss out! 8/10

Posted by arwen44 2 years, 11 months ago
+1 | +1 / -0

What a sick, sick man. Pretty disturbing doc, not because of any depictions but that he could kill so many and get away with it. Some of his "friends" deserve a good serving of justice too. Hope they get it someday.

Posted by street 3 years, 1 month ago
+1 | +2 / -1

i agree with u the sourkitten very disturbing too eh i live not to far way myself i live abbotsford b.c not to far up the road too

Posted by SourKitteh 3 years, 1 month ago
+1 | +1 / -0

I remember being in Psych class grade 11 when it came on the news he had been arrested. I remember my teacher's comment was 'for breakfast its bacon and legs' ... which was really disturbing at the time... Its scary to know that was in my home province... few hours away... and that he got away with it for so long. Great documentary! Definately worth a watch!

Posted by kiwi8877 2 years, 6 months ago
+0 | +1 / -1

That "friend" Lisa clearly had a crush on Willie!!! -- She refused to tell the truth to the police and in her accounts, Willie is such an helping and sensitive person who was taken advantage by people around him. I wouldn't be surprised if she was Willie's accomplice of these crimes.

Comment by themoon is hidden because it exceeded your tolerance threshold. ( ? ) [ Show/Hide Comment ]
Posted by themoon 2 years, 11 months ago ( Edited 2 years, 11 months ago )
+0 | +1 / -1

Very good, I agree with the long winded but equally spot on comment under mine. Giving him the 2econd he needs hanging him self if you excuse the pun. They say he had made no plans, suggesting lack of control. and it was all kinder out the blue and random. Well if that was the case he would have killed in that manner. I.E irrationally, stupidly, sloppy, leaving traces, killing in different parts of town, not just in his farm away from prying eyes. and more impotently not just prostitute women. He new exactly what he was doing every step of the way and even tried covering his tracks. he's a bit like jack the ripper. But the difference is this predator has no clear motive. Unless he is a copy cat killer, or maby he just wanted to be famous.

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