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17 Kids and Counting: The show is about the Duggar family, which consists of parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar and their 19 children—nine girls and ten boys (including two sets of fraternal twins), who all have names beginning with the letter "J".

  • Currently 2.76/5
(141 votes)
Released: September 29, 2008
Runtime: 30 mins
Genres: Documentary Reality-TV
Countries: USA
Actors: Anna Keller Jackson Duggar James Duggar Jana Duggar Jason Duggar Jedidiah Duggar Jennifer Duggar Jeremiah Duggar Jessa Duggar Jill Duggar Jim Bob Duggar Jinger Duggar Johannah Duggar John-David Duggar Jordyn-Grace Makiya Duggar Joseph Duggar Joshua Duggar Josiah Duggar Joy-Anna Duggar Justin Duggar Michelle Duggar

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17 Kids and Counting Comments

Posted by KodyCatania 9 months ago
+13 | +30 / -17

You are what is wrong with the world, this is a ridiculous amount of kids and you are all supporting them by constantly watching this horrible show.

Posted by Mr_Goodkat 5 months ago
+6 | +12 / -6

This show is awesome...if you believe it's cool to needlessly overpopulate the planet in the name of religious extremism. This review was brought to you by enlightenment, logic, reason, and science.

Posted by Tryin2BdaShepherd 5 months ago
+5 | +10 / -5

Someone get this patriarch a huge vat of Mt. Dew & some bong hits so his sperm stop swimming so fast. I don't care how self sufficient or well mannered they are, 19 kids is about 17 too many IMO. Overpopulation is real. Scarcity of resources is real. Who is this dang ignorant nowadays? We need to be more careful as a society about the things we hold up to the spotlight for the sole purpose of entertaining ourselves.

Posted by 3kings 5 months ago
+3 | +9 / -6

A great show for the people who like awful shows.

Posted by luciledv 1 day ago
+2 | +2 / -0

These people are religious extremists and have dangerous, liberty-threatening ideologies. With that said, I can't get enough of this show, I just love it - it's my guilty pleasure so to speak! I hope it never ever stops!

Posted by Tracy_Lynn 4 weeks ago
+2 | +2 / -0

Honestly, I don't agree with anything this family does other than they seem to genuinely love each other which is good, but I think the only downfall is that since they are in the public eye their skewed views are more easily spread.

Posted by MrsHoffman 9 months ago
+2 | +11 / -9

Wow 17 kids. Why in the world would you want to have 17 kids, even if you can afford it. This is just nuts, she is a baby machine! Is she addicted to being pregnant or just mentally disturbed?

Posted by wolfgarr 2 years, 5 months ago
+2 | +9 / -7

probably not a popular thing to post.. But people like this should be forced sterilized. In the long run it comes down to neglect.. you can not in anyway attend to 17 kids at one time.. And forcing your own children to grow up so fast it not good for them. People like this make me sick.

Posted by fuzzyturp 3 months ago
+1 | +6 / -5

Don't like it? Don't watch it. That's amazingly simple. I guess common sense just doesn't exist for some people.

Posted by BunnyBebop 2 years, 4 months ago
+1 | +12 / -11

The problem with families this size is that there is no way to properly give each child what they need in terms of emotional and financial support. What happens when the kids get ready for college? Not to mention that they are home schooled. One mother can not teach that many kids since each of them are at a different level. I doubt she has the education necessary to educate all her children properly. Especially at the high school level. The parents seem selfish, they want a ton of kids yet because of this, their children suffer. Just don't get it. That being said, I was impressed that they kept their children so organized. My father was one of 14 and told me that when a family gets that sized they lose their closeness. This shows in the fact that I have only met 5 of his brothers and sisters, and that was only once. I just don't think it is possible to provide everything that a child needs when the family is that large.

Posted by latenights3x 5 months ago
+0 | +8 / -8

This is a really good show! At first without having watched this i just felt weird with their situation.. 19 kids!! But this family is pretty amazing, they are so well mannered, kind, friendly and they support each other like every family should and Jim Bob and Michelle are amazing parents! Yes, personally i find 19 kids totally ridiculous but if they want a big family like that, who are we to say they can't? It's not like we are paying for them. Jim Bob has his companies so he earns more than enough money to support his big family + they also get money because of this show. So who are we to judge?

Comment by JodeeM is hidden because it exceeded your tolerance threshold. ( ? ) [ Show/Hide Comment ]
Posted by JodeeM 5 months ago
+0 | +6 / -6

They support themselves by the various companies Jim Bob has and by whoever is paying them to allow to video tape all of this. Do you think they would allow to be video taped for free? The parents do a very good job at raising all of their children, the older ones pass down what they have learned to the younger ones and it seems the parents oversee all that is going on. None of the children are on drugs, pregnant out of wedlock, sneaking out at night, or having wild parties when the parents are gone, so the parents must be doing something right.

Posted by XDaliaDx 3 years, 3 months ago
+0 | +14 / -14

17 kids and counting?? Its 19 kids and counting. But this show is amazing such a well-mannered family.

Posted by watchme29 5 months ago
-1 | +3 / -4

Really good reality show that you can watch with the whole family. But the show is now called 19 KIDS AND COUNTING.

Posted by Verence 9 months ago
-1 | +10 / -11

Never mind that the world is overpopulated. Keep on popping them out. Let's see how much one family can consume. I wonder how many trashcans they fill up every week...

Posted by jalpa881 2 years, 5 months ago
-1 | +3 / -4

sorry to say but i dont think that this lady is being very realistic or healthy. she needs to stop doing what she is doing. she has all these kids, why does she need more?!?! she needs to get medical or maybe even some mental help. to me its pathetic to see how people actually watch this garbage. I have seen a few mins of it, and personally its sad to see how she cant control herself or her husband. its kinda like the kardashians with their make up and need for FAME!

Posted by HonestB 3 years, 3 months ago
-1 | +10 / -11

I love this show, glad someone finally up loaded it. I may not agree with them on most things but they're entertaining to watch

Posted by mizvikki 3 years, 3 months ago
-1 | +18 / -19

some one dont know when to stop !! - can i offer you a condom ??1!!

Posted by JennifferLove 3 years, 2 months ago
-2 | +8 / -10

i enjoy watching this show

Posted by Paris11loves 3 years, 2 months ago
-3 | +13 / -16

This family does better with 19 kids than most families can do with 2! Keep your rude comments to yourself.

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