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Modern Family: A satirical look at three different families and the trials they face in each of their own uniquely comedic ways.

  • Currently 4.35/5
(2842 votes)
Released: September 23, 2009
Runtime: 30 mins
Genres: Comedy
Countries: USA
Actors: Ariel Winter Ed O'Neill Eric Stonestreet Jesse Tyler Ferguson Julie Bowen Rico Rodriguez Sarah Hyland Sofía Vergara Ty Burrell

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Posted by crispee 1 year, 9 months ago
+278 | +294 / -16

i love this show. every character is just totally top notch. with the exception of one. unfotunately this character is so unbelievably overacted and badly executed that his performsnce alone takes away from what is most probably brilliant writing, up until the point where this actor gets his hands o it that is, at which point it becomes murderously irritating and annoying. the character/actor i speak of is of course the manny character. where they found this actor i have no idea, judging by the standard though i would imagine it was probably a very poor primary school nativity play. you can almost see him mouthing the words of the other actors and looking for his cue he is that bad. i have no idea how someone so undoubtedly untalented could find their way onto a set with some of the finest comedic performances ive ever seen anywhere. the only answer i can think of is that someone owed someone a very big favour. it is cringworthingley bad. how has no one spotted this 4 seasons in? he is by far and away the worst actor, child or otherwise, ive ever seen. it is so bad i dont think it can actually be called "acting", its just quite literally speaking lines. please please please get rid of this kid. if the show is this good with him involved, then just imagine how good it would be without his leaden acting dragging it down.

Posted by Mosschops 2 years ago ( Edited 2 years ago )
+14 | +15 / -1

Can anyone explain to a non-USA person why the airing of this (awesome) show seems to be so sporadic? I've noticed this with American shows (like Big Bang Theory, Arrow etc) that they seem to get interrupted a lot - rather than being a linear progression. Why is that?

Posted by Tocqueville 8 months ago ( Edited 8 months ago )
+9 | +9 / -0

This is a superb show primarily because it understands its role within television. It doesn't take itself too seriously, which is why it features so much metareference, parody and satire. It doesn't bother with being too logical, trying to weave some intricate dramatic plot or being bogged down by the shackles of trying to explain the single-camera confessionals format. Like Parks and Rec, it realizes that breaking the fourth wall and allowing for character-camera interaction opens up an abundance of comedic avenues. Juggling three distinct families properly without bending to focus groups and gravitating around one character (Sheldon from TBBT, anyone?) gives the show a diverse pool of comedy to draw from. And not allowing Gloria's screeching, Claire's housewifey nagging or Cam's petulant self-absorption from becoming annoying -- I don't know how they did it. Knowing its role and not taking itself too seriously allows Modern Family to meld together all the elements of good comedies into a fun, light-hearted pleasure to watch.

Posted by derekcep 2 years, 10 months ago
+7 | +9 / -2

anyone else think that the girl who Haley looks like Mila Kunis

Posted by lana_da 3 months ago
+5 | +5 / -0

I adore Mitchel's ever so slight sense of comedy. His reactions sometimes are just hilarious. Love this entire show 10/10.

Posted by jmlnow 1 week ago
+4 | +4 / -0

Is it just me or is this season so not as funny as it used to be. Did they loose some writers???

Posted by benicia_99 1 month ago
+4 | +10 / -6

I love the show but can we be honest, this season has been the worst! The writing is horrible, the characters are turning to cliche jokes and misogynistic behavior. What is the deal with adding the horrible neighbors now too? Seriously this show was winning Emmys, but this season it's like the writers decided to reward Phil's awfulness to his wife and let Claire and their children just turn to misappropriated sympathy to Phil's butt-hurtness when he pulls stupid and manipulative moves, sending the message that it is acceptable to be a manipulative jerk to your family and get away with it by being even more emotionally manipulative. Their children are just becoming even greater character cliches of "vapid, shallow, dumb oldest daughter," "brainy, follows-the-rules-but-fails-by-doing-so middle daughter," and "recent hormonal, high school youngest son whom is starting to sound like he discovered Maxium and takes it too seriously." What happened to the snarkiness and the kids working together for a means to an end? How about the Luke/Manny story lines? Only seen one of those and it was horrible. Manny's character is being written so that his character is starting to regress in age and maturity when in the previous season, he was showing the most potential of all of them. I would really like to go on but I feel I am going to make enough enemies as it is. I just wanted to point out that as much as I do enjoy this show, it seems as though recently this season, Modern Family is going down hill and fast. Makes me sad

Posted by gretaroxx 4 months ago
+4 | +5 / -1

This show isn't like the other comedy shows I've watched. With other shows I laugh in my head but with this one I'm literally laughing out LOUD. It's really good!!! All the characters are amazing but my favorite is Gloria. I literally can't get her voice outta my head XD

Posted by shorty_cam 2 years, 9 months ago
+4 | +4 / -0

I was skeptical of this show at first. But decided to give it a try. Great show! Really funny! Absolutely love it! Worth a watch.

Posted by katy809 1 year, 7 months ago
+3 | +4 / -1

I wish it was more than 20 mins :(

Posted by nastulinka 1 year, 8 months ago
+3 | +4 / -1

this show is really funny,and i like that there is no laughing in the background :P

Posted by EricCartman88 3 years, 2 months ago
+3 | +3 / -0

One of the best shows out at the moment :) Class show!!

Posted by crispee 3 years, 2 months ago
+3 | +5 / -2

this show is absolute genius FULL STOP. every episode is pure comedy gold. the characters are just brilliant, except one. i dont know if its just me maybe its all in my head but as every episode gets better the manny character just gets more and more irritating. his acting is embarrassingly wooden, his comic timing is none existent, his performances look like they came out of a primary school nativity play. maybe its just that everyone else is SO brilliant but i really think its time to discuss sending manny the way of the TV show bording school!!!

Posted by thegreensnake 1 month ago
+2 | +3 / -1

where are the new epis?

Posted by scooobz 2 months ago
+2 | +3 / -1

the day we almost died is the funniest episode of this season so far

Posted by ventu_rabbit 4 months ago
+2 | +4 / -2

the great part of this show is that all the characters have their own unique personality and way of being funny, and its funny to see them come/clash together.

Posted by Fredwardo 11 months ago
+2 | +2 / -0

I dont usually dig on shows like this, but this is great. its funny without being to racey, obscene or outrageous and family friendly without being too corny.

Posted by andyp3011 1 year, 6 months ago
+2 | +3 / -1

most shows tire with age this on the other hand is getting funnier each season.

Posted by stephy_baby08 2 years ago
+2 | +2 / -0

love this show!! Phil is hilarious... my favorite character by far :):)

Posted by rugimantas 2 years, 2 months ago
+2 | +3 / -1

This one is one of my favorites :) I remember when I first saw it :) I was shocked to see Ed O'Neil got old :) Because last show I watched with him was Married with children :) It just reminds me of that time flies so fast :) Anyway, my favorite characters are Jay, Gloria, Phill, Manny and Luke :) Love them :)

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