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The Wolf of Wall Street: In The Wolf of Wall Street DiCaprio would play Belfort, a Long Island penny stockbroker who served 20 months in prison for refusing to cooperate in a massive 1990s securities fraud case that involved widespread corruption on Wall Street and in the corporate banking world, including mob infiltration.

  • Currently 4.32/5
(2039 votes)
Released: November 15, 2013
Runtime: 180 mins
Genres: Biography Crime Drama
Countries: USA
Director: Martin Scorsese
Actors: Christine Ebersole Ethan Suplee Jon Bernthal Jon Favreau Jonah Hill Kyle Chandler Leonardo DiCaprio Matthew McConaughey Rob Reiner Shea Whigham Spike Jonze

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The Wolf of Wall Street Comments

Posted by mtones 11 months ago ( Edited 11 months ago )
+10 | +23 / -13

Excuse me - but why would you edit this??? There are several scenes that are missing and they appear to be all the ones having to do with nudity or sex here, there. I have seen this in the theatres and know that for example the scene with Duchess both at the party and at her house has been cut, as has been the butler's party and several others. I know the movie is long but these scenes are actually very funny and part of the story. What gives with the censoring here? EDIT: That being said and answered below, thanks guys! hehe - I really enjoyed the heck outta this movie. Love or hate what Belfort stood for (and still does) the story taken directly from his book, could really not have been told any other way. He claims that was his life and they made the movie as closely to that story as they could. Loud, vulgar, crazy and in the end a rather sad statement on us rather than him if anything. Good stuff :)

Posted by Nytebyrd 11 months ago
+7 | +11 / -4

I really didn't care for it. It wasn't the language, drugs or sex that put me off either. It was the fact that they stretched a 55 minute movie out for nearly three hours. And 55 minutes would be a stretch considering the lack of depth to the story and characters. It did enough to keep me watching, but by the end I felt I wasted my time. I've seen 42min tv shows do more with a fraction of the time.

Posted by movievixen 11 months ago
+4 | +4 / -0

It is entertainingly LONG but I loved it. Leo did an amazing job, Jonah Hill was hilarious and Margot Robbie was so hot as Jordan's wife. 9/10

Posted by DickDaddler 11 months ago
+4 | +5 / -1

Scorsese is Back, Leonard Dicaprio out did himself, nearly a flawless performance, Oscar surely. Loved the plot, soundtrack, narration, jodah hill was excellent as well as Leo's wife, the fashion and feel of the late 80's early 90's was spot on. The people critiquing this film what did you expect it was a film about Wall street traders, the stock market and financial corruption... The only down point was the ending could of been more dramatic. Quality film if not an instant classic. 8.5/10.

Posted by TheUntouchable 11 months ago ( Edited 11 months ago )
+4 | +5 / -1

The story isn't unique- only the way in which it's told. The script is full-blooded, nothing mellow about it, but with a little effort you can hear above the swearing (and the continually re-emerging music clips that serve as an added reminder it isn't the 21st century yet). You'll be compensated with a flick that's pretty funny in a raucous sort of way, and that will introduce you to some fascinating onscreen characters- honest-to-goodness materialism material. Acting top drawer all around. 8/10.

Posted by needlenosened 11 months ago
+4 | +6 / -2

I have read a few negative comments and understand the lack of enjoyment from women its a very male orientated film. A few people seem to think this glamorizes the events it dosent it does exactly the same as goodfellas shows you the excitement and adrenaline of getting involved in nefarious deeds but then the ultimate price that lifestyle will lead to. It is long but flies along. BY the way Jonah Hill is Fecking amazing.

Posted by lyanis 11 months ago
+4 | +10 / -6

I love this movie!!!!!!

Posted by lauranbvc 10 months ago ( Edited 10 months ago )
+3 | +3 / -0

Greed, power, drugs and sex dominated and manipulated Jordan Belfort. Brilliantly made film, with plenty of dark humour and outrageous moments. DiCaprio is perfect but when isn't he? He deserves so much recognition and award for his work. He had great chemistry with not just Jonah Hill (a breakout role for him) but also Margot Robbie. By far my favourite Oscar nominated film I've seen.

Posted by alexisagile 10 months ago
+3 | +4 / -1

Awesome movie. Leonardo Dicaprio never lets me down. Very long but I got so into it I barely noticed. I like how real it seemed as well. 5/5

Posted by raidmar 11 months ago
+3 | +4 / -1

three hours well worth spent. crazy ass movie with over the top performances. loved every bit. an easy 10/10

Posted by suzan2k 11 months ago ( Edited 11 months ago )
+3 | +5 / -2

I don't like this. Too much swearing and intercourse in a inappropiate way. Just not my thing. I laughed at the beginning but then got disgusted.. Leo is a great actor, it's not him but the movie it self.. I got bored after 20 minutes.

Posted by Beetroot 11 months ago
+3 | +4 / -1

Despite the thin story and overlong script, Scorcese's style and DiCaprio's commitment, with a good dose of humour, make the three hours go by pretty quick. Worth a watch.

Posted by TheSmack 11 months ago
+3 | +3 / -0

The Popeye coke scene was the funniest thing ever!

Posted by annmarie913 11 months ago
+3 | +4 / -1

The quality gets better after a few minutes. I loved this movie. It had me lmao A LOT. It was long though. A couple times I thought it was over and it just kept going. But it definitely kept me interested to see what those fools would do next. McConaughey's part was small and only in the beginning. DiCaprio and Hill were hilarious.

Posted by Jen8Shan 11 months ago
+3 | +4 / -1

Have to appreciate a good true story and The Wolf Of Wallstreet stayed true to the reported events. Crazy story, may have been dragged out a little but over all worth the watch 7.5/10

Posted by love_love_movies 11 months ago
+3 | +9 / -6

very entertaining not boring at all makes you realise that greed gets the better of us

Posted by h3llb0und 6 months ago
+2 | +2 / -0

Best film i've seen this year. Awesome. Scorsese has another fine project under his belt.

Posted by collins32117 7 months ago
+2 | +2 / -0

Leonardo is such an amazing actor he does a fantastic job in every movie I have seen him in. Loved this one as well 10/10

Posted by Cro0201 7 months ago
+2 | +2 / -0

I'm out of breath!! lol From the very beginning. Someone called this a roller coaster and they weren't lying! The Lemmon scene was CRAZY lol Prepare for an ab workout. 10/10

Posted by slicknick66 8 months ago
+2 | +2 / -0

this movie is the best..i could praise every aspect of it..but ill just say 2 words..dicaprio..Scorsese..enough said.10/10

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