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Big Brother: Part of what makes BIG BROTHER 2 unique is that it's competitors are isolated completely from the outside world with only each other for interaction. However, due to the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, the BIG BROTHER 2 producers broke from this idea and informed the HouseGuests of what had happened. Monica was called to the Diary Room, by herself at first, and was informed of the events at the World Trade Center where her cousin Tamitha worked and remains unaccounted for. Producers were already in touch with her family and promised to relay messages back and forth to keep her up to date on the situation. Bringing Will and Nicole into the Diary Room, the producers informed them that their families had been contacted and everyone in their families were OK after the attacks. Like all Americans, the HouseGuests discussed the tragedies occuring at the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and in Pennsylvania. Nicole and Will were both amazed at the strength Monica displayed after hearing that her cousin is missing. Monica says, "What's important to me is that my family in New York is taking care of that business. If I leave or stay, if they can't get here, it's not important to me." Round Two of the final Head of Household Competition sees Monica eliminated from contention, leaving the decision of who the finalists will be to whoever wins Round Three. From those final two HouseGuests, one winner will be chosen by the Jury, which consists of all the other evicted BIG BROTHER 2 HouseGuests, each of whom is busy with living their lives as celebrities. Mike Boogie says it was a tough adjustment leaving the House, but that he's now OK. He gives Nicole "mad kudos" for her success in the game and says that he and Krista are trying to figure out how they fit in each other's lives. He has recently taped an appearance on the Monday night CBS comedy YES, DEAR. Shannon has been playing volleyball in Hermosa Beach and loves talking about the show to anyone who approaches her. She has no regrets about the "Hardy toothbrush incident," saying that Hardy is a "bully." At this point, she doesn't know where her relationships with Will or Jim will lead her. Autumn reveals that prior to coming into the House she was diagnosed with Graves Disease, a thyroid condition that led to a rapid weight gain. She's lost 9 pounds since leaving the House and is working on recording a CD. Sheryl calls her early eviction a "mixed blessing" because upon leaving the House, she was told by her doctor that she has breast cancer. He recommends a mastectomy, which Sheryl schedules, and her doctor tells her that by being proactive, she'll "probably never have to see us again." Despite this horrible news, Sheryl remains optimistic, saying "With positive feelings, you can conquer everything." On the eve of the last HoH Competition, both Will and Nicole are thinking about throwing the contest, with the idea that whoever wins will be "the bad guy" and sway the votes in the Finals. Nicole approaches Will with the offer that they both try to win the title and Will agrees. Moments later, however, he looks to the camera and whispers "I'm gonna cut her," meaning that he wasn't planning on honoring that agreement. With all of this in mind, Monica says, "It's not a good feeling, my fate in their hands." Julie talks to the group, assembled in the living room, asking Monica how she's doing. Monica replies that she's "keeping the faith, praying and keeping a positive attitude." Regarding what it feels like to be in the final three, Nicole says she hasn't thought about it much, due to what's going on in the nation, but that overall, with only three of them left, it's more like hanging out at an apartment, rather than a game. Will agrees, saying "We don't know exactly what's going on, but we sense the sorrow, and our wishes and thoughts go out to America." Kent, Hardy, Krista and Bunky are still adjusting to their newfound notoriety. Hardy and Bunky are both happy to be home, in York, PA, and with Greg, respectively. Kent says his life after the House has been "exciting," while Krista says she gets recognized everywhere she goes. Kent, having given up smoking in the House, says "I'm a non-smoker and will remain that way." Bunky says it "feels good to say I told you so" to Hardy and Nicole for kicking him out instead of Will. Hardy thinks that watching Will's Diary Room entries are the most eye-opening thing he's seen about the game and marvels at "the insanity that goes on inside that boy's head." Krista is moving on to new things, first saying "it's hard to fathom going back to being a waitress," adding, "I want to thank everybody, it was great. Look for me in the future because I plan on going big." After Hardy says he can't wait to see who emerges as the last HoH, Kent says, "I could care less which one of those freaks wins this game." The last HoH competition involves seven questions from Julie about everything that they've experienced in the Big Brother House. Will and Nicole write their answers on a dry erase board and get one point for each correct answer. Their point totals from the first two rounds don't count towards their Round 3 total.Nicole answers all 7 questions correctly, while Will misses one, giving the HoH title to Nicole. Speaking to Nicole before the eviction decision, Monica says "I played a good game. The fate is in your hands. Yeah, I need the money, but we all need the money.' Will, on the other hand, simply tells her, "I don't think there's anything I can say now." Talking briefly to Julie in the Diary Room, Nicole says that she came to this ultimate position of power by changing her strategy from treating people in the House well, to "trying to nail them to the wall," to a purely emotional strategy the last few weeks. Returning to the living room, she informs Will and Monica that she has chosen to evict Monica, saying that she promised her husband she'd do her best to take home some money and that she has a better chance against Will in the Finals. Monica takes the news in stride, telling Nicole not to cry. As she rises, she says, "This is one of my journeys, it's not over, baby. I played a damned good game, I turned this place out. If you feel good in your heart with what you've done, then God bless you and I wish you the best of luck.'

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Title: BB2 Ep #28
Air Date: September 18, 2001
Runtime: 44 mins
Genres: Game-Show Reality-TV
Countries: USA
Director: Curnal Achilles Aulisio
Actors: Phil Proctor

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