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Stargate SG-1: A secret military team, SG-1, is formed to explore the recently discovered StarGates.

  • Currently 4.04/5
(949 votes)
Released: July 27, 1997
Runtime: 42 mins
Genres: Action Sci-Fi Adventure
Countries: USA Canada
Actors: Amanda Tapping Christopher Judge Don S Davis Gary Jones Michael Shanks Richard Dean Anderson

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Posted by majensta 3 years, 9 months ago
+5 | +5 / -0

I always have had a special place in my heart for this epic show. A action packed, space traveling show filled with comedy and drama and excellent acting. Though the show missed Colonel O'niell it did fine until they brought in Farscape in the final seasons, strangely the character Vala actually worked, it was Ben Browder that was a huge mistake, but despite the character malfunctions the show never stopped having new and intriguing story lines, each character having a filling and colorful past and future. Killing everyone at times, cloning, parallel universe, they all went evil at some point, possessed, tortured, of course the romance... ;) It always kept a certain airy feel to it, a refreshing chemistry. Michael Shanks did his best work in that show, there is defiantly know doubt in why he was my favorite. I do believe still, that season 8 was my favorite, Reckoning Part 2 was epic out of proportions. The show went through excellent villains, from Apophis to Anubis, of course Ba'al, and from Wormhole Extreme! to Ascension, and Merlin. Did i leave out the dragon? lol This show is FILLED with wonderful moments, and friends. If you have never caught the incredible amount of reruns, this is defiantly a watch! I greatly miss this show, it is one of the few shows that survived off of being based on a Movie, even with RDA playing O'niell and not acting AT ALL the same. lol it still just works. 9/10 WATCH It just gets better and better -Jen Recommended episodes: Reckoning part 1 and 2, Moebius part 1 and 2, Avatar was pretty good And all of season 8-10 lol Those are the only episodes i can think of by the titles ;) There are o so many excellent ones, but alas i cannot remember the names hahaha.

Posted by checkmyfavslist 5 months ago
+4 | +4 / -0

I have now watched through this series also the other stargate series more than several times. Simply amazing. A must watch show. Fantastic. Added to my favs and playlist. 10/10.

Posted by overfiend 2 years, 7 months ago ( Edited 2 years, 7 months ago )
+4 | +4 / -0

A Great Series that came from the 2000s.At first i thought it was going to be a redundant storyline which would cater to what we saw in the Kurt Russel movie but in this franchise, things tooks its own spin and actually improved in so many directions from the original movie that it became entertaining just to watch on. In a few other words, this is one show that got better in storyplot, storyline and magnitude as it moved along and ended in a high note. What i liked the most is that the SFX and tech exploited were on par with any movie you would watch in a cinema. With a great Ensemble cast and Sfi Fi that actually proposes some thing to fans of the genre, StarGate SG1 is a true thrill worthy of being viewed in its entirety

Posted by ElodieBelgium 2 years, 5 months ago
+3 | +3 / -0

10 great seasons packed into three weeks, what a ride! Loved it. Not just because of the great science fiction, but also for the humor, the group dynamic and the fact that it is an amazing representation of humanity in general and individuals. Thank you for a great time!

Posted by 21waikato 3 years, 1 month ago
+3 | +3 / -0

it was good at least it had a long ride ill miss it for ever

Posted by SilverDragon88 3 years, 4 months ago
+3 | +3 / -0

Why oh why did they end this show! Devoted fans would keep watching for another 10 years. I miss Daniel!! 5/5!!

Posted by typhoo 3 years, 9 months ago
+3 | +3 / -0

18/02/2011 did you know that they are making another stargate SG1 film and it is going to be based around jack o neil can#t wait

Posted by Nosere 8 months ago
+2 | +2 / -0

Great series recommend to anyone who likes scifi (watch the movie first)

Posted by seancoppock 1 year ago
+2 | +2 / -0


Posted by Sarsaparilla 1 year, 7 months ago
+2 | +2 / -0

This is a good series. They add on to the movie nicely and the acting is worth the watch. Towards the end I think it drags on, but you won't be disappointed with the series.

Posted by mmuo 2 years, 8 months ago
+2 | +2 / -0

This best sci-fi series i really miss the show

Posted by forman74 2 years, 12 months ago
+2 | +2 / -0

10/10. I have the whole series on my hdd. every time I deploy, I watch it all from the beginning. will always be one of my favorite shows. SG-1 and Farscape, I can watch both and never get bored.

Posted by gazzer09 3 years, 4 months ago
+2 | +2 / -0

we need more from SG1 , sci fi at its best 10/10

Posted by wolfgarr 3 years, 6 months ago
+2 | +2 / -0

god i miss this show... Pure stupidity canceling it.

Posted by krga94a 4 years ago
+2 | +2 / -0

A lot of episodes here (especially stagevu) are mislabeled and off by one episode. So just remember that the episode that you select will actually play the following episode.

Posted by festa1983 4 years, 5 months ago
+2 | +2 / -0

for any 1 that can not watch this on here like my self then go to you tube they have them all if you enter in the search box( Stargate Sg1 ( 04x02 ) The Other Side part 1 of 4 for example ) it will take you to that episode for any other episodes just change the 04 which is series and the 02 which is episode to what ever 1 u want to watch and use imdb for the names of the episodes i would add the links on here but as you know there is just far too many

Posted by jamespebblesdavis 4 years, 5 months ago
+2 | +2 / -0

great show but after Richard dean anderson left it wasn't really the same anymore but still great

Posted by MrDeath 6 months ago
+1 | +1 / -0

This is awesome, the best ever, it has everything. i wish they would just make a !@#$ing new series already.

Posted by cbeard1122 8 months ago
+1 | +1 / -0

I have seen every episode of all three shows at least ten times each and I still watch stargate every single day. Someone help me! Lol.

Posted by thepricefamily 8 months ago
+1 | +1 / -0

I finally finished all 10 seasons. It was worth the wait to have it all in one place. I wish there would be a new one sometime in the future.

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