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Stargate Universe: The Previously unknown purpose of the "Ninth Cheveron" is revealed, and ends up taking a team to an Ancient ship "Destiny"...

  • Currently 3.92/5
(1047 votes)
Ratings: IMDB: 7.7/10 Metascore: N/A RT: N/A
Released: October 01, 2009
Runtime: 60 mins
Genres: Action Adventure Sci-Fi
Countries: Canada USA
Actors: Alaina Huffman David Blue Elyse Levesque Jamil Walker Smith Jennifer Spence Julia Benson Justin Louis Ming-Na Patrick Gilmore Peter Kelamis Robert Carlyle

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Stargate Universe Comments

Posted by jamandkiss 5 years, 5 months ago
+8 | +13 / -5

Syfy is dead to me...

Posted by bryanjmcc 3 months ago
+4 | +4 / -0

About to start my 3rd re-watch after 2 years :) I'll never understand the objections to this show. It's on it's own level. Dark, real, fear, isolation, suffocation, starvation, dehydration, disorder, low power, junkie soldiers, crazy scientists, a ship that they can't control and ancient tech that may not even work etc.. Led by a bitter, disaffected Colonel with some issues and a motley crew of clever misfits and back-ups thrown into a universe they aren't prepared for and barely understand, but must work together to survive. The Civilian engineers Volker and Brody as well as Chief scientist Rush really kept me interested through the whole show, especially creating the tension between the civilian and military personnel which would absolutely happen in real life. Besides Master Sgt. Greer, who is my clear #1 favorite of all the characters, I really didn't care much for the other military characters. Don't get me wrong, I like them but my point is I'm really glad this new series isn't about a bang bang team of soldiers on alien planets in the forests, like every other forest on every other planet, running around firing thousands of automatic rounds at Goa'uld soldiers every other episode. In this show, even the villains are mysterious, not like the previous cliche villains that want to destroy Earth every season, each one slightly more dangerous than the clown before. It's helpful to google or refer to some of the episodes of SG1 to get a sense of the organizations, legitimate and rouge, that are main players pulling the strings so you'll understand the motivations of some of the more problem characters on the ship and why they are acting the way they do. Overall a solid 9/10 for a clever, space-based sci-fi drama. It was short but sweet 2 seasons.

Posted by Tirebiter 7 months ago
+4 | +6 / -2

Just binge watched both seasons (i think i only caught the first half when it aired , due to affiliate time shuffles) and "DAMN" it was a good show. SGU is easily the most interesting, smartest and deepest of the SG series. Some of the final episodes were so well written and shot (many directed by peter deloiuse) that every once in a while i'd catch myself staring , lost in thought about the show, after the video itself had ended. It's very much a shame that this series was ended, i would love to see it come back, even as a movie special.

Posted by ddesnoo 2 years, 6 months ago
+4 | +5 / -1

Good serie, too bad they stopped after season 2, hopefully they pick it up again

Posted by kenntus 4 years, 6 months ago
+4 | +7 / -3

such a shame to shut this show down, it makes me sad to think about it

Posted by rdgldr 5 years, 4 months ago
+4 | +5 / -1

it was a really great series, unlike the other 2 stargates this one went on a timeline and most of the shows linked together, you miss one and you missed a part. The syfy channel has sold out to some pretty silly shows that generate revenue, wrestling and cooking show how droll, and i am sorry but the paranormal stuff is quite boring. They forgot what the station is supposed to be about. Oh well i stopped watching unless the shows i liked were on.

Comment by scooby382 is hidden because it exceeded your tolerance threshold. ( ? ) [ Show/Hide Comment ]
Posted by scooby382 5 years, 5 months ago
+4 | +5 / -1

Its really sad that the cancel this show. I hope some day Syfy can get there shit together and bring it back or at the least make a few movies. I just want to know why they didnt think about using the Chair to upload there mind in to the ship rush could be with his love and he would get to stay with the ship for as long as he wants. oh well to bad we'll never find out what happens unless they make some books which i'd read in a heartbeat. Good luck to the cast!!

Posted by visionskate 6 years, 9 months ago
+4 | +8 / -4

ep 11 wont be out till the end of the month

Posted by redhead60 6 years, 11 months ago
+4 | +9 / -5

Episode #6 was about the sudden exhaustion of the water supply and how they had to replenish it.. A crew member gets attaked by an entity they encountered on their first mission... Yeah its slow taking off, but if youre a fan, it doesnt matter i like it and you will,too!5/5

Posted by Velvetinah 6 years, 12 months ago
+4 | +10 / -6

I am hooked on this particular SG series! I always love watching the original big screen version, but I find SG1(the A-team in space) and SG Atlantis (slightly better than SG1) lacking in character development and depth. SGU has much more intelligent writing, better acting(excellent cast), and better pacing (intensity and realism ) than the first two tv series. I look forward to the further unfolding of this delicious new show and I'm eager to learn more about the characters' backgrounds and to see them grow and develop.

Posted by Gramster2013 1 year, 7 months ago
+3 | +4 / -1

I still think they should've called this series Stargate: Destiny. Instead of Stargate Universe. Destiny fits more and also it can also be meaning their destiny onboard the ship itself too. Universe just doesn't feel 'right' as the title.

Posted by DragonFires 6 years, 9 months ago
+3 | +5 / -2

Posted by MrGreathead 6 years, 10 months ago
+3 | +7 / -4

I love this show... probably my favourite of all the Stargates!

Posted by scwmystique 6 years, 11 months ago
+3 | +8 / -5

Pretty good so far! As a fan since the begining--I first saw the movie at the movies before any of the shows--and have been hooked on Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis since their very first shows--it's still going to take a little time for this one to grow on me. Not sure why, other then I just liked the other two shows immediately--(I just wished they still made the other shows)--but I am glad this one is here! 4 . 5/5 I'm sure it'll only get better from here on out!

Posted by Colyz93 1 year ago
+2 | +4 / -2

support the return of staregate universe on this link https://www.change.org/p/ted-sarandos-save-stargate-universe?recruiter=348647056&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=share_twitter_responsive&rp_sharecordion_checklist=checklist_promote

Posted by ironeagle1500 1 year, 11 months ago
+2 | +4 / -2

Amazing show. Sad it had to be ended with so many questions unanswered. But Sg1 and atlantis were amazing as well.

Posted by GrinReaper 3 years, 9 months ago
+2 | +4 / -2

i guess this is simply a taste thing because admitedly i own both SG1 and SGU and even i could tell that the same old formula that had kept SG1 and SGA series afloat wasn't cutting it anymore and all the episodes simply looked liked variations of earlier episodes which don't get me wrong still entertains me but this gave the franchise contrast and much more depth into charecters than the previous which realy made you connect to the charecters which is why i dont see why people are comparing this to the original it was supposed to be diffrent it's like comparing apples and oranges i mean SG1 had me on the edge my seat like one long blockbuster but you did'nt really connect with the charecters for a few seasons with this it was the opposite it gave you charecter build-up,drama and suspence with action and aliens slowly drawn out and strategicly placed. all im saying is did you really want just another SG1 or SGA copy because i certainly didn't.

Posted by CyberneticProphet 3 years, 10 months ago
+2 | +5 / -3

First off the main plot of SGU is the most ambitious storyline ever attempted in any fictional tv series... the direction the took as to the format of the show makes it alot better then SG1(which im a total fan of)... (atlantis doesnt deserve aknowledgment). The acting was superb by most of the leads...this was a top notch series and im just digusted that something like this would get cancelled.

Posted by TOM_KRAUSE 4 years, 2 months ago
+2 | +4 / -2

Ok, I'm seeing lots of posts about this show being cancelled for wrestling. Now, I know wrestling is TOTAL FICTION, but where is the SCY in wrestling on the SCY FY channel? I thought this was a great show, right along with SG1 and SGA. I hate it when they cancel shows like this, getting you all interested in it, then stopping just like that. They do that to too many shows lately, and I agree with all the others... who gives a flying F__K about reality shows, they are so boring to me that I can't watch them... I'd rather read a book than watch reality tv! Fortunately there is this site to watch pretty much anything I want... but I still enjoy a good book.

Posted by hydrocron 5 years, 3 months ago
+2 | +4 / -2

This show was my new favorite for myself the past 2 years, was always looking forward to every new episode. I loved the other 2 stargate series alot and has always been my favorite show's, but Stargate SG1 and Stargate Atlantis were like peanuts in a jar. Stargate Universe was the JAR. and will be sad to see it go. I can only hope this is a sick joke by syfi but highly doubt it. I bought the first season on blu-ray because i loved it so much, and i will tell you now, is the first copy of a television series I have ever bought, will be buying season 2 also.... with some hopes the show will return... or even. keep it as a small profit for my kids.. when they realize what they quit on.. these 2 seasons could be worth allot of money... once people can catch up with its time frame... This series may have been abit to ahead of its time frame. would have been a major hit 5 to 10 years from now. P.S. I will never watch syfi channel again because of the new shows they picked to replace our shows. might as well call it, GTC (Girly teenage channel). no offence to the women :) but we miss our shows.

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