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Paradise Hotel: After the contestant selection is over, everyone congregates by the pool to discuss the outcome of Keith being the next guest. Toni admits that she accidentally voted for a different guy than Kristin and Amy wanted. Is the wrong guy is coming to Paradise? Alex makes fun of them for picking a male model, and Toni leaves abruptly. Zack becomes angry at Toni's actions. The other girls tell him to shut up. Kristin finds Toni back at the room and consoles her. Toni feels like she disappointed both her and Amy. Kristin was only disappointed in the way Toni took off. When Toni confesses that she wants to go home, Kristin says not to tell anyone. Zack and Amy leave the pool because he "can't take it up there." He calls Toni an actress and a faker. Amy defends her, saying Toni's always been this way. Zack then moves on to criticizing Amy. He is pissed that Amy always wants him to be the one to initiate conversation as well as sexual activity. She never shows how she's attracted to him. Zack brings up Keith's comment about how he should be wary of having his girl stolen. Amy tries to convince Zack that Keith has no chance with her. Zack is afraid of people leaving him, and Amy assures him that she won't walk away from their relationship. She's in it for the long haul. To her, it's real and could last. Charla tells Dave that she thinks Zack doesn't treat Amy well. She considers him rude, disrespectful to women and insensitive. That's a big deal coming from Charla, because she doesn't throw those words around very often. She knows Zack doesn't like her because he can't have her. Charla supposes that Zack is intimidated by women who have confidence. She tells Dave that she doesn't trust anyone at the hotel. Especially Zack. Scott asks Kristin why she has kissed every other guy at the hotel -- except him. She leans in and they make out by the bar. From the pool, everyone else cheers on in whispers. Toni doesn't. She becomes jealous and storms off. The others laugh, and Scott dreads going back to his room. When he does, Toni pretends to be asleep. While he's in the bathroom, she climbs into the side bed so not to sleep next to him. Later that night, Kristin and Alex get busy while swimming. She takes off her shirt in the pool. They go back to their room and fool around. The next morning, Scott tells Toni he's annoyed that she is angry at him. She has kissed Alex and a number of other people, so why is she mad that he only kissed one girl? Toni felt stupid and admits to having a crush on Scott. He thinks she holds in all her aggression and then breaks at people. He says he would have said something to anyone else. "Then bring it!" she snaps. At breakfast, Scott informs the guys that Toni feels she has been biting her tongue too much, but now they'll be seeing the "real Toni." "I'm glad the Hulk's coming out," Alex laughs. Dave questions that Toni has been keeping her mouth shut. Strange, since she has done nothing but lash out at Dave. "She goes from Toni into morphing into… the thing," Dave says incredulously. Alex does a Hulk impression, and jokes that if her biggest worry is that she doesn't get to the gym, then she has bigger problems than she knows. At the girls' breakfast, Toni tells her friends that she is now letting loose and will give her opinion at all costs. "Let's keep honesty on the table," she says bluntly. The girls agree to be more open about things. But will they? Host Amanda brings Keith in to meet everyone and places the black necklace around his neck. Keith is floored by how beautiful the women are. Kristin thinks he is hot. Yet he is most attracted to Tara, and he plans to wait her out. When Dave offers up a tour from one of the ladies, Keith wants Zack to show him around. Zack was worried by this at first. What's his hidden agenda? Keith inquires about Tara, and Zack says that Tara might hook up if prodded. Everyone goes swimming that night. Kristin warns Keith about whom he should align with, and he feels the pressure. He takes Tara aside and tells her that he feels secluded from the others. They both agree that it's all about who you can trust. Tara says it would be good for everybody if he broke up the Originals pack. She brings up the option of getting rid of Zack. "That would be crazy!" Keith says surprised. Then Keith mentions that Kristin has already tried to threaten him. Tara assures him that he is safe with her and Charla on his side. When he makes his roommate decision, she will know whom he has sided with. Keith then turns to Zack and Alex about what they think. Zack does not want Scott or Alex to leave. Alex agrees. As he sees the other guys talking without him, Beau tells Amy that he doesn't care to be around people who don't want him there. At dinner that night, the gang makes a toast to Keith's first night in Paradise. He has the power to send home one of the original guys, so they'd better be nice! Tara openly flirts with Beau. Afterwards, she and Beau go back to their room and mess around. Although many of the others are annoyed with Beau, Tara really likes him. Up at the pool, Zack tells Keith that Beau is always interrupting everyone because he wants attention. He enlightens the new guy that Kristin, Amy, Alex, Toni and Scott are the only ones who don't bug him. Soon after, Amy corners Zack in bathroom to inquire what he thinks about Keith. In the other bathroom, Tara tells Charla what Keith had told her earlier. Although they are excited that he could side with them, they don't want to jump to conclusions too soon. Everyone gathers in the Harem Room for the infamous Pandora's Box game. The first card is for Kristin. Is she attracted to Keith? Alex jumps in to say that this wasn't his question! Kristin replies that she is not at all attracted to Keith. Keith, however, is somewhat surprised by this. The next question wants to know if Amy and Zack are in love. Zack looks worried, but Amy answers that, although she is not in love with him, she sees a potential for that in the future. Keith is asked which girl he would not miss. He says Amy, only because they have not gotten to know each other. Alex must name one person who has lied to his face and deliberately disrespected him behind his back. While this is a rough question, Alex chooses Beau because he has heard things that hurt him, regardless if they are really true. Beau comes next, and he is asked how it feels knowing Zack and Alex have lost trust for him. After Alex's response to the last question, Beau is starting to feel the same way about him. They have all distanced themselves from Beau where they once were his friends. "It makes me feel like crap," he says. Zack retorts that Beau always interrupts everyone in search of attention. "It's not Beau's hotel, it's everyone who's here," Zack exclaims. Toni is asked what she thinks about Dave saying he will never forgive her for how she treated him. When Dave tries to say something in his defense, Toni yells at him to shut up. (This is from the woman who turned on Beau for saying the same phrase). Toni turns to Dave, seething. "Game on. I'm so done," she sneers. She wants him gone. Dave had heard she was planning a speech for when he was booted. Toni won't even listen. "This game is temporary. Life is permanent," she snips as she walks off. Dave is speechless. After the Pandora melee, Toni approaches Dave to hash it out. He speaks his mind as Toni cries. "I owe you the biggest apology," she says. She knows he's a good person, but she took it too far. He's always been self-conscious about his looks, and she can relate to that. She never felt she was pretty, and she overcompensated by working out to be bigger than everyone else. Toni pledges that she will never bring it up again. They agree to work on their friendship and not try to push each other out. Dave and Toni hug. Keith assesses the situation at the hotel. "It's freaking hectic around here," he sighs. "These people have been here way too long." He thinks they should instead sit back and enjoy the place. Amy is tired of hearing people talk about everyone else. But she takes it when she and Kristin get derided by Zack for picking on people behind their backs without saying it to their faces. Charla tells Dave that she wanted to submit a question to Amy about Zack, but she didn't have the heart to be mean. Dave thinks Amy is nice, but Charla won't go that far. She cracks that Dave has faith in the people that she feels are the dirtiest ones there. At the pool, Amy admits to Zack that there are things about Beau that irritate her, and Zack questions why she didn't bring any of it up at the Pandora's Box. Amy felt like Beau was already being attacked enough. Beau tells Amy and Toni that he doesn't know if he can trust his original friends anymore. Keith thinks everyone's giving Beau a hard time for nothing, and he wonders whether the Original cluster of Kristin, Amy, Zack and Alex need to be broken up. "I wouldn't want to be them," Keith muses. -paradiseonfox.com

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Title: Episode 11
Air Date: July 23, 2003
Runtime: 60 mins
Genres: Reality-TV Romance
Countries: Mexico USA
Actors: Mark Thompson

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