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Alien: Covenant - 9 months ago
This movie was really does not live up to the hype. We went from Aliens to the Walter and David show in no time. The movie takes 45 mins before it really starts. As the plot unfolds, we get an inception of a crew that seem more like a bunch of rag tags first timers at anything with the worst reasoning power ever and a capacity to put personal agenda above all first that is simply appalling. What is most saddening in the plot is that the Aliens take kind of a tertiary special appearance role. The work that Prometheus did to at the same time bring something new to the franchise and stay away from it with a minimal connection at the end was very endearing and promising. This one seems like it is sinking a nail in the coffin again. The biggest downer is how this flick disposes of the idea of the engineers. Many surely looked so forward for the unravelling of the so called creators but alas, this films just strikes it down in one move. As Walter's agenda becomes clear, you kind of ask if his many actions in this movie were really a calculative move or just another plain gibberish that the writers conjured up just to whim up a weak plot. The ending says it all. It is so evident and no mastery is applied or even intrigue to let the audience guess. One has to ask if Walter has so grand ambitions, doesn't he want to go back home instead of some place new???? Some parts of the movie are just plain uplifts from Aliens 1 2 and 3. Anyhow...a really disappointing addition to the franchise when Prometeus had started something so hopeful to rekindle our attentions....and Franco is not even in this movie except for a 5 second video
War on Everyone - 1 year, 1 month ago
Got to say this movie has an interesting chemistry between Pena and Skarsgard and this is what keeps you watching. They don't really try yet, their parts seems to flow. Second is the dialogue which is really enticing and original at times. As for the plot, that is the real disappointing part. The scope is too insignificant. This movie merits a watch and it could have been really a great one if only they had some better work with the grand scheme. Usually the dialogue and chemistry is hard while plot is easy but this flick gets it in reverse. Some parts of the movie are real snoozers of course but on the whole, I understand that may be budget constraints did not allow the director to dish out a grand affair with the appropriate fireworks but nonetheless, this piece will leave some pretty memorable imprints on its audience.
The Boy and the Beast - 1 year, 6 months ago
Yet another Hosoda movie that tries to deliver the same magic it did with Summer Wars but falls a bit short.The start of the story seems a bit hard to absorb as it demands great patience. At some point, you think you figured this one out but then, it breaks the ritual and gets a bit heavy and down to earth again. From that point, you get a bit worried, because you don't really want to be stuck in a usual coming of age drama, trying to use symbolism to offer you a same old same old story. Yet on the whole, this is what it avers to be. But the movie tries hard to win you back as it delivers a culminating finale that is satisfying but lacks grand scope to really impress. The Goosebumps or that wow of originality is not in contention and that is really a drawback. Nonetheless, that is not the only negative trait waiting for you. With the employment of a certain figure as the antagonist's epitome and the reoccurrence of a certain book at some point of the movie, the chosen theme relies on a borrowed storyline to keep its plot flowing, one that sadly looks really familiar. As you intake all this in, you face the prospects of having seen a repackaged classic knock off in you crosshairs and that really disappoints.
The Legend of Tarzan - 1 year, 7 months ago
Wish I could say this movie was good. It has its moments but on the whole is a miss. Not an origins movie and yet not really a sequel but it tries to be. I think WB missed on a chance to reboot this story aptly and sell it to a new generation as it has gaps. They will find that appreciating the complexity of Tarzan as a character with bits in flashbacks is not enough. For the older generation it feels a peg down geared towards a rushed feature that does not build on what is known. Instead it tried to reinvent annoyingly. I think they should have followed up the Movie Tarzan Legend of Greystroke with Christopher Lambert, which to this day remains the best realistic Tarzan movie ever made. Sam Jackson really looked like a third wheel in the movie and Waltz character at best barely held his own. What spoils it all is the CGI animals and the evident wire stunts. It is hard to actually believe that in 2016, they would make a Tarzan movie that actually looks worst by every account including d├ęcor and setting. The movie consistently misses the scope of grandness and realism invoked in yester productions. Sorry , really wanted to like this one but Margot Robbie going through half of the movie with an untarnished white dress in the middle of the Jungle and Alex Skarsguard's perfect accent that is not even British and reflective of the time really adds insult to injury
Woman in Gold - 2 years, 8 months ago
A watchable movie with nothing really spectacular to set it apart. It does bring a certain drama into play though with holocaust context while leaving the atrocities to a tamer depiction, grasped only in abstract. You sense that the aim of the story is the emotional hyphen as the subject for the procession of the plot remains in second plan. When the fairy tale ending comes, you feel robbed of realism but it is a real story so, we have to live with that embellished portrayal of Maria Altman memoire polished by Hollywood. But I still have my doubts on Ryan Reynolds's character, the most of the time jobless lawyer who defies financial conundrum and judicial barriers with relative ease for a so called novice, adequately supporting his family and life while being dedicated to a long and expensive endeavor he does not know will pay out. And that was annoying to digest.
Skin Trade - 2 years, 10 months ago
Love Tony Jaa but this movie does not do him credit at all. From usually saving elephants to now saving women, it looks like some sort of retarded attempt to reclaim his name at some international level but it is too late. Should have punched it after Ong Bak. Also the way he fights in this one will win no one over, just another guy style. He is not invincible, lacks technique and looks very under par versus opponents who seem to be lesser his caliber, Dolph Lungren for example. any day you can make an old Ivan Drago look good in a retirement fight is the day you probably want to kiss your credible career as a martial artist good bye. Speaking of the Red Scorpion himself, Dolph Lungren is at the same level he was, trying to earn another paycheck and remembering his Punisher days for the better half of the movie. Other than that, the movie has the actors evading each other for the better half or discharging weapons than showing off their fighting skills competently and with originality. Add the dime a dozen expendable mercenaries showing up on time to rob you of 5 pointless minutes each time, the predictable snitch...after all Peter Weller and Micheal.Jay White is in there so make your pick and this movie is your solid B flick you would rather want to miss but will watch because of curiosity. But it won't be soon before you will see the former Robocop, Universal soldier, Spawn, Hellboy, Shang Sung and the double to Lu Kang all put in one movie ...if not to make everyone remember that once they were but collectively don't seem to cut it anymore. For most of them, I hope it is their cinematic retirement party.
The Andromeda Strain - 2 years, 11 months ago
Watched the old version a while back and it still remains the best. This new version seems elongated for nothing with a lot of useless side stories and added characters that do not need to be there. Even the investigation of Andromeda in this one takes a back seat as politics and so called dark conspiracies take over the plot. The actors seems dogmatic and some of the rewrites for this one do not make sense at times. Comparing the two movies, the old version had the art of selling the theme slowly to you and leaves you intrigued while this one comes with the answers so fast that spoils the viewing. Sorry but the updated version fails at many levels. If you haven't seen the old version, watch it first. The suspense there is present and the story was very innovative for its time.
The Andromeda Strain - 3 years ago
Love this flick. Even by today's standards, it still keeps your mind in check. This is what intelligent Sci Fi looks like, while being coherent as well as logical. From start to finish, you are in a noodle scratching thriller that will justify your attention and reward your curiosity.
Birdman - 3 years, 1 month ago
The brutal honesty about this flick is that there is nothing good to hold onto. The characters seem vapid except for Edward Norton who tries to bring in some life in it. Micheal Keaton is a great actor but in this movie, he does not go beyond himself. His range seems spent and limited at times. The story is trying and you wait for a culmination of some sorts that is surely not gratifying when the curtain falls. Instead they waste your time with petty squabbles that supposedly brings some kind of meaning to everything each character is doing or has done. Some try to show you their demons and you can't stop thinking is that it? The most deceiving part is the ego talk between Keaton and himself. The SFX is a nice touch, but the writer does not exploit the internal conflict to its fullest potential. When the ending comes, you can see a predictable pattern forming and yet you might be surprised for a short while before again being deceived with the obvious. Even their attempts at breaking the 3rd wall with the audience of the theatre seemed a bit exasperated. The only part I found revealingly imposing and indicative of the movie is the conversation the critic has with Keaton. It does put a lot into perspective about the movie business of today. Birdman fails at many extents and even if you treat it as an independent flick, suffers from a case of mild hiccups that spoils the viewers broth from time to time. I could not keep comparing it to another movie I watched recently called Noises off. In theme they do touch some similarities but in genre might differ. But at least there I had the comedy to keep me watching and the back stage shenanigans complimented the movie. In this movie it looked like the procession of an eventual funeral looking for some kind of flamboyance before a climax.
Transcendence - 3 years, 8 months ago
It was kind of a one dimensional movie. The plot only treated some limited predictable outcome and you feel a lot was missed. Convenient story writing contributed to spin the story to the expected ending we can sense from minute one. Some of the theoretical sci fi can be debatable but when it came to biology, it was utter nonsense, especially with the monkey bit. The idea was ambitious but the problem with this story is it neglects too many logical things to cater to petty things that it delays its own fast procession of things so that the protagonists can have time to serve you that ending which is no surprise.
Tom yum goong 2 - 4 years, 1 month ago
The first one was much better fightwise and storywise . This one not only offers little variety in fighting techniques but is a one track monotonous journey . Also you can see this movie has deviated from the JAA ideology with string fighting now about 30% of the movie. This flick suffers from continuity issues. One scene switches to another without any smooth transition sometimes and you are going what and how?. SFX looked below par in comparison to the other part. A lot of bits of the story did not make sense. Why buy the elephant if they know Kham won't sell, to later come and steal it. What if the guy did sell the elephant, then how would RZA's bad character entice Kham into the plot?. Rhatha Phongam unfitting ending is really the big let down. It would have been great to see go v/s Yanin at least. Speaking of Jeja Yanin , hated her role in this one. She stole much of the screen time and yet showed nothing worthy of her presence. In her solo movies she is so apt and powerful. In this one she looks very vulnerable and simple. At times , it was a pain to watch her fight because she did not look up to the challenge. Compared to other Tony JAA movies, I think it does not make the top 4 even. Overall, it was ok to watch but is not really the sequel I was waiting or expecting for but watching Tony Jaa fight in any context is always entertaining.
The Odessa File - 4 years, 5 months ago
For a 70 s movie, in the median of the cold war and paranoia and people losing their innocence after the war, it is pretty na´ve. Jon Voight's personage seems to be a like a novice journalist on his first case although the movie tries to convince you otherwise. It is a compelling story but there are so many inconsequential and illogical inconsistencies that you feel the story/script was written by a debutant. The plot tries to chew too much out of the character who at times gains these lapses of shrewd intelligence while other times proses those acts of stupidity that does not complement the story but allows a certain convenient unfolding to go on. He is out of depth and ill-equipped to handled events and yet the movie tries to bestow the characteristics of an apt converted spy that really makes you lose credibility in the incarnated persona the minute you try to string it all together. What I find even more ludicrous is the personal investment of Journalist Miller in this affair even bigger than he can imagine with the simple motives of being moved by a story. At any minute I had wished he stopped and said it was for a big story and big money but as you watch on, it seems to be like a borrowed personal vendetta that does not make any sense...at least to justify the lengths he goes to go after it. If you are looking for an intelligent thriller, sadly this one is not it, not even by 70s standards.
Redemption - 4 years, 6 months ago
Jason Statham offers us something different in this movie, one where his fighting skills are left to a minimum while his acting skills try to propel this feature forward. Will not say it is the best work he has ever done but this melancholic tale of a man who is haunted by his personal demons who then finds some kind of salvation of sorts within a plot filled with commonality and some unorthodoxy. If you are in the mood for something Slow with sporadic jolts of drama, jump into this one expecting nothing but a simple story complicated a little bit for effect
The Man from Earth - 4 years, 7 months ago
This one is one to watch if you are not heavy in action and thrillers. The movie is static but the conundrum open to prose upon is so great that you cannot help keep on watching. It sets up many questions and does make you think a lot as well. An enjoyable experience and a movie i can watch over over and over..even though it is mostly a talkie
Pacific Rim - 4 years, 7 months ago
Cannot say it lives up to the hype but it will help pass the time. Great overture but after that it dies down in an hours long filler devoid of any action. Corny dialogue, Melodramatic situations we have seen 100 times and actors who seems to be forcing it sometimes. The action part was not bad but I felt it could have been better. The theoretical science leaves to be desired as well. At times it seems coherent with the universe created and at times, convenience just sinks in for the story to unfold. When you get to the actual concrete science part, then I fear they just fantasised about that too. Add to the expected predictable ending that has been done to death in other movies and I find that they could have just done a "rock em sock em robots" movie instead and we would have not been the wiser.So much more to say but it will take too long but I find the lack of military primary assault support my greatest beef with this movie. If there was any sound logical strategy, the term softening the target could have helped the Jagers greatly and it would have made sense too in a movie of such caliber. how could the writers omit that. It would have added to the ambiance and the credibility of actual combat not mentioning the visual charisma of the audience, because we all love seeing missile barrages for instance. Anyway, did not go into this overexpecting but when you think the budget spent on it, I find there are some old sci fi Japanese movies similar in class with lesser achieving more in terms of overall satisfaction
Dont Cry Mommy - 4 years, 7 months ago
A movie that tries to convey into movie form, a new age crime that is on the rise. Even though the treated theme will not leave many indifferent, until half way, the movie holds its simplistic ground with a restrictive portrayal. After that, it simply loses its strong appeal as the protagonist moves into a vicious action of absurdity, given the situation, that does not bode well to keep this movie in the realm recollection for the future. The affected personage does well to show us her resourcefulness as a self achieving strong figure who sadly disintegrates into a one track minded assailant that cannot stop to think the better course to take , to exact her revenge. If the film makers wanted this one to be in the minds of many, a little creative thinking would have helped with the last part of the movie. It simply ends too tastelessly and the final main message gets lost as another one pops up. Even in real life, I am sure people would have found better ways to thrust their frustrations than in this movie. It is a sad story that needed to be told and may be we expected a cold dish of vengeance to be served with some cool headed inventiveness but it leaves a vapid unjustified sense of ill-vindication that really spoils a cinematic broth that could have achieved far more with a better ending.
Man of Tai Chi - 4 years, 7 months ago
For a Keanu directorial debut, it was an adequately enjoyable watch. You can feel the experience of action drama infused with personal melodrama combined to offer a story that will get you involved from minute one. Although the story poses nothing new in originality or fight scenes, I must commend it for making sure the use of wires was limited to a visual minimum. Oh you will spot it from time to time but they tried keeping it down to realism as most as possible. As for the end fight, I expected something more adequate in plausibility. When you consider Tiger trashes worst opponents during the course of the movie, the last fight just seems to suffer from some comparative convenience for the sake of elongation and a rather befitting ending. But although the evident outcome is only several minutes away with a so called climactic end to the protagonist, I thought an on par candidate in technique and fighting skill would have helped more in ascertaining credibility. What was most noticeable in this flick was the gore. They seem to have stripped the spectacle of blood gushes and red bruises to a minimum as well. If you feel you have been cheated lately by feature that did not live up to your expectations, try man of tai chi on for size. The main character with a certain novitiated fortitude will assure you stay on and listen to his story.
The Dogs of War - 4 years, 9 months ago
If you loved Mc Bain with C.Walken, then this movie is along the same lines but nearly a decade early. Tom Berenger has a somewhat reduced and sidelined role but C. Walken absorbs the whole plot onto himself with fervor that you instantly find yourself immersed in this story. Although I would like to divide this movie into 3 segments that at times does not seem to coagulate together, you will want to keep on watching till the explosive and somewhat expected ending. Moment for this movie is... the ending with the twist accompanied with the original Walken style Delivery speech...simply priceless
Joyeux Noël - 4 years, 9 months ago
The truthiness without any embellishments and the retelling of actual events of WW1 makes this flick a compelling thriller to watch. Many might not believe that this ever happened, but the tremendous ensemble helps to restore a certain credibility which otherwise would have looked too fictional. From savagery to camaraderie during uneasy times, certainly when the world was mad, a few proved that people are people, no matter who you are and no matter what nationality they harbor.
Army of Crime - 4 years, 9 months ago
A pretty Tame and Raw account of the partisan activities in France during occupied times. Rather insightful and contextual revealing how the Nazi war machine was quick to pin point and dislocate the problem of resistance from the French people at the expense of so called immigrants. Found this to be rather an interesting propaganda weapon that makes this movie worth the watch. Do not expect any fancy WW2 action here but get ready to be emoted with some great theatrical acting which you might see mostly on stage.
Ballada o soldate - 4 years, 9 months ago
A Really nice flick for its time. For 50-60s movie it depicts a lot of traits that many humans share no matter society. However I feel that because of the complexity of Soviet Society of the time, the war and Soviet mentality, some situational realisms will leave some viewers vexed.
Casualties of War - 4 years, 9 months ago
Although this was not a bad movie, I find it tries to parallel itself with Platoon in a way. As it exploits a singular case of horrors of war, Michael J fox seems to be out of his element in this one. The plot does open up the ugly side of the US army but does so to reprieve itself with justice in the dying moments. It might be na´ve to think that one man and one situation in real life could have caused such an intense drama for a movie but Hollywood sure smelt Oscar as it green lighted Penn versus fox. In a few words, you would only sit through this one if you were asleep for the last 40 years and were not versed in anything about the hard facts involving the sidelines of war. Certainly would not call this a war movie but a Drama filmed during wartimes
Kelly's Heroes - 4 years, 9 months ago
Great Flick. Eastwood is masterful and Savalas Superb but Sutherland "Oddball" takes the cake. Great story with a great ensemble character tale that has a "road trip" during war times feeling into it. The ending has a nice twist that contributes well to the unorthodoxy of the movie.
Downfall - 4 years, 9 months ago
A nice film which captures the essence of Hitler and the mood of WW2 from the German's View in part and his secretary from the other. Actors were well on par with their roles and the movie although not being from Hollywood is a motion picture triumph from europe and one of the few movies you would want to watch in its native language as any other lingustic interpretations will no doubt spoil cinematic conveyance. If there is anything you should see , make "Der Untergang" a must, for history's sake and may be your own.
Moon Over Parador - 4 years, 9 months ago
If you have seen Dave with Kevin Klien then this is very similar and very enjoyable. R Dreyfuss shows his excellent range as a comedian and the story local being overseas engulfs you in an exotic plot of dictators and rebels. If you want something light and funny, this is a good time waster
Superman Unbound - 4 years, 10 months ago
Won't say it was the best but it was ok to sit though compared to the other ones made before. Voice characterizations was off for superman. Thought they could have had Tim Daily reprise. Lois Lane looked like a witch in this one. Supergirl actually looked like she should have been. Otherwise, animation is watchable but you feel it was done cheaply in a way. the plot and the story, kind of same old in a way. Nothing really original. Certainly not a Miller story that brings something new to the table or provocative. come to think of it, it felt like a Superman the series kind of 2 part adventure. I thought the ending could have been better. Reeks of convenient writing but I get the feeling this one was made to feed the comic book to filmography mania and with Superman in it, it did not need anything special to get people to watch
The Bridge at Remagen - 4 years, 10 months ago
A striding story that is only complimented by the cast who make this WW2 flick really delectable. Never a dull minute, the onslaught of characters trying to assert themselves during wartimes in the ever changing pace of orders makes this movie a must see. Ben Gazza and George Segal have this love and hate relationship that makes you question time on during the film what is what between them. The swift action sequences lends a strong arm to invigorate the high octane atmosphere while we get to see a slightly tender depiction of the Nazi Army spearheaded by Robert Vaughn who tries to infuse duty, loyalty and an impossible mission to our delight. Devote some time to this feature if you find yourself in need of a descent story based actually on real events, of course colored with some fictional charisma
Contact - 4 years, 10 months ago
This movie has a great start and pushes a great theory of first contact forward but then it gets too absurd to sit through when they invoke religion in it. I sincerely failed to understand how a writer and scienceman like Carl Sagan managed to render us interested in the notion of the first message from space and then spiral the story down to an equal debate with god/religion as if we were in inquision times.It was as if the whole of the world was debating if sending a man to the moon in the 60s would be against Christian doctrine. Sorry but this is one Sci Fi movie i wish was no spoilt by theology so needlessly.
Greedy - 4 years, 10 months ago
A nice comedy that is definetely on the soft emotional side in a way. MJFox acts his part with great tandem alongside Kirk Douglas. The story takes an original twist on the age old problem facing the rich and heritages. All it all, a fun watchable flick that will surely keep you lightly smiling and emotional till the end.
A Swedish Love Story - 4 years, 10 months ago
Pretty conservative slow pace movie that aims to depict a teenage love story, the first steps and the first love. Nothing shocking and guys no bare skin, although the teenage actress will appeal to a lot in beauty. You need a lot of patience to watch this one and the near 2 hours it benchmarks with drama during the 70s makes this a flick for enthusiats of oldies or devoties to Eurocinema
Inside Man - 4 years, 10 months ago
One of those movies that is more about the plot rather than the actors i would say. An intruiging story with an ensemble cast that is quite pleasing to watch but no breakthourghs. This thriller will keep your interest although it will get you asking questions later. Is this how you plan the perfect robbery... may be but you got to switch off some common sense as well because we know if the movie aspires to drop a little dose of reality, investigations do not end a couple of days after acrime has been committed and why do billionairs have such incriminating useless skeletons for the picking.
Moscow on the Hudson - 4 years, 10 months ago
Although most contexts applied to this movie are now obsolete, it is a nice insight of the times when the perestroika was in force and defections of the 80s were all too often. Robin Williams gets away with being a Russian nicely and might I say that his Russian is not too shabby as well. If you feel nostalgic about everything concerning the social aspects of the cold war or if you just watching Robin Williams give a descent and apt performance, this film merits your attention
Crocodile Dundee II - 4 years, 10 months ago
A significant step in the maturity over the initial first part. Part 2 delivers a great story that is augmented with an enticing plot and we get to see some great side performances as well. At times, the movies fells like it was cleverly sketched together into one great movie. From start to end, you are immersed and loving it and best of all...Hogan is in his element.
Jonah Hex - 5 years ago
A good timewaster with a few bits of originality. Otherwise, the plot is the same old same old story. I do not think that Johan Hex could have transcended to the big screen any better that depicted here simply because the story is too linear in the comics.At times it tries to scope some grand scale plot but fails and plays as a downscaled story. The story is too reminiscent of Wild Wild West in a way. Brolin seems adequate for the part and Megan Fox played her role adequately and in a fitting atire for her real life persona for once. But we are all too well reminded that her useless part in this flick was to draw some fanboy attention. At least Michael fassbender gets to show you his range and accent through an unothrodox personification of the henchmen that will play on your nerves just right.
So much better than the first part, The DK returns unleashes some unorthodoxness with yet so many twists that really leads you into new territory. If you think you got some things staying on track this time, better throw that out the window, The DK Returns part 2 does justice to deliver something really new in terms of aspect, nostalgia and dire unchainess. The rawness of the uncharted storyline inspires nearly a renewed prose. I seriously think they should have had a better title name than the Dark Knight retunrs but this Frank Miller story does it again. Get ready to be emotionally entangled, stired up and predicately contrited for the next 1 hrs and 30 mins. Peter Weller's voice characterization,.....very fitting but be reminded..this is a 14+ age at least story so let the kids leave the room please.
The Day - 5 years, 4 months ago
This movie is a straight to DVD flick for sure....more the C class type. No background story that brings light to events on how this world came to be. Up to 26 mins, events remind you of a tale pregnant with silent and ambiguious drama. Just about when you think you are about to doze off, a small action scene starts and then you have to wait for 25 mins till the end to get served with some more.If you ask me, there is nothing here of substance to warrant a watch. The action scenes were stale, the movie was static, and the personages forgetful and at times out of their elements for this kind of script. The title "The House" or "The Trap" would have been more suitable in my view and resumes the plot in one word. With nothing new to propose, the predictable ending is eventually served with the usual, people get what they deserve while the good one sacrifice themselves for others and then you wonder...why recommend this feature to anyone at all.
Good Bye Lenin! - 5 years, 10 months ago
A nice little movie with a really original spin and a story to tell. It disports you with humor while emoting at the same time with drama. The entreprise the character take upon seems monolitic in thought and yet he still manages to pull it off in an ever changing environment and this is what makes this flick so enticing....trying to adapt to the unfolding situations while not being a movie stuck in a one dimentional parallel. If you want a story with an orignal recipe to serve your craving for someting different, this is one cinematic piece you should watch
Machine Gun Preacher - 5 years, 11 months ago
What can i say.....a nicely crafted fairy tale that scripts a tighly knitted story harboring situations which are very convinient to its unfolding. If this is about a true event, then Hollywood has gone overboard in making the realism fade and appear when they needed to, just to bring a progressive procession of plot with drama, action and why not fiction all in one. I do not doubt that most of things from the movie were not polished, bloated and overdramatized for the sake of the screen, and no i am not talking about the poor suffering kids and families, but to those who will watch, a lot of question will arise. Like the money, the frequent trips and an average guy running big projects on two continents not forgetting being "Rambo" v/s a LRA and killing all that show up nearly single handedly. Oh wait are the LRA that incompetant that they cannot take down a white preacher armed only with 10 men to the most.How many men does this LRA have to inspire such terror.Hope Childers did not wipe them all out.Would be a shame now because he did what the SPLA could not all those years. Anyway, wish they told the story as it was because this was one cake no doubt that did not need any icing to masquerade it
Goon - 5 years, 12 months ago
Been a while since i laughed watching a comedy but this one had the stuff to make it. The story reminded me a bit of Mystery Alaska but it exploited the premises of the goon of the game which in sorts has never been done before. Seann was original in his role, very unorthodox enforcer and what was commendable about this movie was that it was funny but they did not force things to make it humours. Also, despite being thugs, the human side and realites were also personified without going over the top. The could have painted Liev as a real dark horse in the movie but they did not.They showed his two sides and a real important aspect: the game face and attitude which differs in life. Aside of having things just happening and you cracking a laugh, Liev Shreiber stood out of this. The only guy misplaced and was kind of artifical was Jay Baruchel. Him swearing on and off incessantly and acting crude did not work at all. Nice Cameo by Laranque. Did not expect him in this movie.Give this a try even if you don't like hockey
Immortals - 5 years, 12 months ago
If compared to 300, this movie sadly does not measure. Visually Stunning with great CGI, Rourke is perfect as the villain but Carvill as the lead is kind of lacking. i found more credibility into Stephen Dorff character than his. The Story somewhat suffers in making one believe in the scope of affairs. When Gods and demons are involved, you would expect more especially when they say the heavens and Titans are featured. The gods looked plain in my view( aren't they supposed to be poweful and immortal). Whereas the Demons...i found Hyperion's minions fiercer and much more sinister. Although this movie is watchable, there is something missing or rather unsatisfying about it. Those mistreating the Clash of the Titans remake, there at least you had lots of ingredients and of variety to be entertained. Here you felt that the story was more into conveying one emotion rather than a fable of sorts. Come to think of it, the movie kind of brought out the many none logical senses of Greek mythology to light rather than make one bask into the fantasy of the plot. To those who say this could have been better, i am not so sure because you feel the story was open to a limitless amount of intepretations but when exported from page to cinematography the studios sure let their hand slip by saying we want this done with a limited amount of approaches. Thus said, the mistake was to try and emmulate a 300 redux with a different plot rather than let the director freelance this with a more outdoor touch which would have enhanced everything and probably been less deceiving than what we got.

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