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"Sunshine" (2007: Thriller/Sci-Fi/Adventure)

Horror film, "kill" of the week:

-An astronaut tries to board one ship from another without an airlock, misses the opening of the other ship, and floats off into space, freezing to death. (Sunshine) 4/15/2013
-A thrill seeker jumps off a cliff, doesn't open his parachute in time, hits several trees on the way down, falls into a cave, and is impaled by a spike. He's still alive, until a creature comes and eats him. (Tasmanian Devils) 01/29/13
-Girl's leg gets chopped off by a Santa Clause so that she cant run away any longer, and then the Santa picks her up and forces her into a wood chipper ("Silent Night") 12/04/2012
-Girl is forced to body-swap with a decrepit 103 year old woman, by a Satanic cult in a ritual on her nineteenth birthday ("Alison's Birthday") 11/28/2012
-Boy filled with petroleum (the nozzle is in his mouth), until he is so full his belly explodes. ("Inbred") 10/18/2012
-Chinese Woman is suffocated when throwing up the bones of the victims who's lives she'd betrayed years ago. ("They wait") 09/29/2012
-A man covers his girlfriend in beef broth and sicks a pack of hungry dogs on her. ("Little Deaths") 09/15/2012
-A rat with a human face eats a man's insides by eating through his skin. ("Dreams in the Witch House") 08/13/2012
-An old man blows himself and his friend (and part of an apartment building) up with his oxygen tank, to avoid becoming a giant human-rat hybrid zombie-like creature. ("Mulberry Street") 08/1/2012
-8 people get instantly murdered by a mythological ghost, one by one. They seriously just fall over dead randomly. ("Documenting The Grey Man") 07/20/2012
-Man dies from an accidental head wound from a third party wielding a fire extinguisher, simultaneously falling on top of his wife, trapping her head in the toilet water. ( "407 Dark Flight") 07/18/2012
-Biker gang simultaneously decapitated with a clothing line. ("13: Game of Death") 07/15/2012
-Man stabbed through the eye with the high-heel of Jeniffer Jason Leigh's shoe. ("Single White Female") 07/07/2012
-Male gets eaten alive by a pack of wolves ("Frozen") 06/14/2012
-High School boy drinks acid, after picking randomly between a cooler of acid and a cooler of water. ("truth or dare") 05/31/2012
-"Strangers" killed by the swinging arm of a giant image of a woman on a billboard, under the control of telekinesis (from "Dark City") 05/28/2012
-Kimberly Caldwell chopped in half, vertically, by hillbilly inbred cannibals (from "Wrong Turn 2: Dead End") 05/05/2012
-Girl reassembled to create a live marionette (from "Cassadaga") 04/15/12
-A guy beat to death with a bible (from "Satan Hates You") 04/08/12

My horror/thriller rating system:
-5 points possible for disturbing content
---(1) Family friendly...(5) Serbian Film F*cked-Up
-5 points possible for general scares/thrills
---(1) Disney Halloween Film...(5) Terrifying

^basically how effective of a horror or thriller it is^

-5 points for storyline/script
---(1)"Napoleon Dynamite"...(5)"Martys", "The Shining"
-3 points for originality
---(1)"The last exorcism"...(3)"Cannibal Holocaust"

-5 points for directing and/or overall atmosphere
-3 points for acting
---(1)"Zombies vs Strippers"...(8)"Silence of the Lambs"

-2 points for camera work
-2 points for special effects
---(1)Blair Witch...(4)"Pan's Labyrinth"

****3 points for comedy (horror-comedies only)

Total rating: ?/30 (or ?/33 for horror-comedies)
= %rating

These lists are never complete! Always updating. Also please message me about corrections, suggestions, and questions regarding my lists anytime. *IF you follow THESE links the lists will be in alphabetical order*











I work from home.

I am a very spiritual person. Pagan, hermetic, pantheist, and more.

I also write, typically horror short stories, but have written two unpublished novels (one of which is in editing, the other I am scrapping) and am working on a third while planning on a fourth. I hope to someday apply my writing talents to film making.

Definitely have a great interest in the occult, psychology, pharmacology, the paranormal, sociology, and cultural studies.

Message me anytime, for anything (recommendations etc).

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