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Orphan Black - 1 month ago
This was one of the funniest episodes ever, couldn't stop laughing at the rehab scenes. I swear Tatiana Maslany better get some kind of award for her acting because her playing Sarah faking to be Allison was perfect. The writers are truly genius because there was no action and I was still on the edge of my seat with the story, especially by the end. No episode is without major twists and the ones in this were truly game changing. With all my other shows having season finale's, this is the only one I look forward to each week.
The best X-Men movie to date hands down. Not surprising since when I first saw the trailer I knew it was going to be epic. The story alone with these actors as mutants is enough to be a hit, the future and past scenes flowed very well together. I also like that because of the time travel aspect it changed some of the other films. Excited to see the X-Men movies after this because they can be based in the future or past. No way they're not using these actors again for an update and they can't crossover again. Quicksilver was awesome in this, but anyone else know how he'll be explained in the Avengers 2 next year? I would love a X-Men and Avengers crossover, but legal issues prevent that.
Girl Meets World - 1 month ago
This met my expectations which weren't that high. Considering the story is based around a girl and is on Disney Channel, I knew I couldn't connect and it wouldn't come close to the original Boy Meets World. I watched only because I wanted to see Cory and Topanga's future. It's not a horrible show, it's just something for the new generation to watch and us in the 90's who saw this on the TGIF block on ABC have grown beyond this. The kids are way too plastic, the leading male looks like a mini Abercrombie and Fitch model. Atleast you felt some realism with the casting from Boy Meets World as far as looks. Honestly, Boy Meets World's humor wasn't good if you re-watch and by the end the relationship drama was WAAAAY too much, but it has nostalgia from our childhood making it magical. You always love old shows from remembering how they made you feel as a kid and I wouldn't hate my kids watching this and forming those same memories. While it starts off very cheesy, you see a lot of similarities to the original show with the characters only set in the city which leads too endless potential.
Don Peyote - 1 month ago
This was a huge trip and I felt really connected to it. I think we all feel the overall message the movie is trying to give and need to open our minds to the truth. Sounds very hippie-ish, but the movie has me feeling kinda groovy. The story of a man opening consciousness and descending into what people may call madness was fun to see. An awesome stoner movie.
Free Ride - 1 month ago
Anna Paquin really shined in this movie, she's so hot. I never really saw her playing a mother role, but she played this mother very well. It's not only a good true story, but message about what a mother will do for her kids. Two thumps up!!
Devil in My Ride - 1 month ago
While not the best, very good for a low budget horror movie. The story was original and the acting was well done. The stamp of approval with the cameo from Sid Haig is enough to watch.
Orphan Black - 1 month ago
I'm in love with Helena now, she was so cute in this episode. At this point I should stop being surprised by all the twists, but they're so good. The more we find out about these clones, the more I want to watch. There's so much plotting against these clones that I wonder how they'll wrap it up, this show is too unpredictable.
The Simpsons - 1 month ago
I love the Simpsons and respect that they stay true to their roots with the lighthearted stories, but time to get with the times. They need more raunchy jokes if they want to stay and I do believe they can do it. They've only slightly gotten better through the years and need to realize the standards of humor have changed. This episode was very lame, especially for a season finale. The best episode this season for me was the future one followed by the lego episode because of the themes. They can't rely on that and need to have the female members pull out better humor, Lisa and Marge come off too naggy with their jokes and Maggie's scene at the end was stupid.
Californication - 1 month ago
Hank just keeps digging himself in a hole with his d*ck. Really feeling the vibe this season with his new family, but I can't wait for Becca to show up and voice her opinion.
Love & Hip Hop Atlanta - 1 month ago
At this point I really need to take this show as a complete comedy to watch. To actually think what these people are so thirsty for fame and money that they would act this way on camera. You do know to some extent that this is real so you feel bad for the families. It's the new low reality shows have hit to get a few ratings and it appears to be working.
Godzilla - 1 month ago
Very good Godzilla remake that's better than the other movies. The acting and story was on point, leaving room for more sequels to come. My only problem is that it wasn't as epic as I had hoped because of films like Cloverfield and Pacific Rim taking away the awe of special effects super monsters. If this came out before them it would've taken this to a whole other level. It's still a good summer blockbuster though.
Orphan Black - 1 month ago
I love Helena, the chemistry between her and Sarah is fun to watch. I also am happy my prediction about Kira pulling a few tricks being shown. As for Paul, I wonder who he really is loyal to in this whole conspiracy. Yet another amazingly written episode with more twists.
We the Party - 1 month ago
Although you see 'we the party' frequently throughout the film, the movie didn't live up to its name. I was expecting more raunchiness with the partying which was very tame. There was more drama than anything and all of that felt forced. There were a few funny moments, but overall it felt like a tv teen drama movie. Very predictable ending and all the other storylines were rushed to center around the romance between the leading roles. If it wasn't for the celebrity cameos I would've thought this was completely lame. By the end it felt like the movie was to showcase new young talent. A good attempt for amateur filmmakers at making a 'party' film if you can call it that.
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - 2 months ago
Epic episode, not a moment didn't have action and suspense. The team was at its best and all the twists with the characters was compelling to watch. Happy to see Nick Fury again and worried about Fitz, but everything worked out at the end. The last few cliffhangers were the best as always, can't wait for season 2.
Detention of the Dead - 2 months ago
Decent for a Breakfast Club meets zombies theme. I actually did something similar for my animation class, but with elementary school kids. Not the best effects, but good enough and has some funny moments.
Buck Wild - 2 months ago
Another hidden movie gem on primewire, great horror comedy. Even though the zombie genre has been done to death, I enjoyed the story and characters. Way better than I expected.
The Boondocks - 2 months ago
The first 2 episodes this season were iffy, but these last 2 are really good. Loved the old lady pimps and how the story unfolded. I guess this season is focusing on them trying to get by being broke. I would like to see how they get back on their feet again.
Knights of Badassdom - 2 months ago
This flew way under the radar, I had to look up comedy movies to see that this existed. Awesome comedy, with all these well known actors I don't know why it didn't hit theaters. The story was original and acting was well done, title well deserved.
Family Guy - 2 months ago
I'm happy Cleveland is back and this episode was the funniest of the whole season. Now that I think about it, it's been the funniest for a few seasons now and they did not hold back. All my friends were laughing the whole way through and were as shocked as entertained by the jokes. Perfect Family Guy episode!!!
Orphan Black - 2 months ago
Wow, I feel like I repeat myself every week because the show just keeps getting better. Finding out more of the backstory with Project Leda has me more excited to see what exactly the clones are. It seems that it's in connection with these Prolethians who have some reason to be experimenting on Helena. I did NOT expect that ending, very intense and amazing. Next week is going to be soooooo good!!!
Cubicle Warriors - 2 months ago
It's an okay comedy to pass the time. I liked the story and Laura Vanderpoot is always a vision to look at, couldn't believe the love interest she gets though. Overall, I give it a 6.8/10
CBGB - 2 months ago
Loved it, was very fun to see how this club started and the music was awesome. I love some of these punk bands and the actors portrayed them perfectly. A great revolution in music at the time and the movie depicted every grungy moment.
Love & Hip Hop Atlanta - 2 months ago
This show has always been ratchet, I enjoy the crazy drama and not afraid to say it's a guilty pleasure. The thing that really stands out is Mimi's sex tape because no one believes they didn't plan that willingly. She completely changed the way I look at her being desperate enough to pull this stunt and damage her reputation. If she really didn't know about it being 'leaked' why is she trying to make herself look insecure by staying with Nikko? Everything about her story shows what people will do for a lil fame and money. Speaking of which, Waka Flaka Flame must need some joining the cast. Stevie J and Joseline are always good for a laugh, while Kurt is just adding unnecessary drama to make his family not look boring compared to everyone else.
The Boondocks - 2 months ago
Well, I thought this episode was the funniest this season. It actually showed Huey trying to help his family like I was saying he should've done last episode. While not the best episode of Boondocks, I enjoyed the story of the hair gel turning it to a Breaking Bad parody. By the way, the title should be called Breaking Granddad.
Loved the storyline and they had to cut out the big fight scenes because it's obviously a video game. The animation and story was enough to keep me entertained even though another universe league has been done before. This was original enough to stand alone, especially because of the 3D effects. Very great Justice League adventure that shows us that they can be our greatest savior or threat.
The Simpsons - 2 months ago
Really loved this lego episode and how they played on how they were all block pieces. I don't like watching anything lego, but with the Simpsons I knew it would be funny. Lego seriously must be making so much money now with all these different movies and shows they're doing since you know a Simpsons lego kit will come from this. I enjoyed the animation and how the story had a message staying true to their roots.
Brick Mansions - 2 months ago
Another typical action movie, storylines done a bunch of times. Watched because of Paul Walker and RZA who were very entertaining. A good watch if you like these action flicks, but nothing new to see.
Walk of Shame - 2 months ago
Thought it was a cute movie, Elizabeth Banks really does well in this role. Not as funny as I was expecting, but the story was very entertaining. It was fun to see her crazy misadventures trying to get to work.
Batman Year One - 2 months ago
I thought it was an interesting view of Batman dawning the suit, but they didn't delve deeper into his psyche. This movie felt more like it was Jim Gordon's origin story since they spent more time around his life. We hardly get to see Bruce's personal life, not even making Alfred a more integral part with him barely appearing. While Bruce did show some humanity there was a lot of unexplained superhuman moments that you'll see that's too unbelievable. I also didn't like that Catwoman was some lesbian street fighting prostitute. Even if she wasn't supposed to be a lesbian, her whole demeanor was presented that way. They did however do very well on the action scenes and the drama was intense. I liked the animation and that it had the cool dark tone we expect from Batman films.
Superman Unbound - 2 months ago
Awesome, loved Supergirl and Brainiac in this. The script was well written and delved into the characters personalities and the animation was great. DC animated movies does it once again.
Orphan Black - 2 months ago
The huge twist with Kira was the best, didn't see that coming. I also love how street smart Sarah, Felix, and Kira are that they can get through all this in an effective and calm manner. Kira is showing herself to be a little soldier in the making, I can see her becoming a lot like her mom pulling a few tricks on these opposing threats. Helena's storyline just keeps getting creepier. Alison is just hilarious to watch, she's a hot mess. Tatiana Maslany brings these clones to life, I really see them as individual characters and found myself forgetting it's really the same actress.
Neighbors - 2 months ago
Let me start off by saying thanks to the person who uploaded this so early. . I loved this movie, had me laughing the whole way through. Zac and Seth make a surprisingly good duo and maybe it was because they were playing opposites. Either way, this has a lot of fun humor that we come to expect from this cast.
Almost Human - 2 months ago
This was one of my new favorite shows, very well written, acted and had awesome special effects. Every episode felt like a movie and this reminded me of iRobot with Will Smith. Too bad it got cancelled due to low ratings because it will be missed. There was endless potential with the storyline and they should've given it atleast a second season.
@midnight - 2 months ago
Chris Hardwick is pretty much the nerd version of Ryan Seacrest, which is a good thing. I loved all the shows he's hosted (except Singled Out) and love watching every midnight it's on. POINTS!!!!
The Boondocks - 2 months ago
I've been a fan of the Boondocks since before the show and loved the comic strips, but this season seems to be lacking the genius of Aaron McGruder. I feel like the writer's are trying to maintain the same social political messages in the show, but lacking the humor to show it properly. They didn't give the family more comedic scenes, this would've been the perfect time for Huey to use his book smarts and Riley's street smarts to help get money or get them out of their money situation. The Freeman's all just sat back while their lives were uprooted and that's not their personalities. This episode left a bad taste in my mouth by the end and the only funny bits were with the 'Good Times' references which went on longer than needed. I have hope for this show since I've heard they're finally bringing in Michael Caesar from the comics who was Huey's best friend, but without the creator I'm worried how he'll be portrayed.
Black Ink Crew - 2 months ago
I really love this show because even though it focuses more on the drama, the drama is soooooo entertaining. I like that the tattoo's show more of the only positive thing that keeps them stable. It's very real for a reality show and you can tell that their issues are not just for show. Each person has their own struggles they have to go through and you can connect on a certain level or see a different side of inner city life. As ratchet as it can be touching at times, this show is the truth.
Futurama - 2 months ago
I will truly miss this show, I've seen every episode atleast twice by now. I'm happy Futurama survived being cancelled once before to give it a proper ending. I only wish they could've given this an hour special because I wanted more with a view of Fry and Leela with kids. Their love being the focus of the last episode was touching though and the story was original. I loved the whole cast of characters, especially Bender. Goodbye to a great cartoon!.
Orphan Black - 2 months ago
Yet another amazing episode, so many twists to the story for just an hour. I'm always impressed with the writing and how they balance the comedy with the drama and action. Not a moment in this didn't give us more insight on all of the characters. I don't want to spoil anything, so I'll just leave this saying that I can't wait to see what comes next. My favorite show right now, a week is too long.
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - 2 months ago
It was just okay, typical superhero movie. Entertaining to watch Spidey fight, but the script was bad in my opinion. Too many unneeded scenes with Peter and Gwen, not enough with Harry and Norman. Even if you haven't read the comics, they pretty much give away what happens to Gwen from the beginning with Peter's visions and it takes away the impact. I also agree with others that the villains were too cartoonish and lacked a certain level of seriousness. There was really no depth in character for Electro or Rhino like we see for other Marvel villains. While I did like the ending, it felt a bit rushed compared to all the time adding drama to Peter's life. Not the best, but leaves a lot of potential for the 3rd film. I really want to see Maryjane Watson and J. Jonah Jameson finally.
Son of Batman - 2 months ago
I was just happy to see Damian as Robin in this, he stole the show. He has to be my favorite Robin to be honest, I love his attitude and costume. Say what you want that he is spoiled and entitled because of his lineage, but he is a way more skilled sidekick at that age than the other Robin's. It was hilarious seeing him play mini Bruce Wayne at his office.

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