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Scream: The TV Series ( 2 hours ago )

alias6969 : Just heard they are going to air a 2- Hour Halloween special in October of this year. Not sure if it will be on same night or over 2 weeks. - Can't wait. Hopefully that means they will bring this show back for another Season then.

Numb ( 2 hours ago )

GREGGWRIGHT : This was an arduously long, slow paced movie. The premise was good, the execution seriously flawed. That being said, not a bad one time watch, but don't expect any action or resolution ... 6/10

Now You See Me 2 ( 2 hours ago )

marija_marija : i have so many questions.

The Other Side ( 2 hours ago )

buzznot : totally spammy link. Do not use!

Escape from Tomorrow ( 2 hours ago )

40Mill86 : The main character had the flu and had hellucinations due to the fever although it felt like thoughout the movie the main character followed the two other characters, non the less for me it was something new, i remember wanting to see this when it came out. Word to the wise make sure that your kids are not around as some scenes are not appropriate for kids.

Murder in the First ( 2 hours ago )

alias6969 : This was a good episode. I will be interested to see how they wrap everything up next week with it being the Season finale. I wonder if they will leave us with a cliff hanger?? 5/5

Mad Men ( 2 hours ago )

mystery7 : Looked for a good show and saw some good reviews on the top page here. Got convinced and watched some episodes. Yawn, what a slow paced boring show. After 3 episodes I will look for a different show, this is boring. If you need better shows check my profile.

Bleeding Heart ( 2 hours ago )

TheMovieGuy612 : This was a good movie and I think everyone should watch this at least once. Also one of the executive producers is the current owner of the Minnesota Vikings.

Blackburn ( 2 hours ago )

popzz_420 : Stupid People doing Stupid Things in a Stupid Movie ... :(

Bad Moms ( 2 hours ago )

Jennko : It was ok. I didn't think it was as funny as some seem to think it was. Had a few little chuckles but wasn't the comedy I was hoping for. I really enjoy the actresses in other movies, (except Mila, sorry for you fans of hers, but personally I don't think she's a good actress, gorgeous woman yes, and was funny as Jackie in That 70s Show, but overall not a great actress compared to the others). I give it 2.5 out of 5. Worth seeing it here for free ;)

Victoria ( 2 hours ago )

Superfandango : I enjoy most of the biographies/documentaries of our monarchies, Victoria and the times being a personal favourite. "Her Majesty Mrs Brown" is one of the best to watch. I have been waiting on this TV mini series coming out and will continue to wait until all the 8 episodes are done ready for a watchathon. So I can not really give any review so far other than feeling dissapointed that we have a pretty soap celeb in Jenna Coleman playing Victoria together with a few other attractive actors and thats something our monarchy has never been is attractve other than our lads now. I think we should of had top class actors playing these parts not so much from Emerdale and Dr Who. I hope to be happily supprised

Umi no futa ( 2 hours ago )

Finz : it was a nice movie

Bachelor in Paradise ( 2 hours ago )

carcar947 : SOO DRAMATIC. The music and enhanced voices/crying/etc adds to that. Not complaining, keeps me watching lol

Rizzoli & Isles ( 2 hours ago )

DebbieLegg : There aren't enough female leading roles on television today, especially in the action genre so this show will be missed.

Orphan ( 2 hours ago )

Skorp : Man, forgot how brutal that girl is in this. What a performance. Just insane. The girl who plays Max is the most adorable girl in the world. It is like a balance of good and evil between the two. Anyways, worth a watch after like 6 years of not seeing this. Best performance hands down for any child actor. That's true talent.

Blackburn ( 2 hours ago )

bondad : Ok; a little way into it an so not impressed; So much stupidity - like, if you have a baby with you, there is no point in trying to hide from the slow moving inbred! Then, if you walk into some place in the wilds of the US and they are playing banjo music, get the hell out quickly! Only one somewhat known name in the film so far, and he gets killed off early - guess he did it as a favour for a friend. Can't see where the scifi part is, so going to watch a little longer... until my brain totally decays from sitting through this badly acted play by numbers schlock. Really hoping the teens die soon - nope; no scifi, just standard cheap slasher stuff. 1/5

MTV Video Music Awards ( 2 hours ago )

stupid : OK what's up with the black chick?

Portrait of a Mobster ( 3 hours ago )

KingFlawless : Why is this even on here if theres no links?

Charmed ( 3 hours ago )

Caroline80 : Love this episode, but there are so many great ones, this is the best show ever! <3

La cage aux zombies ( 3 hours ago )

MICHAELMYERS : zombie drag! lol

Blackburn ( 3 hours ago )

MICHAELMYERS : wasnt much .. time passer .. could have been better it seems it was missing something.. maybe a better script//?.......2.9/5

Big Bad ( 3 hours ago )

AustinC129 : Extremely bad acting, slow story, not scary....not worth watching

Burning Love ( 3 hours ago )

WinterPeony : That son's interview was the best part

A Decent Man ( 3 hours ago )

flowde : Really GOOD MOVIE.The Father in this movie did a,GREAT JOB of acting.His face carried the STRESS and PRESSURE COOKER that,the situation put him in.

The Conjuring 2 ( 3 hours ago )

ALB403966 : Great horror sequel, Which we hardly ever get for instance Sinister 2 smh I give The Conjuring 2 4/5 only because I didn't have a nightmare like I did from the 1st Conjuring which to me was 5/5

Crossing Jordan ( 3 hours ago )

bill85035 : Jordan was not in this episode (s3-e4)

The Secret Circle ( 3 hours ago )

lexidreams : I do not ship Cassie and Alex at all after this and I hope they do not try to pull it.

I Am Not a Serial Killer ( 3 hours ago )

sunshinedaydreamz : Unique movie, combines mystery, sci fi, touched with romance and mild horror. But the bottom line, all ya need is love.

Captain America: Civil War ( 3 hours ago )

Anichent : too much action, not enough story. Bad movie as so many modern movies are for some reason :( And they wonder they the movies flop at the box office.

All Stars RuPaul's Drag Race ( 3 hours ago )

Sarkazm : I get competing and respecting the judges...but I'm gonna' need Adore to stand up for herself.

All Stars RuPaul's Drag Race ( 3 hours ago )

Sarkazm : Yes! I love this twist. The right person went home for sure. Bad choice.

Fear the Walking Dead ( 4 hours ago )

christmastiger : I feel like the difference between this show and TWD is the fact that these characters become far too affected by their environments. It felt like Rick's crew had their own identity to the point where THEY changed their new environment, instead of constantly being introduced to new small fanatic religious cults involving the dead. Nick just keeps getting more and more indoctrinated by this stuff instead of evolving his own ideas. Also--how is it that Alicia didn't wonder why there are people becoming zombies by suicide and not being bit? Do they know yet that you turn no matter what?

Mother's Day ( 4 hours ago )

GREGGWRIGHT : A light onetime watch with some big stars ... 6/10

Basketball Wives LA ( 4 hours ago )

fatal_rage1 : wow... if any of those women truly cared about jackie they woulda took jackie home bc she was clearly blacked out falling down drunk. it makes zero sense for any of them to sit down and try to talk sense into someone who is upset & very intoxicated. to me i feel like her friends were merely humoring her for the benefit of tv time even if it makes jackie look stupid. hoolywood + reality tv is bad for some ppl's health.

Brad Neely's Harg Nallin' Sclopio Peepio ( 4 hours ago )

Frosted14 : Animation=1/5 Humor=2/5 Music=3/5 Total=shit

Big Bad ( 4 hours ago )

Milkshake24 : Not sure what to say about this one, think it comes down to personal tolerance, The lighting, cameras etc I had no issues with and everyone looked the part but several characters speech delivery was off putting..almost like they were dubbed and with no on screen deaths occurring to entertain there wasn't really anything to distract me from how annoying those characters were. As for the werewolf, I've seen much worse and I've seen better it wasn't like cheesy bad but also wasn't creepy, IF you're not enjoying it from the start, don't waste your time cause you will feel the same way through out the film right til the end.

The Secret Circle ( 4 hours ago )

lexidreams : I avoided watching this show for years bc of the acting. But I miss witches on TV. I can just laugh, cringe and roll my eyes at the TV when it gets particularly bad. I loved the Adam character in the Sarah Connor Chronicles and Cassie in First Time but here I can just tell by contrast how they are so, so miscast.

Basketball Wives LA ( 4 hours ago )

nakedheart : Well I see Sundy is still her embarrassing self. SMH. What idjit lied and said that Angel what up to Jackie like it was a problem? Whoever said that, said that because they obviously don't like her and must be jealous. Well at least Malaysia & Tammy was trying to speak some sense into to Wacky Jacky. This episode was a mess. SMH

Sausage Party ( 4 hours ago )

christmastiger : I was actually really surprised to see that this movie had a somewhat intelligent message about religion, did NOT see that coming. Definitely a very trippy movie, while it doesn't have as much stoner comedy as I thought it would be best enjoyed while stoned. I do have to say the whole plot line involving the bath salts was pretty hilarious. 7/10

Blood Father ( 4 hours ago )

dodge114 : BLOOD FATHER!! Case Closed!

Orc Wars ( 4 hours ago )

eremon1 : Not a single link works

Milk ( 4 hours ago )

Luctian : Crap art type movie. Woman loses child and ends up getting screwed by a troubled youth she picks up. Breast feeds him while the husband is at home morning the death of their baby. Feminist empowerment, the end. 0/10

The Night Shift (US) ( 4 hours ago )

miguel_alvarez : hi everyone, was hoping someone could upload Vodlocker or Vidbull links please, they are some of the few that work in's getting harder to watch good shows... thank you

Ace the Case ( 4 hours ago )

VioletEyez : cute little mystery..entertaining for a one time watch

The Night Of ( 4 hours ago )

angelo1thomas : ow yeah, and a big up to the casting, wow every character was perfect! you've got to love "the Wire" recruits! well done everybody

Wicked Tuna ( 4 hours ago )

Sarsaparilla : Wow, can't believe Marciano pulled it off. Good for him, and no one talked bad about him; you've gotta respect that. It seemed everyone, for the most part, did pretty well this year. I like this show.

Victoria ( 5 hours ago )

hellsingfan01 : one word to describe this episode and this series stunning it's a must watch

Chesapeake Shores ( 5 hours ago )

chris43343 : so far i think that the series is pretty good it has a strong story line and the characters are amazing that's to the brillient actors its a definite 10/10 !!

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ragtime2k : I hate it when they remake spider-man but boy I do like this one! :)

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