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Orange Is the New Black ( 2 hours ago )

DebbieLegg : Compassionate release, wow .... I hope that isn't in real life cause that would be just awful.

Cold Prey ( 2 hours ago )

Sensi_Star : Pretty good slicer/dicer flick. The storyline builds slowly at first, but once you get pretty familiar with the characters... and the mayhem starts to mount, it begins to get a little scarier. Good for a nice leisurely Sunday in bed, better... if you're with your girl. And a little "puff the magic dragon" Segway, wouldn't be unheard of. I give it a 3.5/5. Enjoy! And by the way, for a "non-masterpiece"... 3.5/5 is a good rating, coming from me.

The Last Witch Hunter ( 2 hours ago )

sweetpealuci : Wonderful movie. Loved it!!! Awesome acting and storyline. 10/10

Regression ( 2 hours ago )

sweetpealuci : Great movie but could've been better. 7/10

Mr. Robot ( 2 hours ago )

__Hops__ : Mr Robot season 2 is expected to premiere in June/July 2016 can not wait kick ass show

Ride Along 2 ( 2 hours ago )

sweetpealuci : This was pretty good but not as funny as the first one. 7/10

Secret in Their Eyes ( 2 hours ago )

sweetpealuci : Great movie. Great job by all except the romance between Chiwetel Ejiofor and Nicole Kidman wasn't relevant or necessary to the storyline. But 8/10

Convergence ( 2 hours ago )

edv : audio is badly out of sync thought it sucked 2/5

The Brand New Testament ( 2 hours ago )

Videodrome : well, regardless of what you Religious bumholes have to say, this movie would have us all believe that some rotting decrepit Frog is God. and i say, if u can believe in the Bible, why NOT this then? 10/10

Pretty Little Liars ( 2 hours ago )

sweetpealuci : Spencer and Caleb look so weird together....I'm not feeling this season. I think its the worse one so far. They should have just picked up where they left off.

Bitten ( 2 hours ago )

facteau579 : Too bad this is the last season, this was starting to get good. Seems like they do this with nearly every good show.

The Mask ( 2 hours ago )

robchar : Classic 90s film 5/5

South Park ( 2 hours ago )

Skorp : Wow, never seen this episode. Very weird. Great episode either way. Butters as a badass, now that would have been great.

Who Will Love My Children? ( 2 hours ago )

msindia : This movies was one of the saddest ive seen.

Fortitude ( 3 hours ago )

warensamble : The guy that's a feeder is so weird, their is something creepy about him, not just cuz he's a feeder. The scene that he's feeding the fat chick in was so damn funny, the way they led up to it was great, how he was talking to her, but showing her giant arm at first not knowing wtf it even was. Feeders are great and apparently a growing segment in the fetish department because their are so many giant fat fuk's in America nowadays.

Criminal Minds ( 3 hours ago )

preciousigor : Oooo...finally a break in Garcia's case. This is the greatest profiler series going by far! Reed is definitely my fav. Great episode! 5/5

Se7en ( 3 hours ago )

CosmicRythm : A true classic, story line, acting, cast, direction, everything done to almost perfection. Amazing!

The Accused ( 3 hours ago )

CosmicRythm : Stupid movie. Makes no sense whatsoever. Down over in the redneck country, these scenes are the norms You do what you do everyday, you get what you get every day.

Survive the Tribe ( 3 hours ago )

illmaticaznfela : I think he just got bamboozled into doing everyones work lulz

Cut Her Out ( 3 hours ago )

Thrill_Killer : Not sure what the other poster is seeing, but vidbull and vodlocker are both the correct film which is unfortunate as it seems pretty shitty

Jamaican Mafia ( 3 hours ago )

CosmicRythm : This is ... F ... rated movie, with some really bad acting and really really bad story line. Director of this movie must have been working part time on this movie, actually, called in sick a few days in a row on top. 10 minutes lost that I could never take back.... Load of Crap ....

Norm of the North ( 3 hours ago )

CosmicRythm : This is one STUPID movie....and complete waste of time.. A truck load of similar animated movies are out there with some blah blah cute little blah saving the world or blah blah running around doing stupid things and blah Waste your time if you like

Extraction ( 3 hours ago )

musicmann1967 : First you think "Wow, the guy playing Harry can't act".. THEN we get Gina Carano, which makes him seem like this years Oscar winner. Holy crap!

American Horror Story ( 3 hours ago )

caramelonion : S1 finale was underwhelming. Everything up until this point was not only brilliant but in sync. This felt disjointed, like it came from a different team of writers. I get what the aim was I just don't think they reached it. Loved the season as a whole.

The Big Bang Theory ( 3 hours ago )

Sarsaparilla : Glad to see Sheldon back to his old compulsive self.

Gate ( 3 hours ago )

Beornwahl : I must admit, I find myself longing more for the political side of the story than the haremish parts...

Bad Hurt ( 3 hours ago )

mrberry2u : glad I stumbled upon this one. great performances from a great cast. Theo Rossi (Juice from SOA) really delivers. and love Karen Allen also.

Treehouse Masters ( 3 hours ago )

albecat : same ep. as season 2 ep.4

Rules of Engagement ( 3 hours ago )

paulamaral : Still can't stand Timmy, but i like the show...!!!

The Graham Norton Show ( 3 hours ago )

caramelonion : Good stories from the big red chair and Miriam is hilarious!

Second Chance ( 3 hours ago )

Jealisa : Shouldn't he be giving his son just a little bit of space instead of popping up in every area of his life, yes you want him to accept you but there is such a thing as hovering and crowding someone

Shades of Blue ( 4 hours ago )

SizzyLove : Wow, that ending was cold af....

The Vampire Diaries ( 4 hours ago )

manuelkazanjian : Sooo euhmmm Katherine?

The Voice UK ( 4 hours ago )

MaraJade : The last singer was absolutely phenomenal!

Scare PewDiePie ( 4 hours ago )

Juules : I haven't watched this, I will never ever watch it(I've seen enough of this insufferable guy on youtube), I actually just made this account to like all the good comments here, which apply I presume to everything visually this guy has ever produced.

Scandal ( 4 hours ago )

qt44 : hell yes show is back thank u lord,Go Olivia Pope go my gal show them who is THE BOSS I give 10/10

Area 51 ( 4 hours ago )

gregncat : I love FF! This was really good 4.5/5 easy

Frasier ( 4 hours ago )

dramucom : Great cameos from Bob Hoskins and Felicity Huffman

Orange Is the New Black ( 4 hours ago )

DebbieLegg : I had a feeling that she'd show up sooner or later but I never thought it would be there haha.

National Geographic World's Biggest Festival: Kumbh Mela ( 4 hours ago )

Rose78 : Wow! can't wait to go there! This is amazing! Great happiness, extreme feats of endurance, and the tens of millions at this their holiest of times is really a joy to behold. Believe it or not. Our travel guide is fantastic! I'd go just for the dahl! 5/5 Namaste! okay, so one of my all time favourite movies is: Kumare! Also on PW and really worth the watch.

Stan Lee's Lucky Man ( 4 hours ago )

paulamaral : Hey, -tvsavedmylife-.BBC stamped all over it...???...!!!It is a British show, filmed in London, by Sky 1, a Britsh TV station, with British actors...!!!!...That's a little more than a stamp..!!!

Grimm ( 4 hours ago )

Teddo : it's amazing at the map scaling work without them having to adjust it

Scandal ( 4 hours ago )

SizzyLove : Power once you get a taste, you never want to let it go. I'm geek'd for the Olivia and Millie team up!

Cut Her Out ( 4 hours ago )

kyrakacey : i want the new movie cut her out, not this one

Childhoods End ( 4 hours ago )

multi_lingus : lame, preachy, barely thought provoking, save yourself 5 hours of your life and stop now. 1/5

Norm of the North ( 4 hours ago )

Bookside_Bees : Whoah... if you like this, you're abNORMal. Seriously though. My kid and I started watching this and then she got cramps. So I turned it off. True story.. stay away and watch an already seen Disney or Dreamworks movie instead. Or paint. Even watch paint.

Grimm ( 5 hours ago )

Shazer_20 : I'm sorry as much as I love this show and after waiting till S5 ep9 they still haven't made Nick the badass of a Grimm that we all want to see!! He just seems abit weak even tourble looks a lot better and more badass than him! They missed a trick with Nick ! Why couldn't they just have giving him I dunno super speed an strength or something to make u say to yourself oh damn I wouldn't like to f##k with him instead of him looking and acting like your next door neighbour hosing the garden on s Sunday morning before church!! Just saying they could make him a lot better!!

Addicted to Sheep ( 5 hours ago )

Bookside_Bees : New England: Where the men are men, and the sheep are scared.

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Lord of the Dance Dangerous Games

hooksrus : Do a search for Stavros Flatley on Britian's Got Talent, thats hilarious.

Orange Is the New Black

DebbieLegg : A decent episode but I'm starting to think that this series is just spinning its ...

Cut Her Out

suquoro : OOF. I am not joking.


saxonhorde : Strange movie. I didnt quite get it. Seems there is a place in the desert where ...

Sleepy Hollow

Madamx28 : I thought the well was a bit too obvious for what they used it for here. Wells ...

The Lizzie Borden Chronicles

SixNaMomma23 : great show. anyone know if it was renewed for a second season?


newmonica : This movie was worth the watch 7/10 I haven't seen Laurence act somewhat similar ...

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