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The Flash 2014 ( 3 hours ago )

jinxdminxx : when is the next episode ?

The Giver ( 4 hours ago )

NickFuryJudgeJury : Which one is this one again. The Gipper, The Given, The Taker, Diversion, Detergent, Starving Play,Hunger snacks, Crappy Book Movie no. 3, they all just kind a meld into one big pile after awhile. W-H-O W-R-I-T-E-S T-H-I-S S-*-*-T!!!! MAKE A REAL MOVIE MOTHER****A,!!! SAY IT AGAIN, SAY THE BOOK WAS BETTER AGAIN!!!

Valdez Is Coming ( 4 hours ago )

broadsword99 : Great movie. I think this is Lancasters best. 9/10

Dazed and Confused ( 4 hours ago )

spookym : Just okay, good for a one time watch. Not a whole lot to it, it kind of just slowly moves along, going nowhere. Reminds me of how bad an actor Adam Goldberg is.

Factory Girl ( 4 hours ago )

slicknick66 : excellent movie,sad story tho..most of her family was plagued with mental health problems and most of her family seemed to die young.I don't know who I disliked more her dad or andy Warhol..the dad was mentally disturbed obviously..and it seemed like andy was just a heartless leech!

Scandal ( 4 hours ago )

birdiewolf15 : Fitz sooooooo deserved that. One of the reasons why I like Mellie. She knows how to cut him down because he seriously needed that.

The Giver ( 4 hours ago )

terrylee34 : movie was good...easy to follow...but that ending felt like it left me hanging...i wanted to know who was in and what that represented...4/5

Are You Afraid of the Dark? ( 4 hours ago )

jay201 : Gotta Luv the 90s!!!

Maps to the Stars ( 4 hours ago )

abmonfort : Many esteemed directors have given us brilliant films wherein they bite the hand that feeds them (what fun): Welles, Citizen Kane; Altman, The Player; Lynch, Mulholland Drive; and now Cronenberg's Maps to the Stars. Bravo. Every one of these films challenged the viewers of their time. Every time has content considered cringe worthy or profane. This was a work of art. The best effort Cronenberg has made in recent memory. Riveting acting. All the actors had me fearing what they would say or do next, while everything looked so pretty, the contrast became macabre. I thought it was perfect. A modern, up close and personal, (like you were slimmed), Hollywood horror. Not for kids or prudes, please. 5 of 5.

We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story ( 4 hours ago )

stinkytaco : I NEVER KNEW THIS WAS A SPEILBERG......Explains why it's such a great film, I won't lie, I originally saw this picture when I was about 7, so re-watching this all these years later is amazing

In Search of Aliens ( 4 hours ago )

guyrc3 : great episode...

Transformers Age of Extinction ( 4 hours ago )

SamSampras : Damn this is really cheesy.

Orphan Black ( 4 hours ago )

adriss : This episode was good.

No Good Deed ( 5 hours ago )

Bluidedoll67 : Was a good Movie.I was not expecting the twist. All the women yelling and clapping in the background made it more fun to watch. 4/5

Platinum Hit ( 5 hours ago )

rockndudette : i was hoping for a new season but nothing happened, its a shame it was a really good show.

Avatar: The Last Airbender ( 5 hours ago )

heylore05 : This is such an underrated's truly amazing. Katara is truly amazing. And that ending always gives me the chills!

Our Zoo ( 5 hours ago )

stegro1 : Trust the BBC to create a brilliant series out of an historical fact.The beginning of Chester Zoo, the largest zoo in England.I went there as a little boy when I visited my British Grandparents many many years ago.

You're the Worst ( 5 hours ago )

Toni_Jay : Every episode is just gold-pure gold.

The Borderlands ( 5 hours ago )

Netcaster : The director's mother just told him he was adopted after seeing this movie.

Haven ( 5 hours ago )

ckgranger : i can't tell if she's legit or if mara is really just that freakin good. OMG. Why do they need to 'perfect them?' maybe they are trying to build an army for something. but why? for what purpose? or maybe they have to perfect NOT the people or the troubles themselves, but the process of making a trouble. Or what if they're trying to make one perfect trouble. i want to know sooooo bad. feel bad about you know who :(

Extant ( 5 hours ago )

shannchristine : i love this show but i really don't think we'll see a 2nd season, which really sucks.

NaPolA ( 5 hours ago )

mal2001 : A powerful movie, more like a documentary; sadly nothing much has changed, todays youth is still manipulated by the vanity of older men. To support spurious causes and beliefs.

Outbreak Company ( 5 hours ago )

Cenotaph : I love this anime and hate the fact that I keep decimating the broken links but can't find any new working ones to replace them with. I'll keep trying though, cause this is a good watch.

Devil's Tower ( 5 hours ago )

psylocke : So fucking bored w zombies.

Reign ( 5 hours ago )

adranxl : really good watch loving it

No Good Deed ( 5 hours ago )

InSpadez : That's right ladies, its ALWAYS okay to hit a man. Especially in front of a whole group of police officers. Why? Because Hollywood still portrays this double standard in our society today. Shit movie, perfect the sheeple.

Schindler's List ( 5 hours ago )

outlawsoul : liam neeson and ralph finnes are impeccable. rightfully top 10 best films ever made. kingsley is also excellent; the scene where the women are walking back through the gates and the men watch through the window.

American Horror Story ( 5 hours ago )

tenyka : Im too nervous to watch this show alone at night, but im intrigued! Ill build up the courage and watch it in the daytime on the

Inside the NFL ( 5 hours ago )

razorxnosx : I triple the thanks to uploaders!

Rush (2014) ( 5 hours ago )

TextualGrub2770 : Awesome show great episode 10/10!

No Good Deed ( 5 hours ago )

jennluvshorror : GREAT movie!!Loved the twist at the end!Wasn't expecting that!5/5

Summer Wars ( 5 hours ago )

knightslayer57 : Voice actors did a good job in the english dub version. The animation and story are wonderful. The countryside setting with a family feel and subtle romance mixed well as a contrast to the virtual world and its high paced chaos. Do not go into this expecting an epic, but just sit back and enjoy the story as it unfolds. There is a little bit for everyone to like.

Synecdoche, New York ( 6 hours ago )

MMAable : I cried. Very sad film about a topic most wouldn't touch. I'd give it a 9/10. It's a bit of a masterpiece in how the film is done too.

Tokyo Ghoul ( 6 hours ago )

anainthestars : omg this anime is awesome. I am just sad it's over but I am hoping for a season 2? Please have one. Even if there's a bit of censoring, I don't care. This was amazing, creepy and dark with compelling characters. This is a must watch for people who like dark horror.

American Horror Story ( 6 hours ago )

dulcelove83 : Can't wait till October.

American Horror Story ( 6 hours ago )

dulcelove83 : I freaking love this series... So happy I started watching it. <3

17 Kids and Counting ( 6 hours ago )

watchme29 : Really good reality show that you can watch with the whole family. But the show is now called 19 KIDS AND COUNTING.

Lucy ( 6 hours ago )

likeitruff19 : lol

Sirens ( 6 hours ago )

guyrc3 : this was such a funny series wish there were more...

Scandal ( 6 hours ago )

birdiewolf15 : I've never liked Fitz. I just find it amazing that just when I don't think I could like him any less he finds a way to make that happen.

The Unexplained Files ( 6 hours ago )

Suzicueball : Wow..The Baltic sea story are the types that fascinate me. I'd love to know more about it and the business of Ocean X and it hurt my heart to see that baby skeleton having all those tests done. I'm not feeling that one. Imo it's a deformity. Good ep.

Rush (2014) ( 6 hours ago )

bigb2977 : nooooooo i wonder if this is like mid season fanaly or summer damn that was a great episode!

A Werewolf Boy ( 6 hours ago )

SatampraZeiros : Great movie, 10/10, really recommend this if you want to view it with your family, its got some comedy in it and the ending is magnificent.

Legends ( 6 hours ago )

iCica : As much as I love foreshadowing, it was a tad obvious this time, it needed to be done much earlier. As for the story, some of the framework is beginning to be fleshed out. It was a thrilling episode.

Haven ( 6 hours ago )

nenita_ : Jennyfer out of the picture and Audrey fighting to get back!! Good they have 24 more episodes.

Matilda ( 6 hours ago )

drayda : i love this show and my kids didn't say a word threw the whole thing that says alot right there lol great movie defiantly worth another watch

Haven ( 6 hours ago )

mrkillachris : Am actually fedup already of this love thing of Nathan and Audrey it's annoying me...

The Mindy Project ( 6 hours ago )

leatard : That was seriously, the best episode thus far in the entire series! Going to be an excellent season!!

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RicanLunaP : Such a beautiful heartfelt episode. I love this show to pieces!!

The Bachelor (AU)

mrberry2u : I freakin adore Laurina. What a class act. I get her totally.


JChang : DID i hear correctly next will be a party with duka nathen and mara. !!! WILL th ...


Jinxxd : Great movie. Great acting. But what happened at the very end? Was there a confes ...

Afraid of the Dark

kclaytor : I think the change in the middle is a little shocking; it takes 5 or 10 minutes ...

Dark Secrets Of The Lusitania

BUDDHA512 : Very interesting and informative.


birdiewolf15 : Good that Fitz got beat down twice in one day. I can't stand him.

I Tried

tflames : One of my favorite movies on this site. 5/5

Breaking Bad

rquinn3 : I watched all 5 seasons in just under a week and I have to say that my sympathie ...

Mad Men

blueeyes_af : No, Ginsberg, noooooo!

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