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Angus Buchan's Ordinary People ( 3 hours ago )

gregncat : That was a cute film about horses

American Horror Story ( 3 hours ago )

spotsite : Tried to watch this it's terrible one of the worst seasons so far I feel sad that they have scraped the bottom of the barrel for this story line when there was so much more that could of been done something with dolls everyone hates dolls... RIP A.H.S S06

Brooklyn ( 3 hours ago )

smuuggrl : This has been my absolute favorite movie of the year so far. Such a beautiful story.

Rich and Acquitted ( 3 hours ago )

Plixin : I gave it the old college try but this show is just not done well at all, unfortunately. Even the perspective at which the cases are viewed is the same feed as other documentaries I've seen, boring. Reelz tv.....garbage station.

Kitchen Nightmares (USA) ( 3 hours ago )

Skorp : Her son acts like he is a teenager. Very creepy as well like he seems like a stalker or something lol.

The Girl King ( 3 hours ago )

smuuggrl : I really enjoyed this movie.

In the Heart of the Sea ( 3 hours ago )

smuuggrl : It was a pretty good movie, it was a bit boring in some parts, but overall okay.

Power ( 3 hours ago )

MarcoRobin : they should rename this show the -ghost needs to listen to tommy show-. everything woulda been fine if ghost killed her when he should have

Rich and Acquitted ( 3 hours ago )

thunderbolito : When will this shit be left alone??? we all know what happen, plenty of documentaries ...let the dead rest in peace.

Arranged ( 3 hours ago )

warensamble : Woman has a chance to fix things, instead she acts like her fat ass mother.... this won't work in the long run unless this guy becomes a complete joke like her father.

Crossing Jordan ( 3 hours ago )

bill85035 : She needs to change the lock on her apartment and give Woodie a key.

Holy Hell ( 3 hours ago )

grayemansam : Funny how people comment on how crazy this guy is when in reality thats just how religion is, the only reason this is labeled as a cult is because it wasnt successful like christianity.

I.T. ( 3 hours ago )

BondJamesBond : too bad these things time watch

Longmire ( 3 hours ago )

chasesgranny : I hate that there are only 10 episodes per season - if they are going to torture us this way then need a split season - 10 in spring and 10 in autumn. I have never been a big western fan but Tony Hillerman books on CD used to get me to and from work in 2 hour traffic each way twice a day and I met Craig Johnson's work via a remark or interview I heard with Hillerman so I was in love with the books long before the series - and they sustain me through the long "drought" between TV seasons. VERY character driven - Walt an old school big burly sheriff of the fictional Absaroka County, Walt will often rush to judgment even if he does not act on - a fault that lands him in hot water - his sidekick Henry - with his specific, tight and quirky perfect diction never using contractions, his simple sporadic faith in the old ways (sweat lodges, tribal celebrations, medicine wheels, etc.) - Henry loves his people, the Cheyenne and is loyal to a fault to his friends - the other regular I don't want to forget is Longmire's deputy Victoria (Vic) - in the novels she has four burly cop brothers, a cop father and cop uncles - she was raised a tomboy and built like one with wide shoulders and a broken nose --- the actor brought in to play Vic has 4 lumberjack brothers was raised a tomboy and has broken her nose - handpicked and perfect for the role - you believe from the outset that she can hold her own among the wild Wyoming cowboys she will be wrangling. HIGHLY recommend - jump in now and binge watch all 5 seasons.

Law & Order ( 3 hours ago )

StrangeShadow : Where's Robinette when we need him?

Mechanic: Resurrection ( 3 hours ago )

tigre777 : awesome quality - good movie to watch slowly - Statham Always Rock

Damages ( 3 hours ago )

LittleMissTrump : what is the obsession with all tv shows to have constant alcohol imbibing, doesn't anyone every drink a cup of tea when they finish work !!

The Real Housewives of Orange County ( 3 hours ago )

Fenneca : I'd be throwing back a few of those jalapeno margaritas too if I had to suffer through dinner with that nut job...

Longmire ( 3 hours ago )

DebbieLegg : Is it just me or does this episode feel all choppy, not fluid like past episodes. Anyway, great season opener.

Mechanic: Resurrection ( 3 hours ago )

Wiljums : Some how i am always disappointed when a movie ends so cliché, on the other hand i liked it. I give this movie a 8/10. If she got naked i would give it 10/10, JK.

Snapped ( 3 hours ago )

Babsido : They r repeating episodes from previous seasons and making them longer. Smh

Gotham ( 4 hours ago )

KIPGILLIE : Just made up a new word: "Pleed", short for plot bleed. When you binge watch a series and it's over and go to watch a new series and in your mind the plot bleeds over. ie binge watch "TWD" and when you watch a new series your surprised by the number of cars on the road. Or, maybe it's just me.

House ( 4 hours ago )

Sarsaparilla : One of the most odd conditions ever. Poor kid.

Gotham ( 4 hours ago )

NickFuryJudgeJury : i ain't even mad at Gotham for this nonsense. I mean where else did we think a show about a young Bruce Wayne and underdeveloped villians would go? You know he ain't headed toward Bats anytime soon he still to young and that won't even be part of the show so. I have liked the show somewhat so far but I see bad episodes in the future of this show really bad.

Audrie & Daisy ( 4 hours ago )

HalliBot1138 : It was heartbreaking to hear their stories. This Documentary was exceptionally difficult for me to watch due to my own past. There is a lot I want to say; I just finished watching, and am very emotional. It really dredges up a lot of unpleasant memories from my own past. I feel everyone should show their young "tweens" this Documentary both girls, and boys. It is not only woman who are sexually harassed, raped, and or violated. 5/5 (Today I will not write "Enjoy!" at the end of one of my reviews.) ='[

David Cross: Making America Great Again ( 4 hours ago )

autarch : 'Blues (cops) don't like being thrown together with the small minority that do bad things, like use gratuitous violence... ironic?' -- 'Why God, do so many young American children seem to be getting shot and dying these days? Maybe it's to fill one of the 70 virgins spots given to dead suicide terrorists.'-- you have to admire the fact that Cross steps up and delivers the kind of adult, controversial, edgy, topical material that would reasonably justify a 50 year old man performing a comedy show.

StartUp ( 4 hours ago )

SizzyLove : Ronnie is lethal.. This was an action packed eppy. Some great acting from the cast too. And that ending, I mean she could have been smarter.

The Windmill ( 4 hours ago )

Cataclysmic : Not bad, finally a decent new slasher movie. Like seeing some evil mythical creature serving out justice and this kept me entertained. The kills were nice and really liked the ending. Not going to over hype it though because it lacks unique elements to make it great or even memorable down the line. There's a lot in this that's been done before, but presented in a nice package with this story.

The Real Housewives of Orange County ( 5 hours ago )

Caroline80 : Saw a pic of David Beador's mistress. She could've been Shannons little sister, (although Shannon looks older, crazy, more plastic and not as beautiful) they look very much alike!

That Guy... Who Was in That Thing ( 5 hours ago )

sunshinedaydreamz : For me it's often the character actors that pull a movie together, and have equally if not more important roles as they cause the lead to go on his journey whatever that may be. So without them there is no movie. Of course these guys are some of the more popular actors. Imagine how hard it is for the ones who don't get those main roles. The funny thing is i think this was shot in 2008 or prior to that, (shot not released) and this film might have skyrocketed a few of these guys careers.

Dancing with the Stars ( 5 hours ago )

aba23 : I liked the approach that the judges only gave their numbers without any talk. Maybe that would not be good in every episode but in this - where people are compared like this - it was just right. I think they paired the right people together. Yeah in the beginning there is no sound but I did not think it was that distracting as the concept was quickly clear. At the moment there is not a really, really weak couple, so it will be sad for anybody to leave. They have a nice lineup this season.

31 ( 5 hours ago )

Cataclysmic : Great to see a new Rob Zombie horror movie, missed watching these. Not his best, but I did like the deadly clown game theme. Couldn't help but remind me of Suicide Squad and if this was his way of saying his wife should've been Harley Quinn. Got real Joker and Harley Quinn vibes all over this film. My main problems were the last killer had it too easy and no Sid Haig, but other than that should be a treat for fans.

Adam Ruins Everything ( 5 hours ago )

enockboom : breed my little money bags

Mechanic: Resurrection ( 5 hours ago )

nevermagic : Good movie but music is to load and speaking voice to low

StartUp ( 5 hours ago )

SizzyLove : The intrigue and story line is building. I get the title of this eppy meaning.

The Real Housewives of Auckland ( 5 hours ago )

fadingperson : Wow these women are a trainwreck, Ms Eu de catpee, the joker one and the bitch one and Angela and her frozen smile

The X-Files ( 5 hours ago )

that_gurrl79 : Best, funniest, episode ever! Plenty of lol moments!

Jeff Foxworthy & Larry the Cable Guy: We've Been Thinking ( 5 hours ago )

mrholoway : This is the worst stand-up I have ever seen, they have completely lost it..

Happy Birthday ( 5 hours ago )

Cataclysmic : Very original and entertaining comedy/mystery/thriller, but definitely not a horror. Has a real fun story that ends up having some pretty good twists. I loved the beginning, especially the drug trip with Steven Tyler's character. Worth watching if not just for that.

Ozzy & Jacks World Detour ( 5 hours ago )

Canuckian : While Mum is away, Jack will play how at the end there, Ozzy ran off to tell Mum what Jack was doing in the house HAAHAHAH that was Sundays episode is the Season finale...NOT the Series finale though, it said Season finale so that is encouraging..would love to watch another season of Ozzy and Jacks adventures together! Edit : Just remembered one other thing i found funny in this episode..when saying goodnight to his Dad in the hotel room, Ozzy gave Jack a Hug and said "God Bless"...yet Ozzy is the "Prince of Darkness" lol..what a balance he must have to keep in his daily life lol..i just thought that was kind neat and had to mention it lol

The Real Housewives of Orange County ( 5 hours ago )

twdfan : I really wish they would get id of Shannon. I cannot stand her bitching and crying and whining. Her voice is so annoying. Ugh! Sickening.

The Big Bang Theory ( 5 hours ago )

MMAable : Not a bad episode.

The Magnificent Seven ( 6 hours ago )

torrac : Being old school 7 samurai and then the amazing cast of yul an the gang hard to beat but have to say real good cinema movie for the kids of today real treat

Scare Campaign ( 6 hours ago )

malaysiaboy : This was a great horror/slasher movie. There was some really awesome twists in it and the acting was really good too.

Darr @ the Mall ( 6 hours ago )

karen1916 : I enjoyed the storyline and it kept my interest throughout. It is subtitled but that doesn't bother me. Worth a watch x

Mechanic: Resurrection ( 6 hours ago )

tobye007 : This was even better than the first one i must say

Parenthood ( 6 hours ago )

mikkaa : great show...but,i think there's not enough shocking drama.

Mechanic: Resurrection ( 6 hours ago )

takenkhan : i watched this in the theater, wasted my money, the first one was better, this looked like they made it back in 2004 because of all the button phones that they've been using.

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