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Manny Pacquiao vs Timothy Bradley 2 ( 3 hours ago )

YouCanRead : Great performance by both fighters in the main event. And a fair result in the end by the judges.

Navy NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service ( 3 hours ago )

TheMovieGuy612 : While I enjoyed this episode a lot the case that they were investigating really gets under my skin. There is no reason on God's green Earth that that crime should ever happen to anyone Novy or civilian.

Generation Iron ( 3 hours ago )

Mel_W : although i am no longer involved in the bodybuilding world, i find this film really enjoyable. something different from the rest of the bodybuilding films i have watched in the past.

Devils Due ( 3 hours ago )

gino316 : The ending really killed this movie. It had a few creepy parts, but it's very slow. It had a little potential, but fell short. 5/10

Raising Hope ( 3 hours ago )

pacificjade : It felt like they knew it was coming to an end.

The Square ( 3 hours ago )

paull805 : Really amazing, one of the best thing's I have ever watched.

WaSanGo ( 3 hours ago )

manditoe : The one I just watched was the Korean Version , I liked it, Good Action But I was frustrated because, the Blond Guy had So Much power but was inexperienced, took him a while to get it... lol ...Thxx ... 3.5/5 Fun Movie

Skinwalker Ranch ( 3 hours ago )

Pandydo : Interesting... very interesting. Thats all I have to say. I dont know whether or not it was good or bad. XD It was just interesting. lol

The Bomber ( 3 hours ago )

NotJustOne : I'm at a loss of words..what a great movie, absolutely fantastic! 10/10

The Legend of Hercules ( 3 hours ago )

malaysiaboy : This movie felt like an ultra cheap and failed version of 300. The acting was terrible and the effects made me nausea. I thought at least Scoot Adkins would do a great job but all he did was overact.

Star Trek: Enterprise ( 3 hours ago )

zvolencan1 : Glad to see Weyoun again. :) (Jeffrey Combs)

Son of Batman ( 3 hours ago )

haaani : wow, I've been waiting for it, and look its already here, going to watch it now. but I've to admit, 74 mins is a little too small for a Cool Movie like this. I mean Come On, its Son of BATMAN. At least make it 90+ minutes.

Hannibal ( 3 hours ago )

halloween1 : not bad, not overly impressed but enough to keep me watching!

Columbo ( 3 hours ago )

aschwarz : One of the top Columbo episodes. A brilliant murder plot, an even more brilliant manner of figuring it out step by step by the master, and a captivating cat and mouse game from start to finish between Columbo and his wise antagonist, played superbly by Robert Culp, in his third role as a Columbo murderer. Turn it on and you won't turn it off until the final reel.

Person of Interest ( 4 hours ago )

Pcprotege : The Evil machine is online it just got real, season finale will be crazy :P

Chosen ( 4 hours ago )

xXKXx : I just see this show being canceled.

Lindsay ( 4 hours ago )

ellietanner56 : I can't wrap my head around her mentality. If I was being offered $100,000.00 to show up at a party, I'd do my damndest to be there on time and do the few little things required. She signed the contract, she knew what the specifications were and signed off, so there's just no excuse, but she just can't seem to understand that's why no one is taking her seriously.

Devils Due ( 4 hours ago )

kimora : This movie is so so bad.. .. boring 1/10

Rifftrax: The Matrix ( 4 hours ago )

Audron : How can anyone hate on these do you people not realize these are the people from Mystery Science theater? Like no joke these guys wrote and starred in Mystery Science theater and pretty much everyone on here is saying these should be banned? What did you expect? I dunno but if you people were really looking for out of these but if you never watched Mystery Science theater then you have no business here

Noah ( 4 hours ago )

tre3la : So ok...Im confused, beyond the acting and cinematography which was AWESOME!!! why was it such a diversion from the story?..meaning the two younger brothers didnt have wives, so now they have to sleep with their neices to start off the new population. Especially loved the Watchers, you wont hear to much about them in your Sunday sermons but they are a huge part of the Genesis saga and all that followed mankind...It fell apart at the end, rather than ending with them on shore, it shouldve closed with the Creator speaking and mandating them to be fruitful and multiply rather than letting the plot wonder into destruction. I gave it a timid 3/5..but Emma Watson has range I really enjoyed her performance, looking forward to her breaking the Hermione character image...

Fargo ( 4 hours ago )

Twistedheat : Great first episode. Wasn't bored a second of the way through. Hopefully they keep it up.

Boardwalk Empire ( 4 hours ago )

megalinda : I am sad that season five coming this fall will be the last one. All good things must come to an end.

Ink Master ( 4 hours ago )

apocalypse013 : oh geez boh are lil bitches!!!

The Quantum Activist ( 4 hours ago )

interrestrial : also, i wanted to say that it makes sense: this idea that with the use of meditation one can access god or consciousness, as Goswami puts it, or what may be referred to as the unconscious. think about it: when there is less external activity there will be greater internal activity, and vice versa; just as when electrons or photons are entangled they are never spliced, so to speak, and the pair will always complement one another no matter how close together or far away from one another they are in space and time (hence, nonlocal communication). in other words, the external and the internal (or the subjective and the objective aspects of your experience, or however which way you want to look at it) compliment one another.

Awkward ( 4 hours ago )

hiunana : good episode love jenna

Son of Batman ( 4 hours ago )

TheMovieGuy612 : I don't want to ruin it but there is a scene in this film that will have you on the floor dying, also watch the credits, you have to watch the credits and the end. Now, I can say this is the best Batman movie that I have seen including the live action ones. This just might start me back to reading comic books again.

Divergent ( 4 hours ago )

ninjafroggie : Different from what I was expecting, but damn was it good!

The Voice ( 4 hours ago )

Plawn : btw, I would never watch this trash. I just saw this in the 'Latest comments' and it annoyed the shit out of me

The Voice ( 4 hours ago )

Plawn : defiantly?! Fuck! Learn English for fuck's sake!

The Quantum Activist ( 4 hours ago )

interrestrial : notably, i had started reading 'biocentrism' by robert lanza a short while ago, and, after accidentally rewatching this video after having first viewed it a number of years ago, i feel like i'm better suited to understand such a perspective. the way i imagine it is: a hand inside of a latex glove; the glove dances, but only because the fingers dance. there only seems to be a subtle dichotomy between mind and body, between everything, because of how we've been educated on one particular matter: specifically, that matter is the foundation of existence; when, in fact, experiments of a quantum mechanical nature have been conducted which yield results that demonstrate the capacity for communication beyond space and time by two undivisble and elementary, yet entangled particles (such as electrons and photons). communication beyond space and time? one can only come to the conclusion that the phenomenon of spacetime is, so to speak, a byproduct of the mind, a byproduct of consciousness interpreting information. another way in which i imagine reality is, as a ball of yarn elaborately entangled with itself, except instead of yarn you have a string or sequence of dots (or of particles, or electrons or photons)--as if reality were an extremely complex, three-dimensional connect the dots; all the dots are ultimately connected, but some dots appear to be more closely "connected" (hence, nonlocal communication between entagled electrons or photons), while others seem to be further away from one another (hence, the seeming lack of, or rather the undetectable, ultimately unperceptible communication, between electrons or photons). i would be interested in hearing anybody's thoughts on the matter!

Sons of Anarchy ( 4 hours ago )

TheGOAT3016 : rewatching all the seasons so far again to get ready for the new season coming this fall. love this show.

Eragon ( 4 hours ago )

Dementia84 : I hope they make a sequel to this movie, it was awesome.

The Voice ( 4 hours ago )

lily10177 : This was the best group yet! Usher's team is defiantly stacked going into the lives next week.

Fear Thy Neighbor ( 4 hours ago )

mrberry2u : Lenoir is about a couple hours tops from where I reside. Have many friends from there and been there a few times myself. Small back alley country towns like that have the suckiest law enforcement.

The Voice ( 4 hours ago )

KateCrunch : I feel like I'm going mad! Been trying to watch round two of the battles for so long! None of the links seem to be working for me or it's the recap or it's the playoffs. Please can anyone point me in the right direction? Edit: No matter, just found them elsewhere.

The Host ( 4 hours ago )

SHADOWLILLY : Love it very good movie 10/10

Hotel Secrets & Legends ( 4 hours ago )

Xern : Can someone please load the 2nd episode? Thank You

Supernatural ( 5 hours ago )

EBH613 : Well well Metabooger strikes again!

Need for Speed ( 5 hours ago )

Krazie : This movie was amazing, not as bad as people claimed it was. I'm assuming most of the people who didn't like it went in thinking it was gonna be like Fast and the Furious, you can't think like that since they're somewhat two different types of movies. Loved the cars, and really enjoyed the racing scenes and Imogen Poots is absolutely incredible. 8/10

One Tree Hill ( 5 hours ago )

AyoAprell : I do NOT like Peyton.. She knows what she's doing with the whole "poor meee" thing. I wish Lucas wasn't such an ass by enjoying that moment. They deserve eachother I guess

Hannibal ( 5 hours ago )

halloween1 : I didn't like this show at first and had to come back a second time to check it out, It's really starting to grow on me now! glad I left it so long because I can now watch episodes back to back. The teaser for the next episode looks great so going to watch it now 4/5 for this one

Face Off ( 5 hours ago )

Pcprotege : Well Diz i'm totally hitting on Tylor that smile is killer LOL. But agreed with the judges final three they all are the best of the best this season.

The Square ( 5 hours ago )

Rizanator1 : More links please

The Mindy Project ( 5 hours ago )

Omari3 : its a shame the dude turned out to be a douchebag , it seemed like they had so much chemistry in the bar.

Labor Day ( 5 hours ago )

sophiefey : Truly a must watch!Brolin was brilliant and Winslet flawless,one of the best films I've seen in awhile.

Game of Thrones ( 5 hours ago )

Rooseveltjm : wow..the langingsters surely means business

Resurrection US ( 5 hours ago )

JohnnyGhost : Just so everyone knows if you didn't, Resurrection's first season is only going to be 8 episodes.

Gimme Shelter ( 5 hours ago )

rosannarmiller : I give it a 5/5. Awesome ending for someone with such a difficult life. This movie made me sad, laugh, and happy.

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Gimme Shelter

Usagi_V : A very good, emotional movie with great casting.


christrocks : Splendid episode!!!! enjoyed it,am actually left with a cough from laughing hard ...

Stargate: Atlantis

aakashba : Sg1 beamed out ba'als building why couldnt deadlus beam out the orion ???? Dem b ...

Top Chef Canada

Graiskye : Rob should have won it. Dale shouldnt have been allowed to put up two plates for ...

Labor Day

Leala_J : All I can say is that this is a 10 thanks uploaders.

Thomas & Friends Spills and Thrills

Leala_J : My son enjoyed it,I found it to be a good choice for kids.

Hardcore Pawn

thunderbolito : I was hoping Ash was going to get fired , if she was a regular employee she woul ...

Labor Day

qiiiiip : Amazing movie!! It was romantic, powerful, intense, engaging, emotional, and sad ...

Citizen Khan

bobbythebest : looool good one

Gimme Shelter

qiiiiip : I personally loved this film! So empowering! Vanessa Hudgens, along with the oth ...

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