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Supernatural ( 4 hours ago )

xmienekex : I do not understand Sam anymore he confuses me so much with his mixed emotions. I agree with what dean said but I do agree with Sam that it's changing him

Nashville ( 4 hours ago )

Troian : Ahhhh, yes! I called that ending! Except I thought she'd be playing her to blackmail her or something. But hm, we'll see about that.

The Beautiful Life TBL ( 4 hours ago )

RicanLunaP : Just when it started getting interesting they cut the show off. That really sucks.

The Quest ( 4 hours ago )

benroberts10 : Im loving this series. Does anyone know if theres gonna be a season 2?

Guardians of the Galaxy ( 4 hours ago )

zakaria0131 : it was a great movie batista was ok but raccoon my dude

How to Train Your Dragon 2 ( 4 hours ago )

kingkc16 : Just as good as the first and perfect movie quality.

Edge of Tomorrow ( 4 hours ago )

PulsarXD : wow what a amazing movie, nice sfx, plenty of action and the story was well played out and the acting on top of that was excellent 5/5

Her ( 4 hours ago )

TPross : Surprising good movie. 9/10 I really enjoyed it and have watched it twice. I am using fast loading. I recommend downloading Divx viewer. I have not had any problems with it. I give audio a 10 video 9. I really want an OS!

Country Strong ( 4 hours ago )

missy87 : Great movie. love country music and Tim Mcgraw... 9.5/10

Ray Donovan ( 4 hours ago )

halloween1 : Really funny episode. many thanks uploaders!

Edge of Tomorrow ( 4 hours ago )

halloween1 : Much better than I expected . it's like groundhog day or day break with science fiction, surprisingly enjoyable 8/10

True Blood ( 4 hours ago )

karen1916 : I loved Violet :(

The Beautiful Life TBL ( 5 hours ago )

RicanLunaP : Uh ohhhhhhhh...someone's in trouble. And here I thought that the child was someone elses. Surprise surprise. Big mistake and now no one to cover that mistake when the press gets a hold of it. It's going to be dooms day for her.

True Blood ( 5 hours ago )

locomojoboy : This show isnt making any sense. These infected vampires should not even be a threat considering that the virus makes them extremely weak and kills them in less than a day (eric's sister, anyone?) And if bill's godlike blood could not cure nora, no puny human's blood can. I wish i could have seen tara die, it's about 4 seasons too late.

Falling Skies ( 5 hours ago )

H_A_L : I will be watching next season, with scornful eyes! It's gone to the dogs, this season, a B rated sci-fi series, almost, as we know it's pedigree. It started well, by season 3, it was showing signs of weariness, just like Tom Mason, this season it's almost laughable at times.

Preachers of LA ( 5 hours ago )

NickFuryJudgeJury : What I can not understand is how people look at a show like this, or men/women such as these and automatically poo poo everything religious and god, and the bible "It is all just, on and on and on because of people like this!!" But every few years people religiously go out to the polls, and listen to the lies of the next politician who says "I will do this and change that" when it is always and has always been lies. Any adult human being, with the least amount of common sense can look at the preachers from this show and say to themselves. "That right there is what the bible is referring to when it says, Wolves in sheep's clothing. From years of seeing it happen we all know that false religion has been the biggest proprietor of misguiding, misleading, and turning people away from god. that is nothing new, they are nothing new, but we continue to have this debate. When they are judged as we all will be, and ask their question whilst they are stunned and shocked. Didn't I? I thought I was? but lord! Jesus will tell them "Get away from me you workers of lawlessness. I never knew you" We can try and deny the existence of god, because of imperfect men who are not fit to guide their own footsteps all we want. But that won't make it true.

High School High ( 5 hours ago )

m8use : that was a long time ago that i saw this movie, it was hard to remember the tittle of this movie, i was not looking after it, but with some thinking finally i found it again and this movie is great, saw it couple times when i was way younger :D worth rated 5/5..

Frank ( 5 hours ago )

Honegurl : It was quite weird up to the end when you realized it was bit more serious and that real problems werent talked about in this movie but just kindof glided over. Worth a watch.

Cas & Dylan ( 5 hours ago )

phill79 : Amazing movie!!! 5/5* Funny, compelling, sad... great work by Richard Dreyfuss (who I've always admired) and by Tatiana Maslany, real touching and an add to my favourites list* beautiful scenery too!

The Beautiful Life TBL ( 5 hours ago )

RicanLunaP : Let the backstabbing continue. That was histerical that she got her back for the stunt she pulled with the paparazzi. Now who was in the spotlight girly girl? Cole and Chris are playing a dangerous game. They will get caught and then released from their contracts. I guess they haven't grown up yet.

Chained ( 5 hours ago )

aaallljjj : One of those sleepers, that turn out lot different then you might have thought. Worth your tim.

Get Him to the Greek ( 6 hours ago )

Biggie50501 : Him scratching the dads face makes me laugh too hard every time I see it.

Manhattan ( 6 hours ago )

m4n14c42o : So let me guess hantstwo.....the series is now ruined for you?

War of the Worlds ( 6 hours ago )

gretaroxx : Had watched this when I was younger and although I didn't remember the entire story, I remembered how I was thrilled and possibly scared after watching this movie. Loved it then and I love it now after re-watching it.

Hand of God ( 6 hours ago )

starshineontop : WOW ! This was a great show! 10/10

Edge of Tomorrow ( 6 hours ago )

Lost_Memory : WoW this turned out to be a hell of a movie Tom did amazing in this I like how he is turning to what the people like to see nowdays INVASION! LOL

Oy Vey! My Son Is Gay!! ( 6 hours ago )

YabbaDabbaDude : This is so close to being good and funny, but because it's forced and nobody trusts the material, it's overwrought. When directors don't trust the audience to have a brain and a sense of humor, it is condescending. This is a near miss.

Ray Donovan ( 6 hours ago )

VideoKilledTalent : OMG That ending was INTENSE!!!

How to Train Your Dragon 2 ( 6 hours ago )

JennyFromBlockC : Pretty darn great. While I did enjoy the first more; I think that was just because it was a new concept, and this was a excellent addition to that concept. I think these How to Train Your Dragon films are the best American cartoon films since 1991 (Beauty and the Beast) 10/10 stars.

Made in Chelsea NYC ( 6 hours ago )

raven13 : The IMDB description of this is pretty funny.

Begin Again ( 6 hours ago )

mangogirl4 : i have to admit i watched this for Adam Levine, but this was such a great film with great music. I loved the idea of the recordings being on the street, such a unique idea. 10/10. if your reading this, watch it, not because i'm a Adam fan, but for someone just coming to see a great touching film, this one to watch!

Family Guy ( 6 hours ago )

Porco_Rosso : Hey! That's Gay Robot as 'Wizard Robot' at 18:30!!!

The Beautiful Life TBL ( 6 hours ago )

RicanLunaP : It's funny how all the gossip and backstabbing and fights happen at the functions. They really like making headlines with the paparazzi. Good watch.

Supernatural ( 6 hours ago )

xmienekex : very nice episode I actualy want to see more of this haha looks like a whole other serie or movie :D maybe soon :) I'd love to see his cut face again

The Bad Girls Club ( 6 hours ago )

AllahLovesMe : red has skid marks in her thongs!

Made in Chelsea NYC ( 6 hours ago )

hellsingfan01 : this sucks really bad

Ray Donovan ( 6 hours ago )

moviiebuff : Can't wait for next week's episode and the set up for the season finale.

Inuyasha ( 6 hours ago )

drayda : loved this episode Kagome is tough as nails to stick around i love this whole story line its almost breath taking

Falling Skies ( 7 hours ago )

H_A_L : Oh my, anne [really] cannot act, every shot of her, is her head at an angle....acting her errr head off? Pope is no better....that angst was so fake, or maybe it's the script?

Ray Donovan ( 7 hours ago )

greenbean : Oh man, that was so intense, I'm in shock. next epi is going to be HOT! this show has been an adrenalin spike all season. if your not watching RD your are missing out. Now I must clean the soda out of my rug.

Once Upon a Time ( 7 hours ago )

JayDavid93 : That's bogus what happened to my girl Regina.. I guess eventually she will have to let it goooo... I can't stand that song.. I.. Couldn't help it though.. :D..

Edison ( 7 hours ago )

raidmar : all star cast, really great movie. 8/10

True Blood ( 7 hours ago )

xavier85 : So this is how not to end a show. I'm not mad, or sad or happy, I'm indifferent to the whole series bc of this ending. The show that started with vampires, werewolves, fairies and gay drug dealer, a Viking sheriff, vamp king russel edgington ends with every one getting married and having kids??? How unimaginative. When lost ended I didn't like it bc there were so many questions that were left unanswered but till this day, I tell ppl to watch lost if they haven't already. Even if season 6 of that show wasn't good, all the rest was awesome. But bc of the way that this season chose to end the show, and the shit show that was last season, I am disappointed with the whole thing. So sad that they ran out of juice towards the end, and even sadder was that they didn't put effort into ending it the right way. Evoke an emotion from your fans, make them hate you or love you or leave them in suspense. Not this. How can you tell a unique story for 7 seasons and end it with " o and everyone gets married and has kids. The end" lol. o well.

The Strain ( 7 hours ago )

catzilrein : Love the show, can't get enough, however, the one flaw I want to point out is if these are "bloodsuckers" (and I hope I'm not giving too much away,) then there sure was a whole helluva lot of blood seeping out of that storage shed that Ansel has secured himself into when his wife pushed the neighbor in thre. Did you see all that wasted blood? No vampire would let that much go to waste. His wife certainly got her revenge for poor ole Gertie though, lol. That's what a good "christian" would do.

Falling Skies ( 7 hours ago )

KingThorinn : WHATS THIS BS i was looking forward so hard about then seeing destroying the moon now we dont get to see shit

Supernatural ( 7 hours ago )

xmienekex : great episode actions and feelings all at the same time

The Beautiful Life TBL ( 7 hours ago )

RicanLunaP : Beautiful people, backstabbing, gossip and pure kinda show! Not bad of an episode, but it seems like this was cut short. We shall see.

Dog and Beth On the Hunt ( 7 hours ago )

Canadianwatcher : Should be called Dog and Beth the Cunt.

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The Strain

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Falling Skies

The_GoldenChild : this was a good finale. have fun watching this.

Edge of Tomorrow

FakeDeep : Absolutely magnificent movie... brilliantly executed!

How to Train Your Dragon 2

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