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Fresh ( 3 hours ago )

alexisagile : One of the best movies I've ever seen to date. Don't watch if you're looking for a happy ending! It's a tear jerker!

Drunk History 2013 ( 3 hours ago )

MsDeena : O K I get the humor, but the drunk narratives are just pointless...

Wilfred (US) ( 3 hours ago )

drewdie11 : NOOO only three episodes left....."You dickless syphalitic runt" hahahaha

Sharknado 2: The Second One ( 3 hours ago )

dirk707 : Entertaining enough B movie.

22 Jump Street ( 3 hours ago )

RRAYYS : good quality for a cam! i really enjoyed it! funny the whole movie. 9/10

Captain America The Winter Soldier ( 3 hours ago )

RRAYYS : this was pretty damn great. they really stepped up! 10/10

Sharknado 2: The Second One ( 3 hours ago )

Salmonfry : The f**kin state of that, i'm outta here.

Almost Famous ( 3 hours ago )

Muzzatti : Couple times seen but still this is pure gold!

My Child Is a Monkey ( 3 hours ago )

prosoi : Thats why you should not have intercourse with monkeys. Right girls?

Lucy ( 3 hours ago )

DjSuperman1 : This is one of the greatest movies ever created!!! It's just as good as Transcendence, but with a beautiful ending. I thought this was just going to be a super-hero action movie, but it's more of a thriller, like how Transcendence was. The movie is fast paced, with no slow parts at all, and it doesn't let up until the end. I was entertained throughout. I give this movie a 10 out of 10. It's a must see.

Sharknado 2: The Second One ( 3 hours ago )

CandiceBlake13 : This is one of the best stupid movies ever. It's cheesy, B-actors and the worst story line made. But if you're completely and utterly bored to death it's a good watch.

Big Freedia: Queen of Bounce ( 3 hours ago )

misssally1969 : Fans of Freedia are going to L O V E this Epi..You already Know!!!!

Every Witch Way ( 3 hours ago )

vash1998 : He gave up his powers .... But OMG tht love great episode

Drunk History 2013 ( 3 hours ago )

misssally1969 : Okay This is my Fav and I have seen them all..Even the youtube epies

Sleepers ( 3 hours ago )

andibid : brilliant. what an idea/story great acting great end i was hooked! 11/10

Lost ( 3 hours ago )

tremor_ncafc : Felt a bit cheated in this episode due to the flashback/flashforward thing

Cousins Undercover ( 3 hours ago )

guyrc3 : love the table... great episode

A Haunted House 2 ( 3 hours ago )

iWatchTV : I laughed here and there, but I'm over the unnecessary vulgarity and swearing in these so called 'comedies' these days, the Wayans don't need all that to be funny. 6/10

Captain America The Winter Soldier ( 3 hours ago )

wieichbin : They really stepped it up a notch. Had a blast watching it. Very entertaining.

The Borgias ( 3 hours ago )

wondergirl223 : sad to see it end

22 Jump Street ( 3 hours ago )

Joejitsu88 : Sockshare link at the top is in Spanish. Beststreams is good quality in English. Para Espanol, usas sockshare arriba

Captain America The Winter Soldier ( 3 hours ago )

Meadley : Ok forget all the other Marvel movies. even Iron Man, I dont know how they can top this. A brilliant movie.

Divergent ( 3 hours ago )

AnimeGeek : I really love this movie! Just... WOW... Although I can't remember any of the faculty names exept (ofcourse) dauntless, and the nickname the stiffs. As I read these comments I learned there is a book of this and I'm totally gonna read it, I bet it's epic. Nothing but good things from me for this story and I know it will always be an all time favorite. Damn... now I want to live the dauntless lifestyle but I'm too much of a scaredy cat to just jump off of a riding train or to climb a ferris wheel

Dominion ( 3 hours ago )

moviefan543 : Actually he's 30.

Nine Miles Down ( 4 hours ago )

Llunaticraven : One of the better supernatual thrillers, good story, some nice twists, even at the end your not sure what was real. Been said below, ''trippy movie'' yea trippy flick for sure. 3/5

Trailer Park Boys: Don't Legalize It ( 4 hours ago )

CyberReLoad : hell ya, that fucking made my day. Great ass movie, All the guys are back doing what they do best, a must to watch if ur a TPB fan.. Cant wait for the new season of the tv show.

The X Factor Australia ( 4 hours ago )

Anonymous_Member : (O_O) OMG...This season's TO DIE FOR...better than ALL the other seasons combined!!! That 14 year old little solo girl is absolutely phenomenal, and a true singing freak of nature!!! She stole the whole freakin show IMO!~: ))) Rating 100/10 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Warren the Ape ( 4 hours ago )

hughjorgens : Awesome, why didn't I know this existed?

009 No 1 The End of the Beginning ( 4 hours ago )

petaldo : Not to many movies like this a must watch even if the CGI could have needed some work.

House of Cards ( 4 hours ago )

foxyarse : What a great series. The acting and storeylines are superb.

90210 ( 4 hours ago )

xmienekex : smal world things just got really complicated

Frasier ( 4 hours ago )

checkmyfavslist : That was hilarious at the end, Buttons and Bows lmao

Dominion ( 5 hours ago )

ChicagoMeatpacker : I don't get it. Is this Alex Guy supposed to be 25yo? He's like 45!

Batman Assault on Arkham ( 5 hours ago )

RikRocks100 : This was a good perspective on the Suicide Squad though I want a movie only focusing on the origins and the original members of the suicide squad! Liked the fast pace action in this movie but it lacked the story telling which it had on the previous DC animated movie like 'The Dark Knight Returns', 'Under the Red Hood', 'Justice League The Flashpoint Paradox', 'Justice League Doom', etc! Still a good watch!! 8/10

Celebrity Wife Swap ( 5 hours ago )

currymel : I love it when everyone can get something positive out of the experience.

The Cell ( 5 hours ago )

roni11479 : Wow I'm not usually a Jennifer Lopez fan but I thought she was pretty good in this movie and the whole movie in general was a mind trip. I def recommend this movie.

In the Flesh ( 5 hours ago )

avian946 : this show is awesome! loving the fact that its got gay zombies, very original.

About Time ( 5 hours ago )

Eccentric : I expected to, and really wanted to, like this movie but there was something missing for me. I didn't necessarily find it bad, it just never pulled me in.

Kimi to Boku ( 5 hours ago )

Ravengal101 : I love the concept, the dynamic between the bros and the constant introduction of cats. XD

Phantom of the Mall Eric's Revenge ( 5 hours ago )

ChanceRox : WOW! Such a great film! 4/5 for keeping me very entertained! :) So good

22 Jump Street ( 5 hours ago )

cdogg87 : really hope there's not a 23rd jump street, had afew laughs but it was pretty much a less funny 21st jump street. ice cube was funny but thats about it

Life After Beth ( 5 hours ago )

coxanova : Zombies, Chuck Mangione, strapped on large kitchen appliances makes for some good laughs and a decent flick. Stick around for rare behind the scenes directors commentary.

Charmed ( 5 hours ago )

TheSuperFreak : One of the best season finales I have ever seen. It worked out perfectly, all loose ends tied in a beautiful bow. Couldn't have been a better ending. Although, it was sad they didn't add Prue in, even in a photo, but I understand why, instead they added her in with one of the Grand children. Clever. Absolutely loved it. One of the greatest tv shows came to a great end. 10/10!

28 Days Later... ( 5 hours ago )

punedav007 : Not the best of the movies, but nevertheless, not bad either. Would rate it 7/10 and i am being generous here. The story lacked emotional depth, but was ok. A one time watch.Thanks for posting it and GOD BLESS!!! David from INDIA.

Wisconsin Death Trip ( 5 hours ago )

jawramik : Such a unique, hauntingly beautiful film. It's truly unlike any film I've ever seen. The sound track alone is phenominal, and accompanies the eerie images and narration perfectly. I'm a classically-trained musician (violin and piano), and many of the pieces featured in this film are among my favourite pieces I've ever played. It's definitely not a movie everyone will enjoy; as a piece of horror/mystery entertainment, it's not action-packed or suspenseful, and as a documentary, it leaves the viewer with more questions than answers. However, if you can appreciate film on an artistic level, and if you're fascinated by unexplainable and bizarre human behaviour, Wisconsin Death Trip is a must-see.

Chrome Underground ( 5 hours ago )

moviedude88 : This show sucks big time but the cars are over the top amazing!!

Supernatural ( 5 hours ago )

Kristallina518 : This episode was quite funny. Bobby is so stressed and he couldnt eat his pie. Lol.

The Strain ( 5 hours ago )

Reeburn : The opening plane scene is unrealistic. The rule is - you can never understand what your pilot is mumbling to the passengers. Otherwise an awesome pilot episode !

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Captain America The Winter Soldier

Keymawe : Totally recommended! 9/10

Draft Day

deshon : Must watch... Kevin and everyone and specially Diddy was Brilliant in this movie ...


TheMega : These are now all links to the previous episode of S04E17: Der Tag (except for v ...


Rollin : Lovely mystery/history. Daniel Craig does a brilliant job as always. I'm gonna g ...


vision13 : this was a funny one i could watch it a few times

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

yomama5000 : ha the original Sarah conor made an appearance :-)

Sharknado 2: The Second One

Lewis30 : Tara Reid's mangled face is the scariest thing about this movie

Captain America The Winter Soldier

warlord90zzz : Thoroughly engaging cast and storyline and some rather epic combat scenes. You c ...


xmienekex : are they just going to go around and fall in love with each and everyone of them ...


SizzyLove : Everyone is trying to do there own thing, while trying to bend the law to there ...

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