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Tyler Perry's If Loving You Is Wrong ( 2 hours ago )

bukoa1 : Will someone please upload the episode that aired on 05/24/2016!!!!!

Black Sails ( 2 hours ago )

karen1916 : After seeing vane in the nude...he's got my vote !!! Yummy !!!!

Mr. Right ( 2 hours ago )

worksa7 : This was adorable, not just the romance scenes just the ones with a lot of various character interactions. This is the kind of movie that didn't make me laugh out loud or anything, but it had me grinning for a lot of it.

You're Next ( 2 hours ago )

sinnocen : goods at thriller scene but no good story, sound. change some scene show/process related to porn to something more appropriate to all situation. Not all people like movie that show message with porn thing. They with the mask are bounty hunter not really killer writing you r next, Big house hv too much door to be watch. People this day should change house with much window to fewer windows

Lady of Csejte ( 3 hours ago )

evegonebad : Not bad, is a little mix between Hansel and Gretel, and countesss Bathory. 3/5

The Noise ( 3 hours ago )

ShamoyaT10 : Not a good horror film...acting isn't up to par..especially the male lead role.

The Other Side of the Door ( 3 hours ago )

GREGGWRIGHT : This was an interesting conglomeration of many past movies with similar themes. Dark, eerie, scary, and frustrating as the main actress is both clueless, and stupid. Not the worst one time watch, but could have been so much better ... 6/10

Hotel Hell ( 3 hours ago )

Canadianwatcher : That lodge would look a lot better with some landscaping around it to make it blend in more with the natural surroundings. Even just some pine trees and evergreen shrubs around it would make it look so much better.

The Young Messiah ( 3 hours ago )

SproutingOff : I admit, I only watched 15 minutes, but I saw enough to to confidently say it is a mistake to submit anyone's conjecture, even for entertainment value, into what Scripture does NOT say regarding Jesus. In so doing you are adding to God's Word, which is forbidden, or worse, making Jesus an image of man's creation. Rather than focusing on "the missing story" of Jesus perhaps is best to just focus on what is emphasized in Scripture as God intended.

The Brothers Grimsby ( 3 hours ago )

thebeats : This movie is so dumb I laughed my ass off!

Jane the Virgin ( 3 hours ago )

jessmagic : i give this series 5 stars its awesome

Once Upon a Time ( 3 hours ago )

jessmagic : i hope they make season 6 soon :( i think rumple is the best character

The Other Side of the Door ( 3 hours ago )

Heatmon : Its a good movie, but the gatekeeper was disappointing)

Awkward ( 3 hours ago )

jessmagic : this series is awesome i recommend it to everyone i hope they make a season 6!

Ted Bundy ( 3 hours ago )

marionkreitmair : good authentic movie

Marriage of Lies ( 3 hours ago )

Crashed13 : Made for TV cheap , more like a 2 hour soap.

Penny Dreadful ( 3 hours ago )

BigBoi92 : y does it look like lucifer was afraid of dracula.....epic ep tho

Awkward ( 3 hours ago )

jessmagic : i hope they will make a season 6 someday...

La Sapienza ( 4 hours ago )

zapater : The acting style,the long takes,the original script,the intensity of the dialogues or the lack of them,the slow pace of the story....certainly different like in the Portuguese Nun,also directed by Eugene Green.The architectural voyage of discovery,between a Bernini and a Borromini,the camera work highlighting details and differences,all the intimate stories unfolding... a feast to the eyes...8/10.

Man Down ( 4 hours ago )

tapirpunk : the evil dad is gone ?? he was the best part :-(

Preacher ( 4 hours ago )

andychrist : apart from the changes to characterisation , motivation , background , appearance , setting , story , pacing and dialogue .... its a mildly entertaining version of something a bit like preacher.

Mr. Right ( 4 hours ago )

roxannaaries : I just love how dysfunctional they are as individuals and how functional they are as a couple. It's a great film, it has dark humor, crime, action and romance, I definitely recommend this...5/5!

The Amazing Race ( 4 hours ago )

dramucom : Continues to be the best reality show ever on television

13 Hours The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi ( 4 hours ago )

ancci03 : awesome movie 4/5 packed with grit

The Mindy Project ( 4 hours ago )

floridasunshine : That was SO sweet. Way more touching then I thought it would be the first time something like that were to happen.

Find Me ( 4 hours ago )

Moonlightsilver : Not too bad. The murder was a bit of an overkill. This movie didn't need that. Over all a good watch though.

The Finest Hours ( 4 hours ago )

Rebel_J : A decent old-school survival and rescue drama. Drags it's heel a little but worth a watch.

God Bless America ( 4 hours ago )

trust_worthy : A message to everyone trying to decide wheter watch this movie or not. Do it. You will have to endure the beginning, which is molded to be boring and intollerable, but the writing is really great, and after the first half hour it picks up with the right story, the right twists, the right innuendo and puns. This movie captures the true essence of our very times, and possibly of the near future. In a world without limits, the word itself loses meaning. This movie is great and better than previously related movies. You will notice many references to our culture, shows and other movies too, both directly and indirectly addressed (the bad girls club scenes really put me in the mood as I watched that episode with the same reaction. The whole beginning is a vast set up to get everybody on the feel train, so hold on!). The sole purpose of this movie is to let some steam go, and along with The Purge series, it satisfys what our culture is coming to like any other catastrophic movie in the 80ies did at its time. Must watch, but bare the beginning. It really is boring to the excess. Hang on! It will be worth it.

The Brothers Grimsby ( 4 hours ago )

cauyao615 : man that elephant scene killed me...hahaha

The Flash (2014) ( 5 hours ago )

TheCriticGuy : Lol, what is with the down votes. I'll say it again, this finale was lame.

In the Heart of the Sea ( 5 hours ago )

mrmoviewatcher : This movie was awesome. Had me on the edge of my seat from start to finish. I give it an 8.1/10.

Person of Interest ( 5 hours ago )

zerkts815 : Great episode, it was nice to see Elias and i hope Shaw really escaped this time. 10/10

Stitchers ( 5 hours ago )

Jealisa : Yep, this is the end of the line for me. Kristen has single handed destroyed the show for me, all the other characters are good and great, I love the different story arc but if i have to see her character cry and whine one more time.... Camille was right "Boo-freaking- hoo" she just moans and cries.

Destination Planet Negro ( 5 hours ago )

thunderbolito : To many funny moments to mention, this was a well acted and played film, thank you for the reviews all of them are right on point.

Misfits ( 5 hours ago )

twdfan : Really Nathan, those underwear are so gross. Try boxer briefs if you want to be sexy. And please, shave your ass and at least part of your pubs.

Preacher ( 5 hours ago )

Meadley : Any show that starts with a song by Willie Nelson HAS to be good.

The Flash (2014) ( 5 hours ago )

hudGpark : WHAT!? But I thought you accepted that!! WHAT THE HELL! This is BADDDD! Everything is gonna change! If he really wanted to change something he should have saved his dad before Zoom killed him! I'm hating where this is going.. the story is getting lost and too over each other, nothing is making sense! Now everything that happenned these 2 seasons is for NOTHING! Idk if I should watch the next season.. my problem is I love Grant Gustin

The Flash (2014) ( 5 hours ago )

Canuckian : OOOOooh..has anyone seen the DC animated movie the Flashpoint Paradox? Possibly one of the BEST DC animated movies they EVER made..i HIGHLY suggest you go watch it NOW, and afterwards you may understand why what happened at the end of this episode is so big!! The repercussions of this will be HUGE and felt all over the Multi-verse!! AAH, i can't WAIT for season 3!!!! Talk about dropping a HUGE hint for what the next season will be about!! I can't wait!! So pumped right now! EPIC season finale!!!

The Originals ( 5 hours ago )

magmadar : okay surprising episode!

Person of Interest ( 6 hours ago )

Tonee45ronee : was that Black claw mark on the window...

The Other Side of the Door ( 6 hours ago )

R3alRom3o : eh just ok very cliche as others have said could have done more with this with more time and thought put into it. 6/10

The Flash (2014) ( 6 hours ago )

bennyx69 : if they going with the flashpoint storyline then that means it'll only be a few episodes then hes gonna try to get his powers back and go back in time to stop himself from saving his mother.

Ink Master ( 6 hours ago )

MedusaMyth : Very unfair decision. I hope the viewers get in touch with the judges to let them know that they made the wrong choice in awarding Anthony the win.

I Almost Got Away With It ( 6 hours ago )

AriannaLuv : I can't believe the cops took pics with him when he was captured smh.. How petty. Feel sorry for the mom, she did 10 yrs for him. That's a true mothers love.

Manhattan Night ( 6 hours ago )

that_gurrl79 : A really good movie

Legend ( 6 hours ago )

ccmartini : not sure how accurate the storyline is, however a damn good film and Tom Hardy's performance is top notch.

Three Amigos ( 6 hours ago )

Wrenchmonkey : Would you say I have a plethora of piƱatas?

The Voice ( 6 hours ago )

Volundr : Well deserved win to Alisan Porter. Great finale!

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