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Bering Sea Gold ( 2 hours ago )

Tazman79 : Shawn works like hell but it's never good enough for the old man It's such a shame.

Nashville ( 2 hours ago )

SizzyLove : Deacon is always flying off the handle and doing something idiotic. Poor Rayna. There is trouble in the water for The EXES.

Dance Moms ( 2 hours ago )

LaaLuxx : Melissa is a disgusting, vile "woman", along with her kids. Dont let the door hit yea on the way out. On a lighter note, the minis have such poise and respect, cant wait to see them get older and more talented.

Gotham ( 2 hours ago )

Askim911 : "Centries old,you made that yesterday" 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Criminal Minds ( 2 hours ago )

aba23 : I had already forgotten this guy but now it is not only him. What a big fat plan was that - and they adapted quickly. Can't wait for next week.

Masterchef Australia ( 2 hours ago )

Soulys : Yay =D so glad it was that person who made it!!

House of Horrors: Kidnapped ( 3 hours ago )

AriannaLuv : I agree, if this happened to my daughter or nieces. Those mfers wouldn't be spotted again and i'd be in prison for life.

Bolt ( 3 hours ago )

siforcat : Has Richard Greico started using Primewire recently? Why are so many of his movies appearing now?

Vikings ( 3 hours ago )

wieichbin : To Rollos return:sigh..tears..weep..sobb..squall

Tyler Perry's If Loving You Is Wrong ( 3 hours ago )

Woof832 : What happen to the last two episodes...... Waiting

Criminal Minds Beyond Borders ( 3 hours ago )

WeepingAngel82 : I hate to say it, I really do. Because I'm a huge Criminal Minds fan. But after 9 episodes, it just has to be said. This show is trying to teach valuable lessons about being a good human being regardless of what country, or religion you identify with. But it's trying too hard. These situations feel forced, and over acted. Most of the story lines are contrived and completely unbelievable. It just feels a little too much like an after school special. I really wanted to like this show and for it to do well, and I love Gary Sinise. So I'm truly sorry if this comment upsets anyone. I just think Criminal Minds fans, and Gary Sinise fans deserve better.

Masterchef Australia ( 3 hours ago )

Dragonsnot : Master Chef Australia or Top Chef Just Desserts Australia? I'm confused. I skipped episode two because episode one was a big Top Chef Just Desserts, just named wrong. Now this episode. What is this season going to bring, sugar and tummy aches or some real master chef requirements? That's why there are separate pastry schools. That's why there is a special competition in France for that fancy PASTRY collar awarded to a handful of incredible PASTRY Chefs. Being a master craftsman means to be able to handle all aspects of one's craft. AND, being a Master Pastry Chef is a craft separate unto itself. There are master creations made from these chefs. There are shows already for pastry chefs. A bit disappointing this episode. I am glad for the cook who won. Their's was the least train wreck out of all the DESSERTS.

The Path ( 3 hours ago )

nomnombrains : Great episode. This show is getting GOOOOD

Murder, She Wrote ( 3 hours ago )

investik8 : I watched this again because I fancied a trip down memory lane. I used to love it and know it was a huge rater back in the day. Looking at it now though,I'm surprised at how badly over-acted it is and how condescending the main character is. Just my opinion. I should have left the past in the past. This show has not aged well.

10 Cloverfield Lane ( 3 hours ago )

Littlehand : That was absolutely fantastic.

The Challenge ( 3 hours ago )

WinterPeony : Let's see, my faves are Simone, Jenna and Leroy, hopefully, but very unlikely, one of their teams wins.

Supernatural ( 3 hours ago )

jess888 : one of the best episodes in a long time. i loved it. the ending was terrific.

10 Cloverfield Lane ( 3 hours ago )

swanboxing : john goodman's best performance yet. powerful acting and good suspenseful direction 5/5

House of Horrors: Kidnapped ( 3 hours ago )

AriannaLuv : I feel if she was a WHITE WOMEN people wouldn't be commenting negatively. NO ONE DESERVES THIS!

10 Cloverfield Lane ( 3 hours ago )

jen68g : Straight to the top shelf, an immediate favorite. In a word.. Goldilocks! Well paced build with a knockout crescendo. So many choice moments, 'Catfish' missing piece.. "Look at this poor cat he's been deformed, he's got one eye, about to go snorkelling and everything!" ~ and John Goodman's jukebox twerk 1.04ish.. Every single part of this film works. The ending leaves you baited in wait. Tens.

Awkward ( 3 hours ago )

Moonlightsilver : Are we REALLY doing this again?! This is getting old.

Mad As Hell ( 3 hours ago )

hollis517 : biography of an American dream. yes, it still happens, and this is how it happens. someone -- a real mensch -- MAKES it happen. Cenk is such a person. look at all the jobs, careers, he is responsible for creating. it's phenomenal! and Cenk reminds me of a line in Lin-Manuel Miranda's phenomenal musical, Hamilton, where Alexander Hamilton so resoundingly says "I am just like my country -- young, scrappy, and hungry -- and I am not throwing away my shot!"

10 Cloverfield Lane ( 3 hours ago )

piafedora : Bradley Cooper is in this film????

The O.C. ( 3 hours ago )

cauyao615 : great series very easy to watch...time flies watching this show...seth is my favorite charcter he is like stiles in teen wolf...actually i think stiles character is a copy cat of seth's...and great actors...all of their parents are cool

The Flash (2014) ( 3 hours ago )

phileo99 : If Iris knew there was a Season 3, she would stop bawling her eyes out.

10 Cloverfield Lane ( 3 hours ago )

anainthestars : It was really good, a bit long but still, I was glued to my screen waiting to know what happens next, and I wanted it to keep going at the end. I hesitated so long to see this movie because the commercial made me think of a kidnapping and sequestration and I was afraid there would be rape but I was relieved it wasn't that kind of movie. Not one bit. It's a good thriller and it does your head a little spin as to what is going on. I recommend it.

Bar Rescue ( 3 hours ago )

Cheshire_Cat_ : really good, wholesome feeling episode. jon's head isnt ready to pop off. one of the smoother cleaner rescues, but it has the feels too.

The Ultimate Fighter ( 3 hours ago )

budgellism : The "trash talk" between Joanna and Claudia is embarrassingly bad on both sides. It also doesn't help that neither one of them is very good at speaking English. Strange choice of coaches this year imo. Wish they'd focus more on actual training and the fights themselves. I don't care to see those two or Helen crying about something every episode either...

10 Cloverfield Lane ( 3 hours ago )

MrJeep4x4 : Good movie, suspenseful 9/10

Supernatural ( 3 hours ago )

tigre777 : I stopped it right there.. 2 point , dean using beer to wet his blouse .. blouse gone smell like beer ... use water to Iron your shirt .. that mean the bottle of beer full of my mistake .. after pressing pause to watch the rest of the show.. saw Sam .. I'm still laughing so hard

Supernatural ( 3 hours ago )

smrvicin : I call "jump the shark". The final scene was good but the lead up was lame.

Person of Interest ( 3 hours ago )

logicalnexus : lol i think its funny how that new train hideout spot that finch was led to was picked by a machine that has no idea that in new york a bum would have found that years ago and already would have moved all his friends in lol

The Ultimate Fighter ( 3 hours ago )

Zombkiller : They are really bad at trash talking.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. ( 3 hours ago )

BioM3chX : This show is getting out of proportion, Really ripped out a heart of a Kree by a mere inhuman? I guess this doesn't tie in with the Captain America Civil War? They should have made another Thor movie instead...

10 Cloverfield Lane ( 3 hours ago )

DjSuperman1 : One of the best movies ever!!! 9 out of 10. Really well made, and kept my attention the entire time. A thriller, not a drama like in the description. I seriously hope they make a sequel.

The Hospital 2 ( 3 hours ago )

Grnfinger : The Hospital was a poorly made remake from 2013 (shot on a cell phone or one shitty camera) turd fest. Bad everything from acting, script to lighting. He is back in 2015 to torture us again with The Hospital 2. There is little improvement here. He must fund these projects himself because I can't see anyone with an IQ above 2 giving a cent towards this. Oddly enough Jim O'Rear has had an interesting and lengthy career in the movie/entertainment industry, but in his 30 years hasn't learned much in how to make a decent movie.

Ink Master: Redemption ( 3 hours ago )

adenine135 : I don't remember Lalo's work from season 2, but I could not stand how disrespectful his former canvas was. It's one thing to criticize his artwork, but to belittle someone for not knowing every word in the English language (especially when their first language is not English) and then question their immigration status is ridiculously ethnocentric and ignorant. I was impressed by Lalo's amenity in response to those comments.

10 Cloverfield Lane ( 4 hours ago )

Tiabird : AWESOME!!!..........LOVE how she was like YOU GOTTA BE KIDDIN' ME!! lol... But it did kinda strike me odd a bit when chickie at the window was like it ONLY touched me a lil bit and she didn't clue on to that but totally did to every other little thing. oh well maybe she was just too panicked about the whole situation! Anywaays... TOTAL 5/5 for me!!!

Catfish: The TV Show ( 4 hours ago )

fcukitcarpediem : obviously this show was never reality but now it's not even enjoyable anymore. sucks because it was a total guilty pleasure of mine.

Masterchef Australia ( 4 hours ago )

Dragonsnot : Haven't watched this yet. Not sure. After Master Dessert Chef episode one, not sure if my stomach can handle another hour of sugar.

Masterchef Australia ( 4 hours ago )

Dragonsnot : UPDate: four savory and 100 dessert dishes (it's called stretching for affect) in this episode 1. So far, dessert dishes practiced for mos. Who couldn't do good. Savory dishes practiced for mos., who couldn't do good. A bit sad so far. How many more dessert dishes are we going to be forced to watch. They needed to keep Top Chef Desserts(whatever the name) on for bakers to bake off on. Like the pit cooked bbq shows. They don't have desserts on it. MASTER CHEF not Master Pastry Chef.

Mr. Pickles ( 4 hours ago )

i3eautifuldsastr : disturbingly AWESOME. does brooke shields really voice characters in this show??

Wentworth ( 4 hours ago )

TheCynicalMind : Everyone should be watching this!

Arrow ( 4 hours ago )

Icelandery : Can we get Constantine up in here. I love how they referenced him in the episode but i want to see more of him, hated when his show got cancelled, wish he could come in to play more in the arrowverse

Person of Interest ( 4 hours ago )

dtje728 : please let root and shaw get together in the middle of the last season and too the end

Criminal Minds ( 4 hours ago )

stephaniee_thall : This episode was great but the next one is going to be even better!

Criminal Minds ( 4 hours ago )

GodsChild3 : This was the first really tense episode since Morgan left the show. Kept me on the edge of my seat from start to finish!! The episode with this creepy guy totally creeped me out. It was the first and only episode where I had to get up and turn on the lights. And now heeeeeee's baaaack!!!! Anxious to see where this is going to go but I might have to keep the lights on again.

Raising the Bar ( 4 hours ago )

miladmiladi : Hot good good hot

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