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Vice ( 2 hours ago )

SirCanuck : Loved it, great movie

The Martian ( 2 hours ago )

spiralz : The visuals are amazing in this film. Definitely recommend watching this in a theater. There is never a boring or slow moment in this movie. Very well done.

The Martian ( 2 hours ago )

countrydude1959 : Awesome movie with a great ending Matt Damon delivers once again

The Flash 2014 ( 2 hours ago )

saharri : This show is AWESOME! So glad it's back and right off the bat has us on the edge of our seats yelling "HELL YES!"

Pixels ( 2 hours ago )

SayNotoYes : Funny, bit cheesy. Mostly retarded

The Blair Witch Project ( 2 hours ago )

pausepause : This movie should have been named 'Three Really Annoying People Wander Around the Woods and Argue with Each Other'. Not scary at all. And maybe a movie about a witch should actually have a witch in it?! Just sayin'. This movie has always sucked ass. I'll stick with the witch in Pumpkinhead.

The Bastard Executioner ( 2 hours ago )

HouseofWolves : This is a great show to fill that Game of Thrones void.

Storage Wars ( 2 hours ago )

Griffin289 : Just saying that if Laura didn't cheap shot Dave and smack him in the back of the head more then once she wouldn't have gotten knocked down. Step up like a man get smacked down like a man.

Hansel & Gretel Witch Hunters ( 2 hours ago )

calikal : I'm confused so shouldn't there be a part 2 for this movie? or did they just leaving hanging?

Scream Queens (2015) ( 2 hours ago )

baconlively222 : Kinda like the show but wasnt sure that i'd really commit to it and watch every week but when the backstreet boys song came on im like, ALRITE IM SOLD I'LL WATCH THE NEXT SEASON AND THE NEXT AND THE NEXT.

Child of Grace ( 2 hours ago )

dixiedragon : typical tearjerker from lifetime - well played by the actors -- kind of a rushed story line worth a watch if nothing else is available

Scream Queens (2015) ( 2 hours ago )

tapirpunk : Hahahahaha Chanel-o-ween :-) love it

What's Eating Gilbert Grape ( 2 hours ago )

RN_Davis : How in the hell Leo still don't have an Oscar by now I mean with Django & his new movie cominq out soon

Face Off ( 2 hours ago )

RicanLunaP : What a challenge. I thought it was going to go a lot better from when they started. I didn't see anything incredible per say.

Ink Master ( 3 hours ago )

jaymiejay : thank god craig is gone

The Flash 2014 ( 3 hours ago )

TethDiego : Oh man this was such a great episode!! It's like, I knew it had Jay Garrick, but then Atom Smasher/Edge and then Barry's dad, so I forgot about Jay Garrick and then at the end BOOM! Jay Motherfucking Garrick!

Single White Female ( 3 hours ago )

sirenonland : I quite enjoyed this. Great classic 90s thriller.

Storage Wars ( 3 hours ago )

PrimeIre : I haven't watched this one yet but remember the story when it came out about the fight. And I know some people just ham up their "part" to fill the narration but Dave has always been a piece of garbage. You could see it early on when the show was excited about it's popularity and had those sit down chats at the casino. Dave just couldn't participate or be a normal guy for 2 seconds. There was something talked about back then about business problems with his brother which I'm sure are Dave's fault. The second he got a few bucks from the show he overdid it trying to show up everyone with way too much real estate, truck & trailer. Others tried to go big too but they thought they'd make a few extra bucks. Dave did it for status. But there are only so many second hand stores needed. Brandy and Jared found that out. Dave just doesn't like people. It's not even interesting for him to be the heel on the show anymore. It brings better dollars for the units but he's just an annoying mosquito. He'll be slinging that YUUUP! merchandise for the rest of his life. Who would want to buy it?

They Nest ( 3 hours ago )

humanhybred : One of the better Tv movies with some rather disturbing special fx visuals...I won't be visiting Maine anytime soon!...4/5

Misery ( 3 hours ago )

sirenonland : Wonderful acting by Bates! The sheriff and his wife had me cracking up throughout the film. Great watch!

Homeland ( 3 hours ago )

Truthteller : Yeaah!! Homeland's back baby! 10/10 Feels like this is gonna be a really intense season. =)

The Exorcism of Molly Hartley ( 3 hours ago )

Dante_619 : Good movie, I really enjoyed it.

Hells Highway ( 3 hours ago )

spookym : Wow, this is not even up to being bad. Ironically, Ron Jeremy has a small part.

Bad Girls Club ( 3 hours ago )

Seby_Mizuki : *Blinks.* Filler Episode.

All Hat ( 3 hours ago )

cowboy55 : WOULD BE NICE TO WATCH THIS ONE !!!!!!!!!!!

The Martian ( 3 hours ago )

CoolBeast : Finally a Great movie for 2015. Well balanced movie, long but not noticeable.Good plot, great cast, worth every bit of a watch.

Real Husbands of Hollywood ( 3 hours ago )

Auxion : this is comedy? huh, guess I don't have a sense of humor then

The Simpsons ( 3 hours ago )

knightslayer57 : Seeing Bender made me want to watch old episodes of Futurama again. That was the best scene of this episode.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. ( 3 hours ago )

tigrca01 : Hey, who's the Asgardian guy and what's his story?--The kid who plays von Strumpfenhausen (or whatever!) looks like the one who was Willis' son in Unbreakable.

Fresh Off the Boat ( 3 hours ago )

DreamPuppet : This show actually makes me laugh out loud. The shows that do that for me are few and far between.

Jeff Dunham: Spark of Insanity ( 3 hours ago )

SButton31 : My whole family loves Jeff Dunham,especially Peanut,Walter and Achmed

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. ( 3 hours ago )

Gramster2013 : Haha what's with the big dramatic music at the big reveal at the end? They didn't show his face hoping to shock us but I already knew who he was and how he came to the psychatrics class.

House at the End of the Street ( 3 hours ago )

Goopus : This movie was incredible. It completely exceeded my expectations.

The Gift ( 3 hours ago )

VicStevins : One of my favorite movies this year: solid characters who are consistent to the end, only their understanding of one another changes. What I love about this film is that it comes on as one thing -- upscale young couple moves into dream house and old acquaintance threatens their tranquility -- and in one scene turns into something quite different. I wouldn't have bothered with this film if Rotten Tomatoes cumulative score wasn't 97% (it's at 93% now).

NCIS: New Orleans ( 3 hours ago )

Delicew1 : can't help but fall in love with NCIS show they are the best.

Tyler Perry's For Better Or Worse ( 3 hours ago )

diasia : where is the episode 27 to 41???????????????????????

The Grinder ( 3 hours ago )

sloburnjo : funny shit. jarred paul good tight writing

Cartel Land ( 3 hours ago )

MonSwon : At first I was suspicious of that Dr but after a while realised he was actually genuine. He was trying to fight for freedom and security the right way, with the support of the people. Trouble is as soon as you become a real threat to the organisation and system, they fight back and are seemingly impossible to overcome. The criminals and the government, it highlights the conspiracy between the two, making them the same.

Fear the Walking Dead ( 3 hours ago )

z0o0ya : They really dropped in quality.

New Tricks ( 3 hours ago )

Gr8g8ts : UCOS was Sandra Jerry Brian and Jack. When it wasn't is when it should have ended.

Scream Queens (2015) ( 4 hours ago )

ladycastielle : Did not see that end coming.

The Flash 2014 ( 4 hours ago )

RicanLunaP : What a fantastic start to the new Season. I'm so psyched to see what is coming up and I can't wait!!

Tosh.0 ( 4 hours ago )

knightslayer57 : One of the worst episodes Daniel has made. The breakdown segment was pretty good, but the jokes for the other vids were lame. The little trivia facts were interesting. I wish he would incorporate some of those from now on.

Finding Carter ( 4 hours ago )

DontTaseMeBro : fine the bich already

Scream Queens (2015) ( 4 hours ago )

Omari3 : Deaf Taylor swift would be proud

The Exorcism of Molly Hartley ( 4 hours ago )


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. ( 4 hours ago )


The Flash 2014 ( 4 hours ago )

facteau579 : Little confused about the thing with dad at the end. Don't want to say anything, leave a spoiler, but damn, WTF? I don't get the reasoning behind it. Gotta be something the writers got cooked up for later. Love how they ended it though, was hoping to see some of the others sooner or later.

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