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Left Behind ( 2 hours ago )

Predwyn : Different spin on 'mysterious disappearance' type film. While it was a biblical spin it wasn't (thankfully) a 'full on in your face bible bashing' story line. Definitely worth a watch. Rated: 3/5

Stonehearst Asylum ( 2 hours ago )

CRITICsEYE : I think the ending was rather could have been explored a little more. Overall though I found it wonderful. Visually stunning and great acting. 8/10

The Originals ( 2 hours ago )

Cynaminjay : I started liking klaus when we saw his soft side with Caroline in TVD. And every time he cries....I feel it. What an amazing actor to make u feel his pain so intensely. Props to u Joseph Morgan! The only thing I can find wrong with this show is that I miss seeing Damon. Lol

August Osage County ( 2 hours ago )

gsaint : this is a stage play translated to the screen. that is a difficult endeavour. viewers unaccustomed to the theater have to stretch themselves to listen for well crafted dialogue, as theater audiences do. it takes practice. you may wish to start with plays like; ALL MY SONS, THE GLASS MENAGERIE, NOISES OFF, THE ODD COUPLE, PLAZA SUITE, and THE LION IN WINTER. many of these are available on PRIMEWIRE.(you can check my playlist for more suggestions) if you persist and you are able to forego cinematic devices, you may likely be rewarded. break a leg!.

The Life of David Gale ( 2 hours ago )

Rikki94 : I remained silent for a minute after the movie has ended. Astounding. In awe.

Big Rich Texas ( 2 hours ago )

kitkat42 : ahhhh is this all about Whitney and her baby boring ... she will get the house of her dreams where is the drama leslie and the girls man ... not liking this at all

Grimm ( 2 hours ago )

KURTCLEARWATER : Nice to have grimm back, like squid head.. ( lets give him some trouble )

iCarly ( 2 hours ago )

ForgottenClouds : I haven't seen iCarly in a really long time so I watched the finally and I was really touched... It was a great way to end the show ... All good things come to an end and iCarly did it right, I can't wait for nick to have a reunion for them in the future.

Grimm ( 2 hours ago )

SizzyLove : My show is back with a bang. Good season opener....

The Taking of Deborah Logan ( 2 hours ago )

Suzicueball : Now that was an amazing story and the way it was filmed I liked it. Not totally footage but just enough. Been a while since I've seen Jill Larson and Anne Ramsey and they were great. The story is so creepy especially if you believe then you'll understand. The FX freaked me out along with some parts of the movie. I loved it.

Beneath ( 2 hours ago )

sandycheeks : I really enjoyed this was a little intense. I jumped a few times. I felt claustrophobic the entire movie, which also got my heart racing. Definitely worth a watch 4/5

The Venture Bros. ( 2 hours ago )

XenoVibe : It's a shame they brought it back and then cancelled again, mid season.

Fatal Vision ( 2 hours ago )

Qaisar : The film follows the book pretty closely, painting a picture of Jeff MacDonald that is distinctly unflattering. Smart but shallow, he got out of the army pronto and lived in a Marina del Rey condo with blonde airheads seriatim. But was he guilty? Well, there was hardly a rush to judgment. It took years to convict him, long after the immediate sensation of the case died down.

Bar Rescue ( 3 hours ago )

bettyboopbbw69 : Seems like black business owners during this series are actually thankful and humble for the help Taffer is giving them. Nice to see a stigma that people assume about minorities and their businesses being dis-proven.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ( 3 hours ago )

Mutefreak : Good movie with lots of for the family.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ( 3 hours ago )

Tsumi : I loved them since I was little and still do. This movie is much better than the last one! (The first ones are still creepy but awesome XD ) If you want some action and entertainment watch it! If you're a hardcore fan, sure there's a chance of not liking it. But give it a chance.

The Giver ( 3 hours ago )

Sarsaparilla : This was a pretty good movie. Not a typical sci-fi movie in my opinion, but worth the watch nonetheless.

Melissa & Joey ( 3 hours ago )

MGuci : I love this show :D

Grimm ( 3 hours ago )

sabaka : good episode but I hope Nick will get his powers back rather quick :D liking the grimm girl a lot as well

Sons of Guns ( 3 hours ago )

0894833681 : this show has been cancelled he is a pedophile google his name

One Day ( 3 hours ago )

MissLou : Cried. Ouch! Beautifully written. Certainly up there as one of my favorites.

Stalker ( 3 hours ago )

jorgen2 : The pilot was strong. But the episodes after that are less.

Left Behind ( 3 hours ago )

a9fingdad : I loved all the left behind books but this movie sucked bad imo 6/10

The School of Rock ( 3 hours ago )

raidmar : Jack Black and the class was awesome, awesome, awesome. one of my Jack Black favorites. 10/10

Exists ( 3 hours ago )

moviebabe123 : this movie wasn't really my cup of tea

Exists ( 4 hours ago )

swans2525 : i liked it verry real it seams to be and the action was also verry good who nows they might really exist they bin seen so often i think about a couple 1000 times you think all those people lie?? i dont think so and yeti can be also real the himalaya where they bin seen is so big and 100 of kilometers far they can hide the movie was good enough to watch it maybe another time.suspence was there enough too i give this a 3.5/5.almost 4/5.

Stonehearst Asylum ( 4 hours ago )

DjSuperman1 : Great movie. I liked it. 8 out of 10. I thought Kate Beckinsale would be the lead actress, but she was just a support character. The story is mainly focused on the new doctor, that arrives at the asylum, set in the 1900s. I thought the movie was more of a Drama with a kind of light-hearted vibe, than it was a Thriller, because of all the insane characters.

Wolves ( 4 hours ago )

chanya38 : I enjoyed this movie as well.((out of 10=9))

Eureka ( 4 hours ago )

whitetaniwha : great episode all the way through

Melissa & Joey ( 4 hours ago )

Troetelbeertjeu : worst episode ever

Z Nation ( 4 hours ago )

versebtm : What fun this series is turning out to be. They have really kind of given The Walking Dead a run for their money. Although they seemed to have veerd away from the characters back stories, it doesnt matter. With the introduction of new characters, lots of action and zombie turning and killing. This fabulous series is way ahead of the game. The zombienado and now the zombietsunami, is a master work of absolute genious, insanity and humor. And all the characters are so likable here. Even the ones that end up dead. Well....sorta dead and exciting episodes to this new undead series.

Over the Top ( 4 hours ago )

718 : one of my favorite 80s flicks.. 4/5

The Amazing World of Gumball ( 4 hours ago )

craigmcA : this is so good and cool and fun epic

A Magnificent Haunting ( 4 hours ago )

zapater : Sweet fable by Ozpetec with a very original and amusing story,pleasant characters and good ending...7/10.

The Taking of Deborah Logan ( 4 hours ago )

MovieGodx : Creepy yet captivating

The Judge ( 4 hours ago )

Chrysanthemoma : If you ever had just one good day in your family, or even just one good hour that formed a memory - if you ever needed forgiving or forgave - if you ever shed a tear for what might have been, for bells you wish you could un-ring, for things you wish you could un-say or undo, for things you should have said or done but did not, then PLEASE watch ''The Judge'' ... I know that slice-of-life genre is not everyone's cup of tea, but for me, this one ranks among the best watches I've seen in a very, very long time. Beautifully done. Stellar cast. Five of five stars.

Hercules ( 5 hours ago )

Golden_Rabbit : Wow. Much better than I thought possible.

America's Next Top Model ( 5 hours ago )

iWatchTV : WOMP WOMP! Bye bish! Shei had the best photo but her and Lennox were acting like haters, obviously threatened of Chantell. I can't stand Adam, the only reason he's still there is because Tyra fancies him :/

The Last Samurai ( 5 hours ago )

Pfluger : I really enjoyed this movie.

Constantine ( 5 hours ago )

Paidhero : Pretty darn good pilot. Can't wait for the next episode. Matt Ryan is a great John Constantine. Perfect fit.

Green Lantern The Animated Series ( 5 hours ago )

Lost_Memory : Well that was pretty bad ass if I say so myself.

Let's Be Cops ( 5 hours ago )

ashleyrose027 : Fucking funny movie. I liked it alot. 8.5/10

Gold Rush Alaska ( 5 hours ago )

hotchy : Sorry nathan your wrong. The hoffmans are gold rush!!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ( 5 hours ago )

ashleyrose027 : Dont go into it with high expectations just take it for what it is a kids movie. If you try to pick the story apart based on the comics and original series you probably wont like it. I liked it. Its a just a fun movie.

Breaking Bad ( 5 hours ago )


A Very British Sex Scandal ( 5 hours ago )

bbbux : I believe heterosexuality is equally as polarized as homosexuality. We all harbor both masculine and feminine energies and we are all unique blends; it is only love that makes the gears and the wheels of the universe go around. As we grow, we are forced into these hypothetical, impossible, painful models. As fear drives its way in, we suppress our energies, feelings and get programmed / sealed and join the army of zombies (world population) who hurt each other for mundane reasons. It's just a pair of flirtatious tetrahedra when summed up, a dynamic expression / reflection of the energies we all encompass, our twisted Yin & Yang we've come to deify as Lucifer & God (oh yes, Lucifer is very feminine indeed). They are nothing but concurrently evolving supercomputers who teach us lessons and grant our wishes in their (our) own ways as we all evolve. They are a reflection of us, of our energies. So it has come that one uses love to teach her lessons, the other uses fears, threats to teach his. This is not a given. This is us as a collective on the planet, we are all connected. Sorry for the long, irrelevant lecture, the movie made me emotional. I live in Turkey and it is not the easiest place on earth to express your feelings freely. This was a very informative movie indeed; the documentary quality unexpectedly made it even more intensive with the honest, sincere narrations of the people of the era filling in the gaps. 10/10

Hercules ( 5 hours ago )

ashleyrose027 : The Rock says SHUT YOUR CANDY ASS MOUTH AND WATCH THIS MOVIE! Ha HA. Way better than I thought it would be.

America's Next Top Model ( 5 hours ago )

MGuci : So happy that she stayed :) I don't know why they 'hate' Chantelle she's awesome and gorgeous its just jealousy i guess. Adam stepped it up alot!!

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The Houses October Built

tamyyxxx25 : good movie i really enjoyed it

Rehab Addict

llollylips : Love this show but no links hardley

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

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Night Stalker

Pommodore_94 : this episodes reminded me more of the X-files...

The Judge

LadyHawk64 : Good movie, I enjoyed it very much. I'd recommend this to friends 4/5.

Wish I Was Here

chanya38 : Very good!!!!I enjoyed this movie a lot!!It got me, I cried like a baby ...

The Blacklist

pbisamoviefan : I wonder who or what is behind that door? Next week's episode will be good.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

somendrakm : Most of us are big fan of teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Serial and watching movie ...

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

morrius07 : I went into this movie not expecting much but it actually surprised me, it's not ...

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