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Independence Day: Resurgence ( 2 hours ago )

kaspars100 : yes acting is cheazy and stupid. Still i wanna see the third one. Will there be?

Ripper Street ( 2 hours ago )

tehlich : I was glad they continued this series...can't wait for next season!

Queen of the South ( 2 hours ago )

Skyrena : Run Theresa Run! No walk Theresa walk! Oh Jesus this is intense.

When We Left Earth The NASA Missions ( 3 hours ago )

Sunnevajoh : Awesome!!! infinite thanks to the uploader :D

Cell ( 3 hours ago )

misssally1969 : 95% of the time Stephen Kings books are just better than these movies.I do happen to love the Movie The Mist. It is one of my Fav King stories and I though they did a good job. This movie should have been on TV. Just read the book it is a fun scary good time.

Instinct ( 3 hours ago )

swampio1 : Cuba Gooding has gained one more fan! This is the first movie with him that I've ever seen, and if this is a sample of his work, I am very excited to watch any of his other movies! Of course Mr Hopkins is impeccable, as expected. Lovely movie, thanks so much for uploads! *7-29-16

Last Chance U ( 3 hours ago )

iliCK : 1 Word.....Awsome

Eureka ( 3 hours ago )

drwho_freak : woah !! tabby was cool

Newcomer ( 4 hours ago )

Tonee45ronee : Good one 8/10....Worth a watch !!!

Hotel Hell ( 4 hours ago )

warensamble : For various reasons America wants its White men stupid and weak and now that's exactly how so many of them are, stupid and weak like jimmy. Jimmy is like a damn child.

America's Next Top Model ( 4 hours ago )

ChanceRox : WRONG CHOICE! The other girl in the BOTTOM 2 should have gone! She's ugly as fuck! Why is she still there? ewww

Alaskan Bush People ( 4 hours ago )

ghost4422 : This is a total mess every episode from season 3 and 4 are wrong , wrong episodes wrong title , wrong season . Season 4, Episode 1 May 6, 2016 The Wolf Pack Returns The Brown's return home and get back to work without a skiff. Season 4, Episode 2 May 13, 2016 Driving Miss Rainy Noah stays behind to continue repairs while the others take on a risky haul Season 4, Episode 3 May 20, 2016 Winter Watch Billy sets up a family visit to the winter watch of Excursion Inlet when an anchor fails and changes the trip entirely. Season 4, Episode 4 May 27, 2016 Growing The Wolfpack The early Spring weather affords the Wolfpack clan some time to get unfinished projects completed. Later, Billy receives a visitor from his past. Season 4, Episode 5 June 3, 2016 Surviving The Lower 48 The family takes a trip to the lower 48 states while Billy is receiving medical treatment. Season 4, Episode 6 June 10, 2016 High Tide Housing The mayor of a neighboring island visits Browntown Season 4, Episode 7 June 17, 2016 Shots in the Dark The Browns are shorthanded as they work to finish a salvage job. Later, the wolfpack discovers property damage after hearing shots being fired. Season 4, Episode 8 July 8, 2016 Back to the Bush The Brown family reunite after 30 longs days in Juneau. First on the agenda is a trip to rediscover their love of the bush. But an issue plaguing one of the children puts the sanctity of the wolfpack in jeopardy. Season 4, Episode 9 July 8, 2016 Released to the Wild The Brown family reunites and plans a trip back into the Alaskan bush. Season 4, Episode 10 July 15, 2016 Back in Browntown The family returns to Browntown for a family reunion. Season 4, Episode 11 July 22, 2016 Browns Down South Highlights and never-before-seen footage to the Brown's trip to the Lower 48. Made in the Wild Season number: 4 Episode number: 12 Air date: July 29, 2016 The crew spends countless hours bringing bush life to the lower 48 states; the luck of the Browns influences what airs on the show. Show: Alaskan Bush People

Ghostbusters 2016 ( 4 hours ago )

MetalThrashingMad : Awful that's the only word that can discribe this movie, to anyone who wants to watch this, stick to the originals.

Cell ( 4 hours ago )

vyletterose : well..i didnt read the book some are talking the movie was pretty decent...but the ending kinda stank

The Real Housewives of New York City ( 4 hours ago )

Babsido : The plot thickens!

River ( 4 hours ago )

MonSwon : This is a really good film. You don't know where it is going at first but it picks up and there is something which feels real about it.

Descendant ( 4 hours ago )

primewires : Worst dialogue ever, and probably one of the worst movies on this site. A lot of things in this movie are shit-colored, and that's what this is. Even the unintentional hilarity of Edgar Allan Poe lurking everywhere cannot save this turd.

BattleBots ( 4 hours ago )

ossminid : Worst. Episode. Ever.

Stargate: Atlantis ( 4 hours ago )

Shareview : where did u get those random numbers? ... rofl Rodney rockz.Beside this joke episode was sooo sad ... 10 000 years are very long time ...Curious how wrath came on this ship at 1st place? Probably those cruisers left him there ..

Impractical Jokers ( 4 hours ago )

Athenry : The last two episodes out and no uploads, this sucks.

Independence Day: Resurgence ( 4 hours ago )

Mr_Ernie : Maybe the plot was not so good for the first half, but the back half was good. Part one only had dog fights, but this one the aliens fought on foot with dog fights..

Stargate: Atlantis ( 4 hours ago )

Shareview : hmm, this really bothers me. How everyone from two galaxies speak english , even Wraths. At least in Star trek they have translators and often they struggle to communicate with other races.Here - new planet , new people - same ol english.It`s kinda annoying.Probably i miss some episode where they explane it so can anyone help me with this please?

MADtv ( 5 hours ago )

Lixter : The GOT skit was really funny and it wasn't that bad in overall. i get it we miss the original cast and people love to dwell in the past and hate giving a chance to new things. IMO i think it's got potential.

Russell Howard's Stand Up Central ( 5 hours ago )

tapirpunk : when Russel opens the show, I always forget there's guest act's comming, I keep thinking it's gonna be his hilarious self the whole 22 minutes :-)

Ghostbusters 2016 ( 5 hours ago )

Auxion : Absolutely amazing, move over Shawshank Redemption

Suits ( 5 hours ago )

TheFourAgreements : that last request by Cahill in that last scene = HELL TO THA NO! no no no no no... I think we all know Mike well enough at this point to see he would NEVER go for it.

Jeff Ross Presents Roast Battle ( 5 hours ago )

Tazman79 : It's too bad it's on the American Comedy Central instead of the Canadian Comedy Network because Canada don't bleep the words like the Americans do.

Celebrity Big Brother ( 5 hours ago )

bandgeek11 : Frankie is a celebrity? I don't think so. He's a no talent punk riding on his sister's coattails. He makes me want to hurl.

Into the Forest ( 5 hours ago )

superdave77 : not a bad one time watch but rather boring. This movie leaves you with more questions than answers and spends far too much time focused on mundane interactions. It also has some timeline issues any anyone with a construction or home repair background will see tons of holes in it. Lots of decisions made lacking basic logic, all the way to the very end. Left me thinking, are they really that stupid. The picture on the other hand is award winning, just beautiful. It's actually what kept me watching it.

Big Brother Canada ( 6 hours ago )

Pisces_ : Well I need to agree with the posts already here. I skipped through about 6 episodes just to see who won, because at the final 4 or 5 I really didn't care who won at that point. BBCAN is quite ridiculous for competitions that are not even competitive, also floaters are the winners. However, the one thing I will say is that I am happy to see people not lye, cheat and w*ore themselves to the win.

Mountain Men ( 6 hours ago )

Tazman79 : Marty and his little single cylinder sled don't like the deep snow and dragging all the weight behind it I cooked a engine on a old yamaha 340 all I did was let it cool toss some oil down the plug holes and broke it lose again it made lot's of noise but got it running again and drove it the rest of the winter

Eureka ( 6 hours ago )

drwho_freak : GOOOD EPISODE !

Mountain Men ( 6 hours ago )

Tazergrrrl : Oh No! Eustice tried to beat a rock up with his fa... nevermind. (lotsa points)

Into the Forest ( 6 hours ago )

TydUpNpinkBow : Loved the movie. I am a big Ellen Page and Evin Rachel Wood fan. If u are into female driven story lines, You will love it too.

The Investigator: A British Crime Story ( 6 hours ago )

veramar : It's an interesting series, but you may as well skip episode 2, since it essentially is the same as ep1.

Damien ( 6 hours ago )

Shareview : hmm, what is wrong with those people , imho this was decent one. Dont deserved to be cancelled ,i was so hyped about this show and it didnt disapoint me.But ... Who knows ,poor ratings maybe made it cancelled.I really dont understand why.Shame indeed!

Orange Is the New Black ( 6 hours ago )

Sillyme1234567 : Wow...what a way to end a season. This cast kills it show after show. Jenji Kohan is really showing us something special in her work about human nature. Watching this and previously watching her other show Weeds is such a look inside the raw selfish, selfcentered nature it is to be a person. The sheer lack of integrity of the people in the Kohan universe is almost a bit overwhelming in her work and sometimes leaves me feeling pretty depressed about the prospects of our species. Cynical is hardly adequate to describe her view of life. More like a look at petulant children who pout and act out because they can't have everything they want. And that is not a criticism of the show at all. It's just my take on the dismal view Kohan paints about people. There are no heroes, no righteous do-gooders and no moral agents....just colluders and schemers who use emotional manipulation to convince themselves and each other that they are not really completely disgusting people. I honestly don't think it was a coincidence that the writers killed off the most likable character in the prison and gave her the send off they did. It made perfect sense. And they purposely clarified her goodness when they read off her record. In some odd way, killing off Washington was the hardest critique Kohan could have given her characters. The good die young.

Big Hero 6 ( 6 hours ago )

Gothgurl : This movie was absolutely beautiful in every way but sad at other times, in a good way.

In The Deep ( 7 hours ago )

manditoe : I enjoyed this movie plus I really like Mandy Moore! She's in one of my favorite movies called *A Walk to Remember* .... Thxx

The Celebrity Apprentice Australia ( 7 hours ago )

kristyhagarty : That Gabbi really is dumb as dogshit

The Legend of Tarzan ( 7 hours ago )

CrazyBastid : not bad. started slow but built up to a nice, if somewhat over-the-top, climax. but that's how stories are supposed to be told, so if you're into the telling more than the production, directing, camera work (etc., etc.) ... then this is something for you to watch.

Jeff Ross Presents Roast Battle ( 7 hours ago )

unlogic420 : If you love the Comedy Central Roasts then you will love this show. It is not as professional as the fully scripted roasts, but that only adds to the authenticity of this show. 4/5 and would have been 4.5/5 if those dancers were not part of the act.

10 Cloverfield Lane ( 7 hours ago )

rozebudd1983 : Really liked this movie. Kept u guessing if he was telling the truth or not about it being taken over . Great story . John Goodman did a great job at being the bad / good guy. He was a good crazy guy .weird ending but I hope they make another one .

In The Deep ( 7 hours ago )

fatalsin : Wasn't bad for a one time watch. I was on the edge of my seat a few times. Acting is ok...overall nice little shark thriller..

Big Brother Canada ( 8 hours ago )

Pisces_ : I really wish Loveita was here to see this.

Jeff Ross Presents Roast Battle ( 8 hours ago )

mexican_bart : It was like, battle rapping except they obviously pre-prepped jokes and had them chambered and still weren't that good.. but worth a watch if you wanna see people bomb and some famous comics as judges. Its one of those shows that might pick up and be better tho its the first ep.

Nowhere To Hide ( 8 hours ago )

StarKissed : Yes, I would say this ex-husband is at least somewhat psychopathic, but definitely a full blown Narcissist. Anyone who's had to deal with someone with that type personality, is lucky to still be sane by the time their issue is resolved, if ever. Overall, this show has grown on me; it's really interesting.

Independence Day: Resurgence ( 8 hours ago )

thecrimsonking : Big and dumb, but if you turn off your brain and watch for the 'splosions and one-liners, it should satisfy.

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Independence Day: Resurgence

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