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Divergent ( 2 hours ago )

slicknick66 : excellent movie! it true that this is just the first of a trilogy?..i would hope so the story doesn't seem complete.

Little Women LA ( 2 hours ago )

marquie16 : I liked this first season! There wasn't too much drama (fighting wise) and we got to learn more about the struggles of little women. I hopes there is a season 2

The Expendables 3 ( 2 hours ago )

TheMovieGuy612 : This movie is freaking awesome!!! I think I loved it better than the first two combined!!!

Defiance ( 2 hours ago )

prek2phd : There are more twists and turns in this show than the trail of a snake. I love it!

The Ramen Girl ( 2 hours ago )

CygnusXII : I love this movie and I think Brittany really struck a home run with this movie. She had hit and miss career, but I think she was maturing into a really good actress. It's a shame she died. I really think she was murdered. Her Mother killed her with rat poison or something containing toxic metals. Her Father proved that with two separate Labs and sets of test. That Mother of hers took her out and then the Husband, and took her assets. What a shame to be cut down at 32 years old.

Dominion ( 2 hours ago )

Kiseki : CGI is just crap, they should've chosen better actors that would fit those roles, and that story isn't very well balanced, power balance i mean? It's an archangel that can survive nuclear blasts but can die from being shot or stabbed -_-

Elaine Stritch: Shoot Me ( 2 hours ago )

toasterfraker : Great docs! A true dame, that one. She's missed already.

The Signal ( 2 hours ago )

jduke911 : I love shit like this..make more now!!

Gossip Girl ( 2 hours ago )


The Monkey King ( 2 hours ago )

VirginiaAndrews : this was terrible

Danganronpa: Kibou no Gakuen to Zetsubou no Koukousei - The Animation ( 2 hours ago )

anainthestars : well I actually liked the opening song, if you like sub anime, this is a typical japanese song so it shouldn't be surprising. Already some characters reminds me so much of judge, I love it.

Preachers of LA ( 2 hours ago )

Cutenu2 : Dietrick is a mess and a heretic. But he's typical of today's Christians that cherry pick what they want to follow and not follow. God's word is indeed absolute, and Dietrick wants to tailor the Word of God to suit himself. I'm glad pastor Gibson called him out.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets ( 2 hours ago )

AMC427 : This movie is actually better than I remember but I still consider it to be one of the least best ones in the series 9/10

The Truman Show ( 2 hours ago )

Aune : just putting the people whom have not watched this film in the front line... and the question is. who is the idiot person whom wrote the description on this here movie!?. spoiling a great movie with first glance.. REMOVE IT(change it too a truly description and NO DAMN SPOILERS!

2 Broke Girls ( 2 hours ago )

adriss : I love that her gnomes have names :)

The Expendables 3 ( 2 hours ago )

leah274 : Love the Action.. Antonio Banderas was a friggin crackup guy... Hope there will be a fourth one!!

Continuum ( 2 hours ago )

kclaytor : I keep watching it. It is good, but I will tell you what I like about it and what I don't, so you can decide if it is for you. I like the whole corporations against the people theme. I like time travel. What I don't like is when it gets too cop show, and the power structures are very hierarchical. I prefer themes where people are working outside of power structures better. I'd like to see its theme be more leaderless resistance because that is where the world is going these days. Resistance with leaders is the old story line.

Misfits ( 2 hours ago )

MrPointy27 : Maybe it's just me, but I loved all 5 seasons. I know people have an issue after season 2, and I understand why, but they introduce and take away characters at a great rate. Especially since it wasn't their plan to begin with. 10/10 for all 5 seasons.

True Blood ( 2 hours ago )

Cherry_Darling : It's only when Eric got back in the game that things got interesting again. And I was surprised that Ryan's crazy ancient vamp gf didn't rip Jessica's head off right then and there.

Deadfall ( 2 hours ago )

RicanLunaP : Great movie!! Charlie Hunnam is a beast in this!! Really good to see him out of the SOA role for a change. Def a must watch!! 5/5

The Time Traveler's Wife ( 2 hours ago )

raidmar : fantastic movie. storyline was great, simply amazing. 10/10

Dominion ( 3 hours ago )

zyton777 : Probably the weakest exorcism on record. This series is typical Scyfy as shitty as Defiance.

Dune ( 3 hours ago )

brecorm : ahead of it's time when it came out but incredibly vague and boring now.

Pandorum ( 3 hours ago )

fuzzybunny : Great movie, interesting story. Sci-fi psychological thriller. 5/5

Naruto Shippuden ( 3 hours ago )

mcdadexo : I cant believe this episode had so many flashbacks of what happened in the previous episode, they really need fillers ugh they might aswell replay alll the scenes for this episode

UFC 43 Meltdown ( 3 hours ago )

tekx360 : need new links... this one is beat... no bueno...and it looks to be a great card... help!

The Expendables 3 ( 3 hours ago )

prek2phd : How in the heck did Antonio Banderas end up in this movie? Even so, his character is hilarious. Well worth watching!

Divergent ( 3 hours ago )

micalilime : I kept putting off watching this movie because for some reason I thought it was going to be too highschoolerish for me ...yeah yeah i know that isn't really a word, the red line below it reminds me. LOL but I really liked it. I definitely was entertained all the way through

Danganronpa: Kibou no Gakuen to Zetsubou no Koukousei - The Animation ( 3 hours ago )

anainthestars : i don't know why I waited so long to watch this. But it's good, I like it a lot and it does feel like battle royale, but also like doubt and judge

Divergent ( 3 hours ago )

A_cheese : Decent movie, not much of CGI effects but the story is very entertaining and also keeps you think about the situations for each factions that has their own roles in this world. Great performance and outstanding events. I give this one a @@@@ cheese.

Planet of the Apes ( 3 hours ago )

tcon77 : It's been 13 years and I had hoped that they would make a sequel to this movie so he could find his way back to his hot girlfriend, but I guess they are never making it errr!!!!

Defiance ( 3 hours ago )

NickFuryJudgeJury : What is this? Star Wars, Star Trek, Battle Star, Stargate, Star Spangled, Star Search, Star Jones, Starksy and Hutch, all rolled into one show. They don't know who they want to steal from. One week it's another show, and then a movie. This show just all over the place.

Monty Python Live (Mostly) ( 3 hours ago )

Bertrum : As a person who waited up on Sunday nights to see MP when it first aired on American TV, I can say this was true Monty Python just like it aired on TV. Some sketches were funnier than others, all were tongue firmly planted in the cheek, and the mix of prerecorded vids and animation reflected their original humor. If your fandom is based on their movies you may be disappointed, but if you enjoyed their television shows you will feel right at home. They did add some broadway-style numbers, but I think that was to reflect their previous stage shows and to make a bigger presentation.

The Expendables 3 ( 3 hours ago )

brahmi77 : this cast cant get any better !!! wonderful movie 10/10

Traffic ( 3 hours ago )

A_cheese : Great movie, very deep and meaningful story and a nice story roles of each characters. Nice pictures, amazing performances and over all a great movie to portrait each person's lives with their own agenda. I give this one a @@@@ cheese.

Homefront ( 3 hours ago )

brahmi77 : James Franco is amazing well done!! 10/10 movie

True Blood ( 3 hours ago )

dulcelove83 : Anti-virus yet?

About Last Night ( 3 hours ago )

brahmi77 : was a great movie but the story could be better.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes ( 3 hours ago )

JinhaiSmith : WHOA, this is a modern masterpiece. It makes the original apes film from 2001 look like the muppet show! I saw this in the theater in 3D and the monkeys looked so real it was like living in a virtual reality world! Mocap is sure no crap! In 20 years this will still look like a master class in effects and action. The dual wielding monkey on the horse was so damned awesome, and I love how the action is really coherent and well coreographed, like a tactical master class it isn't just random noise and bluster that the film making people thought owuld look kewl, you know? This is a smart film for people who really get subtext and metaphors. I liked how subtle the film was, too, like the paraleling of the humans and monkeys to suggest taht we are all the same and have the same concerns, and in the end we are just all trying to get by and have troubles of our own to deal with without having to go out and fix the problems of other peoples first! I have never seen that message before in any of the previous ape films, like rise and the 2001. I really liked the 2001 original, as I said, but this makes that look like old socks! WELL DONE MONKEY MOVIE MAKERS!

Full House ( 3 hours ago )

TJSpyke : Love the episode, and the song in it

2 Broke Girls ( 3 hours ago )

adriss : I want to live in a dumpster now lol. Max is hilarious and I like Caroline but I think shes always over acting. Just my opinion.

The Daily Show ( 3 hours ago )

Pirouetter : George Takei talks of his childhood internment. Obamacare scare?

Rectify ( 3 hours ago )

wex : Something about this is starting to scare me.

Hawaii Five-O ( 3 hours ago )

iCica : I don't know what it is, but there is just something about this show that I like.

My Name Is Earl ( 3 hours ago )

megalinda : Very amusing.I enjoyed the pilot.Besides humor Earl has insight into human behavior. 8/10

Supernatural ( 3 hours ago )

Kristallina518 : So lisa is the one. Tht explains why she was in his dream once. This episode Castiel was so hilarious.....but I bet he is going through hell. Poor Cass. Sam Is like the only one between Dean and Cass tht actually has hope. Thos episode was really good and a bit emotional.

The Vampire Diaries ( 3 hours ago )

oriean : really looking forward to know how they are going to bring back damon and katherine

Deadliest Catch: Crab Fishing in Alaska ( 3 hours ago )

bassassasin : good job Mandy better than a lot of the green horn men, Sig should be proud of his lil girl..

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LSDShaman : I didnt know they put Murtagh on the jigsaw case

True Blood


Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

chakragnome : Stupid Koba...deceiving hateful bastard. I really don't get what all the hype i ...

Need for Speed

pavan21 : Good movie with good acting of Aaron Paul. 8/10

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

raidmar : for me it's a downgrade from Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes. really couldn't get ...

The Flash 2014

nikosperos1990 : hi helou new episouds are coming;

Captain America The Winter Soldier

ymartinez101 : Loved this movie. I never really was a fan of superhero movies or marvel to say ...

The Fatal Encounter

dogb8t : These subtitles suck "log in" WTF

The Killing

azores : omg!! totally didnt see that coming

The Expendables 3

Brandedpupils : Awesome addition to the franchise. Best part in my opinion was the last half hou ...

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