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Ray Donovan ( 2 hours ago )

RicanLunaP : Great episode. Hope Bunchy doesn't get in trouble after that fiasco happening and the little boy falling asleep. That would be pure disaster for the poor man. He seems so helpless. I guess if he doesn't want to help himself then no one can help him in that department. Ray's wife is getting in so much trouble. If Ray finds out about this, he's going to go mental!!

Ray Donovan ( 2 hours ago )

DreadPirateRobert : Ray's 'radical honesty' made me laugh :D

The Wolf of Wall Street ( 2 hours ago )

nadz4422 : leos role was beneath him, thats all i can say

The Amazing Race Canada ( 2 hours ago )

H_A_L : :) Puts a smile on my face for sure, what to write, karma is a bitch? :D

Lucy ( 2 hours ago )

nadz4422 : Absolutely loved it, but in order to really enjoy it, keep an open mind

True Blood ( 2 hours ago )

Rooseveltjm : so that was the ending of true blood..well i'll be damned

Chef ( 2 hours ago )

nadz4422 : heart warming story, didnt expect it to be this good.

Married At First Sight (US) ( 2 hours ago )

LibbyF79 : Oh geez Jamie, give the dude a break.

Enders Game ( 2 hours ago )

mexican_bart : YO FIRST FIREDRIVE LINK doesnt work, everything is out of sync, like 3 parts of the movie are mixed and it cuts off at a good part

Pretty Little Liars ( 2 hours ago )

MiniMikayla : Oh man, hit me right in the feels...

America's Next Top Model ( 2 hours ago )

manuelkazanjian : Finally it begans....Has Allison been already around??

Battlestar Galactica (2004) ( 2 hours ago )

ronhelvey : One thing for certain: the writers do know how to push our buttons. Can't reveal my least favourite character, due to not wanting to be voted down to zero. Made a less than generous comment earlier, and dropped like a rock in less then an hour - some viewers are just so techy! Goodness knows there are plenty of unlikeables for anyone's tastes. Yes, they do know how to push our buttons. ;)

The Prince ( 2 hours ago )

oliviapope : great movie was great

Sons of Anarchy ( 2 hours ago )

ajb8303 : I'm re-watching the series, and this is definitely the episode I said, "Thats's it! I'm officially hooked!" This show is awesome.

Atlanta Exes ( 2 hours ago )

Aalexxx : toxic show....christine johnson rocks

Dexter ( 2 hours ago )

sergiodlopez169 : awesome hilarious ending ticker tape and all too bad deb is still on the show oh well maybe next time haha

Letters to Juliet ( 3 hours ago )

Shali_H : It was great xD added on my favorites. 10/10

Pretty Little Liars ( 3 hours ago )

Kristallina518 : I didnt think i would be this emotional. I hate Ali.

War of the Worlds ( 3 hours ago )

sofkalicious : First time I've watched it was when I was a lot younger and I remember the terror I felt. The movie still gives me chills.. I'm not a Tom Cruise fan at all but I still recommend.

Supernatural ( 3 hours ago )

xmienekex : damn that ending brilliant actors!!

Castle ( 3 hours ago )

birdiewolf15 : Wait a minute how does Alexis qualify for Work Study? Her father is rich, there is no way any school would qualify her for work study. I didn't qualify and my parents are no where near as wealthy as Castle.

Metro Manila ( 3 hours ago )

marleyboro : very good movie! 8/10

The Lone Ranger ( 3 hours ago )

Suzicueball : I didn't find it that great. I love Johnny Depp to no end but I don't really care for this story. Not keen on him playing the role of Tonto . If it was suppose to be funny then har har what a blast. Not worse than Rum diaries for sure .

Castle ( 3 hours ago )

birdiewolf15 : Seriously Alexis? You forced Pi on your father. Made him move into CASTLE'S home. If I tried that shit with my parents. They would kill me. Especially since they don't even know the guy. Worse is that he is being a burden. If you are gonna be inconvenient the best way to make the situation is to be less inconvenient. All Pi does in violate my privacy, use my stuff, and make a mess of everything. Plus has he gotten in touch with the consultant about his missing passport? What about his friends and family? Why can't he alert them of his situation and get assistance from them, and not some stranger's family. I really can't stand Pi. He needs to go.

Four Sided Triangle ( 3 hours ago )

malaysiaboy : Not as good as i expected. It had a good sci fi story but it lacks character development and the relationship between the characters wasn't shown enough. Without that,the story seemed pointless since the core of the movie is about their relationship.

Jersey Shore Massacre ( 3 hours ago )

hellsingfan01 : this movie is the most retarded thing ever i fell like i lost brain cells watching it WORST MOVIE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

Atlanta Exes ( 3 hours ago )

Aalexxx : Im just here for the lovely Christine...where ever that lady d.j goes she brings she auditioning for a spot

True Blood ( 3 hours ago )

Rooseveltjm : episode was awesome..i love everything ginger is about

Sex Tape ( 3 hours ago )

manuelkazanjian : saw it in theaters...Half of it was pretty much scensored porn!

Intruders ( 3 hours ago )

hedoistul : got bored after 30 mins ... and if the pilot is boring ....

The Leftovers ( 3 hours ago )

OldKingSol : This series has really reeled me in - i loved this latest ep, very interesting to see what everyone was doing ''when''... Aside from that, I swear that cop's ex looks like Willem DaFoe in drag. At least in her ''Guilty Remnants'' outfit.

Maleficent ( 3 hours ago )

ironfourlife : I'm surprised how good these film was, it's not my normal type at all. It seems an allegory for conflict and how the back and forth builds anger then hate and the difficultly each side has to set aside the fear and grief over what how been lost, to try and establish a lasting peace.

Preachers of LA ( 3 hours ago )

VerucaSalts : A hit dog will holler! Boy was Dietrich hollering! lol!

Forever ( 3 hours ago )

Ammi2014 : that was really good, loved the twist (how Abe was the baby he saved in the war) Cant wait to watch more :) Love Ioan Gruffudd, havent seen anything with him in it other then Fantastic 4

Rizzoli & Isles ( 3 hours ago )

Misselise : Hahhahaha, the end!! Priceless :)

Ocean's Thirteen ( 3 hours ago )

rajapakshaashan : This's really good movie. Way better than the 2nd one but not as good as the 1st, but overall, it lived up to my expectations

The Colbert Report ( 4 hours ago )

raven13 : 'Better Know A District' was so funny, Colbert's quite the singer with some good moves lol

Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern ( 4 hours ago )

FRANKIEDYNOMITE : Andrew eats a lot of balls, penis and semen, how fitting this episode is called Hard to Swallow.

Forever ( 4 hours ago )

moggsy71 : Really enjoyed this pilot. I can see myself definitely getting into this show. Some bits reminded me of the 1st Highlander movie. Well worth watching. 4.5/5

The Prince ( 4 hours ago )

jorgen2 : Jason Patric did a good acting job here. Willis always a cool dude

Dallas (2012) ( 4 hours ago )

iWatchTV : I absolutely loooooove Dallas!! Josh Henderson is a great actor

Magical Sisters Yoyo and Nene ( 4 hours ago )

MsBloo : Really cute movie. I didnt get bored and there were some twist that I didnt expect at all. The ending was touching, will definitely watch again with my little sister.

Forever ( 4 hours ago )

br3ak0ut : nice episode. kinda does remind me of new amsterdam (just like others have commented). also has a small dose of sherlock or something in the lead character. hope this goes into a more interesting route. thanks to the uploader(s) for uploading the episode!

Worst Place To Be A Pilot ( 4 hours ago )

moedigzz : Congrats to Dave for scoring a beautiful wifey! She seems really into him, so I wish him luck.

The Warning ( 4 hours ago )

Predwyn : Not great - very slow. Most of the versions I tried the sound was really low - barely audible. Rated: 1/5 (for the story)

Tyrant ( 4 hours ago )

pbisamoviefan : I was expecting more from this finale if there is a season 2 I am curious to see where it will go. All in all good series though but this finale left me wanting more.

Jersey Shore Massacre ( 4 hours ago )

roxannaaries : It's a spoof so it's not meant to be taken seriously, for a low budget movie the gore and it's details were AWESOME! Not great, not the worst, but I gotta admit it was OKAY, and it had some cheesy-funny moments. It of course could have been better, but it's low budget! and I liked Ron Jeremy's cameo. I rate this (for the awesome gore!)...3/5! P.S. you wont miss out on much if you don't watch it.

I Monster ( 4 hours ago )

malaysiaboy : Very good classic horror. It takes the classic story and presents it in from a new perspective supported by great acting. This had got to be one of Christopher Lee's best acting. Not entirely original but definitely well directed and entertaining.

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The Almighty Johnsons

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You're the Worst

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Married At First Sight (US)

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True Blood

adranxl : aww sad really sad but lol haha wow even in garbage


birdiewolf15 : Wait a minute could Frank just accuse his brother get exonerated then when his b ...

Witches of East End

Rooseveltjm : OMW... am loving where this is going


iwannacmovies : was the nice movie.. I liked it.. First i got bored with the cast but th ...

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