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The Big Bang Theory ( 2 hours ago )

paulamaral : the ending was really stupid, no one could be that dumb..

Anger Management ( 2 hours ago )

Blackanator218 : That one was a crazy one. I would know, I have dated one like that before.

Bitten ( 2 hours ago )

adranxl : i so didnt see that coming

Get Him to the Greek ( 3 hours ago )

IronZombie : I own 20 kookaroos (21 sir) 21 kookaroos!! Ya'll don't own 1 kookaroo!

Oculus ( 3 hours ago )

1971Adonis : This movie was so-so. Definitely not one of my favorite horrors. But it's worth a watch. I really didn't like all the back and forth from the past to the present, present to the past and all. I give it a 3/5 stars!

Beckoning the Butcher ( 3 hours ago )

Bluidedoll67 : Good FF film. Very Scary. Good acting.Creepy scenes.I just regret watching this before bedtime. have to work in the morning. I just hope that dawn will arrive(ha ha,you have to watch the movie to understand this).4/5

Chicago Fire ( 3 hours ago )

nineteen63 : I love this show, but what really intrigues me is the paramedic scenes, mostly when Dawson and her partner(s) are working on the victims and the rest of the crew from firehouse 51 are all standing around in anticipation. It's so intense and respectful of both Dawson's skills and the hope for the victim. I really hate the loss and it's going to drag throughout the season (obviously as it should) but I hope they can eventually grow and get past it. I also really HATE the idea of Dawson moving to a new house and becoming a firefighter. She was once going to apply to medical school, medicine is where she belongs, don't take her from us too!

Henry & Me ( 3 hours ago )

trenalaray : Henry & Me love it, great for kids of all ages, kept all of our attention 10/10

Gotham ( 3 hours ago )

Gurzil : Hmm Toymaker already? This episode really seemed to lose the dark edge the first brought. The whole scene where Bullock is threatening the kid just seemed comical.

Homeland ( 3 hours ago )

sim0ndale : its painful to watch brody's daughter try and act out sadness...just brutal

Bitten ( 3 hours ago )

adranxl : damn it why omg good ep tho

The Knick ( 3 hours ago )

roni11479 : I did not like anything about this episode. I'm still hopeful it pulls together, cause I think it could be a great show.

Britain's Greatest Machines with Chris Barrie ( 3 hours ago )

LesStrater : Thanks for adding episode 3 - the 1930s, which set the stage for WWII.

Nate and Hayes ( 3 hours ago )

Jared_L : one of the best pirate movie's ever made~10/10

Castle ( 3 hours ago )

marillion : Ok, I know a lot of people are kinda of upset and thinking this story line is just a cheesy way of drawing out the wedding. I think that is exactly what the writers were aiming for here. I think our reaction to this episode is exactly what they wanted and what comes next is a sucker punch that will leave us all going....what the hell just happened. This is an extremely risky plot to undertake, unless the payoff is divine, people are going to be highly critical. I gotta believe that for them to go this route, based on the intelligence of the writing in the past, the payoff will be exactly that...awesome. Something wicked is going on here, just watch, I know I will

Sleepy Hollow ( 3 hours ago )

718 : great episode....

Forever ( 3 hours ago )

joeguitargod : This is SUCH a good show! I hope it lasts more than a season or two. An easy 9+/10 so far. Watch it, I think you might like it.

Elvis by the Presleys ( 3 hours ago )

JodeeM : He was a good man who helped many people because he could and wanted to. It came from his heart to give and not expect anything in return, sadly alot of people took advantage of his generosity. He is still loved and missed even after all these years.

The Voice ( 3 hours ago )

Banchimae92 : Competition is heating up big time... It's getting even better now.

Glue ( 3 hours ago )

RicanLunaP : Ruth was looking really guilty there for a second. She might have not been saved as of yet. That ending was freaky!

The History of Future Folk ( 3 hours ago )

jlmbloodlite : Good Movie, Kid Friendly, though still good with fun music.

Stargate SG-1 ( 3 hours ago )

ronhelvey : I like this Elizabeth Weir, she be cool, not Kinsey's tool. And this is a fantastic segue into all that follows.

Bitten ( 4 hours ago )

adranxl : good ep damn that was harsh

Million Dollar Arm ( 4 hours ago )

1chanuo : If you don't speak Hindi, like me, the uploadc link has English subtitles. On Win 8.1 I had to install a free open source codec for DivX: It's a legit open source codec, I confirmed it's not a virus, toolbar, or adware. Then after playing the movie, in the player settings at the bottom right you need to enable English subtitles. This version is also very high quality. It's 3.4 GB!

Halloweentown ( 4 hours ago )

movievixen : This is my child hood. I love this movie so much. Perfect Halloween fun 10.10

In The Blood ( 4 hours ago )

slicknick66 : great movie!..gota love the payback is a biotch kinda movies!

Scorpion ( 4 hours ago )

alias6969 : This is such a cool show and the cast is so great! 5/5

Roseanne ( 4 hours ago )

StarWhisper : This was a good episode, I had never seen this one before!

Vice Guide to Travel ( 4 hours ago )

ghettoslider : FYI some episodes in this series are 1 hour long and some are only 10 minutes, so it varies.. but overall this is a great series.. 5/5 stars

Kitchen Nightmares (USA) ( 4 hours ago )

tiannaclarke94 : Not very good quality links.

Silent Retreat ( 4 hours ago )

korlor : absolute rubbish..too slow until the last 10 mins..i skipped thru it

Detention ( 4 hours ago )

vixenk99 : Wow. What a crazy show. It was fun, a weird wonderful watch. Very odd, lol. I'd give it a 7.5/10.

Smallville ( 4 hours ago )

Blackout046 : I haven't seen this show yet, but I guess now is a good time to start as any.

Lilo & Stitch ( 4 hours ago )

Dementia84 : Been ages since I've watched this, forgot how funny it is.

The Treatment ( 4 hours ago )

Tracehdridefree : Well done!!!! Soooo sad....but...this actually goes on....what makes it scary....sometimes the nutcases dress in 5000.00 dollar suits.... Also....time...never heals Certian pain. Great movie....8/10

Gotham ( 4 hours ago )

Tish7 : These characters are very intriguing. 2 episodes in and I am in love with this show!

Supernatural ( 4 hours ago )

PurgatoryMaster : Season ten starts next Tuesday!!!!!!!!XD Can't wait to see what happens with Sam and Dean.

The Knick ( 4 hours ago )

roni11479 : Well it is still an interesting show but it is not GREAT...still going to watch cause the concept is still good.

Forever ( 4 hours ago )

GodsChild3 : I think this is a great show - very well done. Ioan Grufford played in Amazing Grace which is a beautiful movie based on a true story about slavery in Britain and he did an amazing (pardon the pun) job in that too. He's brilliant in this. And of course, Alana De La Garza was so good in Law & Order SVU and so far, is really good in this. Loved Joel David Moore in Bones and he has the same personality on this show which is a good thing. And we can't forget Judd Hirsh - an absolutely awesome actor. Hmmmm - I guess I like the whole cast!! Great story line, great actors, great show and I'm looking forward to more.

Doctor Who 2005 ( 4 hours ago )

x_tater : Just started watching this series for the first time yesterday after seeing several people in the chat box and comments raving how good this series was. I'll admit the first few episodes in season 1 were hard to get into. Then as I progressed through each episode to this point. Nearly giving up on this show a few times because some episodes were boring or didn't make any sense. Even after finishing season 1 I couldn't see what all the fuss was about regarding this series. Now, I'm glad I stuck with it having been caught off guard by my emotional response to the ending of this episode. All I will say is be sure to have a box of tissues handy. I'm hooked and looking forward to what's ahead. Great show. I'd recommend this series to anyone who has never seen it along with the Torchwood series which intersects with this show but was cancelled.

American Beauty ( 4 hours ago )

drayda : that was a great movie i liked it alot defiantly worth a watch

Bitten ( 4 hours ago )

adranxl : super episode hope thing dont end bad

The Treatment ( 4 hours ago )

skippersnacks : Crazy, dark story dealing with the sickness of mind and soul done really well.

Castle ( 4 hours ago )

Ianuarius : Wow, the writing in this one is awful! :D It's been cheesy before, but this is just the new low.

You're the Worst ( 4 hours ago )

kharl92 : This is a really good show! real good story telling!

Ray Donovan ( 4 hours ago )

UberGoober : This episode was weird, it felt different to most other episodes, it was still good and still Ray Donovan but something about it felt odd to me, like I was watching a different show.

Forever ( 4 hours ago )

alias6969 : LMAO at that ending! Great episode. 5/5

The Blacklist ( 4 hours ago )

RicanLunaP : Red is in the zone. The fact that I have no pity for him even being the bad guy is outrageous. He's so awesome to have close but feeling wise he's a monster. Great episode!

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Teen Wolf (2011)

skatinghobbit : I'm rewatching this, I love the whole forbidden love taboo.

Happy Endings

Duqow : This Ep made me wont to quit on the show. Like anyone could ever mistake the thi ...

Serial Experiments: Lain

knightslayer57 : Not sure if it is more of a psychological, technological, or philosophical drama ...

Z Nation

MovieGuy04 : I had my doubts about this show but it really is not that bad I have seen much w ...


KateCrunch : Hmm so Hannibal has to stop killing now. I wonder how long he can keep that up h ...

Dead Snow: Red vs. Dead

MrMicha : the ending lmao. great zombie movie very watchable.


shar777 : my new favorite show 5/5

Henry & Me

deerwatcher65 : i enjoyed this,now i will have to see how the kids like the movie. 3.7/5

The Way Way Back

rightnah : I passed by this movie many of times and thought it was a flop. but it was a pre ...

Ray Donovan

UberGoober : Awesome stuff as always, I really want Ray to give Mickey a chance but at the sa ...

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