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The Way Way Back ( 7 hours ago )

BigUps4Talent : I had to look him up, Sam Rockwell. I think he really acts well, seen him all over but never pinned his name. Last I saw him, his character is funny because he has a range that is filled with such talent. I envisioned him in Green Mile, as a character. In this movie, he was the same guy but nice as opposed to demented. I enjoyed this one.

Ex Machina ( 7 hours ago )

Mizscorpio : Fantastic story and effects this is one for the books!... i love how she left him to die trapped like that after he did nothing but help her and be kind to her but then she showed the true part of her.. yes the Machine part.. cold hearted, no emotional ties. this is one reason we should not create AI's like this that are so advanced that they out think us and watch us die... playing god is never a good idea.

60 Days In ( 7 hours ago )

swans2525 : its funny how they act sometimes,lol that stephany is quite like a church mouse,lol.i hope theres some action soon some brawling but its a good show.

My 600-lb Life ( 7 hours ago )

Skorp : That is how can that even be possible at that size? Especially having a smaller upper half. Really one of the more bizarre cases.

My Next Guest Needs No Introduction ( 8 hours ago )

augusts1 : Amazing interview with two great men who are sorely missed. Thank you interlinkers!

The Gifted ( 8 hours ago )

tcon77 : This would be so much better with sentinels and mutants with better powers

Marvel's Runaways ( 8 hours ago )

squaredplanet : Can i just say, all the subtle references to the comics has me in shambles. This show is far from a perfect adaption (they've changed a lot of small but key things) but this show is amazing. As a long time fan of this series I'm so happy they adapted it to tv. Honestly, was the last thing I thought I'd hear Marvel adapt to tv (even if it isnt in the MCU). The characters and the actors portraying them are perfect. Might not be the same plot(-ish) as the source material but I'm all in, give us more seasons!

QI ( 8 hours ago )

tapirpunk : best quote of the episode, "I was admiring a cock-hungry purple emperor, on my red hot poker, there was paste everywhere, poor bugger couldn't take off"

Bad Stepmother ( 8 hours ago )

malaysiaboy : Typical Lifetime thriller with the acting being a little better than usual.

Better Late Than Never ( 8 hours ago )

austelechick : This is the only "reality" show I watch. The dynamic between William Shatner and Terry Bradshaw is HILARIOUS. It's great to watch the way that their friendship has grown over the seasons. While I really enjoy the comedy that Henry Winkler, George Foreman and Jeff Dye bring to the show, this will always be "Bill and Tez's Excellent Adventure" to me.

Inuyashiki ( 8 hours ago )

Sol_Protege : Profound, going straight to my favorites.

Seeking Sister Wife ( 9 hours ago )

sillygirl : Thanks kind stranger for uploading this show. Much appreciated.

Seeking Sister Wife ( 9 hours ago )

sillygirl : So far these polygamous family seem ok. It has my attention thus far. I!ll wait for mid-season to give a better opinion on Seeking Sister Wife. I find it so much different than Sister Wives (at least for the moment).

Queen Sugar ( 9 hours ago )

JayDavid93 : Ralph Angel & Charlie sho took turns gettin on my nerves a lil bit.. LMAO.. It was Ralphie this time.. Great episode though..

Black Mirror ( 9 hours ago )

blahtimmy : has something to strive for.

Slit Mouth Woman in LA ( 9 hours ago )

BellaMia2 : Terrible very low-budget movie. Couldn't make it to the end. Best to pass on this one.

The Biggest Loser (AU) ( 9 hours ago )

Pisces_ : Anytime I watch an Orange member leave I really feel bad. They are such a great team and them as individuals are genuine.

The View ( 9 hours ago )

manyscalps : Worst show on TV....still crying over Trump's win, Trump bashing is un-American.His title is Commander and Chief a Canadian i thought i'd remind y'all.

Stargate SG-1 ( 9 hours ago )

guitarran : That so-called paradox is BS = Big speculation

The Good Doctor ( 9 hours ago )

tbooker022 : I want to know what ya'll think, did Jared deserve his job back, or should he have taken that FAT Check from the hospital? This episode was full of emotion, passion, and Love for me; they showed great examples...5/5

Blindspot ( 10 hours ago )

SizzyLove : So they're just gonna brush over Stuart's death like he was not part of the team. I was kind of happy to see a black man in a role like that being a computer wiz...

Supergirl ( 10 hours ago )

minaesco : Totally sensing a spin-off with the Legion. Makes sense now why they made Mon-El and his wife so likeable now, plus added in a cool extra. I'm gonna call it now.

Bringing Down the House ( 10 hours ago )

BigUps4Talent : Always a pleasure watching these two, miss movies like this today.

The Brave ( 10 hours ago )

alias6969 : Another great episode. I so love this show! Even though Jas gets on my nerves at times she plays her part well. I can't help but think she won't last long though. 5/5

Primeval ( 10 hours ago )

Lucy18960 : In the beginning of this series it seems the team was more prepared and disciplined. With each season they are getting sloppier about what they are doing and when. As to the scene near the end, it`s about time!

Colony ( 10 hours ago )

robindsyt : Oh no! She was my favourite character - shame, that!

The Foreigner ( 10 hours ago )

DebbieLegg : Excellent! I enjoyed every minute of this. Jackie was brilliant.

The Good Doctor ( 10 hours ago )

ThomasinaPaine : WHAT A DIFFICULT THING it is to separate from someone you love. This episode was all about that--separation for love, with love, and for love of the self. To do it without guilt is the hardest thing.

Despicable Me 3 ( 10 hours ago )

bhutch1989 : This was such a fun movie to watch. I just love the Minions! I want a banana tattoo on my butt too :D 5/5

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales ( 10 hours ago )

bhutch1989 : I freakin' love the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise! This movie is the perfect ending for it. It's very satisfying. I had to admit I cried a little towards the end. This movie is epic. It's a must see for any PotC fan. 6/5

Geostorm ( 10 hours ago )

bhutch1989 : The whole time I watched this movie, I thought to myself "did they just rip off the stories from 'The Day After Tomorrow' and '2012' when they created this film"... It was alright as a movie, but I just felt that this kind of big Hollywood "natural disaster" type movie has been done far too much. The effects just felt the same as everything else I've seen already. It was enjoyable, but it could have been better. Great special effects though. 2/5

Dunkirk ( 11 hours ago )

bhutch1989 : I loved this film. Great story. A part of me wished it was a little longer, but It's good for what it is. Christopher Nolan doesn't disappoint. 5/5

Siesta Key ( 11 hours ago )

Akoxi : MTV should stay with music.

Downsizing ( 11 hours ago )

bhutch1989 : It was kinda dumb to be honest. It went to from silly to just flat-out over-kill. I was hoping it would have been better. I'm happy I watched it here first before paying to see it at the theater. Oh well.

Family Guy ( 11 hours ago )

GustinTV : Dang, I cried at the end. Lol

Star Trek: Discovery ( 11 hours ago )

alias6969 : Easily the best episode yet. I just loved Tyler's flashback and the horror in his eyes. - Yeah it was just as frightening for all of us to !!! Can't wait for next Week. 5/5

Supergirl ( 11 hours ago )

ExaybachayNobody : Version 4 = previous ep

Supergirl ( 11 hours ago )

Mizscorpio : Not sure i agree with Reigns "justice system" because in doing so you become one of them or maybe even worse then them, it's that thin line. The episode was pretty good, problems i had was why did Reign duck/dodge from a punch from a human in the prison? her character seems too cheesy for me, not sure i like this story yet. as for the Legion "not getting involved" i am not sure what they did when they actually did get "involved" other then create a mere diversion and get stuck in a giant ice-ball. lol

Shameless ( 11 hours ago )

annmarie913 : I really love the development of Debbies character this season. I couldn't stand her the last few seasons so this is a nice change. And I agree with others, the intro needs to be updated badly. This show is definitely awesome, one of my top 10 shows for sure. LOVE The Gallaghers!

Terror in the Woods ( 11 hours ago )

rondaxi : Is it just me, or does the woman in the first story sound totally wasted? I guess it's possible that it's due to legitimate medication or a side-effect of a past stroke or something, but she's slurring pretty badly.

Under the Bed ( 11 hours ago )

BellaMia2 : I was so glad when the father got his comeuppance. What a f***Ing bully! Now, although this movie wasn't as bad as I expected, I can't say that it was all that interesting. There's better out there. This felt more like a horror movie for teens. Not for me. One good thing though, I'm glad they didn't use CGI for the monster, which looked pretty cool. Beside that, it was just OK.

The Gifted ( 11 hours ago )

manditoe : That was good n I'm really glade she crashed the But they could have stopped to see what would happen next before going further. How can they be like the X-Men when everyone wants them dead anyways, so silly! They need peace, but it's hard to take it by force. Can't wait for next season....

Ghost Wars ( 11 hours ago )

minaesco : HOLY SHI... 13 episodes in and I just realize that old man is Meat Loaf. I mean I saw the name in the credits awhile ago but I wouldn't really look for him but today I was like, is he actually even in the cast. Totally did not recognize him from his character. He looks like any ol grandpa next door. HOLY SMOKES lol.

The Gifted ( 11 hours ago )

tbooker022 : I'm glad that Plane crashed down with Scarface in it #Team Triplett's, please let season 2 be soon, DON'T CANCEL this!...5/5

The Challenge ( 11 hours ago )

DreamPuppet : I hope they're using protection. Kyle is trying to beat Cory's plug a ho record. I think everyone should record their sexual encounters these days with women changing their minds the next morning and screaming rape.

Doctor Who ( 11 hours ago )

Literacy101 : Love these eps!! They're even better now that I understand what's going on xD

Rome Rise and Fall of an Empire ( 11 hours ago )

swans2525 : a great story docu i liked it alot so 13 hours of this yess i want to see that.i will see this and the rest too its a good show.

The Silver Guardian ( 11 hours ago )

DellBayou : Season 2 starts up right where season one ended: The logic train has left the station and come off the tracks. Frustrating. This could have been a decent show if they picked one plot and explained it and stuck with it. Bleach + SAO + non-sequitor.

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