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Teen Wolf (2011) ( 8 minutes ago )

nakedheart : O wow. I just can't do it. This episode was stupid. I am mad at myself for wasting my time and expecting something that worthwhile. SMH

Edge of Tomorrow ( 10 minutes ago )

SatampraZeiros : So judging from the ending did he inherit the power? that would be cool, it would be basically like being immortal, with the added bonus of being able to get rich and do whatever you want, as long as you dont get a blood transfusion, I gave it a 9/10 good film, funny in some scenes (at the beginning then it gets more serious) packed with action, though I wasnt feeling the whole *mimic* deal, the monsters didnt look all that cool, also I dont like it much when *futuristic* movies rely on almost the same basic weapons we have today, and in this case swords as well for some reason.

Dallas (2012) ( 15 minutes ago )

puravidaa420 : why is there no more fing gorillavide never up there rest are dam slow and suck

Begin Again ( 28 minutes ago )

StarWhisper : A lovely, feel good movie! Definitely worth a watch .. and listen! 9/10

Mighty Ducks ( 29 minutes ago )

braveheart666 : where is season 2 & 3, ************I WANT THEM PLEASE***********

Life of Crime ( 29 minutes ago )

Anonymous_Member : (o_0) I Totally Agreed, the ending more than made up for any shortcomings this movie may have had! I have NEVER EVER seen an ending so ironically funny, witty, and perfectly fitting as this one, and man let me tell you...I've watched the movie phone book from A-to-Z! Plus...Jennifer Aniston is looking finer than wine baby, so eat your heart out Brat Pitt...never know what you lost till ya lose it I guess...poor schmuck (shaking head in disgust and rolling eyes, lol). Rating: 8.5/10

Partners ( 31 minutes ago )

718 : solid episode....

Teen Wolf (2011) ( 31 minutes ago )

mrkillachris : A lot of times, I forget the show has the "Teen" in it... Would of been amazing for an adult show, but damn I found to be a waste episode... Didn't figure out anything new, waste half on romance and the damn chicken s.h.i.t who's afraid of his own shadow now... lol

Here Comes the Devil ( 32 minutes ago )

roni11479 : interesting movie. I would of like to have seen more spooky scary kinda stuff but this was pretty good.

Desperate Housewives ( 36 minutes ago )

Lujain89 : Ooooo Edie, will miss you ='''(

How to Train Your Dragon 2 ( 44 minutes ago )

terrylee34 : loved it loved it loved it....going in favs so grandson can see this one...10/10

Ma˘ Dante ( 49 minutes ago )

Cenotaph : Aah, another thing with no description. Let's just say the plot is complicated. It's one of those that reimagines God and Satan and what their roles are in the universe. It's worth a watch though, just keep in mind that the Japanese for the most part look at Christian cosmology as just another belief system, so don't be surprised when Satan turns out to be a superhero or something in a japanese anime or cartoon. The Devil Is A Part Timer is another good anime that does this sort of thing.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta ( 51 minutes ago )

dbspignerd : Im at a loss for words on this one.

Under the Dome ( 51 minutes ago )


Apocalyptic ( 52 minutes ago )

ernieinhawaii : I hoped for a better ending but I am not going to spoil it for you... You have to find out on your own.. Ps the picture on the cover is umm not in the movie... I was waiting for some thing great near the end and it was... Whooo haaaaa.... lol

True Blood ( 52 minutes ago )

adranxl : and with this im hooked

Mistresses (2013) ( 53 minutes ago )


America's Next Top Model ( 54 minutes ago )

RicanLunaP : Adam seriously needs to calm down more. That's not a frat house and he's not in there with his brothers and sisters to drink his way through the competition. If he would keep his frat house demeanor out of the photo shoot and concentrate a bit more at the task at hand, he might be able to do better. For right now, he needs to go. 3 of the girls are really in the running. The guys might not have it this season either. But, I will say that Mr. Football man has that something factor that they look for. Though 6'6" has the face like Tyra said, Mr. Football has the whole package. They need to really look out for him. And that Romeo guy needs to go, like yesterday. He just rubs everyone the wrong way and he's really creepy!!

Edge of Tomorrow ( 56 minutes ago )

dpetrella10 : Awesome action, one of a kind.

Cas & Dylan ( 59 minutes ago )

rainworx : That was a great watch...enjoyed every minute!

Nick of Time ( 1 hour ago )

tab58064 : Really good movie! This was made back when I actually liked Johnny Depp's acting. Before he became a for the money corny-ass actor!

Frankensteins Army ( 1 hour ago )

jawramik : Haha, this movie is awesome. It's all kinds of goofy, but in the best possible way. Does it have much of a plot? No. Are the accents really cheesy? Absolutely. It's just a good, old-fashioned creature feature with a little contemporary flare, and part of why it's so successful is because it doesn't try to be more than it is. And I have to say, considering its shoestring budget, it looks amazing. Whoever was in charge of the creatures in this film worked miracles. If movies are srs bsns for you, you'll probably be disappointed, but if you enjoy watching an hour and a half of gore and awesome-looking monsters, then look no further!

Teen Wolf (2011) ( 1 hour ago )

Chekk : Guess we pretty much saw something like this coming.

Utopia ( 1 hour ago )

marillion : Without a doubt an absolutely brilliant series. So well done, so unique and so well worth the watch. Highly highly recommend it.

Teen Wolf (2011) ( 1 hour ago )

watchinstuffisgr8 : I still can't believe Allison is gone, I'm glad they mentioned her this episode. I also really felt for Liam throughout the episode, those berserkers are freaky and I'm sure that's exactly how I'd be handling the situation.

How to Train Your Dragon 2 ( 1 hour ago )

rainworx : That was a great sequel...for you or your kids. Very well done! 5/5

Maria horikku ( 1 hour ago )

Cenotaph : This anime pokes fun at school life romance and dating sim game tropes. The main character enrolls at an all-girl school hoping to find her 'life partner' the same way her mom did. She accidentally finds out that the chairman of the school's grandaughter, Marie, is hiding something and Maria then uses her clout to keep our yuri heroine close to keep the secret from slipping out. This is a slice of life, school romance, yuri, gender bender genre anime filled with ridiculous comedy in the tradition of Azumandga Daio, Lucky Star, Pani Poni Dash, Negima, Nichijou, or Sayonara Teacher Despair.

Teen Wolf (2011) ( 1 hour ago )

deepends : I don't know why I watch this show!

The Case of the Hillside Stranglers ( 1 hour ago )

Lestat1970 : For being the first movie about The Hillside Stranglers and made for tv. I thought this was a really good film. I remember watching when it first came out.

True Blood ( 1 hour ago )

kyew : Nice that they played Marcy Playground. I wish that song got more exposure. One of my favorites.

Edge of Tomorrow ( 1 hour ago )

Lady_Kay : This Was A great Movie! Kept my Interest The Whole Entire Time, I Love Tom Cruise My Fellow Cancerian Haha Great Sc-Fi Flick too. I truly Believe In Aliens So This Was pretty Cool for me lol I would Just Hate to Live Die And repeat Something That Was Bad Such As War, This Must Be What Hell Feels Like. Enjoy !

Teen Wolf (2011) ( 1 hour ago )

718 : great episode....

Signs ( 1 hour ago )

broadsword99 : I liked this movie. Thought it had a good story and the acting by all was excellent. It even had a few comic moments. Worth a watch for sure. 8/10

Mistresses (2013) ( 1 hour ago )

nicetomeetyou1 : There's no way he didn't know that's a detail you can't leave out.

Maleficent ( 1 hour ago )

memoAlsulaiti : great movie , 9/10 sleeping beauty with a new twist

Pumpkin Scissors ( 1 hour ago )

Cenotaph : A good series, but poorly executed in some regards. The military atmosphere makes me think of the Amestris State Military in Fullmetal Alchemist. The full title if this is Pumpkin Scissors: The Invisible 9, referring to the 9 specialized experimental secret divisions in the military that pop up as antagonists throughout (chemical warfare, flamethrower, the anti-tank division one of the main characters was a part of, etc). The poor execution comes from them setting up these divisions and the people behind their creation as what you think is going to be the ultimate threat the main characters have to face...and then nothing really gets done with it. Still worth a watch though.

Cube 2: Hypercube ( 1 hour ago )

saxonhorde : this is my favorite of the cube series. such a brilliant concept

Naked and Afraid ( 1 hour ago )

LIFEofagony : Good episode, its like a greatest clips of snakes and survivalists for this episode. the look on the monkeys faces are priceless at 40:08 there like hes gonna die! and bad luck for the shows producer getting bit like that i couldn't imagine the pain.

Septic Man ( 1 hour ago )

nappiwon : This was very interesting, very disgustingly gross, and very graphic. But I really enjoyed this very much.. 10/10

Teen Wolf (2011) ( 1 hour ago )

guyrc3 : Kate is Crazy She Wolf...

RIN - Daughters of Mnemosyne ( 1 hour ago )

Cenotaph : This series makes me think of Aeon Flux in a way. In the original short animation clips she died in every single one yet was alive again for the next, the same way that Rin regenerates time and time again. Also Aeon Flux did have the bondage S&M theme going on throughout as well. Overall a good watch with an interesting concept behind it. If you're uptight and can't overlook bondage, nudity, lesbians, and just plain old ecchi fun in your anime then this isn't for you.

Devil Seed ( 1 hour ago )

anainthestars : this is the second time i watch this and really enjoyed it. It's subtle but its got creepy moments and just is a bit scary. People who like fast pace are going to be disappointed however, because they focus more on storytelling than non stop gore and action. there is a bit of gore a the end so...

Cold Case ( 1 hour ago )

ringo24601 : Well aint she just a bottle of teenage angst...

Mistresses (2013) ( 1 hour ago )

birdiewolf15 : Wow that was pretty awful

True Blood ( 1 hour ago )

adranxl : humor kinda ended how eric ends up ok th

Teen Wolf (2011) ( 1 hour ago )

saharri : What the heck was that? He's a freaking alpha and he let Kate kick his butt and now what? Crazy.

Superman: Doomsday ( 1 hour ago )

tigre777 : i just pause the movie to post this - Superman just kill million of Citizen by using a meteor power drive on his Oponent in the middle of the city - 26:18

To Be Takei ( 1 hour ago )

BflHigh : Good documentary. You can learn alot from George Tekai. 10/10

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Teen Wolf (2011)

ThorGannicus : Scott is so weak, alpha my ass

How I Met Your Mother

bcast : that was PERFECT!!! the few episodes before this i was thinking no no no, I didn ...


blueserpant44 : they should have tried to use water

The Slammin' Salmon

moviebabe123 : sooo funny love Broken Lizard movies

Teen Wolf (2011)

nakedheart : O wow. I just can't do it. This episode was stupid. I am mad at myself for wasti ...

Edge of Tomorrow

SatampraZeiros : So judging from the ending did he inherit the power? that would be cool, it woul ...

Dallas (2012)

puravidaa420 : why is there no more fing gorillavide never up there rest are dam slow and suck ...

Begin Again

StarWhisper : A lovely, feel good movie! Definitely worth a watch .. and listen! 9/10

Mighty Ducks

braveheart666 : where is season 2 & 3, ************I WANT THEM PLEASE***********

Life of Crime

Anonymous_Member : (o_0) I Totally Agreed, the ending more than made up for any shortcomings this m ...

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