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Scream: The TV Series ( 6 minutes ago )

r_mohn_3 : I know in the movies they were not all teenagers that got killed. But the characters that are in the series do not look any older than 17 and 18 years old.I hate to see it end the quick. Maybe a couple of more seasons would be nice. I like it...

Bar Rescue ( 9 minutes ago )

Ralff : This guy is a piece of s***, from the beggining i think jhon didn t want to rescue this rat hole bar, hope this bar is close by now too.

Looking ( 10 minutes ago )

Maurice84 : Such a beautiful movie!

Outcast ( 15 minutes ago )

RPDick : They nailed the sound of the Mourning doves in texas in that last scene

Basketball Wives LA ( 29 minutes ago )

Peace2yaa : I agree minajam! I used to really like Malaysia, but it seems as if she has been hit with the "reality show" curse. No husband and her head has grown so much I don't know how she walks around being so top heavy now. Girl, your sh*t stinks like everyone else. Honestly getting too where I cannot stand too even hear her name, let alone see that look on her face, that too me says, "I am so far above all of you pheasants". Uggggh, I can't stand someone with an attitude like that.

Only God Forgives ( 30 minutes ago )

DoctorStrange : This is an amazing movie. I loved it. It's a very different film, but a joy nonetheless.

Mansons Lost Girls ( 30 minutes ago )

MICHAELMYERS : lifetime?????????????? manson would be so piss''''''''''''ed to see his life on this lifetime show

Precious Cargo ( 31 minutes ago )

jessiejc123 : I managed 2o awful.

Fake or Fortune? ( 32 minutes ago )

greenguy86 : Fantastic outcome! The painting featured is beautiful but I relish in the history of why it was commissioned and how it found its way to the current owner. I hope it brings her family a sizable payday!

The Last Ship ( 35 minutes ago )

Roarioum : Good story. To bad the acting is terrible. Makes the show almost unwatchable.

Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man ( 37 minutes ago )

markenrock11 : woow, this is awesome, it going to my favorite list 10/10

Mansons Lost Girls ( 37 minutes ago )

AliensAmoungUs : The only MANSON video I liked the most was the 2009 version self-titled ``Manson`` that was shown on the History channel. Manson family member Linda Kasabian tells the tragic story and narrarates over a reenactment. The reason I like this version over others is because I believe it really captured the essence of the characters, most videos portray Manson as this monster. *SPOILER ALERT* The scene when ``the family`` is gathered in a circle to drop acid really caught the moment on how most of these troubled run away teens were so vulnerable and naive, Charlie Manson`s charismatic personality and spirituality along with his hidden agenda,

The Big Bang Theory ( 39 minutes ago )

Caroline80 : Awwww Sheldon <3

Primeval ( 40 minutes ago )

Enchantednuns : This episode did not go as I expected it would. WHY?!

Twinning ( 51 minutes ago )

ChanceRox : One of my favorites went home :( I wish the other twins in the TwinOff went home. It's kinda iconic though. I like 60% of the remaining twins. I think I'd be happy with any of them winning though.

Preacher ( 51 minutes ago )

ooeuphoriaoo : Opening scene was hilarious!!

The Night Of ( 51 minutes ago )

SASALI : John Turturro is truly great

Big Brother (US) ( 55 minutes ago )

Bisexual_Hottie : Not happy about the replacement nominee. I would have rather seen Audrey or Shelli go up they are getting under my skin already.

Barracuda ( 55 minutes ago )

Chau : Could someone please post episode 3? The posted links are of episode 2. Thanks!

Biggles Adventures in Time ( 57 minutes ago )

Songshadow : This is a movie that I have seen more than a few times. It is really a great movie!!!

In the Mouth of Madness ( 59 minutes ago )

trust_worthy : Nice trip back in time. An 80ies vibe more than a 90s. Old classic horror genre, when jumping scare noise where some sort of a new gimmicks. Now they have replaced the horror itself. Still, I hate the jumping points, just bad fillers in exchange of tension. Other than that, good plot, not outstanding, but enough for ah hour of movie. IF you are not new to the genre, the plot will sound predictable, but meh, still watchable for a go.

The Americans ( 1 hour ago )

zgrey24 : I liked Nina's version better

Ghostbusters 2016 ( 1 hour ago )

ashleighish : Did anyone else love this feel good movie? i mean yes, no one can beat the original but this is a CLOSE second. Loved the cast, couldn't have been more perfect ladies

Marvel's Avengers Assemble ( 1 hour ago )

locomojoboy : Am i the only one completely bored every time there is an Inhuman episode? I just cant get into that faction.

Shahs of Sunset ( 1 hour ago )

nireness : Yes, Tommy. Good for you. Damn who don't like it.

BoJack Horseman ( 1 hour ago )

knightslayer57 : That was hysterical. Great episode, and the season is now starting to fit together nicely and reminding me why I liked the show so much to begin with.

Supernatural ( 1 hour ago )

AustinC129 : How are they going to find an enemy that's stronger than God for the next season...probably gonna make the Winchesters hunt regular monsters again.

Supernatural ( 1 hour ago )

movie_lover1903 : why did they "road so far" this??

Bar Rescue ( 1 hour ago )

currymel : Wait, did this Idiot really think they were going to drink at the bar that was nice enough to let them train there, dry? I hope this place is closed by now.

Big Brother (US) ( 1 hour ago )

Bisexual_Hottie : Didn't like the outcome of battle of the block. I wish the other team had won, but they were definitely out of sync with each other.

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy ( 1 hour ago )

locomojoboy : so...where are the avengers the entire time new york is under attack from Thanos?

Suits ( 1 hour ago )

Netcaster : I loved this show up til now. The pablum jailhouse scenario is weak. Feels like they started shark-jumping and the dialogue feels wrong too often.

Berserk ( 1 hour ago )

knightslayer57 : Was not that impressed with most of this episode. It did give some information and added characters to the story which might be needed later, but till the end I was pretty bored.

Doomsday Book ( 1 hour ago )

Sensi_Star : Seriously though, WHO DIRECTED/PRODUCED THIS!?

Sisterhood of Hip Hop ( 1 hour ago )

kyamani187 : They dont make them like Eve or Queen Latifah or Faith Evans and its true girls can't rap they can sign but rap leave that to the homies ..:).

Room ( 2 hours ago )

DoctorStrange : Good movie. I enjoyed it.

The Wild Life ( 2 hours ago )

DebbieLegg : The animation isn't bad, but I couldn't really tell of it was for children with adult themes, or if it was for adults with children's themes. A mix of both I guess. Still, its a cute watch.

Doomsday Book ( 2 hours ago )

Sensi_Star : Absolutely masterful Sci-Fi anthology! Incredibly original, philosophically sound, thought provoking... and very ingeniously odd and humorous! Loved it! Make more, pleeeease! 5/5! Perfect!

The Circus: Inside the Greatest Political Show on Earth ( 2 hours ago )

knightslayer57 : I found myself cringing way too many times during this episode.

Third Watch ( 2 hours ago )

EXRAY_NL : best series ever made.. i usually ain't let a tear that fast but with some of the episodes i could not hold myself. 5/5 and that to know that i where there ones to stop by a few precincts out there in New York Ode to the writer of the show. thanks

Mr. Robot ( 2 hours ago )

08161986 : I think im not smart enough for this show...I like it..but its not as good as people say it is...

Approaching the Unknown ( 2 hours ago )

jamesmcsparron : This movie has been very lazily made! The producer has no knowledge of engineering, chemistry, biology or knowledge of our solar system and what lies therein. (WTF was all the nebula shots about? The ship was destined for Mars, NOT Andromeda!)What was going on with the lengthy water wasting showers? A man who spends days in the desert trying to produce water from rock is going to be very, very water conscience on his way to aqua less Mars. He'd be saving his spit, piss, sweat, tears and come ffs! There is no creativity either. It is basically a cheap copy of The Martian mixed with 2001 A Space Odyssey. The main actors vanity about not having hair made a serious bad impact on believably and the only reason the director added a green woolly Benny hat was because there were no realistic wigs to match the fake beard.

The Club ( 2 hours ago )

anainthestars : loved this movie when I was a kid. It was interesting to me although I hated the ending. I've seen it a couple of times just because it was a childhood favorite. Not sure if I had watched it for the first time today I would feel the same way. I take it for what it is, a cheesy horror from the early 90s. Where plots were more important than gore.

Big Brother (US) ( 2 hours ago )

Youniquewa : James absolutely made the right decision. He Is making a big play by positioning a competition beast to leave the house. And if he didn't choose the second person, he/she could have possibly won p.o.v. and saved the other one. It was the right call this week. As for James giving his word, the only way that can work in this game is if every one else in the house plays the game the same way. He didn't do a bad thing by breaking his word. The rest of the house would have held him accountable and he would have found himself in trouble next week along with his girlfriend. His word may be questionable but right now most of the house loves him because he's fun and entertaining. It would be premature to make enemies of the majority.

Ray Donovan ( 2 hours ago )

RobbyMartin36 : This was 1 of my favourite episodes so far of this show. Really reminded me why I like this show so much. 5/5

Star Trek: Renegades ( 2 hours ago )

pappaaa : Well made and funny.I liked it

The Last Ship ( 2 hours ago )

BUDDHA512 : knew that was coming after his chat...

America's Next Top Model ( 2 hours ago )

ChanceRox : The season started off great. Now two HORRIBLE DECISIONS in a row. Stupid judges. Nicole is the only person I like left and is she going to win... HELL NO! Because lets face it. It's fucking stupid. We have a bitch, two irrelevants, and Nicole left :(

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Scream: The TV Series

r_mohn_3 : I know in the movies they were not all teenagers that got killed. But the charac ...

Bar Rescue

Ralff : This guy is a piece of s***, from the beggining i think jhon didn t want to resc ...


Maurice84 : Such a beautiful movie!


RPDick : They nailed the sound of the Mourning doves in texas in that last scene

Basketball Wives LA

Peace2yaa : I agree minajam! I used to really like Malaysia, but it seems as if she has been ...

Only God Forgives

DoctorStrange : This is an amazing movie. I loved it. It's a very different film, but a joy none ...

Mansons Lost Girls

MICHAELMYERS : lifetime?????????????? manson would be so piss''''''''''''ed to see his life o ...

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