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Bering Sea Gold ( 3 minutes ago )

FBananapants : I'm really pulling for Vern. I have no faith or hope for him at all though, he's going to need a lot of luck.

I Am Wrath ( 11 minutes ago )

HalliBot1138 : I enjoyed this movie. Had a good cast, and I liked the story line; many twists, and lots of action! I would probably watch it again. 4/5 Enjoy!

The Night Of ( 20 minutes ago )

heathead1 : I don't like crime shows but this is different. A great drama series without the fake hollywood wham action that I hate. Great actors and great storyline. A must see.

13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi ( 23 minutes ago )

SoundSpark : One of the best films I've ever seen. Hopefully now people understand what these soldiers go through and can learn to respect and appreciate them more. Also the most important part, thank you to the soldiers that serve the United States Military, no matter the branch, thank you for all that you have done and hopefully will continue to do. It is thanks to you brave men and women that the rest of us citizens are able to have the freedom we do have.

Fear the Walking Dead ( 30 minutes ago )

chanya38 : I like this episode good come back,and got to know a little about Nick.. (out of 10=8).

My Boys Are Good Boys ( 34 minutes ago )

osirs1 : this needs links

Bachelor in Paradise ( 34 minutes ago )

diana51196 : I have no idea how the h*** Amanda can kiss that Josh guy with that stupid moaning noise that he's making, it's so annoying. #TeamNick

The Get Down ( 38 minutes ago )

RicanLunaP : This was crazy! I loved this episode because I was young when I went through this blackout in the Bronx. It was really insane. This episode brought back a lot of memories. This show is really amazing. I totally love it.

The Sea of Trees ( 40 minutes ago )

dsteinhall : this is a great movie!! I loved every minute of it!! Thanks uploaders!!

Red Sonja: Queen of Plagues ( 41 minutes ago )

overfiend : Really like Red Sonja but sadly this flick is a motion comic. It isn't that bad but if it had been an animated feature, it would have been great.

Stranger Things ( 41 minutes ago )

FuhGeddaBoudit : well it was pretty obvious that 11 had opened the portal even though it was by accident. I'm glad they made Lucas look good in this episode. Everyone just needs to come together now ! Especially Jonathon and Nancy. They must talk with Jonathon's mother and the cop

Supremacy ( 44 minutes ago )

britflix : Wow ~~~~ Powerful Emotional Film 10/10

The Sea of Trees ( 44 minutes ago )

dsteinhall : !

Drones ( 46 minutes ago )

Ramchallenger : Wow . It's sad and scary , it is a hard job they have ,

Bering Sea Gold ( 52 minutes ago )

sweetdee1327 : really good opener action lol thx to kellys with out the this show wont be as fun lol

The Sea of Trees ( 56 minutes ago )

Aristarchus : Why the critics have savaged this movie I don't know. I enjoyed it. Matthew McConaughey delivers one of his better performances as an adjunct science professor who decides to end it all by traveling to Japan's famous suicide forest. While there, we learn through flashbacks the circumstances leading up to his decision. McConaughey exposes raw, tender emotions, and has great screen chemistry with Naomi Watts. Even with the emotional music the melancholy and sentimentality didn't seem overdone, and though there are some gaping plot holes and implausible bad luck, this movie still managed to put a lump in my throat. Forget what the critics say and give this a chance. A definite watch 7/10.

Mr. Robot ( 57 minutes ago )

WeirdMonkey : Hey slow up there...last time I checked, the world needed plumbers. How'd you like to crap in a bucket and toss it out your back window, or worse, haul it to a local "dump" site!? That being said, I'd like to give a shout out to all the plumber's out there; keepin' s**t real since ancient Rome!! ;)

Definitely Divorcing ( 1 hour ago )

BigUps4Talent : Great material. I would say there were at least five movies in this one. I'm certainly not a movie buff, but there has to be a word for it; when you have all this great material, and only need a fraction of it to make it work. Don't get me wrong, I liked it, there were too many good people and topics that really need to be addressed comically more often for me not to like it. Solid real dialog that is too often looked over in society. Spoiler alert******------->>>> I can relate to all the different story lines. Other nationalities in general never being given a serious chance with black women sometimes. The black men seemingly ignoring black women, and tossing up biracial in their faces like their being with another nationality should upset the natural balance or something, then this black women thing were their thinking that they deserve to be worshiped like Goddesses more often then not before that title is earned, or even before they know they have a God worthy of that type of bond. Then.... the obvious hatred from Mexican/Hispanic females towards Black women/men and towards the Mexican/Hispanic men/women for even wanting to be with a black women/man....and so on... End Spoiler alert****SAT... There is a little drama from every direction that resonates. Maybe edit ??? would be the word I am looking for...? Interjection requested. This movie could have been the pilot for a series.

All Stars RuPaul's Drag Race ( 1 hour ago )

mrberry2u : Drag Race meets Big Brother! Genius!

Masterchef (US) ( 1 hour ago )

RicanLunaP : Repeat episode. I wanted more.

Bering Sea Gold ( 1 hour ago )

iTommyD : Great show, glad it is back.

I Am Not a Serial Killer ( 1 hour ago )

Devinor : this was very different......i liked it

Now You See Me 2 ( 1 hour ago )

ckhafre : This movie is so fun to watch! I think I actually like it better than the sequel. My favourite scene is the card scene- I've already replayed it so many times. Lizzy Caplan is a nice addition, although I kind of miss Amy Adams too. The only thing I didn't really like was the wasted potential of a certain antagonist. They could have added a little twist with that character, but ultimately chose not to explore that. 4 stars!

Little House on the Prairie ( 1 hour ago )

chasesgranny : Michael Landon was picked on as a kid and he was Jewish -- I have often wondered if so much of his work was centered on bigotry and racism due to his upbringing of if it was just a particular gnat bite of his. Either way I am so glad he chose to attack that problem so ferociously. It speaks highly of him that he would openly take on such a super charged issue at that particular time - a time of racism taking the news spotlight.

Killjoys ( 1 hour ago )

Smithju1986 : Dutch is Hot but she is not Potter omg not potter

Bering Sea Gold ( 1 hour ago )

Tazman79 : Those damn Kelly's are still alive I don't know how they do it I thought they would of ripped the wrong guy off and ended up in a hole as worm food somewhere.

Little House on the Prairie ( 1 hour ago )

chasesgranny : Nothing gets me more excited than seeing Harriet and prissy bitch - Nellie squirm and this episode is HYSTERICAL with them caught in the Garvy/Ingalls cross hairs - and the Nells ending is absolutely priceless.

Blood Father ( 1 hour ago )

mark11407 : I really love this kind of movies!! sadly all the good actors and actresses are getting old.

Ice Age Collision Course ( 1 hour ago )

corvalgrainger : completley unwatchable the audio is messed up bad

XOXO ( 1 hour ago )

princessdil : i thought its a pretty cool movie. kinda realistic. its worth watching. it kinda gave me motivation to hold onto what i love and do what i love. i think i would give it a 9/10. please ignore the bad comments and just watch it. :) :)

The Conjuring 2 ( 1 hour ago )

amz1369 : glad i waited for a good copy of this to come out, many complained it was too dark, possibly from cam versions? i liked it.. yes it says "based on a true story" but keep in mind creative license and boiling down on what that truly means.. ? worth a watch :) 4/5

Celebrity Big Brother ( 2 hours ago )

notatcreamfields : Hope Jan CBB is as outrageous as this 1 some how c5manages to cast hmates that mix lessthan oil/water, wishHeavy stayed in longer than Aubrey,Amber, Audrey though, Yanks added nothing with Rennee and her snitch hband who sent her fsoldier dar down who shes that deluded she thinks hes big time. She struggles ordering pizza never mind a hit lol ugly man face she must've been mega ugly if that was after p-surgery, she makes Hilleria Clinton look best option!!!

Blood Father ( 2 hours ago )

08161986 : Wow..what an awesome movie.. Great acting from both Mel and the Girl...9.6 out of 10! love these kind of movies!!!....

Definitely Divorcing ( 2 hours ago )

Carla81 : Good Movie, lot of the Hollywood Divas are in it.

Gok's Fill Your House for Free ( 2 hours ago )

GrnGrnEyz : I adore this show! It's so creative, and it's nice to see how to use things that already exist, saving them from the waste dumps...the host and the makers are so much fun, and the owners are genuinely appreciative. Thanks for the great show UK :)

Dark Matter ( 2 hours ago )

squaredplanet : WHoa. Okay what just happened?? So many things, wow. Speechless

Blood Father ( 2 hours ago )

marife31 : Very good movie. 4/5 Mel Gibson is a great actor.

Dark Moon Rising ( 2 hours ago )

raidmar : a minute and a half in and i was saying WTF. quite surprising though, i went into this with little hope of liking this but turned out to be a pretty great movie. i just wish i could have told them apart at the end. 8/10

Blood Father ( 2 hours ago )

limn : Better movie had they lost. But Craig's no McCarthy, that sicario's not very sicario, and at least Macy nicely [spoiler] dies.

60 Days In ( 2 hours ago )

snowghost555 : This time around it looks like more push is going to happen. The mom with the kid already locked up, they should have not let her so the show. She is going to get but a small taste of what her daughter already went through and already does not like the system. It is going to be harder on her after this show because she will see things her daughter never talks about. I do believe this show is for real. Some stuff I don't care how good an actor ya don't get til locked up. I won't judge anyone just yet. It seem like it will be a better season. There is no outdoor time in jail. at least not here. hell here you go to visit from video. I have a couple of kids that seem to like seeing the inside of jail and one prison. This is the first of a jail I have watched. When they get out they talk how it was at first it was bad then their mind sets change. I do think all Correctional facilities need to up their game. be more aware of what is happening around. Its for their safety too. enjoy Thank you uploaders for all the work ya do.

Summer Villa ( 2 hours ago )

SuggestionBox : After the world's longest, most trying week, I wanted nothing more than to come home, order take-away, and relax with a feel good movie and melt into my comfortable chair. This movie has three of my favorite things: novelists, chefs and it's Hallmark. This should have been an easy 5 out of 5 Stars, as most Hallmark movies are for me. But this one wasn't my favorite. The convenience, coincidence, cheese and predictability are things I can accept, even love, when it comes to Hallmark. But this movie took advantage of those things instead of earning them. Changing from a realistic, detached, selfish teen to the perfect daughter in such a short amount of time was too much suspension of belief for me. The stereotype of Americans and ketchup is so outdated, it alone took an entire star off my rating. I didn't like the actress playing the novelist at all, and Victor Webster is pretty much a one-note pony, playing one of only two characters in his repertoire. The tension was too forced and the resolution too easy. Given better actors, this movie would be a respectable 4 out of 5 Stars in spite of the writing blunders. Instead, it's a one time watch at 2 out of 5 Stars. So disappointed! And this coming from a massive Hallmark movie fan.

Blood Father ( 2 hours ago )

chloebear1 : Epic movie, great story line, cast and acting. Mel at his best, so glad he is back. 9/10

Fear the Walking Dead ( 2 hours ago )

Daddy_Lunatic : WTF! Did he just? Isn't that the same as eating yourself?

Blood Father ( 2 hours ago )

CalledOutOfMyName : Give'em hell Mel.

Frasier ( 2 hours ago )

wolf_child : Truly one of the funnier episodes yet! "Men don't use sex to get what the want, sex IS what they want" I just a bout died at that part lol

Blood Father ( 2 hours ago )

Ramchallenger : I really like it , Mel is the best whatever role he has

Forsaken ( 3 hours ago )

richandpaulie : This is a fantastic film, worth a watch

Blood Father ( 3 hours ago )

Devinor : was awesome movie and though batshit crazy at times ...mel gibson still has it!!!!!

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Bering Sea Gold

FBananapants : I'm really pulling for Vern. I have no faith or hope for him at all though, he' ...

I Am Wrath

HalliBot1138 : I enjoyed this movie. Had a good cast, and I liked the story line; many twists, ...

The Night Of

heathead1 : I don't like crime shows but this is different. A great drama series without th ...

13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi

SoundSpark : One of the best films I've ever seen. Hopefully now people understand what these ...

Fear the Walking Dead

chanya38 : I like this episode good come back,and got to know a little about Nick.. ( ...

My Boys Are Good Boys

osirs1 : this needs links

Bachelor in Paradise

diana51196 : I have no idea how the h*** Amanda can kiss that Josh guy with that stupid moani ...

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