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Scream: The TV Series ( 5 minutes ago )

mook2010 : Aren't we behind two episodes?

Ink Master ( 6 minutes ago )

banjoguy12 : glad its back, its great to hear more from nunez and peck in this format as well

2012 Doomsday ( 9 minutes ago )

kvpfan : how is 0/10 not meaningful this movie sucks balls watch it or dont watch it

Better Late Than Never ( 17 minutes ago )

starshineontop : I really like this show !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ISRA 88 ( 34 minutes ago )

matsite : Boring as hell 0/5

Duck Quacks Don't Echo (UK) ( 36 minutes ago )

Nonya_Biddness : any real links?

The Revenant ( 37 minutes ago )

luckyshot04 : First off, this is the one movie that I regret waiting so long to watch! I was about 30 minutes into this film a few months back and felt that if I didn't have time to finish it and I didn't at that time, I would come back later to take it in it's total package. I remember reading some critics were put off by the film's run time but in reality, the ending sequence of events I felt were compressed and more time could've been given to those events. However, it did nothing to take away from a great film! So, to get to my review, I had to take a few minutes to ponder the whole film. It is apparent after about the first hour that their will be very little dialogue from DiCaprio himself as he struggles to regain his physical health after an epic scene with a grizzly bear. It reminded me of Legend of the Falls but x50. You can almost feel with the bear's every swipe of the paw and bite on his human rag doll the pain and sensation's that DiCaprio's character, Hugh Glass, is suffering from. Also in this film, it is shot in epic beauty with the backdrop forming an opportunity to capture nature not only at it's beauty but also when she can be evil. The chilling cold, lack of food, and the whole logic of explorers trapping and traversing a landscape filled with Native Americans is breathtaking! And I would not be doing justice if I didn't mention how a movie flowed so seamlessly and there be no dialogue since Glass is on his own at times and not to mention has a hole in his throat. Without spoiling the ending, I felt myself rooting for Glass and hoping he would hunt down and end the life of the man that left him for dead, Fitz. Tom Hardy, who portrays Fitzgerald, doesn't immediately come off as a character that is the villian in this film. In fact, you can almost justify up to a certain point some of Fitz's objections. But kudos to Tom Hardy as he commanded an excellent performance. If you want an honest review, there it is. I give this movie 5/5 stars and there is plenty of reasons why! The scenery and cinematography used in capturing the landscape's beauty and beastly qualities is superb. For a movie that at times lack any dialogue while building up from the climax to the ending is negated by DiCaprio doing what many aspire to do and that is acting! Bravo to the cast, crew, and all those that had a hand in making such a wonderful film!

Victoria ( 42 minutes ago )

me2ureview : Although I am enjoying this Bio/Dram I cant help whats next for The many shows of Queen Victoria, oh yes they have not done Queen Victoria and her loyal cute dogs of many.

Jason Bourne ( 54 minutes ago )

kimathim : Contrary to a lot of viewers on here I really enjoyed this Bourne movie because there were very good elements to it. The action was different than the others, but nonetheless very interesting. It was great to see the plot go all the way to the very end and as usual the pacing was excellent. I couldn't have asked for better in terms of this 4th installment. I didn't expect much and got a lot more. The acting was good as usual. 6.9/10

Aussie Gold Hunters ( 57 minutes ago )

darylluke : They really chose well with these three teams!! One BIG GUY, with his unique creation he said cost him $600,000 to be engineered and made - GOLD-ZILLA!! (GREAT NAME!! Ha-Ha!!) Main man has his shyte together, making great decisons at critical points, that other with less experience could never make. He has a fantastic crew, which is very divers, and adding a hot-babe at the last minute, which seems to be their literal "lucky charm" just helps ratings!! LMAO. SECOND - Next crew is like in-between having some heavy equipment, but using mostly their metal detectors occasionally supplemented by their big equipment to move topsoil around to detect through Then, the THIRD team, who are actually VERY "opposite" type of people, who simply use logic, plus intuition(her) and just straight up metal detecting on claims that they are at, wayyyy(!!) back in the "DEEP BUSH" of wonderfully BEAUTIFUL AUSTraliA!! I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!

Everwood ( 59 minutes ago )

valazka : I wish I could hug Dr. Brown! He's such a sweetheart.

The First 48 ( 1 hour ago )

valazka : I must have watched and rewatched every episode four times over. It's fascinating to see the different caliber of detective work throughout the country--as well as the different caliber of criminal. As you blow through the seasons it's interesting to watch certain detectives grow from rookies to seasoned investigators. This show will make you less naive to senseless violence and I strongly recommend watching it from beginning to end.

Suicide Squad ( 1 hour ago )

fhys : This movie is Badass! Loved it!

The Blind Side ( 1 hour ago )

Brandedpupils : I promised this movie wouldn't get to me ( I come from similar circumstances...) and dam if when he said "I've never had one" when standing in his room Did I not go oh fuck... its a feel stuff movie. if you don't, your probably broken.. Life's a damn struggle. Good movie. 4ish/5 Crazy ass lady walking into the projects like that, lols.....

Suicide Squad ( 1 hour ago )

murphthejo : oh my god i cried when the joker died because i love the joker and when i saw the end me and harley said puddin! and i once again cried

The Neon Demon ( 1 hour ago )

Devinor : Thanks for that cure for insomina.......skip this

Talking Dead ( 1 hour ago )

FBananapants : What in the world is that ''lucky'' fan going to do with a shopping cart filled with water bottles? I hope she doesn't live too far from the studio, so the prize isn't too useless.

The Night Of ( 1 hour ago )

jennifer3000 : I f'n Loved it! I hope there is a 2nd season. even tho this is a limited series. the direction was awesome and James G. knew a great Idea when he saw it. wish he was still around to make more.

The Outer Limits ( 1 hour ago )

Subrectre : AMAZING the actors who star in most of these arent B rated.. making it a comparable watch to ''tales from the crypt'' and better than other sci fi/horror shows of the like

Steel ( 1 hour ago )

finigan1 : I upped your comment molly and I just have to say,jumping from that height without a guide wire or parachute to slow you down is suicide,there is nothing you can land on from that high up that would be any different then hitting concrete. That is why the bag ruptured. Whoever thought that was a good idea is completely exempt of common sense or any intelligence what so ever for that matter imho.

Ace the Case ( 1 hour ago )

freddie262 : nice enjoyable kids mystery movie my niece loved it 8/10

Dead of Summer ( 1 hour ago )

jncarriere : I think the acting could have been better,but by the end of the season you don't mind so much and the ending was really good. Great 80's music and I read that if they do another season it will be set in the 70's..

Better Late Than Never ( 1 hour ago )

DBrocks : I'm loving this show. It's so stupid it's funny. Whats funny and sad is they act just like I do when I travel.

Big Brother (US) ( 1 hour ago )

josephposton : Edit: I see this comment got posted on the previous episode's comment section for some reason. It is a response to a comment made in the next episode. So please ignore this comment for now. Precisely. If you have deals with both sides and can't decide which one to back, then put one of each up and let them decide for you. There may be some grudges but whoever wins will forget that in a week, and whoever loses will be gone.

Better Late Than Never ( 1 hour ago )

manyscalps : Mid 40 and watching my childhood icons act like i did when i was a child..f'n brilliant! Love it!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows ( 1 hour ago )

RandomMaddness : I can't believe that I actually enjoyed this movie...didn't like the first one, but this one surprised me! 9/10 for me.

Kainan 1890 ( 2 hours ago )

SceneArita : This spans more than a century, with beautiful cinematography, entrancing characters. The history traverses oceans & nations with an amazing spellbinding story. 5/5

The West Wing ( 2 hours ago )

TheFourAgreements : Gabrielle Union! And this is one of the coolest episodes on the show :) Shame about the Donovan boy

The Graham Norton Show ( 2 hours ago )

Chaosx : Johnny sure had an iron grip on that red wine lol. Best moment was when Jennifer told her Trump story!

Fear the Walking Dead ( 2 hours ago )

coxanova : I'm begining to feel like I'll NEVER care for any of these characters. Any one of them could die and I would not give a damn. I'ts a kick in the gut when a TWD character dies. I'm basically watching just to see what happens next.

The Hangman ( 2 hours ago )

cu_atthemovies : Feel good western by acclaimed director Michael Curtiz. It popped up so I watched it and really glad I did. This should easily settle that old question: Ginger or Mary Ann?

Pretty Little Liars ( 2 hours ago )

baebelle : omg...THIS..WOW i had me screaming and crying i loved it. wow a twisted eh

Maximum Ride ( 2 hours ago )

jncarriere : This is one of the worse book to movie adaptions,I have ever had the misfortune to watch. Bad dialogue,bad acting and really bad cgi,I cannot believe they did this to such a great book series. Had so much potential to be a fantastic movie and or tv series and they blew it.

The X-Files ( 2 hours ago )

HalliBot1138 : ='[ This left me all teary eyed. What a great second episode. I am happy to hear that they have said that they will be making more episodes beyond these 6. 4/5 Enjoy!

Misfit Garage ( 2 hours ago )

PrimeIre : The Vidzi links are working a bit weird but if you refresh the page when they come up, they work fine. They are getting 1 starred by someone but do indeed work.

The Walking Dead ( 2 hours ago )

wahoozer : Good show. Can't wait. I say it was Abraham who got Lucy. I makes the most sense. He challenged Negan, he is biggest/toughest built, he is army dressed-dedicated, loyal, self sacrificing- so from Negan's limited perspective, Abraham would present the biggest challenge/threat of rebellion as seemingly Rick's go-to guy. Plus we heard Negan say after the first whack something like, 'Oh, didn't even scream.' which sounds like he took Abraham up on his offer and was hoping/expecting him to cry out, but, didn't. So that makes the most sense. But , hey, if what's her name has a contract for a sitcom on CBS than what the hell, they'll write it way way they want! And speaking of writing, what the hell with these left-wing liberal idiots which Hardwick re-spoke tonight; who are the bad guys? Rick's people or Negans? Because Rick killed them in their sleep. HEY MORONS! BAD PEOPLE KILL INNOCENT PEOPLE! GOOD PEOPLE KILL BAD PEOPLE!!! Is that too difficult for even your amoral pea brains to compute?! You abort babies, chop them up for parts, pull grandma's ventilator plug, but you don't know if killing murderers who are also stealing half your food rations is morally acceptable?! MORONS!!!

Halt and Catch Fire ( 2 hours ago )

cauyao615 : looks like they're giving boss a new love life...great episode

The Strain ( 2 hours ago )

alias6969 : I say keep the damn book - SCREW Zak, He got Norah killed. Also pretty much over Ephraim and his drinking. He needs to pull it together man. He is almost as unlikeable as his kid. Good start to the 3rd Season. 5/5

Star Trek: The Next Generation ( 2 hours ago )

Johntheone : Troi also gets mindraped in Star Trek: Nemesis

Top Chef Just Desserts ( 3 hours ago )

Brissygirl : I don't know what it is about American reality cooking shows, they always seem to be more about the drama behind the scenes rather than the actual food. This show was no different. I managed to finish watching the first season but I don't think I could stand to watch any more. I want to see the techniques and methods behind the contestants creations not just the final product, followed immediately by the judging.

Real Time with Bill Maher ( 3 hours ago )

t0pcat : Julian Assange-smart,wise,and informed...what does Rob Reiner have in common with a donut...A-hole.

The Neon Demon ( 3 hours ago )

DjSuperman1 : What a sick movie. It's really artsy, and super gorgeous. It's a drama about the life of a super beautiful model. I loved every minute of it. I give it a 10 out of 10.

Marco Polo ( 3 hours ago )

swans2525 : great ep as always this show is good every time it never stops to amaze me.another 4.5/5 easy and this great show still is as good as it was from the beginning.its hard to not see it all at once.

Coherence ( 3 hours ago )

nappyjonz : Yes! I have never seen a movie like that! An absolute original.

The Roaring Twenties ( 3 hours ago )

AllahLovesMe : "He used to be a big shot." 8/10

The Neon Demon ( 3 hours ago )

limn : Bless Refn. If only injustice were either beautiful or preternatural.

The Neon Demon ( 3 hours ago )

kyrakacey : well models look disgusting today anyway. bag of bones with ugly clothes, with this new look of standing all hunched over (what ever that is all about). seems to portray the inner most thoughts and feelings of the model industry. id say par for the course. wouldn't watch it again though

The Night Of ( 3 hours ago )

nomnombrains : What a beautifully bittersweet series.

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Latest Comments

Scream: The TV Series

mook2010 : Aren't we behind two episodes?

Ink Master

banjoguy12 : glad its back, its great to hear more from nunez and peck in this format as well

2012 Doomsday

kvpfan : how is 0/10 not meaningful this movie sucks balls watch it or dont watch it

Better Late Than Never

starshineontop : I really like this show !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


matsite : Boring as hell 0/5

The Revenant

luckyshot04 : First off, this is the one movie that I regret waiting so long to watch! I was ...

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