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The Invoking 2 ( 1 minute ago )

magmadar : if you love watching paint dry , this will be right up your alley "muh baby muh baby" 1hour of nonsene few minutes of action tryhard rubbish.

The Invoking 2 ( 3 minutes ago )

dmalfoy01 : This entire movie made little to no sense.

Survival of the Dead ( 4 minutes ago )

mikeysdevilish : I just couldn't get the movie to capture my attention. It wasn't that bad I just couldn't get into it at all. ended up turning it off. I just didn't really care what happen next.

The Middle ( 6 minutes ago )

charleyo : very nice start to a new season with one of my favorite families. so true to life.

The Blacklist ( 7 minutes ago )

moviedude88 : It just gets better and better!!

Rosewood ( 8 minutes ago )

thebudman : stupid just stupid

The Originals ( 9 minutes ago )

lordxdevo_69 : Yep this is what i want.... This show never ceases to disappoint.. So much good things to say about it but i wont spoil it... The one show on cw i can count on

Autumn Dreams ( 10 minutes ago )

aafa83 : This was a very enjoyable Hallmark movie.

Sleepy Hollow ( 13 minutes ago )

Gramster2013 : I love the effects on this show! That creature's make up effects were pretty good. (I know what the creature is but I don't know if it constitutes as a spoiler if I say what it is?).

Bron/Broen ( 15 minutes ago )

LesStrater : Perfect subtitles on this episode - thanks to the uploader!

True Detective ( 16 minutes ago )

fio639 : Love It!!!There was tears, laughter,enjoyment, the casting was well selected,they was outstanding in their role. I do agree very well done. Bring on season three!!!

Being Ginger ( 16 minutes ago )

winniebree : I watched the movie on Hulu a while ago. I liked it. It is a documentary about a guy dealing with his ginger issue. Life is tough, especially when you are different physically or mentally. When you were young, you got bullied because of that. One day you grew up but you could not change your victim mindset overnight. You became cynical and sometimes judgemental. Believe it or not, that is the dry humor of your life. People who have been there get that kind humor...Well, some documentary film makers make movies to get a closure. Judge the movie. Don't judge the director's personality.

The Blacklist ( 22 minutes ago )

Venaliter : Fantastic episode, probably one of the best of the show so far.

The Flash 2014 ( 25 minutes ago )

tigrca01 : Yes, yes; they wrote themselves into a corner last season with the whole Eddie dead - Wells never existed thing. Big oops, that. All they could do is ignore it and move on. So should all of us.-- So, new season, first episode was good, though not great. I thought some things were resolved too smoothly and quickly, but that's me.

The Originals ( 26 minutes ago )

alias6969 : OMG what the hell was that at the very end?! Now I am very intrigued! Can't wait to see next week's episode. Great start to the new Season. 5/5

The Town ( 28 minutes ago )

EmilyC93 : I was pleasantly surprised. I don't usually like romances. Ben did an amazing job of acting and directing. I think that Blake Lively from Gossip Girl should have had a better role. She looked and acted her part really well. Now I wanna move to Boston cuz the accent is Hawwwt. 3/5

The Gift ( 30 minutes ago )

nappiwon : I definitely enjoyed this one, this one definitely had a twist different from any other movie I've seen thus far, the writers did a great job. The only thing I disagree to, is the ending because their could have been more story to it.. Besides that, Loved it..

The Blacklist ( 31 minutes ago )

freez610 : just cant get enough of this show

South Park ( 32 minutes ago )

Skorp : Am I the only sane person on Earth?!

Max ( 33 minutes ago )

peachy09 : Excellent movie!!! 10 out of 10

Bad Girls Club ( 34 minutes ago )

nineteen63 : This episode was so boring, it took me 4 hours to get through it because I kept getting distracted and did something more entertaining... BOOOO

The Vampire Diaries ( 34 minutes ago )

mightcec : Damon and Stefan watch out, Buffy is coming for you.

Daria ( 35 minutes ago )

saxmis : Another really good episode. I'm annoyingly like Daria, all my piercings heal up SO quickly.

Dr. Ken ( 35 minutes ago )

Meanmom : 10 seconds of laugh track was enough for me to turn it off. When will they learn that if it's funny, we will laugh? They don't have to prompt us--they just need to write funnier material.

The Vampire Diaries ( 36 minutes ago )

OneAndOnlyT : No Elana..Three chicks with accents and bonnie (alive and well). Great premier

Little Women: LA ( 36 minutes ago )

marquie16 : Brianna sure has a lot to say in the confessionals! She annoys me more than anyone on this cast.

Dark Matter ( 38 minutes ago )

spartanoutlaw : He was the last person anybody expected. My favorite character damn I can't wait to see what happens next.

Graceland ( 38 minutes ago )

yogawick : Unfortunately this show has been canceled :( Season 3 > Episode 13 was the last episode of the series.

The Vampire Diaries ( 40 minutes ago )

agevey : ~I agree that Elena's absence didn't bother me at all really...however...I can't say yet how I feel about the whole *three years in the future* bit. It seems to make things in between a little confusing, but also a little less mysterious at the same time, like maybe we already know how it's gonna turn out now. With the show becoming darker and lacking in the love dept, I was afraid it may become more like The Originals than The Vampire Diaries. Which of course is a great show too, but it is already a show, thankfully I no longer think that! I was sooo not ready to see Stefan and Caroline smooching it out lol, it's still a little too much for me personally (I love Elena with Damon, but just think that Stefan will never NOT LOVE her or return to her given half the chance). One last thing I kept thinking, turn Bonnie into a freaking Heretic for crying out loud, so they can fight back! I know that'd likely be bad news for Damon (unless her death triggered the spell causing Elena to wake up), but we all know Nina is really, there's no reason not to do it!! 5/5 stars for the premiere of season 7 :)

Black Mass ( 42 minutes ago )

JadyEighty : honestly, I am so glad I didn't spend money to see this in the theatre. I saw a netflix documentary on Bulger a couple years ago and it was more captivating than this drooling and arduous biography. I love Johnny Depp but the acting from everyone was lackluster. The writing was shit. The story was so disconnected and the character development was awful. For two hours this story moves at a snails pace then just ends and the movie wraps up with a bunch of post scripts to finish rest of the biopic. I really don't understand the good reviews. At best 3.5/10, completely forgettable.

The Vampire Diaries ( 45 minutes ago )

Jakeaa1991 : OMG. That was the BEST season premiere of TVD to DATE. They really upped their game with writing for this season. Shit, I'm so excited. 5/5.

Splinter ( 45 minutes ago )

Pommodore_94 : Good scify/horror movie. Interesting characters and good plot. If you like movies like The Thing or with strange Aliens of mysterious origin you will enjoy this. And I also recommend Alien Raiders and Altered. Enjoy the movies and have a good time.

The Originals ( 47 minutes ago )

TheBiest86 : cami is still so ANNOYING god only knows how much i hate her and how badly i want her to die she gives nothing to the show but bitching and moaning glad hailey is still a werewolf tho she is almost as bad as cami

Heroes Reborn ( 49 minutes ago )

dprynce : Is it odd that the Luke on Heroes Reborn & the Luke from original Heroes have similar powers? And no they are not the same people.

The Originals ( 53 minutes ago )

Peace2yaa : Yeahhh, it's here, it's here!!! Not even watched yet, but so happy!!! Thank you so much uploaders!!!!!

Cooties ( 55 minutes ago )

movievixen : I'm sure this will become a cult classic. It was so much fun to watch. Don't take it serious, I didn't like the ending though. 7/10

Chained ( 57 minutes ago )

ddanko94 : great movie...shitty ending. js

American Horror Story ( 57 minutes ago )

Tiger_Lily : Scatty, random, and totally bonkers but all in a brilliant way! Love it! Lady Gaga is good but maybe that's because she's practically playing herself. Sarah Paulson and Kathy Bates are on top form as usual! I hope this season doesn't focus mainly on lady Gaga as although I like her I don't want it all to be about her, although already getting the feeling it will be since she's the owner of the hotel. Loving the mash up of the 1920's meets 1990's set designs ! Pretty awesome! So far off to a good start! I've loved all the seasons so far! freak show I loved a lot even though it wasn't the scariest season of all and was in my eyes quite tame. Get the feeling Ryan Murphy has gone all out to make this series more about horror rather then anything else which is Important as last season was good but it didn't give the wow factor when it came to gore & old school horror.

Heroes Reborn ( 59 minutes ago )

techneek1 : whoa. really good episode.. some of this was filmed in my town. lol didnt even know that.

Supernatural ( 1 hour ago )

protonoff : Castiel not getting hit by those shotgun blasts was supernatural.

Empire (2015) ( 1 hour ago )

SizzyLove : If it was not for Cookie, I would stop watching this season. I don't know what happened between, the 1st season and the 2nd, but i'm not impress or excited about this show anymore. I do like seeing Kelly Rowland though, cause she is one of my favorite singers.

Scandal ( 1 hour ago )

spartannood : What does she see in Fitz honestly the guys a loser!!

Finding Carter ( 1 hour ago )

Dominikanita15 : Oh come on. I know it's a show but the outcome of the trial was not even close to being realistic.

The Martian ( 1 hour ago )

normparadigm : Just watched this in the cinema last night. Very enjoyable, if somewhat predictable, film that didn't really feel like a Ridley Scott film (it was kind of Ron Howard-like, but with perhaps a bit less overt sentimentality). Sometimes very tense, other times very funny. Matt Damon is great as "the Martian" and I'm not sure the film would have been as much of a success without such a genuinely likable actor playing the role.

Scandal ( 1 hour ago )

spartannood : what the heck does she see in fitz!!

The Last Producer ( 1 hour ago )

armeek : This was a really good movie, love Burt Reynolds..Well Done.

The Vampire Diaries ( 1 hour ago )

alanamaarie : Surprisingly Elena's absence didn't bother me at all. Great start to the season!

Heroes Reborn ( 1 hour ago )

JoeBuckUrself : I just glanced at the title and thought it said herpes reunion

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The Invoking 2

magmadar : if you love watching paint dry , this will be right up your alley "muh baby ...

The Invoking 2

dmalfoy01 : This entire movie made little to no sense.

Survival of the Dead

mikeysdevilish : I just couldn't get the movie to capture my attention. It wasn't that bad I just ...

The Middle

charleyo : very nice start to a new season with one of my favorite families. so true to lif ...

The Blacklist

moviedude88 : It just gets better and better!!


thebudman : stupid just stupid

The Originals

lordxdevo_69 : Yep this is what i want.... This show never ceases to disappoint.. So much good ...

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