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Any Minute Now ( 36 seconds ago )

BellaMia2 : Boring movie. The characters are uninteresting, and the acting was pretty bad. Nothing to see here, moving along.

Catfish: The TV Show ( 6 minutes ago )

Milkshake24 : 20 minute mark another episodes audio overlaps and it's annoying, the 1st openload one works fine though

My Big Fat Fabulous Life ( 7 minutes ago )

hollycoco : She's not fighting for her dance club back because she's too lazy and doesn't wanna dance. She's too interested in Nada and that cheater chub chaser Javi.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life ( 8 minutes ago )

hollycoco : Why's she wearing a lace bra around that Nada girl. She's trying to seduce her

Catfish: The TV Show ( 10 minutes ago )

NewtSparce : Oh fuck man, run and delete all contact asap.

Black Lightning ( 11 minutes ago )

wordtothewise : Love both the Marvel and the DC Universe, as I grew up on comic books since the early 60's. I found this show too one-sided, black-sided, complete with too many black stereotypes and cliched commentary, specifically designed to relate to a younger black male/female audience, instead of the population in general. It's a black show for blacks! Now, there's nothing wrong with any of that, other than, it appears too one-sided. Truthfully speaking, the show won't last the season, as it will not be able to build a sturdy fan base, based on black stereotypes and black cliches. While the acting is good; it by itself is not enough to keep the show going for more than a season. Just saying...

My Big Fat Fabulous Life ( 15 minutes ago )

hollycoco : I see Todd's there for a free meal, of course!

My Big Fat Fabulous Life ( 16 minutes ago )

hollycoco : All these white foods - too carby

The Fallen Ones ( 20 minutes ago )

BellaMia2 : This was bad, just terrible. My brain wouldn't allow me to finish it. Avoid at all cost.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life ( 21 minutes ago )

hollycoco : I think Whitney is trying to get with that girl. Going to the airport with flowers, snuggling up in the bed, all the hugging, and layed her head right on her tit. That meal was way too fattening, sweet tea, a bucket of gravy - more gravy than there was mashed potatoes, fried chicken, biscuits. I thought she was trying to lose weight? Okay, that is not healthy.

True Story ( 25 minutes ago )

adamlad4 : very good movie. surprised me that the two leads can actually act. well done

Inside No. 9 ( 26 minutes ago )

Tazergrrrl : Well that escalated quickly... via the s l o w e s t recap evurrrr. Srsly!

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. ( 28 minutes ago )

moggsy71 : I am still breathless! My brain is all over the place! Marvel.

Vikings ( 31 minutes ago )

arw115611 : Wow, the last 10-15 minutes were great.

Celebrity Big Brother ( 43 minutes ago )

FictionalChef : I figured out what happened and why there are no links for this episode (at least right now). The episode I watched and commented on was NOT the regular CBB. The links that were posted were for the after hours program late at night. That's why the only people in this episode were the ones I mentioned in my comment. Everyone else was in bed. The cutaway from specific conversations is what they do in the after hours show at times. It took awhile to figure out but I did because I USED TO watch the after hours stuff in years past. I QUIT watching them because they always made me ''hate'' everyone because you see these people for who they really are... usually horrible and nasty! I checked another website that posts current TV episodes and they had the same links posted that were removed from here, so it's not Primewire's fault. Whoever uploaded the links to Primewire made a mistake and the incorrect links were removed. As for the actual episode, I have no idea.

All I See Is You ( 43 minutes ago )

credoinars : Wow. This is one that will stay with me forever. I rarely give five stars, but this was so subtly and beautifully done. The story, writing, photography, acting, direction, locations, - everything juxtaposed and unfolding to carry the viewer through the tunnel of the characters' awakening. Life is growth, change, pain; rinse and repeat, or you choose not to grow, change, pain, etc...Marriage/relationship takes it all up a notch. "When I look at her, she looks back. That is love." It's a choice. What will you do, for love? What will you do and tell yourself it's for love? Lots of symbolism if you like that kind of thing. I do.

All the Money in the World ( 47 minutes ago )

jholl99 : very interesting and entertaining movie. Getty was quite a character.

Happy ( 51 minutes ago )

manditoe : I am so enjoying this show, I am a total fan of Christopher Meloni now, I just wish he did more stuff like this! I loved him in Surviving Jack, too bad they cancelled it so fast. This is one show I can't wait for every week.. lol.. Another Period stars again next tues. another crazy show I'll look forward to also.

Surgeons: At the Edge of Life ( 53 minutes ago )

1bmwdrvr1 : This is raw and unfiltered so be ready for some real life gore, however also be ready to be amazed.

Celebrity Big Brother ( 58 minutes ago )

ohnoitserin : Where are the links?/?/?/

Bad Grandmas ( 1 hour ago )

kenuch : Don't you worry about these bad*ss grandmas. They sure can take care of themselves.

Catfish: The TV Show ( 1 hour ago )

Rebel_81 : flashback ... already saw this

Workin' Moms ( 1 hour ago )

FBananapants : Matty Matheson from Munchies and Vice Cameo. Kewl.

Vikings ( 1 hour ago )

kenXz : these guys really need to get over Ragnar,they caant seem to out grow his shadow, and everything revolves around, MY DADDY... daddy didnt wan us to do this, daddy wont approve of that, etc etc. Gosh move on, either kill the king Heraldr or i dont know, just stop talking about Ragnar the Dead!

Vikings ( 1 hour ago )

kenXz : these guys so tend to DRAAAG these episodes at times, like the 8th episode, one before this, wtf was that... and now this, well, as you dont get to see much of the story play out over the course you would expect it to, I think most episodes act as fillers, dragging the story forward where it can be used to show other things, like the Acts of the kings, their policies, and not just focus on the war tactics, and cultural and religious differences, because we do not know how the vikings truly practiced their religion, how was the ceremony held, did they make sacrifice the way this Norse mythology shows.. all that. History channel should stay focused on the actual accounts rather then a saga!

Kiri ( 1 hour ago )

fletcherG123 : this would never happen in the real world and i've already work out how it ends and what the message is cant be bothered watching anyone

Geostorm ( 1 hour ago )

BUDDHA512 : the version from to months ago is clear and has better audio then this one. just it had subs.

Criminal Minds ( 1 hour ago )

literati : Aw, heart-breaking and Ew. Another excellent episode. The suffering of some is unenviable and maybe impossible to grasp. Just kudos to the folk who find these people.

The Flash ( 1 hour ago )

numbskull101 : Sitting back eating a bunch of popcorn as I read all the homophobic comments. Oh, the crossover episodes were great btw, very entertaining, loved them! Lots of action!

Happy ( 1 hour ago )

geingis : This show has me hooked. Meloni is just killing this character and i cant wait for more

Inside No. 9 ( 1 hour ago )

CaptFishy : Good stuff, clever Memento style plot.

Hamiltons Pharmacopeia ( 1 hour ago )

triggerpenclick : correct episode is now up. please disregard comments stating that it is not as they were pre correction

The Eye 3 ( 1 hour ago )

BellaMia2 : This movie was not as good as the other installment. It was quite dumb actually. Can't say that I was impressed.

Catfish: The TV Show ( 1 hour ago )

VialettaRomanov : Woah, she is actually crazy...The way she acted when they met dude hooooly moley.

Beethoven's 4th ( 1 hour ago )

manditoe : Good family movie, a lot of fun. I did notice the last 2 Beethoven movies had a different St. Bernard, this one was chubbier, especially around the neck n it drooled way more n it sagged at the mouth more too. I grew up with St. Bernards but if I was to get one today I'd make sure it was mixed due to the different breeding that has befallen them the last 30 plus yrs! They r a different looking a bit today with droopier eyes n mouths more slobbering n smaller snouts n lazier.

Dark Net ( 2 hours ago )

takenkhan : I would say, this was the most interesting episode of the season so far. People really need to see and understand the message.

Vikings ( 2 hours ago )

locomojoboy : Damn, what a way to go. It's probably on the same level as Elvis and Steve Irwin...

Angela ( 2 hours ago )

judasx : Special Guest Appearance by Mic Boom as Himself..... A Otherwise Nice Little Movie RUINED by So Many Appearances by Mic Boom. He just could Not keep himself out of the movie. Either the Director was Blind or they just did not have the money to Reshoot those shots. The Actors were almost hit in the head by Mic Boom in a few shots. Side note... I watched 2 more movies right after this one..Different years, Directors, Countries... All must have used the same Mic Boom Guy.. Getting taken out of the Mood and Fell of the Movie all because of Mic Boom sucks Ass!

The Goldbergs ( 2 hours ago )

WanderingCows : 5 seasons in and I'm still enjoying this show. Really like the scenes with either Jeff or George..Or both!

Vikings ( 2 hours ago )

Blaargh : Well that stung.. Nice ep just a dash of GOT without magic, undead or dragons. Prefer Lagertha over mother of dragons anyway. ^^

Primeval ( 2 hours ago )

Lucy18960 : An addictive show. If you are a fan of zoo or watching lots of actin and prehistoric animals you will love this. Lucky for me there are 5 seasons to watch.

Expedition Unknown ( 2 hours ago )

FictionalChef : This is a massively FUN episode that every person who wants to can take part in! Definitely one of my favorite episodes of this program! Could one of the remaining treasure boxes be in one of your city's parks? You'll never know until you give it a go!

Tom Clancys the Division Agent Origins ( 2 hours ago )

BellaMia2 : Not a bad short. I've seen much worse out there. Definitely worth a watch.

Escape from Ensenada ( 2 hours ago )

bigmike50 : it had potential.

The Flash ( 2 hours ago )

Established1971 : Has anybody told the 'writers' that they're not actually writing for a comic book? These weak plot lines and sad, sad dialogues are really lame for allegedly professional script writing.

Insidious: The Last Key ( 2 hours ago )

krayzie951 : cool movie had some creepy pop ups but those 2 annoying paranormal investgators ruined the movie by trying to be funny there was no need for comedy in this movie but i still enjoyed this movie

The Real Housewives of New Jersey ( 3 hours ago )

crash3x : I always love the reunion shows. But Teresa's hair is horrific , not just the color but how flat and misshapen-ed it makes her head looks

People of Earth ( 3 hours ago )

DebbieLegg : Poor Don, alien love hurts hahaha.

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Any Minute Now

BellaMia2 : Boring movie. The characters are uninteresting, and the acting was pretty bad. N ...

Catfish: The TV Show

Milkshake24 : 20 minute mark another episodes audio overlaps and it's annoying, the 1st openlo ...

My Big Fat Fabulous Life

hollycoco : She's not fighting for her dance club back because she's too lazy and doesn't wa ...

My Big Fat Fabulous Life

hollycoco : Why's she wearing a lace bra around that Nada girl. She's trying to seduce her

Black Lightning

wordtothewise : Love both the Marvel and the DC Universe, as I grew up on comic books since the ...

My Big Fat Fabulous Life

hollycoco : I see Todd's there for a free meal, of course!

My Big Fat Fabulous Life

hollycoco : All these white foods - too carby

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