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The Babadook ( 9 minutes ago )

louietvr : Straight up CREEPY!!!

The Vampire Diaries ( 10 minutes ago )

guyrc3 : YESSSSSSSS. awesome episode now find a way to save Bonnie

Person of Interest ( 13 minutes ago )

KarmaVictor : Nolan is a genius

The Big Bang Theory ( 18 minutes ago )

luvlinguae : Billy Bob! Yaayy!

Just Cause ( 19 minutes ago )

yankees023 : I enjoyed this movie good watch...Sean Connery was gr8

Into the Storm ( 21 minutes ago )

DebbieLegg : The acting in this movie was nothing to remark about but some of the fx scenes were incredible, if you like tornados. Worth a one-time watch.

The Babadook ( 31 minutes ago )

GeminiSaga : A mix of horror and psychological thriller. A very good watch for halloween.

Scandal ( 39 minutes ago )

redappletini : wait i'm happy it didn't go eli's way, but that does mean jake is gone? forever? and fitz and liv are going to dig into their boring extra marital affair coitus? erm, no. can't be. shonda rhimes, please please please don't

The Vampire Diaries ( 40 minutes ago )

justbe : the next epi will be alot more interesting!! welcome back Mr. Sexy!!!

Brickleberry ( 41 minutes ago )

GanjaFarmer55 : Wolverinagator lmao not that would be a interesting addition to the world

Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman ( 48 minutes ago )

tussles : ive watched all the sperman movies and smallville so then i tried wathing the adventures of superman and superboy tv shows but started watching lois and clark and got more into it than i could the other 2 great show! after i complete this definitely gonna finish up the other 2 though(:

The Babadook ( 56 minutes ago )

Saitech : -Dog lovers beware watching this movie- Pretty slow for the most part, what you see of the 'monster' is quite creepy, the acting is decent enough but I found the main characters quite annoying. You don't really come out of the movie knowing anymore than you did at the start and the end makes no sense at all. It's worth a one time watch if you have some time to kill.

The Babadook ( 1 hour ago )

swans2525 : i found it a strange movie like almost all movies it had to come a bit further to get really creepy. i found it a bit childish scary but some people find this real scary its not bad but for me it was just ok.but its surely worth a watch i give it a 3/5,so not great but its ok.

Stonehearst Asylum ( 1 hour ago )

GodsChild3 : This was better than I expected and when they say thriller they mean just that. Sometimes a thriller turns into horror and sometimes horror is just a thriller. This was exactly as labelled. The acting was great, the story line was great (very much an Edgar Allen Poe theme) and the twist at the end very unexpected. I found a bit of it predictable but it wasn't enough to ruin the movie. And again, I didn't expect the ending. The sad part is, the patients at these asylums were treated despicably back in the 1800's so for me, some of it was a bit hard to watch keeping that in mind. Definitely worth watching.

To Jennifer ( 1 hour ago )

Lizadeb : Was pleasantly surprised that I liked the movie overall, but what the heck was with Steve running around the house when he was supposed to call the police, knowing what Joey had done and having witnessed his suspicious behaviour? I don't think that would happen in real life.

Kingdom (2014) ( 1 hour ago )

guyrc3 : this show just keeps getting better... great episode

The Daily Show ( 1 hour ago )

emjohio : Koch brothers are addressed in this ep

After the Dark ( 1 hour ago )

CarolAnnS : Great dialogue, but too transparent, could see this from a mile away. Good watch anyway on the strength of the dialogue alone 2 1/2 stars of 5

The Babadook ( 1 hour ago )

Usagi_V : This movie is like a bad dream.It's really good by the ending was confusing. Pls explain it to me if you can?

Sans laisser de traces ( 1 hour ago )

proraz : good movie 4 stars

The Colbert Report ( 1 hour ago )

cassiopex : Saul Williams was mind blowing in this one. Just incredible, brillant & intense.. Even Colbert gave a bow at the end ^_^

Black-Ish ( 1 hour ago )

rbowman417 : Honestly, as a Black male, I like this show. Easy to relate to. All these internet critics saying its "coonery" dont even know what that is. Its funny that the mostly white public likes to put their two cents on whats racial injustice and whats prejudice, but has never known what it feels like. All in all, Good cast, Good writers (a show about a black family, written and produced by black people), fresh topics, and what seems to me to be a fruitful run on tv. TV needs more actual black families like this to defeat the stereotype of black families being dysfunctional. It shows that every family has it quirks, and that a loving family can look any type of way. BEEZ

Project Runway All Stars ( 1 hour ago )

H_A_L : What a bonus, no withdrawal symptoms necessary! Pity they picked the 'odd' one out so soon. Drats the darts! (I am very biased imo of the tramps)! so I suspect she had something to do with it.

Two and a Half Men ( 1 hour ago )

pbisamoviefan : This was a funny episode got some really good laughs

The Great Halloween Fright Fight ( 1 hour ago )

guyrc3 : great episode they need to make this show every year...

The Babadook ( 1 hour ago )

jgutierrez81 : i have been waiting so long for this movie....thank you uploader

Dracula Untold ( 1 hour ago )

Rubb12 : I'm hoping for a sequel, it was entertaining! 9/10

The Babadook ( 1 hour ago )

ghazzter : Women! You can't let that monsta in, he just keep on coming back, always asking for: $3.50

The Babadook ( 1 hour ago )

chanya38 : This movie was really creepy,scary (at times).I think that this movie is worth the watch.It's a little slow at times,but All in all it's worth it.((out of 10=9)). So watch it,Because it's worth it!!!!!

2 Broke Girls ( 1 hour ago )

applepiebaker : I've really never seen Kim Kardashian before and that bum... I think I have to get rid of my boyfriend, because guuurl I wanna touch that so bad!

The Nightmare Neighbour Next Door ( 2 hours ago )

quietnature : this is so sad that these people are having to live with neighbors like that, I hope that there will be a positive outcome soon. This is when I know karma will bite back, often we just get to know when or see it.

Young Justice ( 2 hours ago )

Alawna : Had my hopes up that it was returning, it's not. They are talking about doing a YJ show on action :((

The Last Airbender The Legend of Korra ( 2 hours ago )

Catastrophic : Did not know the new season was out already, wow that was fast. At least I have some episodes to catch up on now. I like how they started with going 3 years in the future, nice seeing everyone older. The world keeps advancing and those new air glider suits are very cool. Kuvira proves to be a good controversial political villain, she's helping her nation and at the same time conquering them. The only thing I missed was seeing more of Team Avatar, focused more on some of the newer characters. Still well written, animated, and leaves me excited to see what happens with Korra.

A Walk Among the Tombstones ( 2 hours ago )

craz26 : This is a really good movie. Once again Liam Neeson does a great job. Worth the watch!

The Practice ( 2 hours ago )

SizzyLove : This was a good one. And Jimmy was right all the way...

The Babadook ( 2 hours ago )

Firesolved : Wooooooooooooooow. This movie is definitely one of the creepiest movies I have ever seen. I STILL don't know what to make of it. Will probably do another viewing. What a well done movie. Acting is great, plot is great and original-ish, everything in this movie is done with the intent to give you the creeps. Ba-ba-ba DOOK DOOK DOOK Never thought something so kid sounding would be so frightening.

American Horror Story ( 2 hours ago )

cajunconqueror6 : Weird/Disturbing and at the same time unable to stop watching....

The Babadook ( 2 hours ago )

LTHANDLEY : holy mother of pearl....creepy....scary....good movie

Elementary ( 2 hours ago )

battlecrow : Love that they started off with a locked room mystery. Those are sometimes the best :) I think it will be good. There is tension, but wouldn't there be? Im looking forward to this season!

The Babadook ( 2 hours ago )

Will7218 : Good, creepy, horror movie, but it was slow. 3/5

Russell Howard's Good News ( 2 hours ago )

veramar : If you want to laugh 30 minutes straight,then this is the program for you...

Brickleberry ( 2 hours ago )

AshHousewares : This is an awesome cartoon, 10/10. glad i gave it a chance ( thanks to Tosh always plugging it at the end of his show ) its like family guy american dad and southpark had a menage a trois and Brickleberry is the offspring Highly recommended !

Hercules ( 2 hours ago )

adranxl : good movie i enjoyed it

Horns ( 2 hours ago )

rosannarmiller : It was better as it got to the end for me. There is a lot of symbolism and metaphors in it. And a lot of things I was unsure about, pertaining to the meaning but I liked it. I gave it a 4/5.

Dracula Untold ( 2 hours ago )

cauyao615 : great movie...i wish it was longer, and the ending leaves a room for part two...i watch the nowvideo link...i dont know if all links have the same video but there are parts where they speak different language and the subtitles are cannot be seen cuz the bottom part of the screen was not captured by the camera,,,

The Soup ( 2 hours ago )

Toni_Jay : OMG hilarious :")."But don't tell anyone, that was the crime I was acquitted of.

The Vampire Diaries ( 2 hours ago )

cosmicthunder : OMG Why!!!! Bonnie is always sacrificing herself for others

Big Brother (AU) ( 2 hours ago )

cosmicthunder : Lawson can be annoying sometimes. I wish he did not tell Lina those things about Skye, I wish he just let her create her own judgement's of Skye on her own.

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ForgetCableTV : Sydney should have told her sister the truth about their mother. I can see this ...


FRANKIEDYNOMITE : Uggh..movies about retarded teens..the degradation of society in the burbs of LA ...

The Babadook

louietvr : Straight up CREEPY!!!

The Vampire Diaries

guyrc3 : YESSSSSSSS. awesome episode now find a way to save Bonnie

Person of Interest

KarmaVictor : Nolan is a genius

The Big Bang Theory

luvlinguae : Billy Bob! Yaayy!

Just Cause

yankees023 : I enjoyed this movie good watch...Sean Connery was gr8

Into the Storm

DebbieLegg : The acting in this movie was nothing to remark about but some of the fx scenes w ...

The Babadook

GeminiSaga : A mix of horror and psychological thriller. A very good watch for halloween.


redappletini : wait i'm happy it didn't go eli's way, but that does mean jake is gone? forever? ...

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