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The Flash (2014) ( 2 minutes ago )

Swaq : Not of a fan of Supergirl, but I guess I have to watch it now since they're doing a crossover. This episode was amazing. Was it just me or did I see the hulk in the time travel as well?

The Vampire Diaries ( 3 minutes ago )

justbe : well explaining that story to everyone is going to be hard and probably not very forgiving! No spoilers just watch. everything else was boring usual new tvd as always. I enjoy seeing a old face though. but this all new hype is just to hopefully save this drowning show. I will miss Damon when this show flops after this season!

Teen Wolf (2011) ( 7 minutes ago )

vonwafer234 : Liam isnt stronger than scott. scott is still weak but did take on on leos pack with ease and like liam said to aiden sometyhing happened to scott when he died meaning he is stonger

My All American ( 12 minutes ago )

Lewd : The movie itself was entertaining and had me cutting onions once or twice. :) The acting was generally good, but in small spots it was...spotty. It gets a 3.5 / 5. Absolutely worth a look.

Chicago Med ( 12 minutes ago )

hot5kull91 : idk is the same people dht wrote for code black, write for dis too? coz the DNR is the same as from code black episode..styll love da show tho

Southbound ( 14 minutes ago )

nobleknights : This is TERRIBLE

The Flash (2014) ( 14 minutes ago )

shiskebob : Zoom is scary as fuck. So Supergirl and Flash/Arrow/DC Legends is the same universe? Was that foreshadowing to a crossover?

Lucifer ( 15 minutes ago )

freezray : Man each episode is turning me off more and more to the show. I get it the show is for the ladies but seriously ladies how do you find this entertaining? Its like when they used to cater to blacks in the 70's with basketball movies chocked full of stereotypes its almost unbearable.

The Shannara Chronicles ( 16 minutes ago )

Dragonsnot : Started out great - got boring real fast. Watched the first three minutes of "Breakline" episode. Then jumped here / there all the way to the end in less than 20 secs. Geez. Last episode I'm watching. Got boring real fast....don't know why or what it is. Acting, whatever. Don't care much for the half-elf who carries the stones. Piss poor actor. Piss poor choice for a young leading man. He can't act and he's ugly. Has the face of a horse. If he could act, his looks wouldn't even be an issue. Stories great. Guess it all boiled down to cast. Who ever picked the cast for this show should retire and move out of Hollywood. Stay away from the movie/acting industry, plz. If this is an example of a cast you can collect....future

Secret in Their Eyes ( 17 minutes ago )

sunfiresheart : this was a big name cast but to be honest i felt it really fell short of telling the story .. a one time watch at best 6/10

American Crime Story ( 17 minutes ago )

bprince11 : this show is unbelievable interesting. the cast is just beasting it!!

The Flash (2014) ( 18 minutes ago )

Lost_Memory : Zoom is an absolute powerhouse! This show man just keeps getting better, cant wait to see what happens.

Southbound ( 19 minutes ago )

crazycupcakes : can't say I was terribly impressed. The storylines seemed quite lacking although the acting wasn't bad, I suppose. There are definitely better versions of the multiple plots converge into one out there. Worth a one time watch if you've nothing better to do.

Black Mass ( 20 minutes ago )

Paidhero : It's nice to see Depp take on an interesting roll, but like others have stated, the writing was off and the intended focus was skewed. 3/5

Southbound ( 20 minutes ago )

rolandfalworth : Here is the trailer

Orange Is the New Black ( 21 minutes ago )

DebbieLegg : Chapman is in the hot seat now.

Pretty Little Liars ( 24 minutes ago )

darklines : kudos hannah on getting skinny, alli...eerrr...anyway hmmm strange ep but 1st back so hopefully gets better

Teen Wolf (2011) ( 26 minutes ago )

ckgranger : well from what i had read weeks ago i was expecting a little more in the romance department, but still it was a good episode

Southbound ( 28 minutes ago )

the_real_rmc : It's not bad at all as far as anthology horrors go....if you know what that is, you know what you're getting....had more of a creeps how vibe than creeps how 3 did....this time, the storyteller is a dj on the radio station the movie's characters hear mainly as the score...a good one time watch for anyone old enough for some gore and some sketchy scenes, and warrants more than that for fans of the subgenre...there were times I laughed pretty good, and some of it confused me, so I wil, watch it again some time...

Grandfathered ( 28 minutes ago )

tnguyen0307 : oh my lawd Drake and Josh xD

Glee ( 30 minutes ago )

saxmis : Santana's reaction was completely appropriate. I really don't blame her for being so upset. Poor girl. The Adele mash-up in this was amazing.

Sons of Anarchy ( 30 minutes ago )

adamizcool : Sons of Anarchy in my top 5 series list ever and i have watched almost every series of everything, it never dragged one.. each series got better and better, it was just brilliant and im sad it ended with season 7 but it was a epic ending this is without doubt a 10/10

The Magicians ( 32 minutes ago )

Rooseveltjm : Well this still isn't going anywhere

Fifty Shades of Black ( 36 minutes ago )

Terrordar : Haha, I'm gonna quit while I'm ahead and skip this one...

Teen Wolf (2011) ( 38 minutes ago )

luvnlife : Scott's powers weakened (along with the ability to heal) when his pack split up.

The Fighting Season ( 38 minutes ago )

panzerman : Col Graham is going to get people hurt. He's book smart, not street smart, although he thinks he is

The Flash (2014) ( 40 minutes ago )

creed83 : For a speedster Zoom sure does talk sloooow.

Rudy ( 40 minutes ago )

VladCOBHC : Great movie and beautiful story about willpower and determination!

Final Girl ( 41 minutes ago )

ditto : it was a good movie a good watch

Dr. Phil ( 43 minutes ago )

radicallyalyssa : I swear, this dude is exactly like my fat ex.

Mako Mermaids ( 44 minutes ago )

sipe08 : Season 4...hurrrry up pleaseeeee

New Girl ( 46 minutes ago )

pnktxcwbyhat : This show sucks without Jess....she IS the reason for the show...

My All American ( 50 minutes ago )

Walexy2015 : Great sport and well acted movie. Got to see the endurance and exertion all these great football players go through. It's worth a watch do yourself a favor!

Spotlight ( 56 minutes ago )

ThomasinaPaine : Oscar worthy movie. 5/5. I was ever so grateful that the sound track - which I thought held just the right somber note and someone else complained about--didn't completely overshadow the dialog for once, a problem that is getting worse and worse in movies AND TV series, presumably because that is an "award" category. Personally, I am interested in the STORY, not the notes and tones accompanying it. But back to the movie. Absolutely there was fine acting, which was not designed to overshadow the storyline and was totally realistic. After watching the credits and the lists of places all over the world where serious levels of child abuse had been obscured, ignored or hidden by the various Catholic hierarchy, it hit me, hard. The Globe proved that these violations occurred over 30 years, but I realized that the horrific truth is that this has been happening for centuries. CENTURIES. It's no wonder our world is such a ball of confusion, hatred and mistrust. God bless us every one.

Teen Wolf (2011) ( 59 minutes ago )

sipe08 : why is Liam so much stronger than Scott...he is a beta..he practically should be an alpha then

The X-Files ( 1 hour ago )

KochKnocher : you do understand this sort of thing is still and really going on??........ this is how we get mass shooters.................

The Flash (2014) ( 1 hour ago )

Mikael3 : Wow, i did not expect that about vibe. My expectations are somehow they get out of there, but can't kill zoom. When they get back they start to harness their true power that they discovered through this journey and all of them together defeat zoom eventually. Getting ahead of myself but thats kind of something i would expect.

New Girl ( 1 hour ago )

who11 : Good episode. Meagan will be a good fit, but I still miss Jess' quirkyness.

Rome ( 1 hour ago )

ultimate5195 : Very Good Period Drama...It's over 10 years old, Stands the test of time.

The Flash (2014) ( 1 hour ago )

Adipsycho : OK!! im an idiot.. i knew i saw the actor that plays his dad in something else so after some brain racking and failing that i googled.. so i now know where i saw him..... he was the original Flash in the 90's TV Show, lmao!!! John Wesley Shipp.

Secret in Their Eyes ( 1 hour ago )

kickasskatie : Slooooow then unsatisfying.

Shadowhunters ( 1 hour ago )

dmwdsdan : apparently the writer plagiarized the gay vampires from that other twilight series. when someone has lived 100's of years.. they get somewhat depressed. and don't collect trinkets.

The Flash (2014) ( 1 hour ago )

locomojoboy : Wow, what an AWESOME episode! Channel 52 News?! Lol, i hated that in the comics but it was cool to see it here. And Caitlin looked so hot in this episode. Never would I ever guess that the guy who plays Cisco could actually pull off that role. He did a good job. And I have NEVER teared up for anything on this show before, but that phone scene really got to me. I teared up. Well done Mr. Allen. Well done.

Southbound ( 1 hour ago )

13eavuss : I'd really like to hear from someone who has seen this before i commit haha.

Star Wars The Force Awakens ( 1 hour ago )

slicknick66 : finally seen this today on a big screen and I personally loved it,with that ending it really leaves you eager for the next installment!

The Flash (2014) ( 1 hour ago )

khaleesiwolf : Yessss! I've been waiting AGES for Killer Frost and she's just as badass as I had hoped. Wish she had more screen time, though.

The Flash (2014) ( 1 hour ago )

Tullock : Wow so many easter eggs. Also it was funny watching Cysco and Kaitlynn run. They can't run haha.

Glee ( 1 hour ago )

saxmis : Kurt and Blaine were so cute in this. I'm glad with the way they approached this episode; how they approached it with love and care and understanding. Really good episode that so easily could have gone wrong. Glee's rendition of 'America' was amazing!

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The Flash (2014)

Swaq : Not of a fan of Supergirl, but I guess I have to watch it now since they're doin ...

The Vampire Diaries

justbe : well explaining that story to everyone is going to be hard and probably not very ...

Teen Wolf (2011)

vonwafer234 : Liam isnt stronger than scott. scott is still weak but did take on on leos pack ...

My All American

Lewd : The movie itself was entertaining and had me cutting onions once or twice. :) Th ...

Chicago Med

hot5kull91 : idk is the same people dht wrote for code black, write for dis too? coz the DNR ...


nobleknights : This is TERRIBLE


freezray : Man each episode is turning me off more and more to the show. I get it the show ...

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