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American Horror Story ( 10 minutes ago )

fratbrotha : the only thing that bothers me is that these ghosts seem to be so physical...i mean the axe man was released and regained his body and everything. and the butler ..did he really die or is he a ghost or what?

Once Upon a Time ( 11 minutes ago )

ronnellstc : idk if its coincidence or not BUT Ghost Adventures just did an episode on the demon ZOZO. weird.

Big Driver ( 12 minutes ago )

hic66 : was predictable but at least well done for a tv movie....good acting.

Sons of Anarchy ( 13 minutes ago )

Chekk : I'm guessing Juice is going to try to turn Gemma in to Jax, and they both end up dying anyway.

Jinn ( 14 minutes ago )

magmadar : Seen Wishmaster ? good This is Wishmasters unwanted little brother from Bollywood If you want true horror with a Djinn (from islam evil spirit) Then watch the classic trilogy of Wishmaster This Movie on the other hand does not deliver at all - Starts off nice then turns into a snoozfest. 3/10 is the best i can do.

Edge of Tomorrow ( 19 minutes ago )

Slicebread1000 : 10/10 well worth the watch

Bronco Billy ( 19 minutes ago )

TaureDawn : I do not know about the link (if it is good or bad). I have seen this film before and I can say it is a cute western comedy. It's worth watching if you can find a good copy to view. 7.5/10

Big Driver ( 21 minutes ago )

SizzyLove : It kept my interest. Good acting by Maria Bello.

The Walking Dead ( 22 minutes ago )

sikadelik : yes!! they did it again! the cannabalism was uncalled for again lol but damn i love this show!

Twin Peaks ( 29 minutes ago )

Fredwardo : The owls are not what they seem.

Sleepy Hollow ( 29 minutes ago )

Bajekitty : I am liking this show, pilot was good, seems the current trend is people from the pass appearing in the present with supernatural stuff.

Black Dynamite The Animated Series ( 29 minutes ago )

Mrganj : wow...just wow lol

RIPD ( 32 minutes ago )

magmadar : great actioncomedy , cant wait to see ryan reynolds as deadpool.

Coronation Street ( 33 minutes ago )

MagsInCR : Intense episode. Thank you uplinker.

Homeland ( 35 minutes ago )

RicanLunaP : It was all going so well up until that ending. Jeez Really?

Abduction ( 36 minutes ago )

magmadar : this kills the actors career - or whats left of it.

Once Upon a Time ( 36 minutes ago )

hudGpark : omg i LOVE THISSS!!! And they were some Mickey references that i loved soo much! but poor Killian/Hook.. Rumple really got him this time!! like wow i really thought Rumple changed.. oh Bell will find out sooner or later ;)

The Real ( 39 minutes ago )

tiffany0969 : I love this show! U ladies give me life honey!!!!

Your Highness ( 44 minutes ago )

yankees023 : I laughed my ass off the entire time!!

Tightrope ( 50 minutes ago )

TaureDawn : A great film. It is a crime-thriller and a mystery that is worth watching. 9/10

Annabelle ( 51 minutes ago )

Hobro : not all horror movies are about the slaughtering of 300000 people. Movies like Annabelle, for example, depict the horror of a ghost (or demon) in a single-family household. I liked this movie; 7/10

The Hunger Games Catching Fire ( 51 minutes ago )

magmadar : this is one of those movies where the first one is great and then they keep on making them in hopes of milking the public. very cringy

Homeland ( 53 minutes ago )

alexdane : Interesting act of kindness Carry trying in her own way too make up for killing that guys family :)

Jack the Giant Slayer ( 54 minutes ago )

magmadar : way better then expected great take on folklore. have nothing bad to say about this one

City of God ( 55 minutes ago )

highxonxlife : I usually don't care for movies with subtitles but this movie gets a pass. Overall this was a great movie. It gives you a look into the slums of Rio de Janeiro. A lot of gang and drug violence takes place in areas such as this. This movie is worth the watch 4.5/5

Fade to Black ( 55 minutes ago )

Hobro : I wonder why this idiot got his own documentary. His music is terrible, his lifestyle is even worse so I wouldn't watch this docu, even if I got paid to do so.

Twin Peaks ( 55 minutes ago )

Odie420 : Just seen the announcement/commercial of its return in 2016! So stoked. A 2 years away but still. Should be great. Definitely going to be re-watched a couple times by then! Loved this news.

Brave ( 1 hour ago )

magmadar : very cute animation with a nice story , bonuspoints if you like redheadwaifus.

Men at Work ( 1 hour ago )

CoolBreeze1971 : Why did TBS cancel this show? It is funny and refreshing!!! Bring it back TBS!!

Breaking In ( 1 hour ago )

CoolBreeze1971 : why do they cancel cool shows and keep the crappy ones?

Love and Hip Hop Hollywood ( 1 hour ago )

angryspice : I couldn't have said it any better. Pls read Toni_Jay's comment.It truly made the rest of my day lol...

Forever ( 1 hour ago )

Meadley : The show keeps getting better and better. We need quality programs like this.

Parker ( 1 hour ago )

magmadar : Is there even a bad movie with this guy starring as the mainrole ? No there is none , what are you waiting for? edit: if you are from EU like i am use links they load almost instantly everything else takes aeons to buffer.

The Walking Dead ( 1 hour ago )

grayjo1411 : great episode cant wait for the crew to take out these lame cannibals from terminus so they can move on to more important things. i do believe the whereabouts of beth are soon to be revealed. poor bob dont think hes going to make it :(

The Walking Dead ( 1 hour ago )

grayjo1411 : u

The Houses October Built ( 1 hour ago )

checkmyfavslist : A great and entertaining Found Footage horror, great movie for halloween. Added to my favs and playlist.

The Watch ( 1 hour ago )

magmadar : just plain hilarious as expected with the cast.

Annabelle ( 1 hour ago )

grayjo1411 : stupid movie that has already been done before waste of time...

Peaky Blinders ( 1 hour ago )

jillyr : I adore this show and it was a brilliant episode but one small thing niggled me and that is the age of majority was not reduced to 18 until 1970 in the UK; so at this point in time Michael would have been just over 3 years (not a few weeks) off being able do as he wished without his adoptive parents consent.

The Ruby Ring ( 1 hour ago )

BeeBoo : Nice kids adventure fantasy

Mercy ( 1 hour ago )

tison5111 : its a good movie to watch,its weird and creepy looks like M. Night Shyamalan kind a movie.

Iron Wolf ( 1 hour ago )

magmadar : even the dead nazis are ashamed at this movie do not even think about clicking on it unless you want to get angry and bored at the same time.

Firefox ( 1 hour ago )

TaureDawn : I liked it! Refreshing to see Eastwood in a different type of a role. 9/10

Criminal Minds ( 1 hour ago )

sm0res : tim curry look gross. got fat thru the years

Extraterrestrial ( 1 hour ago )

magmadar : one of the better UFO movies , mix of horror and action. 4/5

Stretch ( 1 hour ago )

reynov8me : Great movie, good funny story line. I rely on the people who comment and am rarely disappointed. Thanks.

The Aurora Encounter ( 1 hour ago )

Jess23 : I wish i would have read comments need in english please

Mercy ( 1 hour ago )

GeminiSaga : Good movie, simple storyline but well executed and interesting characters.

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Every Which Way But Loose

TaureDawn : This is a very funny classic Eastwood film! If you like this one then you should ...


facteau579 : I started to watch this, and never got past the first couple minutes, between th ...

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland

bbbux : Haha! Whom better to borrow than the heart-snatching, heartless Cora, along with ...


KissofHope : Damn is Carrie off her meds.


safermonk : If interested in this kind of film...worth to watch.


silverrain : This was a really good movie 4/5

American Horror Story

fratbrotha : the only thing that bothers me is that these ghosts seem to be so physical...i m ...

Once Upon a Time

ronnellstc : idk if its coincidence or not BUT Ghost Adventures just did an episode on the d ...

Big Driver

hic66 : was predictable but at least well done for a tv movie....good acting.

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