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Into the Badlands ( 2 minutes ago )

devramgoolam : opening credits haven't even run as yet and it's on my faves already

Guardians of the Galaxy ( 14 minutes ago )

youseftamer : a perfect blind of everything!!

A Royal Night Out ( 14 minutes ago )

caramelonion : A fantastic, fun and warmhearted story. The lead actress was impeccable. It made me think of Elizabeth II in a different way.

Gilmore Girls ( 15 minutes ago )

bexx82 : They talk about "majoring" in certain topics- is this a thing? I've never heard of a public high school where students major in something.

The Visit ( 18 minutes ago )

rangerthehorse : Hands down, one of the most entertaining movies I have seen all year. Intelligent script, great acting (especially the kids), and brilliant execution. 5/5.

Manglehorn ( 20 minutes ago )

Viked : It is a masterpiece if you are lonely ... Al pacino was legend and still is ... budgets does not matter

Best Evidence: Top 10 UFO Sightings ( 23 minutes ago )

edv : ahh it was ok. kinda boring at the same time 2.5/5

Capital ( 29 minutes ago )

givesadam : Interesting! Shows a lot of promise. Look forward to the next episodes.

Criminal Activities ( 32 minutes ago )


Robot Chicken ( 42 minutes ago )

CyberReLoad : never heard of this show before. but im so damn glad i gave it a chanche. been watching season 1 - 3 back to back so far and aint been a dissapointment. this is so fucking funny, i love the humor, love the sarcasm, love the parodies, love the stop motion animation. everything is fucking spot on. **if u dont find this funny u have to be a real dull and boring person.

Curse of the Starving Class ( 43 minutes ago )

Videodrome : 17 mins in and its a keeper!

Legends ( 43 minutes ago )

ultimate5195 : I find The Flashbacks help reveal the nature of the story, They show us who Martin is before the FBI, and what led up to the first seasons storyline. For those that don't follow, if you go back and watch the last 2 or 3 episodes of season 1, it may clear up a few of the questions you have...For Instance, this is where Martin started, in Europe, with MI6, and all the flashbacks are of an old operation, that MI6 was into in 2001....Way before Afghanistan, the US and the FBI.

The Walking Dead ( 43 minutes ago )

jenpokmonpea4 : i love this show but for some reason this season hasnt been as great as the rest

Grown Ups ( 44 minutes ago )

bilautaa : I enjoy watching this movie because it is so lighthearted, but I have two giant pet-peeves about it: The director trying to get the audience to go "awww" at the little girl when her acting is terrible (I know she's young, but all her lines were painfully monotone and straight-faced) and the way those three daughters were all treated. Calling one "fugly" when she isn't even ugly really bothered me.

Uncle P ( 49 minutes ago )

rdmovieman : wow.... worst acting ever.

The Maze Runner ( 50 minutes ago )

TheRealSavitar : I admittedly put this one for bed. I like to have something to watch as I fall asleep. The plan was to be asleep ten minutes into the film, and I chose this one because I had no interest in watching it. The plan went out of the window! The very SECOND it began, I was pulled in with curiosity, and that curiosity turned to excitement and mystery. I stayed away through the entire movie and couldn't stop watching! Oh, and it has Styles from Teen Wolf too! I rated it a four out of five.

Alaskan Bush People ( 52 minutes ago )

darose16 : Two things that will drive me crazy with comments: 1.) People who absolutely HATE the show but yet feel compelled to continue watching & talk about how fake, stupid, unbelievable & scripted it is. If that's what you believe you are entitled to your opinion but then why are we here in SEASON 3 but yet you are STILL watching & commenting?! 2.) When some people see COMMENT they feel as though it means then are going to be a TV critic. Unfortunately they don't get the fact that even though the word CRITIC is the beginning of CRITICal, so they feel as though they need to find faults within the show! May I PLEASE give you just one piece of advice, PLEASE? JUST STOP WATCHING!!!

Marvel's Jessica Jones ( 55 minutes ago )

TheRealSavitar : I really enjoyed this episode. A Tense one for sure and some amazing depth to Tennant developing his character further. I rated the episode 5 star and would consider it a vital episode to the season.

The Vampire Diaries ( 1 hour ago )

LitlMomma : WHY? Why does she use the same scream, for pain, for grief, for fright. It's always that same look and sound! When Stefan is in pain he has a very convincing look and sound and action. Almost like it's choking him. It's incredible. Elena... not so much. And Caroline, do you know why NOBODY wants to tell you secrets... because you don't know how to keep them!

Unoriginal ( 1 hour ago )

New_US_Revolution : (scratching head) (o_0) I have absolutely no clue what I just got done watching. Absolute garbage IMO. Ya ya, I get what they were trying to express...hardly anymore original ideas left in the world yet to be discovered, almost everything has already been thought of. How comically ironic, because that's not even an original writer's concept in and of itself, lol. It's a ridiculously naive basis for a story-line because it's simply an impossibility. Look, things are continuously changing here on Earth and in our universe of which we truly know and understand extremely little of, and we learn something new as individuals, and as a collective every day, century, and millennium that we continue to exist, individually and as a whole. The day we stop learning new things as a species is the day we must of also went extinct, or the world was destroyed by something or someone. Maybe I just think way too anally logical for me to enjoy something like this, because others did. I only hated the concept, but the production and acting were pretty good, so you be the judge. 3/5-STARS

Star Trek: Voyager ( 1 hour ago )

JonnyFiv5 : 17 days the doctor messed around then 26 days just chillin there, thats not even counting the time it took Voyager to get back, so Im gonna say an easy 3 months wasted on this one incident

Webmaster ( 1 hour ago )

Videodrome : twelve minutes i lasted. Tron animated on a Timex Sinclair

Judge Judy ( 1 hour ago )

Andreasatte : Such white trash.

Flesh Computer ( 1 hour ago )

edv : this could have real potential. 4/5

Cursed: The Bell Witch ( 1 hour ago )

MICHAELMYERS : i really dont think it's ever over! 5/5

Relentless Justice ( 1 hour ago )

krause1999 : oh no, stupid revange movie, the plot is kind of awful and even some of the actors are like first movie actors...dont waste your time

The Leftovers ( 1 hour ago )

Erroneous : Wow that was incredible!!

Gold Rush ( 1 hour ago )

warensamble : Parker is acting like a total b!tch and that's nothing new. Accusing employees of untrue, unsubstantiated things that make him look like even more of a fool. Talking to people like that who are 2o-4o yrs older than you isn't going to make things better and if you don't know this or you don't understand that then your a complete fool.

Crossing Lines ( 1 hour ago )

DebbieLegg : Decent episode but last season was exciting and intriguing and full of suspense ... this season is really getting boring. The cast is so-so and the storyline is without climax. If they couldn't top season one there shouldn't have been a season two.

Elementary ( 1 hour ago )

spookydooz : Love this show and always look forward to it. Jonny Lee is a great Shherlock with a twist. I find Lucy Liu lacking and unconvincing at times but you can't have everything. Aidan Quinn, in my opinion, doesn't always get enough air time.

The Whispers ( 1 hour ago )

Elicia86 : UGH!!! The Whispers has been canceled!! Why do they do this when they leave us with freaking cliff hangers!!!

The Amazing Bulk ( 1 hour ago )

Deeoh : OK, haven't you guys ever seen the cheesy bad cgi series on Cartoon Network? This is of that ilk.

The Walking Dead ( 1 hour ago )

Canadianwatcher : Umm maybe it was the end of the day and the writers were tired and just wanted to go home but I didn't find the garbage bin scene believable at all. It's pretty convienent that the walkers had him within reach literally a finger tip away and they all got bored and gave up and left him but yet they hang out for days/weeks/months outside walls say of a prison or a walled in town because they know there are people there. I guess it doesn't have to make sense just like how they are some how able to rip people's stomachs open and eat their intestines with a couple swipes of their fingers with as much effort as I use to swipe my phone.

Made in Chelsea ( 1 hour ago )

Sbarbary : I tried, but could not stomach to continue watching these boring lackluster snobs!

Step Dave ( 1 hour ago )

FlameWarning : yeah it finally happened was waiting for this for like 5 episodes.

Crimson Peak ( 1 hour ago )

TheApathy : I watched this at the movie theater, it was interesting to say the least. I do agree with some that despite being a well made movie, there was a feeling at the end that it fell flat in something. Don't get me wrong, I throughly enjoyed it and totally recommend it, but it's not for everyone. To me it had an Oscar Wilde-esque type of creepiness to it, so if you like that type of story, you may love this one. Beware that it is not action packed like some may assume from the trailer, my husband plainly slept throughout the entire movie :-

Saints & Strangers ( 1 hour ago )

desmes : This is show with 2 episodes only?

Scorpion ( 1 hour ago )

eremon1 : This was a difficult episode to watch. Very well done, but also very sad.

South Park ( 1 hour ago )

girldisaster : We must all fight. Breast cancer can become a distant mammary.

The Perfect Husband ( 1 hour ago )

TuxBirdLvr : This was an alright movie! Gotta love them with a twist at the end.

Uncle P ( 1 hour ago )

Eyanosa : i big Master P's P Miller clothing line commercial

The Forecaster ( 1 hour ago )

majskolvpadig : Vem du än är som har lagt upp denna dok, tusen tack!! Vet inte hur många ggr jag redan sett den, får inte nog!! Vilken man!! Tack än en gång

Scorpion ( 1 hour ago )

karule : Didn't really care about the mould problem.. all I was thinking about was if walter could make it to megan in time.. cried my eyes out.

Blindspot ( 2 hours ago )

abmonfort : After six episodes I found myself not much caring who Jane is or WTF is up with her tattoos. Not sure why this show isn't working for me outside of not feeling empathy for the main characters. Surprised this was renewed, but I guess it has fans.

Chopped ( 2 hours ago )

nigelnix : Sick and tired of at least one contestant vying for sympathy points with an illness or a death, enough!

Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse ( 2 hours ago )

spookydooz : Made me smile characters are good. Doesn't take itself too seriously. Worth a watch.

Spectre ( 2 hours ago )

KWS2015 : if your comparing this film to the others then your an idiot, its not meant to be like the others, the other bond films led to this film... do not judge the film by these peoples comments, and let me tell you this, this film is a whole new bond film, its darker, a lot darker, the plot is about the baddies yes but more strung to bond as a person, his life, his past, the whole bond suave and slickness is there but not like in the others, because its not that film like the others, the fight scenes are tougher when you see his opponent you don't see bond beating with ease in this, the action and stunts are great, christoph waltz character is really different from the others pretty dark, the whole film is, just go into this with an open mind like I did and youll enjoy it, its a good film, I dunno what everyones moaning about... i will just say the picture/sound quality isn't great for this but to be expected its free online and a new film im not moaning just giving a heads up...

Marvel's Jessica Jones ( 2 hours ago )

wondergirl223 : I'm not happy about how it ended... it could have gone off in a good way, but it didn't. On the other hand great tv series :)

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Into the Badlands

devramgoolam : opening credits haven't even run as yet and it's on my faves already

Guardians of the Galaxy

youseftamer : a perfect blind of everything!!

A Royal Night Out

caramelonion : A fantastic, fun and warmhearted story. The lead actress was impeccable. It made ...

Gilmore Girls

bexx82 : They talk about "majoring" in certain topics- is this a thing? I've ne ...

The Visit

rangerthehorse : Hands down, one of the most entertaining movies I have seen all year. Intelligen ...


Viked : It is a masterpiece if you are lonely ... Al pacino was legend and still is ... ...

Best Evidence Top 10 UFO Sightings

edv : ahh it was ok. kinda boring at the same time 2.5/5

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