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Berlin Syndrome ( 17 seconds ago )

annmarie913 : I'm watching this now and it's almost over. I feel that I'm missing a lot because I can't speak German. There really needs to be subtitles. Otherwise it's a good movie so far.

The Office ( 1 minute ago )

ThE_OwNeR : Nooooo Not Dwight :'(

MindGamers ( 2 minutes ago )

Lamontii : Philosophy of mind and consciousness studies. One time watch but not for all. 6/10. I was looking forward to this. These type of movies, in this area are mostly let downs especially for it being so long and it shouldn't be.

24 ( 2 minutes ago )

water2whine : Suddenly I am really loving the blonde I originally hated!!!

Survivor ( 3 minutes ago )

ChanceRox : The brawn tribe is AWFUL! I hope the three remaining members go the freak home! Can't stand them!

The Northlander ( 4 minutes ago )

mrnobody130442 : i lasted 12 minute

Punisher: War Zone ( 5 minutes ago )

beergas : Raw ass kick action. Guy's a walking war zone. Rough but has it's own sense of dark style. Certainly worthy of the genre. And a few tight throwaway lines.

Kidnap ( 5 minutes ago )

Jonathanp55 : Heck of a good movie. 8/10. Super Suspenseful. Worth a watch. Ignore the bad comments. I liked it. Give it a shot!

American Gods ( 6 minutes ago )

rabbidx : Yah, she's not an angel btw. The gold coin shadow threw on her grave was an aztec coin... Magic!!!

Alien: Covenant ( 11 minutes ago )

Netcaster : Great casting and cameo, 20 mins in. Danny McBride is a total surprise, seeing him here. Wicked casting.

Martyrs ( 20 minutes ago )

LoveTechnician : Quite incredibly stupid & ridiculous. Props for the fact they recognize the original Martyrs for the genius it was; aside from that, why do Americans constantly take the rest of the world's originality & brilliance & put our imprimatur of crap over it!?!! Don't waste your time--go directly to the Laugier original.

Bad Moms ( 26 minutes ago )

BoogerFlicker : This is so cheesy...

Genius ( 29 minutes ago )

ThomasinaPaine : interesting to see that Einstein was a self-absorbed ass who claimed all credit and limelight while shoving others' needs aside. Wait...didn't we see something similar at the recent NATO conference? Wow..similarities between Einstein and Trump? ROFL. Assholes broach the spectrum of mankind.

American Gods ( 37 minutes ago )

Daddy_Lunatic : I think we needed this episode to find out who killed all those faceless guys that were hanging Shadow. Wasn't anyone wondering who did that?

Genius ( 39 minutes ago )

ThomasinaPaine : be careful what you wish for...especially if you are a self-centered narcissist.

Outrage ( 40 minutes ago )

saxonhorde : great yakuza movie and make sure you see the sequel outrage beyond

626 Evolution ( 41 minutes ago )

JonGee : Sadly, I didn't like it. Arrowstorm and the lead actress have made some decent movies in the past, but this was kind of awful. My main issue with it was the writing. The camera style and story concept wasn't horrible, just didn't really immerse you into the world. It felt more like a 13 year old got hold of a CCTV security login and a few go-pros and decided to make a "film" from the short story she wrote when she was 10. And the commentary was annoying as hell. I give this one a 1/5 merely because it had a decent concept (if not executed well). Sorry, Arrowstorm! Stick to Mythica!

Get Out ( 43 minutes ago )

literati : Freaky, twisted, macabre! Keener nailed this creepy, sinister role. Clever, dark satire of racial dystopia. Memorable film full of dread and foreboding until nightmare. 5/5

Primal Survivor ( 43 minutes ago )

MontyFly : One thing he didn't mention about the termite nest is he could have made a traveling fire with it. Termite nests will smolder for a long time. Another thing he neglected to mention or take advantage of was the pot he cooked his shrimp and fish in. He should have used the water he cooked his food in to drink and it looked like he just wasted it along with half the fish he said he over cooked. In a survival situation you want to cook food in water and drink the water too since it will have a lot of the nutrients that leached out of the food during cooking.

Silicon Valley ( 51 minutes ago )

DoobieKeebler : The show really won't be the same without TJ Miller, now that it's reported that he is "leaving" the show at the end of the season 4 (though I'd bet my money that HBO fired him over the whole "punching the pro-Trump cabbie" incident). The writers will now have to work really hard to keep the show as funny without TJ as it is with TJ.

Neon Joe, Werewolf Hunter ( 57 minutes ago )

sloburnjo : PFFR produced this awesome show where improv vets abound.

The Pass ( 58 minutes ago )

yellowman_nj : great LGBT movie......8/10

The Boat That Rocked ( 59 minutes ago )

lunatik : How I never heard or knew about this movie I'll never fuckin' know but I'll be damned if it don't go on my faves!!! A more than one time watch movie as far as I'm concerned. If YOU haven't seen it yet and love r&r, then see it.

Dirty Dancing ( 1 hour ago )

water2whine : Because we all put Patrick Swayze, Jennifer Gray and Dirty Dancing on the alter of untouchable iconic Hollywood classics, this is an impossible film to put in a nutshell. I hope my review below is approved because despite its length I tried to be fair and detailed with my opinions. The problem reviewers are having is seeing it in the light of the original and most of us have an emotional connection to that original love story and any remake besmirches the memory. For me this was watchable, more to see what the hype was all about, but not a total waste of time. The vocals, most are actually done by the cast and are surprisingly good. Surprising too were performances by Bruce Greenwood, Katey Sagal and Scherzinger. I was somewhat unfairly harsh on Prattes and for that I apologize it's just hard to block out Swayze's amazing performance and memory. On the other hand, I STILL cannot wrap my brain around what possessed them to cast Abigail Breslin as Baby. It is such a bad decision that I cannot even FIND a comparison - dressing Batman in a red cape and blue tights? Letting Honey Boo Boo reprise Shirley Temple's roles in Curly Top or The Little Princess? It was just so wrong on every level. Despite this being one of those movies that NEVER should have been tampered with, what's done is done. Hollywood should listen to us and never make this mistake again.

Whovians ( 1 hour ago )

threemonkeys : This is terrible...Rove's days are over me thinks....

Lockup ( 1 hour ago )

laurashook : Aren't there any new episodes? Is anyone able to upload the Lockup: Raw series? Please? Thank you, uploaders, for all you do!! :)

Dragon Ball Super ( 1 hour ago )

DellBayou : Anyone else irritated with how quickly they disregard the difficulty of turning SS? PS I think the chick is female Brolly!

Outrage Beyond ( 1 hour ago )

saxonhorde : This was great. The baseball cage scene was hysterical. 5/5. Nothing like a great yakuza movie to pass the time with

Minutes Past Midnight ( 1 hour ago )

ChanceRox : It's okay for a one time watch! Some hits and some misses! You're sure to find one that you like. 3/5 stars

Chill The Killing Games ( 1 hour ago )

BellaMia2 : Oh boy. What a mess. I have nothing good to say about this movie. The acting, the pace, the plot, nothing. It looked like a college project, and I can appreciated it in THAT context. Nothing more. Unfortunate.

Silicon Valley ( 1 hour ago )

Dante89 : Good episode, really funny.. hehe bitchslapes !

Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow ( 1 hour ago )

tflames : This is actually good

Pork Pie ( 1 hour ago )

ThomasinaPaine : Gave it 4 stars and the rating went DOWN TO 3.5 ? aCTUALLY, I enjoyed it thoroughly. ~~ 4.5/5 just for fun element :)

Little Women: LA ( 1 hour ago )

kittykyraeric : deff the most boring of the lil woman series

Hannibal ( 1 hour ago )

justbe : Anthony Hopskins plays his roles very well as Hannibal. This movie is a must watch if you havent yet. 5 stars!!

Life of Brian ( 1 hour ago )

AlphaThrillSeeker : 'Oh, you're not so bad yourself, cock-face... Where are you two from? 'Nose City'?' lmaooo The Pythons at their outrageous best, inbetween the big nose running joke and the general sense of mayhem and nonsense. It would be hard to choose between Holy Grail, Life of Brian and Live @ the Hollywood Bowl. The jokes keep comin' left, right and center and it's a team effort but it's Idle who really steals the show here, every character he portrays is just downright hilarious. Watch it you won't be wasting your time and you might be learning some Latin in the process !

Get Out ( 1 hour ago )

rick13 : ok i must admit that was a weird watch, lol but it kept me entertained

Altitude ( 1 hour ago )

308shooter : HOLY CRAP! This was not what I was expecting. All the worst Airplane scenes in one movie plus others thrown in for fun. Dolph had little entertainment value in this movie. 2/5

Martyrs ( 1 hour ago )

LoveTechnician : Best film of the millennium thus far, BAR NONE!!!!! tRIED WATCHING THE aMERICAN VERSION--CAME BACK TO THE ORIGINAL AFTER 5 MINUTES--there is none other!!!!

The Leftovers ( 1 hour ago )

McShagan : @ HailSate International Assassin was one of the best hours of TV ever made.

American Gods ( 1 hour ago )

HeathyrW : I've read this book, multiple times so to see this, such a treat!

Children of Men ( 2 hours ago )

TonyRider_60 : Saw this at the theater and really wished i could have gotten my money back. What a terrible film. Contrived out of nonsense, a waste of time.

The Leftovers ( 2 hours ago )

bluetwinkle13 : Damn...I knew it this how it end! Love this show!!

Alien ( 2 hours ago )

TonyRider_60 : Watched it again after many many years and it holds up really well. Except for the filler dialogue which is old school you'd have a hard time knowing it was made that long ago. Excellent effects and still scary as crap. 5/5

Route 66 ( 2 hours ago )

Lucy18960 : A real sad realistic episode.

The Leftovers ( 2 hours ago )

Ladymia69 : I love this show so fucking much.

Primal Survivor ( 2 hours ago )

MontyFly : Although I find this series intriguing I am left wondering about how he spends so little time on what is the most important aspect of survival and often the most difficult to obtain commodity. Water! He showed that he had a fire stick but after the 1st day it was no longer smoking in the back of his boat. did he let it go out? Why didn't he show how he boiled the water that he needed that fire stick for? What is he carrying his water in and what is he boiling it in? Maybe later episodes will focus more on this all important aspect of survival. Otherwise I like it so far.

The Leftovers ( 2 hours ago )

propjoe31336 : Shivers while watching that scene over and over. Felt really real.

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The Office

ThE_OwNeR : Nooooo Not Dwight :'(


Lamontii : Philosophy of mind and consciousness studies. One time watch but not for all. 6/ ...


water2whine : Suddenly I am really loving the blonde I originally hated!!!


ChanceRox : The brawn tribe is AWFUL! I hope the three remaining members go the freak home! ...

The Northlander

mrnobody130442 : i lasted 12 minute

Punisher: War Zone

beergas : Raw ass kick action. Guy's a walking war zone. Rough but has it's own sense of ...


Jonathanp55 : Heck of a good movie. 8/10. Super Suspenseful. Worth a watch. Ignore the bad com ...

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