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Prison School (live) ( 7 minutes ago )

hellsingfan01 : a really good series and is worth watching

Mermaids ( 10 minutes ago )

bilautaa : An interesting story of a troubled family. Reminds me a lot of the more contemporary movie "The Perfect Man" with Hillary Duff.

Stretch ( 12 minutes ago )

MiqiMi : This was such a fun movie - I was pleasantly surprised! What one doesn't do for a tip! Hilarious

Close Encounters of the Third Kind ( 12 minutes ago )

Ernie79 : Wonder wats the hype about this movie. Just half an hour n I couldnt take it!

Ash vs Evil Dead ( 13 minutes ago )

swans2525 : its so funny this stuff i love it only its way to short i wait everytime untill theres two eps cause then its one hour,lol.this one gets a 4/5 yess.

Finding Carter ( 14 minutes ago )

twdfan : Carter is such an annoying, ungrateful, stupid little shit. This show is getting so ridiculous.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit ( 17 minutes ago )

markenrock11 : this is so good old movie, must watch

Criminal Activities ( 19 minutes ago )

Tienne_Amour : This is one of the better movies that have been released this year. That's fact. A lot of people commenting negatively are complainers. Also fact. If you're looking to watch a *newly released movie*, this is definitely one of the best you'll find. If you're trying to compare it to classics, you should stop that now lol let's be real - it's 2015 so we all know what we're getting into. Having no expectations before watching, I enjoyed it & give it a 8/10.

No Escape ( 29 minutes ago )

TraderX : That was a pulse pounding thriller!

The Woman in Black ( 36 minutes ago )

Nic35 : I've avoided watching this because of the bad reviews I've read; well last night it was on TV and I ended up watching it. My partner was with me and we were both totally creeped out by it. It reminded us a lot of Insidious, seeing things just behind people, the dark atmosphere etc. Absolutely loved it! And I'm going to give the second one a try now. I guess people hating on this are the ones that need blood and guts flying everywhere before they'll call something 'horror'! Well, it's their loss. 4/5

Pacific Warriors ( 36 minutes ago )

literati : Well, that gave new meaning to the word sushi. LOL A bit too reality show scripted for my taste. Seems like these people, the environment and the culture offer more than enough to be entertaining without embellishment. 3/5

Hotel Transylvania 2 ( 42 minutes ago )

Batmanager : I liked the movie a lot, but it was veeery predictable. Still worth a watch any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

Unnatural ( 44 minutes ago )

idrow : I got through about 45 minutes before I turned it off. Couldn't get through it. It was nice to see Sherilyn Fenn again, though.

The Apprentice (US) ( 54 minutes ago )

JimBlack : this was a tough one!

Ostwind - Zusammen sind wir frei ( 56 minutes ago )

DebbieLegg : I really enjoyed this. It was about a true bond - nothing more, nothing less. And it was done without all the Hollywood bullcrap of pushing the emotional boundaries. It was tasteful and enjoyable. I'd watch this one again.

Doctor Who (2005) ( 56 minutes ago )

panalternate : It freaking galls me that they finally give a Gael a gae at the role and yet they chose a washed out watered down melodramatic Granny of a freakin 'nae personal fash d'ye ken' elder Celtic ham tae play the role .... eh whatever ... England will be disbanded whn Kingdom finally comes and all of they whom are fair will come to Celtendom prone to utter fairness in all things.

The Player ( 58 minutes ago )

b1auw0lf3 : Quoting Von Moltke the elder. Such an interesting show. Good episode.

Ash vs Evil Dead ( 58 minutes ago )

Toonaholic : Horror, gore, comedy, the Necronomicon, AND Bruce f'ing Campbell!? What could be better? Thank you for sharing your library.

Empire (2015) ( 1 hour ago )

RedHatSolutions : I have to admit...I did not expect this show to be as good as it is...extremely well written, acted and the production value is tops...good job fox!

Marvel's Jessica Jones ( 1 hour ago )

TopDog_Lizzie : boo hoo. he got abused as a child so that excuses him for all the rapes, murders and tortures he's done to people? I dont think so. not even close.

Z Nation ( 1 hour ago )

overfiend : Anthony Micheal Hall last week, now Gina Gershow...Z nation seems to be going all out for some big names. About the episode, wish they didn't make this a two parter. Wish they would incorporate a new character in the team with a big name. That would so lift it one notch more.

Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F' ( 1 hour ago )

Kakashi7 : Fighting was better, not like Dance as always shown in all the Episodes and Movies, but still there were many Drawbacks. Why do always GOKU and his Race got the Chance to Do something for Everyone and Save the World ? Why GOKU and his Sons are shown more Powerful and better in both Fighting and getting power from Emotions? Does that mean Vegeta and his Sons have no skill no emotions? What had happened if CELL targeted Krillin or Picollo instead of Future TRUNKS after reviving when GOKU sacrificed his life to save everyone from Cell's Self Destruct,Vegeta's Reaction was nothing. I have seen all the Series, Kai, Frieza, Android,Cell,Majin Buu, GT, and even all the Movies.I found many Disappointing facts.All over the series, Vegeta got most chances to become Strong but still he couldn't match GOKU who achieved all the PowerLevels without doing anything. Ever since VEGETA became a permanent character, he has done nothing but Training. Everyone who saw DBZ knows that very well. in this movie "Revival of F (2015)" both GOKU & VEGETA achieved Super Saiyan GOD,and according to discussion in the movie it's clear that this incident occured after Majin-Buu and Battle of Gods. Then why didn't GOKU & VEGETA used their S.S.God ability in 'DragonBallGT' against the enemy? How was Goku able to achieve and hold SS3 & SS4? while Vegeta who did Training every minute, had to take help from BULMA'S. Bloods-Waves. That's why I Hate GOKU In DBZ GT, ending every thing with spirit bomb was worst act ever done by Goku! His ability of becoming only SS4 and Most Ascended Saiyan was shown Useless in the end.Loota Stuff! >:(

Bookies ( 1 hour ago )

malaysiaboy : Pretty good. Entertaining but the music was way too much sometimes.

Z Nation ( 1 hour ago )

ZahraTheFrench : absurd, next time, the episode would about vampires and zombies

I Dream of Jeannie ( 1 hour ago )

dramucom : A classic show that will hold up for years.

Big Stan ( 1 hour ago )

sparkym37 : Had a couple of funny parts. Probably the best Schneider film I've seen (that's not saying much). I was a little surprised Henry Gibson wasn't "number one".

Spy ( 1 hour ago )

bwes : a fun blast laughter punch kind of a movie. kept me laughing the whole time. good movie. recommendable watch.

Alan Carr: Chatty Man ( 1 hour ago )

BellaMattata : Miss Grace Jones!!! Yasssss!!!!!

South of Hell ( 1 hour ago )

dejay89 : it was decent it got weird at the end they didn't end it rite on a cliffhanger

Z Nation ( 1 hour ago )

ZahraTheFrench : this episode was kind of aburd

Hunting Hitler ( 1 hour ago )

Yamama1 : What a waste of time.....

South of Hell ( 1 hour ago )

azaazaa : can't believe.. em just hooked with this show.. for now its 10/10

South of Hell ( 1 hour ago )

swans2525 : its a weard show and it gets creepy more and more,this ep was a bit less then the first one but thats always with ep it will creep up again,lol i give this ep a 3.5/5 lets hope the next will be alot more creepy then this one.

Dark Matter ( 1 hour ago )

stephaniee_thall : Now I think the recording 5 had makes sense. (the girl)5 trusted 6 so she let him listen to the recording and she expressed her fear of 2 after everyone helped to rescue her from that facility...after that, as he (6) left 5's room cause he thought he heard something, he said to 5, "I'll be fine and so will you, promise." Don't know how 6 faked being in a coma probably something to do with the missing android's chip being linked to ship, etc.

The Walking Dead ( 1 hour ago )

IamGodGodIam : Glenn and Nicholas fell with their heads facing away from the dumpster, yet, they come back 3 episodes later with him with his head againts the dumpster and crawls under! So convenient to just slide under, and with not even a bite to a finger or his feet, which were open for lunch! We keep accepting this crap, the producers and writers won't get the message and they'll keep giving it to us! We are loyal fans, we have a right to point out what is bad. I love Glenn and I don't want him dead, but if they keep springing these miracle survival twist on us, the show will become unrealistic. Glenn has had more close calls than anyone in television history, the zombies were all over him in the woods when Nic shot him, yet, we see him a episode later, not one bite. Come on writers, we don't want our favorite characters to die, but they all will, so at least let them go out realistic and maybe heroic when possible!

The Adventurer ( 1 hour ago )

malaysiaboy : Another great one from the legend. Wish it was longer because it had a good story and Chaplin's character was awesome.

Submerged ( 1 hour ago )

t0pboi : Kept my attention and alright movie.

Sexy Evil Genius ( 1 hour ago )

Diabolic29 : Not a bad movie. Not a great movie either. It's worth a watch though. I definitely don't feel like I wasted my time so I guess that makes it a decent enough watch. A low 6/10 for me.

Eating Out The Open Weekend ( 1 hour ago )

raidmar : the ONLY reason to watch this is because Lilach Mendelovich. 2/10

The Untold History of the United States ( 2 hours ago )

estaticrs : The entire US should be forced to watch and digest every second of it. Absolutely stunning barrage of history without any hint of propaganda. Merely a stating of cold hard facts that expose the truth of the 20th century. Absolutely required viewing, essential documentary.

Strike Back ( 2 hours ago )

redhotchilli_c : as someone who served,i know theres good and bad on each side,infiltrators galore american pay is so bad and there normal service men badly trained,its no wonder more dont turn to personal enterprise,the first six episodes where very accurate,then it got commercial and is written by a frank spotniz, who to my knowledge has never served,its pretty trashhy after the first 6 episodes,but at least i now know sulli stapleton can act,as he is so bad in blindspot 10/10 for the first 6 episodes 3/10 after that

Natural World ( 2 hours ago )

smc1975 : Good to see orangutans hate monkeys too. lol

Can't Pay? We'll Take It Away! ( 2 hours ago )

justtina : Makes you think how much the world has changed. People who are renting or buying anything do think of it as theirs. It is their home or car or whatever. I think when they act so shocked is it is the end, there is nothing more they can do they failed.But the rightful owner has the flip side and costs can go up to keep an income property up to date and nice. You also have the liars and scammers they are everywhere in life but some are just people trying to make enough money just to pay the bills and can not keep up with rising costs.

Z Nation ( 2 hours ago )

platypus420 : I love how they they keep it interesting by introducing new characters pretty much every episode on this show

Ash vs Evil Dead ( 2 hours ago )

onetoughcrowd : I can't say enough good things about this show. Two words? Awesome + Perfection. It will blow. your. MIND. Would not change a thing. Cheers Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi!!!

The Cure ( 2 hours ago )

malaysiaboy : Very entertaining Chaplin flick. Very funny and worth watching many more times.

Old 37 ( 2 hours ago )

SolidFnShowRTD : I liked it was a pretty good movie. Kane Hodder as the villain I like his work when he played Jason Voorhees or when he played Victor Crowley. I hope he makes more horror movies...

Hotel Transylvania 2 ( 2 hours ago )

bwes : loved every seconds of it. a must watch. hope a #3 is in the making soon.

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Prison School (live)

hellsingfan01 : a really good series and is worth watching


bilautaa : An interesting story of a troubled family. Reminds me a lot of the more contempo ...


MiqiMi : This was such a fun movie - I was pleasantly surprised! What one doesn't do for ...

Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Ernie79 : Wonder wats the hype about this movie. Just half an hour n I couldnt take it!

Ash vs Evil Dead

swans2525 : its so funny this stuff i love it only its way to short i wait everytime untill ...

Who Framed Roger Rabbit

markenrock11 : this is so good old movie, must watch

Criminal Activities

Tienne_Amour : This is one of the better movies that have been released this year. That's fact. ...

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