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Grey's Anatomy ( 7 minutes ago )

mikkaa : grey... drama queen...

Are You the One? ( 9 minutes ago )

xmienekex : loved the end all the rest annoys meme

Kingdom Come ( 25 minutes ago )

anainthestars : the beginning was a bit effy but the movie kind of grew on me as it continued. I like the plot and how they acted. It was a bit predictable but still, I liked it. If they had a bigger budget it could have been even more awesome. I'm glad I saw it, although I probably would watch it again.

Selfie ( 40 minutes ago )

shar777 : sooooo funny :D loveeeeeee this show

The Culture High ( 48 minutes ago )

literati : 5/5 Quality Documentary. Interviews with erudite experts. Well-researched, well-organized and intelligently presented. Refreshing to the open-minded. :) Some would rate this at a 4.20 LOL Some documentaries offer great information but the ego of the documentarian interjects so frequently, the viewer must endure the mantra ~aren't I great?~ to get to that information. So, kudos to these filmmakers for not doing that! Instead, the tone is respectful of the audience's intelligence, goodness and worth.

The Bad Girls Club ( 1 hour ago )

jennydiva : them girls are literally letting judi ruin their time in the house for them

Hercules ( 1 hour ago )

Established1971 : All well and good....but what I can never figure out is why they use the Romanized name for the Greek myth. It's a nit picking point, but valid. Heracles is the name of the Greek hero in the mythology. The name changes to Hercules in the Roman version. Yet, the Greek names Hera and Zeus stay the same, et al. Why mix the mythologies from a Hollywood that worries so much about little things like that?

This Is Where I Leave You ( 1 hour ago )

Jen8Shan : Awesome movie, it was nice to laugh through a flick..must watch 8.5/10

Last Night ( 1 hour ago )

Black_Mama : I know a little about this film, as I was a volunteer at the Toronto Int'l Film Festival and ended up assisting the publicist for the screenings of this film. Don McKellar, who wrote/directed/stars in this film, co-wrote THE RED VIOLIN, which was nominated in nearly every major film and music award proceeding in 1999/2000. It did snag an Academy Award for score. The same French film company commissioned five films to be made around the theme: 'The End of an Age,' inspired by Y2K hysteria sweeping the globe. This was the only one of the five released. I greatly enjoyed it, critics were lukewarm, but gave the story thumbs-up for ingenuity. The premise of McKellar's film: 'How would people act if the end of the world were imminent and everyone knew when the end would occur?' This was the first time I saw Sandra Oh and was very impressed -- I had no clue her main body of work was comedic. Callum Keith Rennie and his sexual quest cracked me up, but it wasn't without poignance. What would I rush to do on Earth's final day?

America's Next Top Model ( 1 hour ago )

angelala711 : the best lookin one went home...

Awkward ( 1 hour ago )

xmienekex : but it wasn't her who mpade it it was her who said the first hashtag it's tamara that made it??? and ugh some stupid drama not liking this anymore

Madam Secretary ( 1 hour ago )

Sarah_Says : Great episode - loving this series!

Marry Me ( 1 hour ago )

roymoore25 : The only thing I can honestly say about this is that it makes me miss Penny from Happy Endings... It'll never be the same, that show was the funniest!!!

Hollows Grove ( 1 hour ago )

neachloc : this is a pretty good movie... on silent 2/5 really cheap special effects even the fake blood smh

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta ( 1 hour ago )

minaesco : Just starting watching this show, got hooked on the drama. Some of this stuff I just can not believe. So far, almost done with the first season and from the looks of it the only decent man this far is Benzino. The other men in this show are just trash. Sleazy J is a unbelievable maggot filled douchebag-whoremonger, Lil Scrappy.. all that mofo know how to say is -Ya heard me, Ya feel me- but his spelling-disabled mom is probably to blame for that cause that's all she says aside from her -I'm the Queen- rants which leads me to believe there is a country called Rachetland which she leader of. Joseline looks like if Will Smith got transgender surgery to look like Rihanna but the face surgery went wrong, him and Joseline would be identical twins. Mimi, well shes your typical baby momma who can't let go despite confirmation that her baby father is a piece of trash. Karley seemed relevant in the beginning episodes when she was starting trouble but now she just seems to be trying to screw her way to a deal. Erica is like another version of Mimi but not as bad as Mimi, but bad enough. Rasheeda is a whiney screecher. The ONLY normal female in the whole show is Ariane whom you don't even see that much. I don't even see how Joseline and Rasheeda made it into a studio but then again Joseline was a stripper and Rasheeda married her producer. This show is nuts. K Michelle.. well her only relevancy to the show up to the episode I'm on is whether or not she flips her wig and loses her mind on someone. Oh let me edit, Rasheeda's husband is probably up there with Benzino on the chill just from what I have seen. I'm usually averted to men who have half a dozen kids with more than one woman.

Heartbreakers ( 1 hour ago )

captainbritain : I gave it ONE STAR and it shows up 6 ....WFT

Miranda ( 2 hours ago )

mortebellah : there is not gonna be a season four, miranda said there were gonna be some holiday specials but she's not planning on continuing the series. {Miranda Hart won't film another full series of 'Miranda' but has promised a Christmas special. The actress-and-comedienne has revealed there are no plans for a fourth series of her hit BBC sitcom, but she will star in the odd special in a similar manner to 'The Royle Family'. Talking to Alan Carr on his 'Chatty Man Summer Special' - which airs on Channel 4 tonight (25.07.14) - she explained: ''It will be a couple of specials, not a full series. Everyone wants me to get back with Gary [Barlow] - that's the general vibe. ''I have got to answer the question of where I left it at [the end of] series three. I think I know what's going to happen.'' Miranda won't be resting on her laurels, though, as she resumes her popular comedy tour, 'My, What I Call', in October.}

Weeds ( 2 hours ago )

vision13 : what are the odds you get shot in the forehead and not die? really?????

Boardwalk Empire ( 2 hours ago )

celticsid : i'm going to miss this show..

X-Men Days of Future Past ( 2 hours ago )

freeshyt : they are trying to milk this serie but they are out of idea's.

Through a Glass Darkly ( 2 hours ago )

yellowjumpsuit : if anyone is into this one check out bergman's "fanny and alexander" and "the seventh seal" 2 other films that are in my favs. cheers

Real Husbands of Hollywood ( 2 hours ago )

vmeeow : What happened to the end? Damn can you upload the full one instead of cutting off

Real Husbands of Hollywood ( 2 hours ago )

vmeeow : Where's esp 2? This aint it. It was the same on esp 1. Can you upload the esp 2 pls

Big Driver ( 2 hours ago )

waltlee : This was an ok movie,loved Maria Bello and Anne Dowd,but a little to pedestrian for me and there were some loopholes I felt were overlooked that could have led the police to her...still a nice time waster!

2 G's & a Key ( 2 hours ago )

ninjakila : recorded on vhs with dirty heads..unwatchable..

Star Wars Rebels ( 2 hours ago )

hellsingfan01 : another great episode this series keeps on getting better and better

Amusement ( 2 hours ago )

Jennifer_Boggs : IDK what kind of and Idiot came up with the idea of this movie but they should stick to the day job because I feel like I just wasted almost 81 min. of my life that can never get back. The acting was good, but the movie it's self was AWFUL. I mean what kind of person in the right mind would think that this was a good plot for a story IDK?? To me the best part of the whole movie was when it ended I don't know what I even watched it all I was hoping the whole time that it would get better but IMO it never did. I have to give this one a 2 out of 10 But that is JMO... I seen others liked it but I just could not get into it to sum this movie up in 1 word I would say it was WEIRD !!!

Darkest Night ( 2 hours ago )

Cincinnasti : I would strongly pass on this film. You never truly see any demonic entitys, something always happens to someone off camera then the camera goes and investigates. Total borefest.

2 G's & a Key ( 2 hours ago )

ninjakila : wow! what a name for a movie!lol

Face Off ( 2 hours ago )

Porco_Rosso : As much as I like all the finalists, I feel there's only one who's creations match those of previous seasons of Face Off, and that's the person who won tonight's challenge. Although I feel the quality of the final product of this season's artists wasn't up to previous seasons, I do like the fact they all appear to be pretty nice people and that's good enough for me and makes it a worthwhile watch.

Person of Interest ( 2 hours ago )

pullmyfinger : oh bear so cool

Sons of Anarchy ( 2 hours ago )

facteau579 : Wow! First thing I was thinkin', (spoiler, maybe, if you have not watched) is Able gonna try and take grandma out? would not surprise me in the slightest. Then that, next episode or two is gonna be a shit storm, never saw that coming, but if they wanted a war, they went about it the right way. I'm really gonna miss this show when it's all said and done, it's one of the few I have seen in my life that flat out had me mesmerized from start to finish.

Hercules ( 2 hours ago )

Jen8Shan : Good movie worth the wait ... the rock is hard :) 7/10

The Legend of Mick Dodge ( 2 hours ago )

veiko101 : Good show, and big tip XD

At the Devil's Door ( 3 hours ago )

sunfiresheart : so disjointed, flipping from one thing to another.. flimsy storyline.. acting was average.. i give this 4/10 .

Desert Flower ( 3 hours ago )

dondoodles39 : Could we please have some links to watch this movie. I really want to watch it. Thank you .

Top Gear USA ( 3 hours ago )

Jupp2008 : Way too much fake stuff in this episode.

Draft Day ( 3 hours ago )

RicanLunaP : Really fantastic movie! If it wasn't for my Brother I wouldn't have watched this. He's so awesome at sports I don't believe he's not even a commentator for the sport itself. So great to see Tom out of that role and in something new and fresh. I still don't see Kevin Costner as a real actor. I would have enjoyed it more if it was someone else in the role. Really reminded me of Jerry MaGuire and what the agents, coaches and even fans and family go through on this special day in Football. This is all the background action. Because this is one hell of day for all Football gurus! Awesome movie, a def recommend. 4/5

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. ( 3 hours ago )

squaredplanet : Awesome! Can't wait for the next one

V for Vendetta ( 3 hours ago )

emjohio : Never trade freedoms out of fear of being safe.

The Flash 2014 ( 3 hours ago )

GrinReaper : damn not only did they get to make a blue devil movie but two of them, that is either naively optimistic or someones actively trying to jinx it, which is a pretty dickish thing to do because i really want a kid devil movie. loving the references here and there it shows that there are a couple nerds involved.

1864 ( 3 hours ago )

sherrykay50 : Excellent series, but pls con't eng subs, thnx so much.

Person of Interest ( 3 hours ago )

H_A_L : @Researcher....for sure, it's bad feng shui :) Anyways, people we must have faith in the excellence writing of this show, we will not be disappointed, they are pursuing all sorts of avenue....which leads to original exciting interesting episodes. Harold is stepping up, and yup, finally gotta admit Root has grown on me for quite a while now! I love this show so much, they can do nothing wrong for me as it stands.

Dicte ( 3 hours ago )

sherrykay50 : Love it, but needs eng subs, pls, thnx so much.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. ( 3 hours ago )

modzquad : Great episode, but I still miss seeing Ward in action. Even as a baddie I liked him.

Hercules ( 3 hours ago )

StrangeShadow : Hmmm...Seamed to first start as a Kevin Sorbo wannabe...then morphed into some really amazing battle scenes...then developed a pretty darn good (although classically 'done before') storyline that was pretty good, with a whoohoo! Ending...that had its moment slightly ruined by the narrator's corny joke...but all together a really fun watch. Solid 3.5/5

Hercules ( 3 hours ago )

Sneakin : Didn't expect much from this but was pleasantly surprised. Very entertaining.

The Bad Girls Club ( 3 hours ago )

mrberry2u : I agree M3m4id. I don't think she will show up at the reunion. And if she does - she'll have mad security. But I'm so glad that she's in the house. She's my guilty pleasure.

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Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

noel007 : Pine was good in this movie the story was decent but not perfect it's a good cho ...

The Maze Runner

willowcebau : This was amazing I loved every moment of it, very excited for the next in the se ...

Grey's Anatomy

mikkaa : grey... drama queen...

Are You the One?

xmienekex : loved the end all the rest annoys meme

Kingdom Come

anainthestars : the beginning was a bit effy but the movie kind of grew on me as it continued. I ...


shar777 : sooooo funny :D loveeeeeee this show

The Culture High

literati : 5/5 Quality Documentary. Interviews with erudite experts. Well-researched, wel ...

The Bad Girls Club

jennydiva : them girls are literally letting judi ruin their time in the house for them


Established1971 : All well and good....but what I can never figure out is why they use the Romaniz ...

This Is Where I Leave You

Jen8Shan : Awesome movie, it was nice to laugh through a flick..must watch 8.5/10

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