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Hannibal ( 7 minutes ago )

MissMartel : Is it just me, or does Will get more like Hannibal as time goes by? His character is getting darker, and I've started feeling like from the good mind of Will catching Hannibal to watching a chess game. More than it was before anyway. I wonder what it would be like if they ever worked together on a 'design'.

Bates Motel ( 9 minutes ago )

SizzyLove : Wow, that ending was intense. This was a pretty good eppy.... Freddie Highmore is a really good actor.

Carrie ( 11 minutes ago )

silverrain : Really good movie with good acting. Very good special effects also 4.5/5

Very Bad Men ( 11 minutes ago )

Strangebird : Geez! What an A$$hole. But sorry Sis or Hubby, guess I'm not that giving. Wish they hadn't skipped over how the detective got onto the main suspect.

Oculus ( 14 minutes ago )

swans2525 : onsamenhangend,i now this word only in dutch so but its horror and it was suspence,that was enoufg in the movie but i need a part 2 to end the story good and explane more what the evil in the mirror was and what happend to all the people how died were did they go a lot off unexplaned questions at the end but good scary sometimes.3out of 5.for oculus.

Wolf Creek 2 ( 16 minutes ago )

Suzicueball : I liked how it gave Mick more screen time. Still had all the gory blood and guts kills but the end part of the movie just stayed right there on that last victim. He just came out of nowhere. 3/5

Proxy ( 16 minutes ago )

deadwalker : run thys one stynks of lmn

Junction ( 17 minutes ago )

Researcher : For those who didn't finish this one, you should come back and try again! I couldn't keep the feeling of impending doom from setting in once I saw the well-played signs of meth addiction. The additional sub-plot (won't give it away here but I definitely didn't see that one coming!) made it even darker and added the possibility of a different outcome. It did seem a bit slow but if you assumed that the storyline was tired and had a sort of 'been there, done that' vibe, the final kick will make it worth the stay. I'll give it a 3.8, leaning towards a 4, out of 5.

Scandal ( 19 minutes ago )

Sarah_Says : Holy crap - what a finale! This series has been out of control... loved it, and cried with it the whole way. This last episode has everything - I feel so sad for Fitz and Mellie.... how are they going to come back from that? You just can't. I can't wait to see what is going to happen with all the characters, each one has such an amazing story to tell. It's hard to tell who are the 'bad' guys and who are not, it all merges into one messy ball which is awesome to untangle. I am sad the season is over, but am sure they are writing an epic new season.

What's Up: Balloon to the rescue! ( 19 minutes ago )

raadden : lol... the ripoff animations are always out before the hollywood productions, to avoid lawsuits.. They can simply goto imdb and see what movies pixar will be releasing in 2015 if they want.

Nick Fury Agent of Shield ( 27 minutes ago )

LeParas : I think the movie falls into the category ''so bad it's good.'' Perfect for late night, post pub watching, full of excellent cheesey one-liners.

Oculus ( 27 minutes ago )

immortaltech11 : this movie was complete crap waste of time.

RoboCop 2 ( 32 minutes ago )

Chat_noir : They really should have stuck to the Frank Miller version rather allowing some other chappy to get involved.

The Machine ( 42 minutes ago )

ILELECTRIC : I was about to shut off the movie bc it was boring and pissed me off (if you watch you'll see why) and maybe you'll feel the same but I'm glad I kept watching! Interesting movie! 4/5

Fargo ( 42 minutes ago )

jillyr : I swear to God that the film of this inspired the Whoville characters in The Grinch film :P This is a brilliant series and looks to be rather more sinister than the film. Billy Bob Thornton is magnificent and the Duluth scene had me laughing loud.

Captain America The Winter Soldier ( 43 minutes ago )

thebigdee : Okey just watched the new spider man then this and i have to tell you. This is one of the best nights i have spent watching movies. The best four hours try it you will not be disappointed top marks for winter soldier 5/5.

Fear Thy Neighbor ( 46 minutes ago )

Strangebird : I know!!! What the heck was that "can't take a disabled person to jail" malarky??? That's hooey, and just added false justification to Tony that he was "more" in the right than Roland. More action could and should have been done by law enforcement to defuse the situation. I honestly think the law egged the situation for their own amusement and should have been held more accountable.

Awkward ( 50 minutes ago )

hardkoppig : that plot was very unexpected!

Son of Batman ( 1 hour ago )

Iamsnowden : I really liked it. The kid was impressive and funny.

The Face ( 1 hour ago )

JackRider : Damn Lydia, you go girl!

Bad Asses ( 1 hour ago )

MrJeep4x4 : Good movie, 7/10

Total Divas ( 1 hour ago )

VerucaSalts : I couldn't agree more with marquie16 and Wynterlyn! I was tearing up the whole time with Trin and Jon's wedding too, so tender and touching! Is it just me or is the Sex therapist a little weird and off putting? Her speech is so affected I just can't take her seriously. lol

Supernatural ( 1 hour ago )

MrEverett : Who else is waiting for Dean to lose his shit.

Eyes of the Woods ( 1 hour ago )

Will7218 : Meh, boring movie, bad acting. Creature effects ok. 2/5

The Killing ( 1 hour ago )

MMAable : Pretty good show. Much better than Hannibal too... I'll be watching the next episode for sure. 4.5/5

Oculus ( 1 hour ago )

anainthestars : Omg I am so glad I didn't see that in theatres, I did not like it at all, nor the end. That was just...not right. It was well done though, good actors but really, not at all worth even watching once.

Revenge ( 1 hour ago )

watchinstuffisgr8 : I am so happy with the way this show is going. THAT ENDING. It's what I've been waiting for. I'm really excited to see how it goes from here.

Community ( 1 hour ago )

DutchAssessor : I want to see a full episode dedicated to the Dean (or however you spell it). He's the most hilarious creature to have ever walked the planet earth :D

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. ( 1 hour ago )

mcgreezy : If u haven't seen the new captain america. dont watch the last 5 episodes

Titanic Final Word with James Cameron ( 1 hour ago )

maryep : Another excellent Documentary directed by James Cameron. Using updated technology Cameron and the panel of experts debate the different aspects of the sinking of the Titanic. Very solid and well put together. Worth a watch... 8/10

The Stranger Beside Me ( 1 hour ago )

Strangebird : Guess I'm just showing my age but "The Deliberate Stranger" with Mark Harmon as Bundy will always be the most chilling portrayal of this serial killer. Probably much to do with the fact that Harmon rarely played "bad guys" so this was against type for him and somewhat new for viewers.

13 Sins ( 1 hour ago )

Tommy0412 : OMG! What a movie, i like it.

Firestorm ( 1 hour ago )

Arbs : Plot Holes: The movie.

Pompeii ( 1 hour ago )

rutledge : Over all a good movie. ... did kinda feel like I was watching titanic as it wasn't too based on the horrifying events of Pompeii as much as the love story within the story but still a great movie.

Total Divas ( 1 hour ago )

Suzicueball : Aww..Jon and Trinity forever. Was a very sexy ep .

The Firm ( 1 hour ago )

solim : Always heard about this movie back in the day but never got around to it. I never read Grisham's books but I know he has had a few of them made into movies. Tom Cruise is always fun to watch and doesnt disappoint. Gene Hackman can play almost any role in my opinion. Pretty good movie.

Ghosts of the Abyss ( 1 hour ago )

maryep : Beautiful, breathtaking underwater footage and a heartfelt memorial to those who died. James Cameron does a superb job directing this masterpiece. This 3-D stunning documentary is a must see... 9/10

For a Good Time Call ( 1 hour ago )

lady_viciouz : Hahaha loved it... so funny the blonde and Long is hooolarious!

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. ( 1 hour ago )

vash1998 : Awesome episode as always marvel is kicking ass

Arrow ( 1 hour ago )

raven13 : I think Ollie should change his voice modulator to make him sound like Pee Wee Herman, or Yoda. Just something to screw with the bad guys heads.

Deadliest Catch: Crab Fishing in Alaska ( 1 hour ago )

Odie420 : So stoked this is back!

The Game ( 1 hour ago )

Zero503 : And just like that BET ruin another watchable show

The Security Men ( 1 hour ago )

lauranbvc : Watched for Brendan O' Carroll because I was interested to see him venture out beyond Mrs Brown. I enjoyed. It had a great 90s comedy feel to it. I actually never would of figured it indeed was only released last year. Now for negativity, I felt it was too short and I was just getting into it when next thing credits rolled. They could've created a more developed script and expanded it to at least 90 mins.

Supernatural ( 1 hour ago )

mcool136 : Despite the avid haters, this was a good episode. It's nice to get a break every once and a while. At least this wasn't some crappy filler, this is how the show used to be. I for one liked it. Those who don't can stop watching and don't have to watch the 10th season that's been scheduled. It's not like you're giving them any views by watching on the computer anyways. Also, before anyone says anything, I watch the show on TV and on the computer.

Revenge ( 1 hour ago )

wayney85 : wow i have put off watching this because i watch so many things, but im upto date with everything i watch so started watching this and i am so happy i did, i love it amazing actors and the plot is brill bring on season 2 im just about to start it :)

Mega Disasters ( 2 hours ago )

score556 : A very good episode showing the worse case situation that can happen and also showing the preparedness by the people of such a disaster.

China IL ( 2 hours ago )

watzy : Brad Neeley listens to circle jerks!

Sons of Anarchy ( 2 hours ago )

D0S81 : How cool would it be if there was a show like this set in the UK about London Gangsters, the ones that wear the suits n that, and it could be called 'The Firm'. i would so watch that.

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Mega Disasters

score556 : Another great volcano episode. The thought of Vesuvius erupting again is real. T ...

Thor The Dark World

manuelkazanjian : Nice movie...Just as good as the first!

In My Dreams

a0a094 : I love Hallmark Hall of Fame movies and this one was no exception. It is a bit m ...

The Outer Limits

nanczar : decent space opera episode with an outer limits twist


rolandfalworth : Just finished the first 2 episodes i found it very entertaining.


luspat : Dean took the day... 'Look at me bich !!!' The Vamp couldnt believe the human w ...


MissMartel : Is it just me, or does Will get more like Hannibal as time goes by? His characte ...

Bates Motel

SizzyLove : Wow, that ending was intense. This was a pretty good eppy.... Freddie Highmore i ...


silverrain : Really good movie with good acting. Very good special effects also 4.5/5

Very Bad Men

Strangebird : Geez! What an A$$hole. But sorry Sis or Hubby, guess I'm not that giving. Wis ...

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