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Fist Fight ( 2 minutes ago )

MrJeep4x4 : Great movie 9/10

Gone with the Wind ( 5 minutes ago )

lowoil : Any period film list that doesn't have this film on it is not worth it's weight in salt. It it hard to imagine how this film was so far ahead of it's time in production values. It is a work of art despite some historical fabrications. BTW... here we are Melanie fans. She was the moral backbone. 10/10

Assassins Creed ( 7 minutes ago )

gretaroxx : I don't know much about th game so the movie was difficult to follow.

The Last Airbender ( 8 minutes ago )

Mirela1 : Its a beautiful movie,well structured and with great plot. Dont listen to bad comments, see for yourself 5/5

Broadchurch ( 11 minutes ago )

investik8 : Have been waiting with baited breath for the return of this and I wasn't disappointed. Top notch drama, performances and story line. Oh, the suspense .. Can't wait for all the intricate sub-plots to finally converge. Let the intrigue begin!

Chuck ( 11 minutes ago )

nph53 : they never took the intersect out him? seems like a tiny oversight by the gov.

The Young Offenders ( 12 minutes ago )

Kanifuker : Great movie. Loved it 10/10

Legion ( 12 minutes ago )

Primade : Well, this needs to pick up quickly or it's going down the drain from my side.

Dangerous Liaisons ( 18 minutes ago )

lowoil : Went into this as a chick flick to watch with the wife. It was a little more steamy than we bargained for. It had more layers than an onion and each had the effect of making you pine for those deceived. Not much a date night if you are yelling at the screen for those women say **NO** or grow a backbone and say **Keep away and I never want to see you again you vile filth**. Ugg so I guess the film did what it was suppose to do. Intense and naughty little period piece film. 8/10

Collateral Beauty ( 22 minutes ago )

DebbieLegg : Although a somewhat predictable storyline, the way the story was told was beautiful. And yes, I did shed a tear or two.

Emma ( 28 minutes ago )

lowoil : Upbeat adaptation of the book that was fun to watch. Can't say it is better than other versions, but perhaps if you are wanting a more cheerful viewing this is the one for you. 8/10

Girl with a Pearl Earring ( 30 minutes ago )

lowoil : I enjoyed the movie but thought Scarlett Johansson's role was rather blandly acted. She is a pretty lady, but I don't see her acting as much more than blah. Fortunately the rest of the cast took up the slack and the storyline though rather slow was intriguing. 7.5/10

The Good Karma Hospital ( 32 minutes ago )

DebbieLegg : I like how they handled racism; it wasn't with kit gloves, it was more personal. Great episode.

Fresh Off the Boat ( 37 minutes ago )

currymel : The Color Purple!

First Week In ( 39 minutes ago )

jeffy1212 : There's smart, then there's being a smart ass.But then again.....getting yourself killed isn't smart either!Brag when ya get home kid and not a sec earlier...(DUI guy) lol Good show, find it better than 60 Days. 7/10.Peace

The Walking Dead ( 45 minutes ago )

milliedillie : imo kinda disappointed in this season so far. very slow and drawn out to the point of boredom. all i kept hearing after season 6 was wait til season 7, season 7 is taking it to a new level, negan this, negan that, season 7 is going to be crazy so on. think they hyped this season up way too much. after s6 finale and s7 opening i though this season was going to top them all but honestly for me this season is the worst so far. this is the first season i've completely skipped eps. and not missed anything new and fast forwarded through eps. i don't even watch previous ep before new one for fear of falling asleep. i will however stick it out because i am hoping negans death and the fall of the saviors will rectify this season.

The Nighthawk Star ( 45 minutes ago )

Mmalice : Lovely animated telling of this Japanese children's story.

Homeland ( 46 minutes ago )

Mstrdst : Noooo, I wanted Quinn to Snap Back, Doesn't Look Like It....Crazy!!!

Sleepy Hollow ( 49 minutes ago )

crimsoncherry : the monster/creature it reminded me of the bunny mask from Donnie Darko or is that just me? it just a wolf version. Crane did say the witnesses get powers don't know if that was a writer mix of or not cause well Crane doesn't have powers and either did Abbie? strange. the kid does get visions tho so maybe that's it? i found my attention lacking on this ep. really hope that the remaining eps are better , as for the demon i really want to know what the deal is with him and the Malcolm dude is. im more interesting in that.

America's Next Top Model ( 56 minutes ago )

akvandupre : hahahaha Donald Trump is the president now. and most of those celebrity couple are broken up by now

SS-GB ( 58 minutes ago )

Primade : This show runs on the fiction that Britain was conquered by the Nazi Germans, and how it could have been. As of this episode, it is not reflecting the fierce determination that the British men and women demonstrated during that war, all braving the massive advance of the powerful Nazi Germany at the time. "Operation Sea Lion" that was planned to conquer Britain never happened. Nazi Germans never achieved the main requirement for its potential success: the air and naval control of the English landing sites and Channel. The military strategy remained on paper, and Britain remained sovereign and free despite the duress.

Blood Relatives ( 1 hour ago )

lanx : I love the stories that start off with BS script: this was a family that shared, gave generous, blah blah, but they wouldn't help family!( ooohhh, that's why they were murdered in their sleep, they gave a sandwich to a stranger, but denied their blood a cup of water! )

Assassins Creed ( 1 hour ago )

madiha_khan90 : Seriously I can't stand this movie more than 10min too much fantasy sci fi. Not my type actually, I'm confused that which type of movie is it.

Creatures the World Forgot ( 1 hour ago )

Junkeyardog : Clearly the 'Creatures' referenced in the title are the Troglodytes. Nothing special about any of the four legged beasts. *shrug* I watched perhaps 15 minutes...the movie sucks the high hard ONE!

Broadchurch ( 1 hour ago )

nph53 : sweet, broadchurch is back.

Black Sails ( 1 hour ago )

Son_of_Wibble : Great episode, but a bit of a historical blooper concerning the Spanish flags the fleet at the end was using... The design shown, similar to the modern Spanish flag, wasn't used until the 1780s. Given the period of the show is prior to the 1750s (when Treasure Island is set), the flag used by Spain at the time, by ships and overseas territories, was still the Cross of Burgundy.

Batman: Strange Days ( 1 hour ago )

Stinger430 : Short and sweet. I loved it.

Married at First Sight (AU) ( 1 hour ago )

Peace2yaa : Anthony is such a jerk and douche bag. I honestly would have left his ass weeks ago. I can't possibly see why Nadia is still giving him chances. He is not attractive in any way too me, but maybe she sees something I don't. His talk about the way the show has portrayed him and made him look bad to the viewers is just BS. Sticking his nose into the others relationships is uncalled for. He should be worrying about his own. There's no big mystery too me why this man is still single. None at all. And I feel so sorry for Andrew. That man just keeps getting smacked with all kinds of crazy things. Cheryl should tell her Dad too back WAY the F up.

Robot Chicken ( 1 hour ago )

HattoriHanzo : what's in the box, jokey? WHAT'S IN THE BOX!?

Fist Fight ( 1 hour ago )

Rocker290 : Absolute trash.

Broadchurch ( 2 hours ago )

Yoginikat : Dear Uploaders, You rock and I love you!!!

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. ( 2 hours ago )

crimsoncherry : damn that ending so many questions. cant wait for the answers to them tho. Daisy and Simmons nailed it and kicked ass in this ep. the bit with the blast ball that was amazing. so glad how faced packed this ep was and that a certain someone got there comeuppance ... well technically 2 but who's counting. the end tho still processing, what happened Gemma? who is with Fitz? Ward really? and Mae on the dark side wft???? Colson and Mac well they quite ordinary in comparison but damn. wonder if Ghost rider could Pop up in the framework? that would be very interesting seen as in a way its there own private hell with out knowing it.

One False Move ( 2 hours ago )

ronbonnie : RIP Bill Paxton you were one of the finest actors ever

The Walking Dead ( 2 hours ago )

AliensAmoungUs : How do they have electricity? Generators?

Extras ( 2 hours ago )

Dethkids : Fucking Brilliant, Oh and might want to check your voicemail some doctor left a message saying positive cancer something blah blah aids, alright then ? :) jolly good show,now fuck off and watch some extremely underrated badass UK crass comedian take all this shitty Yankee shitcoms to school! Comedy class you twats!! ✌

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. ( 2 hours ago )

Troian : Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is doing right what The 100 did wrong

Prison Break ( 2 hours ago )

Mak801 : Action packed episode. Damn, that was intense! I noticed my hands were clutching my chest when it ended... lmao Never had anxiety from a tv show.

Suicide Squad ( 2 hours ago )

dusktiger112 : I like this movie a lot better than any of the DC films it is a good film don't know why people call it bad. BatvsSup was boring because the reason for their conflict was so stupid and no one bought it and it made batman a character I find overrated a paranoid idiot 'I don't kill psychopaths for all murder and mayhem they cause but guy with god-like powers who is helping everyone no that's a guy that needs to be killed.'

The Walking Dead ( 2 hours ago )

Tazergrrrl : Negan's acting chops are sputtering, flame out... every scene is nearly identical and boring AF. How did a fantastic show loose its way so damn quick - character merchandising I'm guessing?

Fist Fight ( 2 hours ago )

Dethkids : meh, word up though on two nobody's rising up, to this height from nothing but there own talent, word. (N.W.A. & "Always Sunny in Philadelphia" both D.I.Y. artists ! #FUCKCORPORATE #D.I.Y. #KILLCAP

True Blood ( 2 hours ago )

goddammit : you all know non of this happened ,it was just all the drugs ! but it was a trip!!!

The Walking Dead ( 2 hours ago )

dramucom : If I hear Easy Street one more time.....

The James Gang ( 2 hours ago )

jenni_et : Yeah, gone too soon. RIP

The James Gang ( 2 hours ago )

YouCanRead : R.I.P Bill Paxton.

Knight and Day ( 2 hours ago )

ChanceRox : I really enjoyed this movie! Just a fun movie to watch on a rainy KNIGHT or DAY! hehe 4/5 stars

Moonlight ( 2 hours ago )

L053R : Rewatching again and again in celebration of its deserved Best Picture win at the worthless Oscars. Still as good as ever.

Americas Hate Preachers ( 2 hours ago )

britflix : Here in the UK we have the Extremism Bill, which targets those spouting extremist rhetoric - even when no criminal offence has been committed. The current definition of extremism in the UK is... “the vocal or active opposition to our fundamental values, including democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and the mutual respect and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs” So basically anyone who plans to oppose the government, believe the monarchy should be abolished or disagree with same-sex marriage could be prosecuted under this law. In our schools we have the " Department for Education’s counter-extremism unit"....WTF!!!! In the town were i live 45% are white british, so im literally a minority in my own town. This doesnt cause me a problem & im glad i am tolerant. Because if i wasnt i could be arrested every other day, especially if i spouted the garbage that those in this documentary spout. Their is no way you could express the same views here in the UK. 7.5/10

The Long Hair of Death ( 2 hours ago )

malaysiaboy : Great Gothic horror classic wit a very well written story. Very interesting and some of the scenes in it was very creepy.

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Fist Fight

MrJeep4x4 : Great movie 9/10

Gone with the Wind

lowoil : Any period film list that doesn't have this film on it is not worth it's weight ...

Assassins Creed

gretaroxx : I don't know much about th game so the movie was difficult to follow.

The Last Airbender

Mirela1 : Its a beautiful movie,well structured and with great plot. Dont listen to bad co ...


investik8 : Have been waiting with baited breath for the return of this and I wasn't disappo ...


nph53 : they never took the intersect out him? seems like a tiny oversight by the gov.

The Young Offenders

Kanifuker : Great movie. Loved it 10/10

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