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Brickleberry ( 7 minutes ago )

coxanova : This crazy fracking show makes Family Guy look like a Disney production! LOL!!!

Lies & Illusions ( 7 minutes ago )

rightnah : pretty good movie 4/5

The Boondocks ( 9 minutes ago )

AMC427 : For those of you that dont know, the convenient store scene is a subliminal representation of how America started the war by invading Iraq after 9/11. Great episode 10/10

The 100 ( 10 minutes ago )

stormcrown : TY Uploader!! Nice to see one of our favorite shows back for season 2!

The Goldbergs ( 10 minutes ago )

guitarran : pleats a plenty lol

Born to Race: Fast Track ( 10 minutes ago )

TiPDriLL : Smell the haters the movie was actually good, ppl expect the impossible an wen get it still criticize smh cant plz everyone.. worth a watch folks!

Under the Dome ( 11 minutes ago )

trenalaray : awful-awful episode bite all my fingernails off....intense!!

Arrow ( 14 minutes ago )

guyrc3 : great episode with lots of action... thanks for uploading

A Million Ways to Die in the West ( 15 minutes ago )

kiersten85 : I suggest you go watch something else because this movie is terrible. Cringe-worthy "humour" throughout.... I love Family Guy and Ted was hilarious but this isn't smart or clever. Don't bother 3/10

WolfCop ( 18 minutes ago )

coxanova : Great camp fun with no CGI filler. This was a throwback to the days of the old mom and pop video rental stores. It would be on the shelf next to the the Troma classics and other greats like Basket Case, Maniac Cop and Killer Klowns From Outer Space. Thanks for the upload..... best site ever!!!

Breaking Bad ( 18 minutes ago )

vision13 : what was skylar really thinking giving someone half a million dollars that they are just gonna give it to the irs why people go to jail for a lot less

Revenge ( 21 minutes ago )

lilliz24 : DECK! NOOO!!! Can't believe that happened.

Arrow ( 24 minutes ago )

tussles : whooh!! great episode

Extraterrestrial ( 26 minutes ago )

coxanova : Awesome movie! Great sci-fi. Keep an eye out for the end where the film pays homage to one of the best science fiction shows on television!

Star Trek Continues ( 27 minutes ago )

OldKingSol : Overall, a sturdy series for fans of the original ST. Production values, acting, effects are all similar - except of course for the holograph in the first episode, a sort of foretelling of where ST would be headed with ''The Next Generation''. Excellent cast, they all performed very much like their predecessors. Mignogna sure has Shatner's inflections and gestures down - the more I watch, the more he seems like a dead ringer. He's almost perfect - the only thing that could make him an even better fit would be if he could make his voice more like Shatner's. He's a bit more high-pitched and ''soft''-sounding, but that's really unimportant given how much he _has_ managed to do in perfecting his portrayal.

Arrow ( 29 minutes ago )

RicanLunaP : Not literally expected Oliver to help Laurel, but watch out, she's got a new teacher. Great episode.

Arrow ( 29 minutes ago )

SizzyLove : This was an action packed eppy. Team Arrow is a butt kicking triple threat....

Jimi: All Is by My Side ( 31 minutes ago )

coxanova : Not the best biopic. Andre Benjamin's amazing performance saves this project. The fact that the makers could not get License permission to play actual Hendrix songs hindered the film. Overall a decent watch and it kept my attention. Thanks for the upload....... best site ever!

The Houses October Built ( 39 minutes ago )

justice4all74 : this movie is so slow!!! there are some jumpy parts, but a lot of it just didn't seem real. i skipped through some of it. 2/5 1 thumb down... :(

The Walking Dead ( 45 minutes ago )

LitlMomma : I liked this episode, I REALLY did! Because Daryll is my all time fave character aside from Michonne, so I'll start with that... BUT, that's one of the things that I DISLIKE about this show. Too much, Cryin' and whinin, and dramatic BS'ing. I need more zombies! lol That's why I like Michonne Episodes. Though I did enjoy the dream Michonne had one of the recent episodes. Never expected that from her. And NO, not because she's Black, just because she's so hardcore! Didn't think she was the "Highfalutin" kinda gal. lol

Primeval ( 47 minutes ago )

bbbux : It looked pretty conclusive to be continued further actually until the doppelganger appeared... IMHO this was the series with the best creatures, 3D graphics for its time. 4/5 for this episode!

Supernatural ( 47 minutes ago )

Kristallina518 : NOOO Dean cant be changed that quick. And yayyy Castiel is back. Hehe I ship Castiel and Meg still for some reason.

Impractical Jokers (US) ( 51 minutes ago )

Paidhero : Oh wow, I swear these guys have the biggest balls in the world. The challenge loser was sweating bullets at the end hahahaha.

Left Behind ( 51 minutes ago )

FINGAL33 : I must have had a religious experience. I found myself saying repeatedly "oh god now what" and "oh god make it stop I cant take anymore".... it was an after school special, movie of the week... no that's being kind. it had every bad stereotype in the book in it. fat guy eating a candybar, little person mad at everyone because he cant reach the overhead compartment, playboy airline pilot,,,etc etc etc. I fully expected to see a native American in full eagle feather head dress. its not even good religious propaganda. 1/10. go watch "wild at heart" and see nick cage do something worth while

Left Behind ( 53 minutes ago )

VegasWalkinDude : I never thought I'd hear myself say it, but the Kirk Cameron version was miles better...

Falcon Rising ( 54 minutes ago )

GREGGWRIGHT : GREAT action flick - surprised really ... 4/5

The Fault in Our Stars ( 55 minutes ago )

darkcreed : very very painfully good

Disaster L.A.: The Last Zombie Apocalypse Begins Here ( 56 minutes ago )

bentipping06 : oops *havent typically

The Fault in Our Stars ( 56 minutes ago )

darkcreed : It is very painful movie its good but it made me so sad.

Disaster L.A.: The Last Zombie Apocalypse Begins Here ( 58 minutes ago )

bentipping06 : I know some will skip by it cause its a B movie. I even stopped watching B movies for a time when I would find out in the comments that it was a B movie. Keep in mind every persons opinions are different when it comes to B movies. That's why I started again.. That being said, if you are one that gives B movies a watch even for a little this is one of the better ones. If its not I dont know what is. B movies dont typically havent gone far For me. this has been one of the better B zombie movies I personally have seen in a while. This is just my opinion, so another may see it and think this was a bad B movie. Oh yea I dont rate seeing how a rating system is based on ones own bias... B movie watcher? Try it

Hercules ( 58 minutes ago )

buddhabro2 : I enjoyed this a lot the acting was solid and the action was great they could have done the CGI just little bit better but still not too bad. Overall it was everything I expected of a Hercules movie finally something that delivered. 8/10

The Secret Life of Words ( 59 minutes ago )

moderncool : There's a lot of sensitivity in the story but very engaging. Character slowly developed and slowly unfold as a silence poetry. Mostly set in North sea oil platform. Great roles from RObbins and Polley. Remarkable and magnificent. Worthwhile romance for late night watch. 8.7/10

The Simpsons ( 1 hour ago )

Jack_T_Tumult : the job of the poet is to say 'this one, I guess' - a subtly brilliant little line, man!

Hercules ( 1 hour ago )

a9fingdad : I loved this movie 10/10

Supernatural ( 1 hour ago )

ziggycat2008 : they need bobby back

The Middle ( 1 hour ago )

guyrc3 : doesn't look like a halloween episode... great episode

Arrow ( 1 hour ago )

tradwan : Now we're talking!! The show is back... action packed episode.. awesome!!

Borgia ( 1 hour ago )

foxyarse : A quality series 8/10

Sleepy Hollow ( 1 hour ago )

BondJamesBond : what's cooking.....

Ghost Stalkers ( 1 hour ago )

snubz1022 : i liked it because first time to have a single person investigate solo for an entire night and the other for the next night works for me

Night Crawlers ( 1 hour ago )

mvimama : I thought it was very funny.I really enjoyed it for a low budget film.It's one of the best I've seen.The script was really good.With more money it would do very well I agree.The acting was good though.Sometimes in low budgets the acting is really bad.But you'll be surprised with this one.4/5 from me.It is a good watch IMO.

Pretty Little Liars ( 1 hour ago )

Froganda : it would be so sweet if someone could post the new link. :)

Endless Love ( 1 hour ago )

MiniMikayla : Such a lovely movie to watch brought tears to my eyes 10/10

Montana ( 1 hour ago )

broadsword99 : Good movie. Shame the audio is out of sync and no subs on version 18. 7/10

Big Brother (AU) ( 1 hour ago )

RicanLunaP : That was such a fake. Travis and Aisha don't have a chance in winning. Or do they? To give all of that up and say they are not hung up on that is such a blatant lie! And that ending was emotional. So happy for the person that left. Which no one says but that made it all the more special.

Sons of Anarchy ( 1 hour ago )

stephanie_xox : I hate Marks I hope Jax rips him apart, that ending had me in tears and I hope Jax finds out the truth...

The Mentalist ( 1 hour ago )

operator001 : the next and final 13 episode season will start in january 2015

The Mentalist ( 1 hour ago )

gatzu :

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The Brothers Grimm

TaureDawn : Pretty good fantasy film - I liked it. 8.5/10


rightnah : I really thought this was a good movie

Step Up All In

Omari3 : i enjoyed the final dance showdown, but the rest of the film leave much to be de ...

Septic Man

silverrain : Well this sure was different...pretty good movie but disgusting at times 3.5/5


coxanova : This crazy fracking show makes Family Guy look like a Disney production! LOL!!!

Lies & Illusions

rightnah : pretty good movie 4/5

The Boondocks

AMC427 : For those of you that dont know, the convenient store scene is a subliminal repr ...

The 100

stormcrown : TY Uploader!! Nice to see one of our favorite shows back for season 2!

The Goldbergs

guitarran : pleats a plenty lol

Born to Race: Fast Track

TiPDriLL : Smell the haters the movie was actually good, ppl expect the impossible an wen g ...

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