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The Taking of Deborah Logan ( 10 minutes ago )

anainthestars : wow the ending just creeped me out. But it was a good film. It kept me interested and curious as to what was going on, the characters were touching. It's hard to see someone going through Alzheimer and so my heart went out to them.

Ray Donovan ( 16 minutes ago )

veramar : This is absolutely one of the best US tv-series ever, but it's so black that it's almost physically painful. If you want to watch quality, then watch this!

Heather McDonald: I Don't Mean to Brag ( 16 minutes ago )

DjSuperman1 : Not really that funny, unless you are married, and have kids, because that's what most of her jokes are about. If you're single, you can't really relate to most of it....

The Red Road ( 18 minutes ago )

thedamaged0ne : those who waste their lives voting down positive comments on the show really have nothing better to do. buy yourself a life on ebay. seriously. this show is freakin awesome and I really hope there's gonna be another season. it's as awesome as Banshee in my opinion

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ( 18 minutes ago )

Chazza2003 : Excellent modern adaptation, of an old story - not perfect, but what is? I grew up watching the cartoons, but not reading the comics... I've never seen the point in remaking classics, exactly as they were... Where's the fun in that, where's the entertainment - There would be non - You'd just end up watching the film for the CGI, and not the story, 'cause you know exactly what happens! If I were to choose between this movie, and the old one, I couldn't - They are both great!

The Taking of Deborah Logan ( 19 minutes ago )

deerwatcher65 : this is just freeky

Inside Planet Earth ( 24 minutes ago )

Valiko89 : what about hollow earth?

The November Man ( 26 minutes ago )

Jetx : Very good Bronsan movie, highly recommend it! 9/10

Sofia the First ( 27 minutes ago )

herbertfly : My kids love this show.

Would I Lie to You? ( 28 minutes ago )

checkmyfavslist : Still funny, but Lee Mack is brilliant.

Kendra on Top ( 28 minutes ago )

AbsintheFairey : Talk about milking it! It was just a couple of scratches ffs!

The Blacklist ( 35 minutes ago )

angeleyes6996 : So many questions, so many possibilities, Liz (secrete), Tom, Red((secretes)), Red's wife, Berlin, the person behind Berlins 12 year ghost search and chasing Red... I love it.

Ultimate Warfare ( 36 minutes ago )

dok_vky : very cool CGI

Cristela ( 42 minutes ago )

longcherish : this show is awesome 9/10

The Deaths of Ian Stone ( 43 minutes ago )

Suzicueball : I thought this one was one of the better Horrorfest movies. Not too much of a horror but more of a scary thriller. Loved the bizarre concept. Like a twisted version of Groundhog day. Loved the FX and how the characters kept coming back in different worlds. I thought it was really good. Great watch.

Cristela ( 45 minutes ago )

longcherish : This is first comment i m making ever in here although i m a very regular member since it was channel1, all i wanna say this show is awesomely funny, i hope they will continue.

The Unborn II ( 56 minutes ago )

swans2525 : this movie was somewhat funny with that creepy baby joey he was hiddious and i had a great time watching this but i found it more funny then horror but it had something that kept you watching so i give it a 2.5/5.

World War Z ( 59 minutes ago )

misterfaustus : Running, crazy, aggressive zombies is a stupid concept. They should be wormy, oozy, slimy, stupid, and slow but unstoppable and therefore hopeless (Fulci). I hate the new zombies. They're just an excuse to use crappy CGI over the old special fx. The zombies have to run and move fast so you can't see how crappy the CGI is.

The Hunger Games ( 1 hour ago )

Rituxy99 : I loved the book and I loved the movie even more!

The Judge ( 1 hour ago )

MadameDivine : Beautiful movie ,had me laughing and crying at times. Loved the cast and Duvall & Downy Jr were perfect for the roles. Would definitely watch this again! 10/10

Kingdom Come ( 1 hour ago )

Suzicueball : I liked the ending more than anything. It was a good story but I've seen it done before. I liked the demons look but the guy playing evil didn't cut it for me. It was ok. Worth a watch 3/5

Z Nation ( 1 hour ago )

H_A_L : Tsunombies :D Tornadonombies :) He he.....this show cracks me up.

Black Sunday ( 1 hour ago )

FINGAL33 : this movie was decades ahead of its time. Bruce Dern was and total demon in this roll. Robert Shaw was awesome also.all around 10/10....and the book was way better lol . just an all time great a must watch.

The Judge ( 1 hour ago )

bohemianroxie : Maybe no new ground was broken but I loved seeing Robert Downey Jr finally play in something besides super hero or franchise movies (again). This is the kind of movie that the performances and the actors make it or break it..RD and Duvall succeeded brilliantly for me. The rest of the cast wasn't chopped liver either.... Please, RDJR, do more movies without Ironman, Avenger or Sherlock in the title..

The Judge ( 1 hour ago )

ExoticSoul : Duvall was great as usual. Tired of Downey, Jr. always playing a sarcastic a$$hole but I guess that's him in real life because he does a great job "acting" like it. Movie would've been better and more touching without him. Overall 4/5, if you don't think about your loved ones after watching this, you are heartless and hopeless. Appreciate who you have, while you've got the chance.

Would I Lie to You? ( 1 hour ago )

checkmyfavslist : Lee Mack is hilarious, glad he got his own show, ducks quacks dont echo

The Practice ( 1 hour ago )

SizzyLove : This was an emotionally driven eppy. Mr Oz is a brilliant lawyer, but crazy as heck.

Constantine ( 1 hour ago )

tikateapot : Why is Constantine dressed like Columbo? This first episode was kinda corny to me but I'm going to give it another go.

The Judge ( 1 hour ago )

Alaraca : It was a great film..dont' get what's going with people who don't like Robert D.Jr in this one..I mean he was good. Duvall always a pleasure..and the score through out the entire film was great...finishing with willie nelson was just a big bonus! Enjoy.

Top Gun ( 1 hour ago )

718 : one of my favorite movies of all time. 10/10

The Judge ( 1 hour ago )

1349 : Lovely film. 4.5/5

Gold Rush Alaska ( 1 hour ago )

BloodWolf82 : Really, REALLY was hoping for a season without that moron Todd on it, but there goes that hope out the window and down the drain, just like all of the Hoffman's 'mining seasons' have been. The guy has no clue what he's doing, and has always been a blow hard, all talk/no action, idiotic jackass since the show started and it would be 100 times better without him on there. As for the rest of it, Parker is great as usual, and I really look forward to seeing what his crew can do. Glad to see Grandpa John is still going strong and hope he is around to see Parker's dreams of owning his own claim in the Klondike come true. Also happy for Dave and the Dodge Bros., and I hope they hit BIG this year with their claim. Tony is an interesting full-time addition to the show. Curious to see how he does with that floating dredge once he gets it dismantled and reassembled on Indian River. Should be an interesting season at least. Going for the GOLD! :)

Orphan Black ( 1 hour ago )

schneewolf : its an ok c through conspiracy bio film sci fi channel makes great productions nowadays.. still a bit overrated.. find there are better shows out There loved defiance way more

August Osage County ( 1 hour ago )

Tina720 : Great acting with great atmosphere..I don't think it was Epic! But definitely interesting story line. I think we can over think, or over analyze, especially if your life mirrors the characters....

Exists ( 1 hour ago )

holly2680 : found footage style movies are usually a let down, but this one is worth watching. you may find the first 30 mins are a bit slow. 4/5

Left Behind ( 1 hour ago )

Predwyn : Different spin on 'mysterious disappearance' type film. While it was a biblical spin it wasn't (thankfully) a 'full on in your face bible bashing' story line. Definitely worth a watch. Rated: 3/5

Stonehearst Asylum ( 1 hour ago )

CRITICsEYE : I think the ending was rather could have been explored a little more. Overall though I found it wonderful. Visually stunning and great acting. 8/10

The Originals ( 2 hours ago )

Cynaminjay : I started liking klaus when we saw his soft side with Caroline in TVD. And every time he cries....I feel it. What an amazing actor to make u feel his pain so intensely. Props to u Joseph Morgan! The only thing I can find wrong with this show is that I miss seeing Damon. Lol

August Osage County ( 2 hours ago )

gsaint : this is a stage play translated to the screen. that is a difficult endeavour. viewers unaccustomed to the theater have to stretch themselves to listen for well crafted dialogue, as theater audiences do. it takes practice. you may wish to start with plays like; ALL MY SONS, THE GLASS MENAGERIE, NOISES OFF, THE ODD COUPLE, PLAZA SUITE, and THE LION IN WINTER. many of these are available on PRIMEWIRE.(you can check my playlist for more suggestions) if you persist and you are able to forego cinematic devices, you may likely be rewarded. break a leg!.

The Life of David Gale ( 2 hours ago )

Rikki94 : I remained silent for a minute after the movie has ended. Astounding. In awe.

Big Rich Texas ( 2 hours ago )

kitkat42 : ahhhh is this all about Whitney and her baby boring ... she will get the house of her dreams where is the drama leslie and the girls man ... not liking this at all

Grimm ( 2 hours ago )

KURTCLEARWATER : Nice to have grimm back, like squid head.. ( lets give him some trouble )

iCarly ( 2 hours ago )

ForgottenClouds : I haven't seen iCarly in a really long time so I watched the finally and I was really touched... It was a great way to end the show ... All good things come to an end and iCarly did it right, I can't wait for nick to have a reunion for them in the future.

Grimm ( 2 hours ago )

SizzyLove : My show is back with a bang. Good season opener....

The Taking of Deborah Logan ( 2 hours ago )

Suzicueball : Now that was an amazing story and the way it was filmed I liked it. Not totally footage but just enough. Been a while since I've seen Jill Larson and Anne Ramsey and they were great. The story is so creepy especially if you believe then you'll understand. The FX freaked me out along with some parts of the movie. I loved it.

Beneath ( 2 hours ago )

sandycheeks : I really enjoyed this was a little intense. I jumped a few times. I felt claustrophobic the entire movie, which also got my heart racing. Definitely worth a watch 4/5

The Venture Bros. ( 2 hours ago )

XenoVibe : It's a shame they brought it back and then cancelled again, mid season.

Fatal Vision ( 2 hours ago )

Qaisar : The film follows the book pretty closely, painting a picture of Jeff MacDonald that is distinctly unflattering. Smart but shallow, he got out of the army pronto and lived in a Marina del Rey condo with blonde airheads seriatim. But was he guilty? Well, there was hardly a rush to judgment. It took years to convict him, long after the immediate sensation of the case died down.

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The Unit

Aalexxx : dizzy sleazy Tiffy is turning tricks again for false hope...and tom deserves wha ...

Resurrection US

jillyr : It's funny but this show reminds me a bit of The Leftovers in reverse. It has th ...

The Taking of Deborah Logan

anainthestars : wow the ending just creeped me out. But it was a good film. It kept me intereste ...

Ray Donovan

veramar : This is absolutely one of the best US tv-series ever, but it's so black that it' ...

Heather McDonald: I Don't Mean to Brag

DjSuperman1 : Not really that funny, unless you are married, and have kids, because that's wha ...

The Red Road

thedamaged0ne : those who waste their lives voting down positive comments on the show really hav ...

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Chazza2003 : Excellent modern adaptation, of an old story - not perfect, but what is? I grew ...

Inside Planet Earth

Valiko89 : what about hollow earth?

The November Man

Jetx : Very good Bronsan movie, highly recommend it! 9/10

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