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Kick Ass 2 ( 9 minutes ago )

serenityrayne443 : I found this movie to be better than the first. Loved it! 10/10

Louis C.K. 2017 ( 11 minutes ago )

ronbonnie : Hey Amy this is comedy watch and learn oh no don't you would end up stealing all the jokes 5/5

24: Live Another Day ( 22 minutes ago )

moggsy71 : It felt like I held my breath for the whole episode! Got my heart racing faux show!

The Dilemma ( 23 minutes ago )

GottheJimmylegs : Not sure why the low rating. I thought the movie was great. One of those movies I watch again and again. It's a solid dramady. No less than a 7/10 for me.

Shots Fired ( 33 minutes ago )

baddog069 : This Show has once more stepped on the Dream of MLK and spreads the hate and stupidity of people to believe the lies of the left, they build on your hate and if you would like at history you'll see you are once more on the plantation. this show is fostering hate and divvied in us as Americans and once more point out MLK said " I want to be judged by my Character not the color of my skin" we are all of one race the human race

Supergirl ( 45 minutes ago )

thelionknight : See how much better this episode was without the homo stuff ? If they would get rid of the poison of feminism and be accurate with writing the characters as they are in the comic's, this would be a decent show.

Class ( 48 minutes ago )

xrochimaru : Horrible cliffhanger but cant wait for more!

Reported Missing ( 53 minutes ago )

notatcreamfields : I think his bitch of a wife knew, only good to come from it is he didnt maim/kill anyone else through driving impaired, i find it stagering in 2017 people still think it's ok to drinkand drive. Really compelling series, BBC working for its licence at last.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations ( 54 minutes ago )

Blaargh : Starting to understand and apreciate the chemistry between a lot of the "new batch". Can't wait for next week, this was more enjoyable then Naruto last season imo.

127 Hours ( 57 minutes ago )

Ravenousbird : The acting was spot on and the story was a worthy one. I suppose I knew too much going in so it didn't have the ability to 'captivate me' into watching without feeling restless. I'm not complaining, I just wasn't able to not multitask whilst watching it. If you're just reading this, read no further and don't spoil what happens by reading anything else. Go into the film 'unaware', I feel it's essential. Thank you uploaders.

Black-Ish ( 58 minutes ago )

bspd : I feel like I've watched them all grow up too lol

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit ( 1 hour ago )

Established1971 : So, at NBC, we hate Fox....this is our take on the ongoing BS but it 'has no connection to any person alive or dead'. Fah

The Mind's Eye ( 1 hour ago )

BellaMia2 : Boring movie. Not worth wasting your time. Moving along.

Little Women: Dallas ( 1 hour ago )

MantisPrawn : How does Tiffani have friends? She is pretty awful in most aspects. She is unsupportive, nagging, a snitch.

Secrets & Lies ( 1 hour ago )

water2whine : Does Voss even know that Liam isn't Liam? and how is he connected to Boone County if at all? I'm actually liking this season better than last probably I don't have a MUCH better show to set the bar so high. I wish the Aussies had continued their series though. Sorry down under if that's the wrong or a demeaning term like some think Yanks is - me? I don't give a rat's behind LOL.

Secrets & Lies ( 1 hour ago )

water2whine : Wow Kenny Johnson has not aged well at all!! He's only 55 and looks God forbid, my age!

Bates Motel ( 1 hour ago )

FuhGeddaBoudit : just like chick said.HOLY SHIT!! From someone who hasn't watched physco and doesn't know the actual story, this show is insane and it has just reached it's peak. This season is going to be a blast

24 ( 1 hour ago )

timfive : It takes a grate bad guy/woman to make an even better hero. WWE Triple h AKA THE GAME LeL

Brockmire ( 1 hour ago )

GrrawentheNormal : That was the most honest reaction to news like that that I have ever seen, I'm referring to the pregnancy thing. He's right about that ironic song, the only thing that comes close to being ironic is the guy on the plane, everything else is just unfortunate. For me this show came out of nowhere, I didn't hear about it before I watched it, and boy, was I pleasantly surprised. Here's hoping that this will be a long and hilarious ride.

Frank Nitti: The Enforcer ( 1 hour ago )

Dayv : Very underrated little made for tv gangster flick and the only historically accurate portrayal of Frank Nitti that I know of , Al Capone got all the fame but Nitti had the much more interesting story. Anthony LaPaglia lied and said he grew up around the mafia in New Jersey to get this part,He actually grew up one suburb over from me in South Australia lol , Im glad he did though because he nailed this role

Everything You Want ( 1 hour ago )

t0pcat : Liked Shiri Appleby,as always,but overall this movie just tried too hard,for me.Both in the comic and cute senses.Still an overall decent watch...

24 ( 1 hour ago )

moggsy71 : wow, what a mother.... She's such a wickedly awesome baddy!

Catfish: The TV Show ( 1 hour ago )

RicanLunaP : Idiocy...that's all I have to say about this episode. Damn.

The Detour ( 1 hour ago )

darose16 : I didn't watch this show for almost 2 full seasons & the ONLY reason was I didn't like the photo they used for a lot of their advertising, the same Prime Wire uses too. That was it, the only reason I hadn't checked this show out until tonight and I'm already hooked after just a couple of episodes. Great decision making tool, you idiot! *just me talking to me* A little over 20 episodes to go but I've still got a few more hours of darkness here in Florida!

Big Little Lies ( 2 hours ago )

hollis517 : what a massive let-down :( all those interspersed cuts of people discussing the crime and corpse -- throughout the entire series -- led to nothing more than a common slip-and-fall, albeit with a little help from her friends. 2/5

The 100 ( 2 hours ago )

Buster_Friendly : Oh, yeah, I forgot something. ANTICLIMACTIC. This show is so predictable. They have a plan to save the human race, gets shot down. Plan B comes up, THAT gets shot down. PLAN C arrives late, gets (Drumroll) SHOT DOWN, in flames. They fail spectacularly every episode.

The 100 ( 2 hours ago )

Buster_Friendly : Can't they all just get along?

The 100 ( 2 hours ago )

Buster_Friendly : Tribal differences, mistrust, rivalry, hatred, betrayal, violence, war, greed, totality, inhumanity, conflict, lies, jealousy, all the negative aspects of humanity, with no room for any of the positive ones. Yep, the future sucks. If this ever happens, humanity's not worth saving.

Breaking Bad ( 2 hours ago )

guitarran : See that red van at the end... that's what Jesse should have done... stupid Pinkmon

Sandy Wexler ( 2 hours ago )

literati : Just a lot of fun. It's got a certain sense of humor not commonly seen now - more of a throwback to kinder, gentler times. I love how it teases Hollywood geeks and freaks and their images and relationships. LOL, it's the weirdest values tale delivered by Alfred. LOL It's kind of a love letter to those whom bring us entertainment. 5/5

Criminal Minds ( 2 hours ago )

marionkreitmair : started pretty boring, but hey, what a twist

True Blood ( 2 hours ago )

Videodrome : this is getting ridiculous. only working link is openload once again, and openload might as well NOT be working because it is the worst host since gorillavid. i love this site, it is my Holy Grail, but DAMN....

Blindspot ( 2 hours ago )

purj : Shepard's looking damn good for someone that must be in her 60's or 70's

Brooklyn Nine-Nine ( 2 hours ago )

ronbonnie : I love this show 55

The Space Between Us ( 2 hours ago )

rellenh : I think that Tulsa is in training for her mission to Mars. In a year or two, she will be travelling to follow Gardner to Mars. This was a lovely movie. Science and Fiction.

Designated Survivor ( 2 hours ago )

EvaTakesNoPrisone : Now why would you be going anywhere alone like that!?

Empire ( 2 hours ago )

JayDavid93 : That last scene was a lil too erotic for me.. But good thing it was on Network Television.. Hahaha.. And I'm glad Shine finally got what was due to him.. LOL..

Big Brother Canada ( 2 hours ago )

SuggestionBox : William with find SOME way to screw this situation up. He has got to go. Period. Ika and Dre need to be knocked off the thrones they've set themselves on. People like Kevin, who use sexuality to get what they want, disgust me. Bruno is just plain creepy as always. Karen is just... no. Dillon appears to be on vacation. And Jackie doesn't have discernment to read people or the strategic ability to play this game. And yet, out of everyone, I want Jackie to win simply to irritate everyone else. This is what BBCAN5 has come to. The season of The Bobblehead Cast.

Reported Missing ( 2 hours ago )

darose16 : Here in the states they tried something like this as a spin-off to The First 48* and it didn't do very well, I now look forward to watching the pilot & see for myself!

Katherine Ryan in Trouble ( 2 hours ago )

little_poppet : ha! brutally funny stuff. 5/5 and nice to get the perspective of a Canadian playing to a European audience... at least for this (middle) American.

Survivor ( 2 hours ago )

aisha13 : I personally think Debbie is crazier than Michaela ahaha. Michaela is a hothead but Debbie seriously has real anger issues. She's terrifying haha. P.S Michaela eating in the end cracked me up, it essentially helped me come to terms with why she missed a potential kick in this game. I'd take her to end with me, just because I'm confident she wouldn't gain a lot of votes in the end.

Arrow ( 2 hours ago )

cosmo18 : did anyone else notice the name of one of the episode writers is named Speed Weed?

Criminal Minds ( 2 hours ago )

terryowen : stop beating the Reed horse to death. Please!

Breaking Bad ( 3 hours ago )

guitarran : Rat Jesse... too bad he didn't end up with Walt in the end... that wasn't very satisfying. Jesse had a great family in a middle class neighborhood and his parents finally kick him out because he was a punk brat drug attic that turned to crime. Jesse always makes out like he is so righteous, he could have walked away at anytime if he was so torn up about his life but he is just criminal the sadistic little freak. Good seeing Hank dead though. Breaking 2 Walt survives hunts Jesse down and puts him in a barrel -- 1 episode -- done.

Designated Survivor ( 3 hours ago )

NickFuryJudgeJury : All we were missing was the deep voice say, "Ford we work for the people". Hahahahaha. that is why tv shows suck nowadays, they don't care a ounce about what viewers like. They make money anyway, good thing this show is pretty decent.

Bad Girls Club ( 3 hours ago )

versebtm : Worse season ever. But Tanisha hosting the reunion looks great. Everyone always get work done. Money can definatly buy new looks.

Catfish: The TV Show ( 3 hours ago )

RicanLunaP : Snooozefest!!!!! W/E

Secrets & Lies ( 3 hours ago )

Nero667 : For anyone that liked last season, I'd recommend watching the original Australian version. It was so much better. Anyway, I find Juliette Lewis' character likeable so far this time around. I actually want for it to turn out to be the husband that did it.

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Kick Ass 2

serenityrayne443 : I found this movie to be better than the first. Loved it! 10/10

Louis C.K. 2017

ronbonnie : Hey Amy this is comedy watch and learn oh no don't you would end up stealing all ...

24: Live Another Day

moggsy71 : It felt like I held my breath for the whole episode! Got my heart racing faux sh ...

The Dilemma

GottheJimmylegs : Not sure why the low rating. I thought the movie was great. One of those movies ...

Shots Fired

baddog069 : This Show has once more stepped on the Dream of MLK and spreads the hate and stu ...


thelionknight : See how much better this episode was without the homo stuff ? If they would get ...


xrochimaru : Horrible cliffhanger but cant wait for more!

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