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Thundercats: The Cats are coming out to play.

  • Currently 4.47/5
(501 votes)
Released: July 29, 2011
Genres: Action Adventure Animation
Countries: Japan USA
Actors: Clancy Brown Corey Burton Emmanuelle Chriqui Matthew Mercer Will Friedle

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Thundercats Comments

Posted by Balsa_Blade 3 years ago
100% Useful

the second ep was on 2 hours ago

Posted by GostReaper 3 years ago
100% Useful

I remember watching the old version as a kid its still freakin great :0 Thunder cats ......Hooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!

Posted by Shamilton 3 years ago
100% Useful

10/10, perfect in EVERY ASPECT, you HEAR ME!? EVERY. ASPECT. I can't wait for part 2, this Friday!

Posted by JohnT83 3 years ago
100% Useful

A truly awesome Re-Imagining of a classisc show that is still today my favourite....I can't wait to see more....THUNDER, THUNDER, THUNDERCATS HOOOOOOO!!!!!! long live the awesomeness of Japanese Anime

Posted by pedrojoaow 3 years ago
100% Useful

thunder,thunder, thunder cat oohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh lol damn brings memories when i was a kid.. i'm sold here. now we need the return of voltron lol

Posted by giro14 3 years ago
100% Useful

This series premiere was great! I have high hopes for the Thundercats, I can see the potential of it being in the same league as Avatar: The Last Airbender if the episodes continue to be this good!

Posted by aoibhealfae 3 years ago
100% Useful

AWESOME!! Japanese anime + thundercats.. winning

Posted by Villain 3 years ago
100% Useful

I think kids networks are starting to understand that the classic shows are the best. Cartoon Network has done good with bringing back Looney Tunes, Scooby Doo, and now Thundercats. Great show, can't wait to see future episodes.

Posted by ScottyRay 3 years ago ( Edited 3 years ago )
100% Useful

Seems like it has the same art direction and some cast members from Avatar Last Airbender cartoon series.. It was a great episode. I loved it.

Posted by freefilm 3 years ago
100% Useful

awesome just watched this with my son don't know who enjoyed it more me or him. thunder cats hoooooo

Posted by FabLady1 3 years ago
100% Useful

Sword of omens give me sight beyond sight! Grew up with the original, don't mind it being brought back at all!

Posted by Bjjkenpo 3 years ago
100% Useful

I liked it 8/10 need more now!

Posted by moviefan78 3 years ago
100% Useful

Thunder, thunder,thunder! Thundercats hoooooo!!! This rocks I like the new story development that was devised with them. To me, they are not as innocent or naive as the original. They're conquers and warriors but they still have some ignorance and fear regarding technology. This is gonna be a good series

Posted by MetalGenocide 3 years ago ( Edited 3 years ago )
100% Useful

<Caution, possible minor spoiler for first episode> I'm curious as to if this is a 'brand new timeline' or if this is set in the distant future of the original. While I may lean towards the former, there are several things that show the latter, such as The robo-bear's paw in the shop and the "Our ancestors defeated Mumm-Ra" line (iirc, mumm-ra was already on the New Earth when the Thundercats first crashed there during Exodus.. Though I seem to have missed many episodes of the original which I will now be watching again.) Overall though, this is promising, hopefully it will work unlike many other reboots. I'd give it a 7-8/10 so far. Edit: Damn love the clerics.

Posted by Rleysner 3 years ago
100% Useful

Awesome!!!! 5/5!!

Posted by zmcat 3 years ago
100% Useful

Looks promising,...We will see. 4/5

Comment by crazygunner0 is hidden because it exceeded your tolerance threshold. ( ? ) [ Show/Hide Comment ]
Posted by crazygunner0 3 years ago
100% Useful

Alright cartoon network takin back the furry industry lol... but seriously this is great they need to kick out more of that shit that replaced toonami and bring in a lot more toonami-esq cartoons/anime... I know you all agree you cant hide it.

Posted by yokiryuu 3 years ago
100% Useful

Looking forward to the next episode.! XD

Posted by Kid_Kryptonite 2 years, 11 months ago
86% Useful

This is how you remake an old classic like Thundercats, every episode is so epic. I love the writing and how they changed the characters up from the original while maintaining to its roots. You won't be disappointed watching this, it can make a fan out of fans who loved the old cartoon and those who have never seen it. Also it's just a great animation, the work put into this really shows. 10/10

Posted by Mowglii 2 years, 5 months ago
80% Useful

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