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9 Countries including Canada and the U.s signed a deal that will make all these sites banned called the T.P.P. Here is a rundown:

You could have to pay a big fine for simply clicking on the wrong link.

Right now, a group of 600 industry lobbyist "advisors" and un-elected government trade representatives are scheming behind closed doors1,2 to craft an international agreement called the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

Why the secrecy? We know from leaked documents3 that the TPP includes what amounts to an Internet trap that would:

Criminalize4 some of your everyday use of the Internet,
Force service providers to collect and hand over your private data without privacy safeguards5, and
Give media conglomerates more power to fine you for Internet use,6 remove online content—including entire websites—and even terminate7 your access to the Internet.
Create a parallel legal system of international tribunals that will undermine national sovereignty and allow conglomerates to sue countries for laws that infringe on their profits.

The TPP's Internet trap is secretive, extreme, and it could criminalize your daily use of the Internet. We deserve to know what will be blocked, what we and our families will be fined for.

If enough of us speak out now, we can force participating governments to come clean. Your signature will send a message to leaders of participating countries. 8 Please sign the petition and share it with everyone you know >>>
113,464 people have signed ............................

Info on this crap at
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Kim Johnson
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Doesn't matter what law they try to pass, this site will always be open.
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Disturbed84 I wish you were right but this agreement has already been signed in total secrecy and yesterday they started blocking websites. Go into STOPTHETRAP.NET and sign the petition. The future of these sites depends on it.
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After reading more about it I signed it. The government is just sick, won't stop until they have destroyed the internet and taken away your free will. They say power corrupts, well the government has long since passed that phase. It's disgusting that they would try to go behind everyone's backs and expect no one to find out about their schemes.
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wow thats some real crap they are pulling - signed
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We have to sign the petition? What has actually happened can you tell me Kingsil?
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I have signed it
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Signed this as well as all the previous petitions against internet strangling.

I'm guessing they try to do this stuff in secret because they don't want shot in the face. Also they know we're stupid and miss laws being passed almost on a daily basis, its a good strategy that works all too often- relying on the most abundant resource in the world= Ignorance.
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Signed! Hopefully we can make a difference
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Done deal!
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I signed it as well .
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Really? The best thing we could come up with, to stop a secret gov't closed door deal that effects our every day lives, is to sign a online petition? That'll work!

Geez, where were online petitions back in Tiananmen Square, that tank woulda never stood a chance!

Get a grip people.

It takes thousands of people in masse to EVER make a point to a government.

Go out and protest if you really care, pretending to do something to alleviate your conscience is worse than doing nothing at all, imo.
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I used to be worried about marketing company's buying my details and selling them on it seems that i should be more worried about our governments stealing my private information that they have NO right to and using against me. I live in the UK but it won't take them long to follow suit. What ever happened to freedom of the internet and free will , we all may as well live in China . Big Brother is alive and well people and it looks like whoever you he's watching you!
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I had no prob logging onto and perusing this site. I've been on about 3 pages so far and never once got a message from Google or anyone else warning me about the possible dangers of being on this site. idk what happened to some of you, but I doubt that it has anything to do with this unsubstantiated secret partnership.

Also, they love to stress that these agreements are being done in secret behind closed doors, but all laws are done behind closed doors. Who here watches CSPAN? I don't. Just because we're ignorant of the laws that are being passed everyday, doesn't mean they're passing them deceptively.

There are so may conspiracy theorist website out there that, if taken seriously, would turn your hair white. I'm not saying this is bogus; I haven't made up my mind about it yet. Give me some solid evidence first. How about some names of CEOs or even corporations? Gov't officials? So far, we have the names of a few countries. Not enough for me, sorry. If it is true, I'll contact my representative like I did w/ SOPA instaed of signing an online petition.
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never mind, i deleted my comment
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Just so you know, Before commenting negatively just look into whats going on "DollaHolla" and so on( There are over 97 000 signatures from all over the world on this petition and they are protesting in every country where this is taking place. There are large groups involved in this and even the American congress is upset cause the lawmakers of the U.S are not allowed to see whats happening here. Commenting before finding out whats really happening is the kind of ignorance that will make us lose this battle. So far we are winning. The protest and petition has been working and there is talk about making this TPP open for all people in the nine countries involved.
You can also look it up on youtube (TPP) and see the news broadcast about it.
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I have signed.
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This is disgusting. Now they want to drag us into court and bring us up on charges for going into these sites, even if by mistake.
This also allows big corporations to govern themselves regardless of what our individual countries laws permits. Who runs our country? It sure as hell is not who we elect into office. Yeah, hell yeah I've signed.
This is so wrong!
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