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I hid the chatbox while I was writing an email.
How do i bring it back?
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You can change it on your profile page :)
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Option: Hide Chatbox [] Yes [x] No

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Or... you could have gone to forum main page and done a forum search for "hide chatbox" or some such wording. There's about a dozen threads asking the same question.

Forum search is a great feature - many times your question has been asked before, and the answer lies within.
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were is my chat box
Posted 1 year, 9 months ago | Quote Post
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chanya38 wrote:

were is my chat box

go to your profile page, click "my settings" at the top

scroll down to 'customize site'

in this section, look for "hide chatbox" and select no.

....hopefully this is the reason you cannot see your chatbox.
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