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The Avengers has so far taken $641m (£396m) worldwide.
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This movie rocked!!
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Such a good movie! I loved the action and the humour. THOR FTW :D
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Full of humor, plus they didn't focus on only one but ALL of them! Totally worth watching
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sad i want watch dis mvie in 3d :(
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what a great movie,i'm looking forward in watching it,just waiting for better copies :)
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i cannot wait to get the chance to watch this....... with my kids too of course lol
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I really liked this movie, it came well together. I wish they would have given a little more background on Hawk and Black Widow since they are relatively new to many of us. But other than that i really enjoyed it.
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Absolutely amazing movie, thoroughly enjoyed it!
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Wanted to add - I just saw this at theater in 3D (after viewing here) WOW! I actually flinched a few times (I've never seen movie in 3D). Was so much fun and I picked up many details I missed watching on here...BUT...not to say I'm not grateful for the links. Had I not viewed here, I prob wouldn't have bothered to go to the show. I watch movies on a laptop so...well, I'm sure you get the gist of it. If you can...go to the theater! I had a blast! Just a few little bits were a tad goofy visually, but, it was worth the price of admission!
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Just saw this tonight in 3D. It was ridiculous, and by ridiculous I mean it was AWESOME. Left me at the edge of my seat the whole movie. Excellent graphics, amazing storyline, amazing superheroes. what more could you ask for, really? I give it 5 stars outta 5. Definitely a must see. P.s Iron man is so sexy. Nomnomnom.
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Going for $1 BILLION DOLLARS this weekend, worldwide totals!

Check back late Monday for update.
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Iron Man Makes an Entrance

Tony Stark was always going to be the showman of the group, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less cool when you see what tricks he’s got up his sleeve. Leave it to Iron Man to swoop in on Loki’s little German domination trip to an AC/DC soundtrack and pull the rug right out from under the trickster god. The line he gets when he’s got Loki all locked up – “Make your move, Reindeer Games.” – might be one of the best Whedon quips ever.
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So disappointed Edward Norton didnt get recast as Hulk....
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Can someone point out a link that shows just the end credits so I can see this too? I heard some talk about it, but due to the download i had, I didn't see the end credits. That would be sweet to see...
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Cannot wait for Thor 2 and Iron Man 3... The Avengers is sooo good. Maybe a new Hulk movie now too?
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nice movie
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Thor was so much better in Avengers than his own film last May. Captain America was meh, but still good. 8/10 for sure. The Hulk was GREAT.
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The Hulk stole the show for me..
Iron man was his usual self, cocky and cool but the Hulk was pure hilarious.
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