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i love big bang theory, but in all reality sheldon is the only one who makes the show truely funny. all lenoard does it hit on penny raj is to shy to really talk to penny and howard just makes me think he needs serious help but i do love big bang theory dont get me wrong it is a really good show and i have actually learned stuff from the show ( i now its weird) so please in all means dont take this as in im bashing the show at all :)
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Anyone else notice that Sheldon (Parsons) is getting rather fat around the mid-section?
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I really loved BBT for a while, and then I started getting a bit fed up with it. You're right, it's Sheldon who makes that show and there's only so long you can watch a show because one person is funny. I watch it when it's on TV now but I'm not making a point of going through them all on here anymore.

Btw: 'jesuscat' that's unfortunately what tends to happen as you get older unless you work out religiously. :(
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Big Bang Theory is an awsome show its brillant how they show that how smart or stupid you are there is always someone or something for you plus its a really funny show. Sheldons the best always makes me laugh !!
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I prefer Raj and Howard they are hilarious, always cracking jokes at the others. Bitching about each other lol and when raj gets drunk he turns into a sexual predator and becomes hilarious to watch
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So how long do you think before the baby contract between the two nerds? She is getting hot for sheldon something fierce lately so I think somehow someway he is going to have to rub one out into a jar for her. My best guess is its going to be some sort of super baby experiment with genetic testing to avoid his sisters genetics. But do you think they will ask penny to carry it to term? Or maybe do some hormone experiment and implant raj with the embryo in the middle of the night?
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Just started watching the show. Saw 2 episodes and i think i found a new fav show..... :)
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The writers wont admit it but Sheldons a total Aspie
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none of them even like star trek etc lol
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Only started watching recently and so I'm starting from scratch and I am really loving it.
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Raj is amazing. Sheldon does keep the show going. But as with a lot of sitcoms, the supposed 'leading character' isn't the one perhaps that carries the gags. Noticing with HIMYM, the story centres around Ted but ask anyone and their favourite character is always Barney. Same with Leonard in TBBT. They need some form of realism in sitcoms to keep the show within the boundaries of becoming ridiculous.
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Everybody seems to love this show.

I dont find it funny at all ... the funny bits are to forced and the characters are boring. All of them.

Just my opinion. To each his own.

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Is it me or is sheldons new hair really annoying
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I truly only find Sheldon find but yet again does anyone really understand the jokes?
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Best show on Tv :)
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i love this show but has it been along time before getting a new episode?are they gonna cancel this one like they did with several others out there?does any one know?
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I used to be really into this show a couple of years ago, but I haven't watched it in a long time. I couldn't care less if it ends up getting cancelled.
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Good show I'll usually watch it when on TV
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I love Big Bang Theory to my own soul.I have seen ALL released seasons more than 20 times each episode.I know almost which one is which.I wait for the next seasons with so anticipation.
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Penny is super hot!
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