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01:58Rob_Apples: wait nevermind i need to read faster
01:57karloff1904: i dont
01:57karloff1904: yeah i layd in that bed for months man and i said ill run every day!!
01:57Rob_Apples: gerard butler is snake
01:57Rob_Apples: sooo. heres the news for escape from newyork remake
01:57man_bear_pig: incredibly*
01:57braunsten: thanks.
01:56Rob_Apples: i really just want to go for a run. you have no idea
01:56man_bear_pig: wow..the stuff looks increibly dumb
01:56karloff1904: wolfen
01:56karloff1904: good man
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Com. Mod
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16:11Jesus419: hola God

16:11goddammit: hello jesus
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16:44 shmichael: so ther is a duck in my back yard
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11:32Dark_Devil: otep why is your name green
11:32otep39: i eat my greens
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21:10Rob_Apples: i was in the store the other day and saw a cop buy capri slims

21:11karloff1904: oh thats great rob didja tell him tampons are in isle4
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02:36Rob_Apples: hi, im new. id like to find an ambiguously titled movie with no imdb and oh yeah, i am not going to stick around for a reply

02:37Rob_Apples: but dont worry ill be back in 10 to ask again
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22:29DIstefano: </3

22:29DIstefano: because no one wants to teach them karate :(

22:28ImNotAnEasyLay: why is it called defenseless??

22:28DIstefano: in the UK somewhere they even sell cute little *defenseless* squirels
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6:42DrArroganto: @azamww, does this count?

16:40Azamww: ant eroctic movie to recommend ?
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07:10Rob_Apples: now i love eggs from my head down to my legs

07:10Rob_Apples: marines

07:10Grooveyness: @Rob, Army right?

07:10Rob_Apples: in fact it wasnt even until i was in boot camp that i even ate eggs

07:10yowat: jesusmariajosep!

07:09Rob_Apples: i used to eat egg and bacon sandwiches in the military dang near everyday
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TerrorXD: taco!!
20:37Gap2NinjaFlip: yo wud up fools
20:37Quigley432: this time in space
20:37karloff1904: taaacccooo
20:37nevertaco: waddup
20:37wendellr: our movs r almost all on a joint owned server... dload only.. sorry
20:37karloff1904: germans comin for round 3 gonna be kickass
20:36karloff1904: ohhh yeeeaaah
20:35TerrorXD: ur waitin for iron sky too ?
20:35karloff1904: finally a name i req
20:35karloff1904: wasat terror
20:35TerrorXD: lol u too karl ?
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20:30forty6and2: *looks at history* whatever it was that you said you liked
20:30sausagefest: lmmfao @ poptards
20:29serwan: if its poptards u may violate me
20:29_Shaundra_: what kind of candy 46?
20:28dessieoconnor: sounds dodgy forty
20:28Mlembrant: can i go too, 46?
20:27forty6and2: you think im joking?? get in the van and find out
20:27_Shaundra_: lmao 46
20:26forty6and2: anyway what i was saying was i have lots of candy...its in my van...
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16:41Hollywood_JD: i wish this site had a viewing room with users. There are some beautiful women on this site. wow
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02:41LOLyUmadDOUGH: Anne Frankly, I love Jews
02:41juunit21: whos frank?
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17:40HyperShadow9000: I have a question for you guys/girls. Why is it whenever I go on this site the cursor always start here

17:41Rob_Apples: so we can make fun of the midle aged men who watch the vampire diaries
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23:37ozzium: id sleep with richard simmons over shaking snooki's hand anyday
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3:50AtomikGod: spamming and eggs!

23:50Ixche: <slaps self

23:50Ixche: oh we is spamming

23:50MagsInCR: andthatiswhenyoustartedcallingmebella


23:49MagsInCR: nah.. but we haz mute button :)

23:49reshmecka: dogma

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01:57rambo625: whaddup terror geno

01:58Genocidest: Yo.

01:58Genocidest: Figures, the one time you wanna be anti-social, you've gotta have family members showing up tomorrow.

01:58rambo625: can i ask y'all sommin?

01:59rambo625: why do females be trippin?

02:00Rob_Apples: faulty shoelaces?

02:00MagsInCR: lol Rob

02:01rambo625: nice rob

02:01Genocidest: You could probably sue over faulty shoelaces..

02:01Mmalice217: you drive them to insanity, rambo?

02:01TerrorXD: lol rob i was thinking the high heel stumble when walking up the stairs

02:01rambo625: my homeboy is trippin over his chick and I'm trying to watch dark knight

02:02rambo625: killin me..

02:02Mmalice217: o he should man up then n leave u alone

02:02TerrorXD: if ya ever seen kevin hart ... u kno what i'm talkin about lol

02:02rambo625: "say it wit yo chest"
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user posted image
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That's the way to post, screenshot looks good, good idea.
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13:51rollyrolly: i agree :)
13:51PinkMist: sleep is for the weak and the ugly.
13:51rollyrolly: i wouldnt know ,im up 3 days at a time lol
13:50milicaSrb: xD
13:50PinkMist: whats sleep?
13:50Higgo_520: lol
13:50rollyrolly: yowat you killed chat :(
13:50rollyrolly: lol pink needs sleep :)
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